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One of the great things about most root vegetables is that they provide (or come in packets with) abundant seeds.
Source: One Green Planet One Green Planet

“The basic economic facts of the acquiring company’s overall size, resources, capability and motivation in respect to entry, and that objective evidence is abundant here,” Dennis said.
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are examples of high-fat dairyLeafy greens, such as spinach and kalePistachios, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and other nuts and seedsSweeteners, including monk fruit, erythritol, stevia, and other low-carb sweetenersOther fats, such as avocado oil, MCT oil, coconut oil, and olive oilNuts are loaded with plant-based healthy fatsPhoto Credit: iStockProtein and a range of important fatty acids are abundant in dairy products.
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 With a backdrop of La Jolla’s Matlahuayl State Marine Reserve, an iconic and abundant fully protected MPA, state leaders, advocates and student activists gathered to highlight State Marine Reserves as a solution and to discuss how we can build on this foundation in the decade ahead.
Source: NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council)

Historically in North America, abundant water resources have been readily and reliably tapped to supply communities, Sinha said.
Source: Virginia Tech Daily

Both are abundant in Earth’s atmosphere and would be needed for any humans hoping to breathe on Mars without a spacesuit.
Source: Daily Mail

eubayanus does seem to be less abundant elsewhere, Dr.
Source: The New York Times

Then top your pancake stack with antioxidant-abundant berries for an extra heart-healthy benefit.
Source: Livestrong

The core, taken from northern Greenland, revealed that the polar region was once abundant with plant and animal life 2 million years ago.
Source: CNN

The fossils are so abundant that a small child can pick up a rock and find a rare track.
Source: Alabama NewsCenter

Recognized annually on the fourth Saturday of September, the 2022 occasion will be the 50th celebration of the nation’s rich sporting heritage and abundant natural resources, along with a mission to recruit new hunters and anglers.
Source: RELEASE: Rep. Hansen statement on National Hunting and Fishing Day Minnesota House of Representatives

Included in c–e are the ten most abundant genera and ten genera with the greatest contribution to community respiration.

For their part, the Chinese companies need to learn many things such as mindset, management systems and governance, he said, adding that an abundant supply of human resources in IT was key for India’s success.
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Vitamin A is available in abundant number of foods such as COD liver oil, egg, carrot, butter, sweet potato, fish, dairy foods, poultry, and tomato and green vegetables among others.
Source: Digital Journal

Likewise, the abundant growth over recent years ups the grassfire risk, especially if we get a stretch of hot dry conditions at the end of summer.
Source: ABC News

Silent synapses are abundant in early development, during which they mediate circuit formation and refinement, but they are thought to be scarce in adulthood.
Source: Neuroscience News

We deserved more of this meditative, offbeat series! Boo to shows getting canceled in their primes! A pox on corporate decision-making! We live in a time of relatively abundant television, and plenty of it is good, but very little of it is special.
Source: The New York Times

Matthew Farr, who helped develop the model as a doctoral student at MSU This framework or model takes low-cost data about relatively abundant species in a community and uses it to generate valuable insights on their harder-to-find neighbors.
Source: MSUToday

The same pattern holds for unemployment rates: “Homelessness is abundant,” the authors write, “only in areas with robust labor markets and low rates of unemployment—booming coastal cities.
Source: The Atlantic

This year’s winners represent the abundant possibilities across the App Store and Apple’s ecosystem of devices.
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  Musical experiences are abundant throughout the season, including the fifth annual Winter Music Showcase (presented by the Grace Fisher Foundation) and the Hallelujah Project.
Source: Santa Barbara Independent

Chicken is now the most abundant vertebrate on land.
Source: Sciencenorway

Those at the top snag the best and most abundant spread, which is devoured as the platform lowers down the levels.
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According to a news release, its board of trustees have “unanimously approved plans to remain at its current location and build an entirely new, expanded complex with state-of-the-art theaters, abundant community gathering spaces, an education center to expand student programming, and modern audience amenities.
Source: BizTimes Milwaukee

Those at the top snag the best and most abundant spread, which is devoured as the platform lowers down the levels.
Source: CNET

