Using "adroit" in a sentence

The Clevelanders had, as usual, clarity, poise and adroit balance among the sections: elegance without reticence, urgency without pressure, airiness without weightlessness.
Source: The New York Times

The Pygmalion players, adroit in shifting styles, summon graciousness for Schubert and flair for the more theatrically astute composers.
Source: The New York Times

“They are not terribly adroit in how they are trying to move forward.
Source: InsideClimate News

It’s a vaguely adroit if cynical fabrication of Local Government Information Systems (LGIS), with funding “provided, in part, by advocacy groups who share our beliefs in local government.
Source: Chicago Tribune

The wonderful actress Shannon Lamb does wonders with the role of Bertha Holly, ladling on an adroit feistiness.

If 100 gecs’ appeal was contingent on shocking listeners, they’d be playing a losing game, but they’ve always had adroit songwriting to back up their mischief.
Source: IGN

October 28, 2022 3 CommentsBy Bill Marx In his virtuoso one-man show, Bill Irwin pays adroit homage to the language and vision of Samuel Beckett.

Leonardo’s astonishing inventions and discoveries are illustrated here, by eight physically adroit actors, on a set by Scott Bradley inspired by the transformative genius of Leonardo himself.
Source: autoevolution

  The Stilform Aeon pencil features “anti-roll” chamfers Image: Courtesy of Stilform The “anti-drop” nature of the Stilform Aeon pencil Image: Courtesy of Stilform Owing to an adroit magnetic mechanism employed across most Stilform products, the pencil’s tips are also easy to install, remove, and snap back into position within milliseconds.
Source: STIRworld

His adroit use of subtly placed platforms and boxes helps to lend a greater depth and intensity to his performance.
Source: MD Theatre Guide

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