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An anecdote shared by Gwon is that he personally photographed G-Dragon’s cat to complete the sculpture.
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So, when I read a book now and I see its connection to something else I understand or read or I pull out a narrative or an anecdote or a story and I piece it together with something else, that's just the deepest kind of pleasure.
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Now, her earlier anecdote about sleeping through her Cobra Kai audition makes total sense.
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The anecdote played into the media’s already insistent narrative that Spears, who had once been our favorite rags-to-riches story, was now irredeemable “white trash.
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To embellish your origin story — to turn an everyday anecdote into a myth — is deeply human.
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One particularly interesting anecdote from the interview was Queen Latifah’s recollection of going to a gay night club in San Francisco with 2Pac.
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Trisha shared that her anecdote started out innocently, but quickly took a startling turn as she and some friends set out to tour Alcatraz Island.
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The actor also shared an anecdote about the same in his book.
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He did tell the woman that he was in The Count of Monte Cristo, which she did not believe, making his anecdote about being recognized that much more hilarious.
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It’s an ironic anecdote on (at least) two fronts.
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A personal anecdote dating from 2006 would be an interesting case in point.
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I played for another six years, but when my mother gave me the option to give up the violin at the end of elementary school, I never gave the instrument another thought (except when I needed a topical anecdote to open a review of a book written by a violinist).

The 51-year-old also revealed he thought 1994 hit ‘Loser’ would be “a fluke thing that was gonna go away,” and shared an entertaining anecdote about a time he “decided to have fun with it”.
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  Clement will play principal Bazwell, a nerdy and caring mentor to Liam and an ineffectual dandy of a man, always poised to support the students of North Dapto High with a helpful anecdote or encouraging song lyric.
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An anecdote is usually about a hundred words or so and focuses on an unusual story or quote that might have been overlooked or forgotten by other research.
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The “pandemic pet” boom that captured headlines and the public imagination may have been more anecdote than fact, at least for the animal rescue community: Dog and cat adoptions actually declined in 2020.
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One especially popular anecdote about LeBell, which may or may not be apocryphal, refers to an alleged incident between him and action film star Steven Seagal on the set of 1991's Out for Justice.
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Travel Like A Journalist Travel journalists are always looking for the pointed story others will love to hear — vivid, memorable, distinctive experiences that by anecdote convey the essence of the place, or an experience you have there.
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In 2018, Jelinek shared an anecdote regarding the time that he approached Costco co-founder Jim Sinegal about a potential price hike for the company’s hot dogs.
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That makes for a good anecdote but ultimately does little to overshadow a generally underwhelming tenure with the Cubs.
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Based on her anecdote about her trainer, it sounds like she’s following her own advice and balancing the scales in her own way.
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I’m all for appreciating the beauty of an older woman, but I feel like I need to draw the line somewhere, and Cru’s anecdote is a little too Mary Kay Letourneau for my tastes.
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While he clarified that he had only called a few friends to tell them they probably wouldn’t see him for months, the anecdote is not an outlier.
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Dior Miss Dior Eau de Parfum $90 Shop Now "I have such a randomly specific anecdote that goes along with this first luxury purchase, but here we are! As I've talked about before, I was completely addicted to magazines growing up.
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 "On or off the court, Paul’s enthusiastic and engaging personality was accompanied by an anecdote for every occasion.
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It’s an ironic anecdote on (at least) two fronts.
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On or off the court, Paul’s enthusiastic and engaging personality was accompanied by an anecdote for every occasion.
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" There's so much Lynchian genius packed into this anecdote that it's hard to even know where to dig in.
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He said he’s heard an anecdote that for every new welder that enters the workforce, two retire.
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Search Highlights will take a search like “today in history” and essentially thrust it on you—so if you search for “pears,” for example, you may find that the search box has already told you an interesting anecdote about pears from a hundred years ago.
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Dubious as this poorly sourced anecdote may be, it weighed on my mind as I entered the Park Avenue Armory for Robert Icke’s Oresteia.
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The sense that it’s no longer safe for managers to share information with the staff via Slack was reinforced by an anecdote that appeared on Blind this week.
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For a one-on-conversation, you might use a two-minute (or even shorter) elevator pitch, or an anecdote about the organization’s advantage.
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Dre also shared a funny anecdote about his preparation for his induction speech.