The most abundant and ubiquitous genus found in the new study was Exophiala, the researchers report, a "black yeast" that includes terrestrial and aquatic species.
Source: ScienceAlert

If life is very abundant by Martian standards, perhaps as much as one viable cell or even dead cell per gram of surface dust or dirt, astrobiologists have miniature instruments sensitive enough to detect this which they could send to the orbital laboratory.
Source: Best They Can Do Is Start Again Science 2.0

Fracking for the potentially abundant deposits of Marcellus and Utica shale that lie beneath Salt Fork State Park has long been a goal of energy companies eager to tap into a possible gold mine of natural gas.
Source: Cincinnati CityBeat

Virginia Woolf is also suicidal - in the opera and in real life – but filled with abundant creativity.
Source: coming to movie theaters everywhere. KCUR

Overall, the most abundant POPs are PCBs, followed by DDTs and chlordane.
Source: Beyond Pesticides

Her amnesia leaves her feeling lost in the world, as she doesn't remember her abundant wealth or her fiancé.
Source: Glam

Though wading birds are abundant, there’s also ample opportunity to spot a wealth of passerine species, with the yellow chat serving as a particularly rewarding tick.
Source: Forbes

Eventually, people would hardly have to work to save enough for them to live the rest of their lives with abundant free time.
Source: Bitcoin Magazine

Such information is critical to finding just how common Earth-like environments might be in the universe and, by extension, how abundant extraterrestrial life may be.
Source: Universe Today

Chlorophyll is especially abundant in spring and early summer, when plentiful light and nutrients support huge blooms of phytoplankton.

 Her team reviewed the evidence on glycoalkaloids — compounds abundant in the Solanacease family of plants, which includes potatoes, tomatoes and aubergines.
Source: Daily Mail

Over the past 23 years, vegan resource and review tool HappyCow has gathered a lot of intel on the best and most abundant plant-based options.
Source: VegNews

While birding in the winter is less abundant than in the summer, it may still be rewarding because of pine grosbeaks, mixed ptarmigan flocks, and possibly even a gyrfalcon or northern goshawk.
Source: Nature World News

The differentially abundant metabolites were enriched in carbon and amino acid metabolism (Fig.
Source: Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine

The worm-like creature belongs to the phylum Lobopodia — a group of extinct, seafloor-dwelling arthropod ancestors with armored shells and stubby legs that were abundant during the Cambrian period (541 million to 485.

On this World Soil Day, I aim to go beyond the merits of such arguments and ponder whether anyone on this planet can survive without abundant rich soil.
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The decline and rise of walleye in Saginaw BaySaginaw Bay was an ideal habitat that balanced abundant yellow perch, walleye and cisco populations before the 1950s.
Source: Bridge Michigan

Consider how many meteorites are required to create Earth's abundant water supply and over what time period was this water delivered to Earth? Consider Theia and the giant impact model for the origin of the Moon and what could happen to water supply on Earth.

Cuckoos, like so many British birds that are threatened or extinct, would have been much more abundant in the Middle Ages.
Source: Aeon

 The recently discovered netherworld necropolis is stunning because of just how abundant the fossilized chompers were.
Source: CNET

"Cyanobacteria cells promoted magnetite dissolution and iron solubilization by producing abundant extracellular polymeric substances, leading to the dissolution and oxidation of magnetite to hematite," DiRuggiero said.
Source: Mint

 Even today, its historic ports, lauded seafood and abundant sailing still set the pace for visitors.
Source: Wanderlust

The Gila National Forest harbors abundant deer, elk and javelina that could support a jaguar population.
Source: Center for Biological Diversity

Yet the abundant fan service was always at the behest of Rebels’ real story about a new group of ragtag troublemakers doing what they can to stick it to the Empire.
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You may feel comfortable paying less than the market rate if eligible workers are abundant in your trading area or if you offer an all-encompassing benefits package.
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They are generally regarded as abundant in the early universe.
Source: EurekAlert

A lofty 80-inch frame creates a high ceiling for campers to walk and stand in, that, when coupled with the roomy vestibules and expandable garage, provides abundant living space.
Source: Field Mag

The estate also includes 1300 acres of undeveloped land, and is home to abundant wildlife.
Source: Forbes

Endothelial cells were the most abundant cell type constituting 44% of the samples followed by mesenchymal 26% and myogenic cells at 18%.

