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Iowa: Kirk Ferentz is the dean of the Big Ten and was one win away from another Big Ten West title, but most of the fan base wants him to move on from his son, Brian Ferentz, as offensive coordinator after back-to-back seasons of atrocious offensive outputs.
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FLEX: Josh Jacobs, LV You could essentially photocopy everything I wrote about the Raiders' atrocious defensive performance this season, cross out Raiders and replace it with Chargers, and the description wouldn't be far off.
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An arduous struggle ensues between the mounting increases in trust that are continually being whittled away by the atrocious undermining of trust.
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After all, it seems morally atrocious to take a 49% chance of all of human civilization disappearing, for a 51% chance of doubling the value of our civilization – essentially a coin flip.
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In fact, wolves are shy, cautious animals: they make atrocious guard dogs because, faced with strangers, their first impulse is to run and hide.
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After all, it seems morally atrocious to take a 49% chance of all human civilization disappearing, for a 51% chance of doubling the value of our civilization–essentially a coin flip.
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All over the internet, from Reddit to Twitter to YouTube, are reports from players criticising the game’s atrocious performance.
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Sure, supposed “hate speech” might be atrocious and abhorrent, and misinformation might very well be concerning to some aspects of public safety — but protecting such speech is central to the greater principles of an open and free society.
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But, on the other hand, if you’re grading Torres on the curve that is his atrocious previous two seasons, then maybe you look at 2022 more appreciatively.
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We have been atrocious in practice, maybe the two worst days of practice leading up to a game I’ve been a part of.
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I don’t think I really benefit from cellular functionality, but that’s mostly because of the atrocious prices and signal coverage 'round 'ere; on the few occasions I’ve actually used it, it’s been a surprise more often than not that it worked at all, while I just happened to be briefly out and away from my phone.
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BYU was atrocious at rushing the passer in 2022.
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Then she tried looking for live listings, and was “appalled” at the “atrocious living conditions” in which live animals were kept.
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His QB rating per target is an atrocious 51.
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Some might find it atrocious that the platform promotes a clipped and sped-up version of one of Eminem’s most personal songs.
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I know Chris Bell’s rebounding is atrocious but he can make shots in catch and shoot situations.
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The first conference game in Bloomington and the game in Ann Arbor were riddled atrocious calls/non-calls and directly affected the score and outcome.
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In general, demonic forces are rising in numbers with an unintentionally hilarious amount of ongoing cases that are so overblown in side effects and hellish behavior that everything comes across as cartoonish (the atrocious CGI doesn’t help matters).
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More than twenty-five job classes to level up and master A story that goes all-in on seeking out chaos and destroying it Combat mechanics feel great when you charge up a heavy axe swing or perfectly time parries and counters over and over again Resolution and Performance Graphic modes available Two-way Cross Save between Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 Lots of additional challenge in postgame Chaos difficulty and new unlocks Cons Story loses its momentum towards the end as things become more chaotic Weak online matchmaking support Break Gauge mastery essential across all difficulty levels Lackluster side mission and additional content The entire northeastern continent is ignored (most likely for future DLC) Ugly image quality and shimmering on PlayStation 5 Camera control is atrocious for locking onto a single enemy when others are around Chaos difficulty a slow grind all the way up to the current item level cap of 300 The links above are affiliate links.
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The blocking is atrocious and Travis Homer and Tony Jones Jr aren’t meant to be every down backs.
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Leto finds an inspired angle into what would otherwise be the stock hotheaded, impatient villain archetype by turning Junior into a trust-fund kid who’s ill-advised attempts at giving himself some edge (take those atrocious dreadlocks, for instance) only lead to the hardened criminals he’s trying to impress taking him less seriously.
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Over the past year, as if following an atrocious recipe from The Activist Cookbook, copycat campaigners (or vandals; delete as appropriate) have hurled tomato soup over Vincent van Gogh’s Sunflowers in the National Gallery; lobbed mashed potato at a view of haystacks by Claude Monet in a German museum; and, in the most bizarre case, perpetrated by a man posing as an old lady in a wheelchair visiting the Louvre, smeared a cream cake across the glass that ­protects the Mona Lisa.
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You could see if Russell Wilson was dropped, but is he going to help? Denver looks beyond atrocious at this point.
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Five of the team's top eight scorers are shooting below 38 percent from the field, and they are atrocious from the free-throw line as a team (62.
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Log in to Reply EKingGill 1 hour ago He couldn’t get over that atrocious throwing motion.
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“[Gordita Chronicles] is a wonderful show, and this news is absolutely atrocious.
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What else do you want me to say here? It’s been atrocious from the jump, it’s not getting any better, and we’ve still got three months to go.
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We may laugh at their conservative views on the word "murder," but I'm pretty sure we have views now that would definitely be considered atrocious both by past generations and probably future ones as well.
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According to the article written on the subject, “In reality, however, Saudi Vision 2030 is largely a propaganda campaign focused on whitewashing Saudi Arabia’s atrocious human rights record.
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is listed as questionable, which would make Green look even better in a great spot against the Spurs’ atrocious defense.
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You gotta love Honda for getting rid of their atrocious PSF-2 air forks for Showa coil spring forks.
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We have been atrocious in practice, maybe the two worst days of practice leading up to a game I’ve been a part of.
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Luukkonen has an atrocious .
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Emma is countered by Jahi Kearse’s Mark, a sensitive fellow patient whose kind demeanor belies the many atrocious things he did to feed his own addiction before landing in the hospital.
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He's tasked with upping the outlet's atrocious ratings, at which he fails until the station's janitor, Stanley Spadowski (Michael Richards), accidentally transforms into a wildly popular children's show host.
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We have been atrocious in practice, maybe the two worst days of practice leading up to a game I’ve been a part of.
Source: 247Sports

The Asylum doesn’t spend James Cameron money; green-screen backgrounds are repeatedly atrocious and employed when characters couldn’t be on The Queen Mary in California for filming.
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Special teams — Apologies to Elerson Smith, who did block a punt, but aside from that the Giants special teams play was atrocious on Sunday.
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The Texans allowed a punt return touchdown by Donovan Peoples-Jones, and the nadir of an atrocious second start by Kyle Allen were fumble and interception returns for scores.
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The game’s physics were atrocious and the ball regularly got stuck in random places, leaving players with no other option but to restart the game.
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We have been atrocious in practice, maybe the two worst days of practice leading up to a game I’ve been a part of.
Source: 247Sports

The Mavericks shot an atrocious 10 of 24 from the free throw line, including a mindbogglingly awful 7 of 15 in the fourth quarter.
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 “We have been atrocious in practice, maybe the two worst days of practice leading up to a game I’ve been part of and that’s leadership.
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Boeser has some offense upside too, though the goals are higher than expected and the defense is atrocious.
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Recently, the paparazzi’s favourite had an online spat with Farah Khan Ali and Chhahatt Khanna after they slammed her for wearing atrocious outfits.
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“Together with our partners, we stand united and firm in our opposition to Russia's atrocious war,” von der Leyen concluded.
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