(A brilliant anecdote in Vulture’s write-up of Titanique ended up being the story’s headline: Blue excitedly notifying everyone backstage at the Asylum one night that, “The gays are here!”) In the Aslyum version of Titanique, there is a “lipsynch for your lifeboat,” inspired by RuPaul’s Drag Race; Jack references Julia Fox’s viral pronunciation of “Uncut Gems;” Frankie Grande (Ariana Grande’s brother) plays “Victor Garber,” rather than the character that actor Garber portrayed in the film; and the iceberg comes to life as Tina Turner, who proclaims herself the “Iceberg Bitch” and then burns the house down with a rendition of “River Deep, Mountain High.
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That took a little explaining, but I don’t know if the point ever got across that that was just a humorous (thing)… that was just like an anecdote that ended up being the title of that particular album.
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The incident is reminiscent of another anecdote in a book by Trump's former trade advisor Peter Navarro, in which Trump supposedly backed a plot to oust Kushner from leading his campaign and replace him with Steve Bannon.
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Barbarian arrived at Disney by accident 20th Century Studios Perhaps the most remarkable anecdote of the "Barbarian" release is the fact that it almost didn't arrive at Disney.
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Murals of elusive artist Banksy spotted in UkraineTo view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video Banksy paying back for support in Ukraine Banksy added an anecdote about his exploits in Ukraine, during which he posted an image of a gymnast doing a handstand on a war-damaged house, one of seven images he confirmed that he painted.
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More importantly, as is the case with any perceptive documentary, each film and anecdote doubles up as a gateway to that phase of living.
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In 2018, Jelinek shared an anecdote regarding the time that he approached Costco co-founder Jim Sinegal about a potential price hike for the company’s hot dogs.
Source: New York Post

An anecdote is a friend of mine who’s faculty at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, as soon as the pandemic began and classes were all moved to remote, she was asked to record all of her courses, which she’d previously refused to do.
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He went on to cite a specific anecdote from Will’s 2021 memoir that helped him better understand the actor's point of view.
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It is like that Charlie Kaufman anecdote from his BAFTA speech – repeating the same joke to his fellow trekker keeps making it lesser and lesser amusing.
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Join Ringer music writer and ’90s survivor Rob Harvilla as he treks through the soundtrack of his youth, one song (and embarrassing anecdote) at a time.
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Franken is personable, in his deeply prickly way, and isn’t afraid to crack wise at the expense of both himself and his guests — as is on display, for example, in a meandering but winsome anecdote about a now-forgotten late-2016 gaffe committed in front of Mark Leibovich.

One anecdote tells the story of when Bartos’ sister’s English fiancé took him a copy of ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ in 1964, opening a whole new world for the then 12-year-old.
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 In the same Elle essay as above, she shared an anecdote about a trip to Minnesota to attend an appointment at the famed Mayo Clinic.
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"On or off the court, Paul's enthusiastic and engaging personality was accompanied by an anecdote for every occasion.
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He was willing to read entire books if it led to one interesting anecdote or quote he could use, such as Fats Waller being kidnapped by Chicago gangsters because Al Capone wanted him to play at his birthday party, or J Edgar Hoover asking Sophie Tucker if he could borrow one of her dresses.
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“On or off the court, Paul’s enthusiastic and engaging personality was accompanied by an anecdote for every occasion.
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In his post-victory press conference, Hovland shared an anecdote about just how hard putting used to be, and how he fixed the flaw.

#ad David Laurila drops an anecdote in his Sunday column that I did not know: It is well known that Adrián Beltré broke into the big leagues at a young age.
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When asked if she ever met the West Coast legend, LaBelle declined but did offer up an anecdote about The Notorious B.
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For Hershovitz, that seemingly scary situation happened when his son Rex was 4 years old — an anecdote he describes in his book.
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Even writing the book or a chapter, I’ll find that one quote or vivid anecdote that I know will work, and then I will expand from there.
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The Monkees’ Davy Jones shared an anecdote about Julia Roberts During a 1992 interview with People, Jones discussed an anecdote about Julia Roberts.
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Hudson was flattered by the surprise compliment from one of the world’s most legendary pop stars and took to Spears’ comments section to express her gratitude, writing, “So much to unpack here lovely woman! But I have three important things to say…I think!” The Almost Famous actress first addressed an anecdote Spears wrote about in her caption: “We all seem to alienate behind our phones and computers… But I do miss just walking up to someone on the street and saying hi and giving a smile.
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“On or off the court, Paul’s enthusiastic and engaging personality was accompanied by an anecdote for every occasion.
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During the chat, Yankovic revealed a possibly never before heard anecdote about a run-in he had with Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain after the release of his 1992 parody song modeled after the band’s hit, “Smells Like Teen Spirit.
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Be that as it may, Payton recently shared an almost shocking anecdote from her time on the show, revealing that behind the scenes, she believes that White was prepared to settle a disagreement between the two physically.
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(Staten Island Advance/Jason Paderon) Jason PaderonJason PaderonIs there a specific story or anecdote you wanted to include that you were excited for people to read?I would say it was pretty much just those trial-and-error times.

uk, when asked about his favorite moments on "The Big Bang Theory," Wil Wheaton recalled a hilarious anecdote involving a very heavy bowling ball.
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A clock on the wall spun forward as he shared an anecdote, which he concluded by saying, “Anyway, she didn’t want to keep it, so I drove her down to the Planned Parent Trap.
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I can tell you the stats to back up my facts (and I will), but information really sinks in when I weave in a compelling anecdote or two to go with it.
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