Researchers from the Federal University of Santa Catarina confirm that higher-quality, more abundant fruit grows in open ecosystem environments when compared to dense forests.
Source: Modern Farmer

Download TOC [List Of Figures & Tables] High Demand for Use in Multiple Applications to Spell Growth for the Market Several microorganisms find abundant use in the sector of industrial microbiology, which includes genetically modified organisms (GMOs), naturally occurring organisms, and laboratory-selected mutants.
Source: Digital Journal

Though the cats are celebrated as mountain guardians, they are also considered good luck for the fertility of livestock, and for this they are killed and sometimes worn during ceremonies to induce an abundant year.
Source: My Modern Met

These challenges are coming, but they also bring the promise of steady, long-term growth with abundant opportunities for those companies that can adapt.
Source: Food Safety Magazine

Each absorption line corresponds to a particular element and a particular electron transition, with the broadest, deepest features corresponding to the most abundant elements in the Sun: hydrogen and helium.
Source: Big Think

More recently, his team has experimented with adding cyanide, which is thought to have been abundant on primordial Earth.
Source: National Geographic

For their part, the Chinese companies need to learn many things such as mindset, management systems and governance, he said, adding that an abundant supply of human resources in IT was key for India’s success.
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That technology is also technically outlawed by the regime, but is nevertheless abundant across the country, the sources noted.
Source: CNN

farmers are wondering where the Chinese are, and why have they not come running toward abundant supplies of corn and soybeans being stored in grain elevators, farm grain bins, and to some extent, in grain barges docked in the Mississippi mud.
Source: Journal Gazette / Times-Courier

A single wood cell wall is constructed from fibers of cellulose ­— nature’s most abundant polymer, and the main structural component of all plants and algae.
Source: MIT News

Lobsters, now an expensive delicacy, were formerly so abundant in the US that they were served to workers and prisoners and were commonly used as fertiliser and fish bait.
Source: WSBT-TV

He and his team at Oak Ridge are also investigating how alloys made of more abundant and less expensive elements – there is a global shortage of cobalt and nickel due to their demand in the battery industry – could be coaxed into having similar properties.
Source: SciTechDaily

The park is framed by Lake James and Snow Lake, which offer abundant opportunities for boating, swimming, fishing and scenic sunsets.

A series of long, often intimate conversations between Cafe Ohlone’s founders and Terremoto’s Samynathan, Story Wiggins, and Hyunch Sung (who recently launched her own firm, Studio Moonya) led to a site plan that divides the courtyard into three increasingly bountiful garden spaces,beginning with an enigmatic, shadow boxlike foyer shaped through fabric-covered panels and lighting that offers glimpses of the abundant world beyond.
Source: Landscape Architecture Magazine

Because coarse sediments with high thickness are most abundant on alluvial fans and grading changes relative to depth are minimal, there is only one layer of unconfined aquifer in this area, and the Kordan River feeds this aquifer in the northeast-southwest direction.

The most abundant animals on this long road into Florida’s interior were cattle, which were even grazing near the boat ramps.
Source: The Washington Post

We believe domestic chemical companies have abundant opportunities to partner in technology.
Source: NHL

The marine taxa are less abundant than the terrestrial taxa, and no mitochondrial DNA was identified from marine metazoans.

We never imagined that the ‘Puzzle by Nikioli W’ series would be some abundant with options.
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The stage was a constant blur of motion, featuring abundant dancing, cheerleading, blokes dressed as tradies and giant stop signs.
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More on Apple’s top charts of 2022: Apple Music Replay 2022 is here: How to find your top songs, artists, albums, and more Apple unveils 2022 App Store Awards, highlighting ‘cultural impact’ and ‘abundant possibilities’ Apple highlights top Podcasts of 2022 across new shows, subscribers, shared, free, more Add 9to5Mac to your Google News feed.
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Scientists and engineers at ORNL conduct basic and applied research and development to create scientific knowledge and technological solutions that strengthen the nation's leadership in key areas of science; increase the availability of clean, abundant energy; restore and protect the environment; and contribute to national security.
Source: Quality Digest

Nice eaters of 10-12 were abundant with some BIG slabs of 13-15 picture fish caught and released.
Source: Chicago Sun-Times

Following peanut intake, Ruminococcaceae were significantly more abundant [Linear discriminant analysis score (LDA) = 2.
Source: Neuroscience News

Wildlife is abundant in Gorongosa National Park.
Source: CBS News

Why would he hunt, slaughter, and feast upon human flesh if he doesn't need to? And, if we the audience can be repulsed by that – and his evident choice to slaughter and eat flesh when there is abundant satiety that doesn't cause violence, pain and loss – then perhaps we need to venture a little deeper into our own psyches and ask: Why would we feast upon flesh if we don't need to? Taylor Russell (left) as Maren and Timothée Chalamet (right) as Lee in "Bones and All" (Yannis Drakoulidis / Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures) "Bones and All" is a love story, of course, but it poses a philosophical confrontation ultimately: Do we kill other fleshy creatures because we have to or because we don't value their lives – and how do we justify that? The travesty of genuine hunger is part of the answer.
Source: Screen Rant

""So there was abundant cash to speculate on crypto coin," Mobius added.
Source: CNBC

Adult hippocampal neurogenesis is abundant in neurologically healthy subjects and drops sharply in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

It speaks of a world that is more complex, abundant and interwoven than you could dream of.
Source: The Guardian

"Although a vegan diet includes an abundant source of fruits and vegetables, it does not necessarily exclude processed foods, sugar or gluten," says David Perlmutter, MD, FACN and board-certified neurologist.
Source: PR Newswire

Whales migrate thousands of kilometres each year, gathering to mate and give birth in the tropics and subtropics during winter and then heading for cooler waters in higher latitudes to feast on abundant prey during summer.
Source: The Conversation

While this scientific breakthrough that is being celebrated at the highest levels of government, it will be many years before fusion power plants are likely to provide clean abundant energy.
Source: FIS Alpine

  A member of the sunflower family known by its common name dwarf iliau, W hobdyi was once abundant on the Hawaiian island of Kaua‘i.
Source: Sight Magazine

(NYSE:GIS) is well-positioned to grow its organic food business due to the company's size and scale and abundant cash resources.
Source: Yahoo Finance

You can see abundant bird life on a serene landscape preserved by the Coastal Prairie Conservancy, formerly Katy Prairie Conservancy.
Source: Houston Chronicle

Looking at the abundant number of Palestinian flags, seeing the Palestinian armbands and bracelets, and hearing the “free Palestine” chants at the stadiums, fan zones, in the streets and on social media, one may think that Palestine is among the 32 countries whose teams have participated in this World Cup.
Source: Al Jazeera English

No matter your sign, it’s hard not to feel a tad more optimistic, abundant and adventurous.
Source: Grazia

The lack of internationally-accepted protocols and technical standards has slowed progress for video monitoring, as have the high costs associated with reviewing abundant amounts of footage on shore.
Source: The Associated Press en Español

A big player with big numbers remains a valued commodity, but so too is a downsized player with abundant skill and robust numbers.
Source: The Boston Globe

Dinosaur census reveals abundant Tyrannosaurus and rare ontogenetic stages in the Upper Cretaceous Hell Creek formation (Maastrichtian), Montana, USA.

4 with the following parameters: detection of the 2,000 most-abundant peaks, m/z window 0.

2022 has seen Morse sign to indie-punk label Manic Kat Records, for the release of his first solo material in three years; his hook-heavy, melodic punk styling is abundant on latest single “Everything Fun (Is Bad For Me)”, which is streaming now, on all platforms.
Source: Prelude Press

“Bacteriophages are some of the most abundant and diverse biological entities on Earth.
Source: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (.gov)

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