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The bluff property allows visitors a chance to explore a unique landscape that would have been prevalent hundreds of years ago.
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Skull Using coaster-like game pieces adorned with colorful skulls and flowers, players bluff and push their luck to avoid the skulls and collect the flowers.
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(Image credit: The Luxury Level)Located on a bluff (to provide the privacy that Steve McQueen craved), the four-bedroom home is an unrivaled California contemporary.
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Jesse said that they could be, but he’s not in a position to call their bluff so they have no choice but to believe them.
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Or, quoting her former mother-in-law, the actress Mabel Al​bertson: “Make a good bluff.
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Glamp In A Forest On a bluff overlooking Mendocino Bay, surrounded by forest, luxuriate in safari tents with wood floors, real beds, down comforters, and sunset decks.
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It is not a bluff of a statement when people say that Serena Williams has inspired the younger generation of tennis players.
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Fans immediately took to Twitter to call Lawrence’s bluff since many actresses have been cast as leads in action films long before Lawrence’s 2012 movie.
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Let’s Hear from LA KnightLA Knight said he was calling Bray Wyatt’s bluff for lying about how he didn’t attack Knight in the past.
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Read more: 3 Ways to Get Stronger Without Lifting a Single WeightFinding cardio if you hate running Perlus calls our bluff on the "I hate" narrative.
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  As in poker, the ability to bluff is vital in Stratego, which is something artificial intelligence must learn.
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The game’s SNAP mechanic allows players to raise the stakes to double their rewards from matches and can also be used to bluff their way to victory.

Pointing an unloaded gun at them can intimidate a group out of attacking you - but if you hold it up too long without taking a shot, they just may call your bluff and attack anyway.
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The run has taken different routes in the past, but a common thread is a gradual climb up Red Hills Parkway through the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve for an incredible view of the city atop the bluff before heading back down to the finish line on Main Street.
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I think about Rachel Dolezal; there’s a really amazing article Jelani Cobb wrote where he says, “Rachel Dolezal is calling everyone on a bluff about the fictions of race and Blackness and whiteness.
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The half-buried building volume exposes only two façades, facing the bluff at the bottom of the gully.
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Sometimes she’ll throw a bluff and sometimes she won’t be bluff’n at all and a wreck is born.
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By driving up the stakes players can bluff their way out of a loss or they can trick an opponent into risking more Cosmic Cubes, that’s the currency determining a player’s rank.
Source: The Mercury News

If you are dealt a high poker hand, it is tempting to try and bluff your way to victory.
Source: Drift Travel Magazine

Past that, coming back around toward the parking lot, the trail rises along the bluff that the lake is named for.
Source: The Denver Post

In 2019, Facebook created an AI that could bluff and beat humans in poker.
Source: The Washington Post

Past that, coming back around toward the parking lot, the trail rises along the bluff that the lake is named for.
Source: Boulder Daily Camera

In other words, it has to bluff and convince another player of something, not just overpower it with the best possible moves.
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El Morro National Monument’s massive sandstone bluff is spectacular in and of itself, but it is what is etched on the walls of stone that sets this New Mexico monument apart.
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Called Cliffside, the house was constructed on a limestone bluff 75 feet (23 metres) above Lake Austin in the summer of 2021.
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  Gorgeous view: Ellen revealed that all of the designs outside in the backyard running up to the bluff were original to the house Chilly: A trio of rickety-looking wooden chairs faced out onto the ocean.
Source: Daily Mail

He notched the building into a limestone bluff and cantilevered it over the creek.
Source: D Magazine

During the Super S special, we see Neptune call the monster-of-the-week’s bluff and risks potentially destroying the world just to save Haruka.
Source: New York Post

(Dreamworks LLC) This coming-of-age story sees a 15-year-old music fan William Miller bluff his way into an assignment from Rolling Stone, following up-and-coming band Stillwater on the road in 1973.
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It’s a game of bluff and tactics, of information gathering and subtle manoeuvring.
Source: DeepMind

Robbi Jade Lew stunned the table by appearing to successfully call a semi-bluff by her opponent Garrett Adelstein.
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It even learned how to bluff its opponent by playing low-ranking pieces as if they were worth far more.
Source: Futurism

By driving up the stakes players can bluff their way out of a loss or they can trick an opponent into risking more Cosmic Cubes, that’s the currency determining a player’s rank.
Source: Silicon Valley

Bodega Head is a high granite bluff with exceptional ocean views to the north, west and south.
Source: The Santa Rosa Press Democrat

That was either a bluff or something drastically changed in the past week since Atlanta have now indeed closed the deal.
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Wikimedia Commons One part of the Kalita Humphreys Theater that hasn't changed much: The strong horizontals echo the limestone bluff of the Katy Trail but they also resemble the horizontals Wright used for his famous Fallingwater design, while the central drum recalls the circular design of the Guggenehim, which he was working on at the same time as the Kalita.
Source: KERA News

There’s always a kind of, “OK, we can call everyone’s bluff here.
Source: The Ringer

Known amongst fans as “‘The Goonies’ House,” in real life the three-story structure stands nestled atop a picturesque bluff overlooking the Columbia River at 368 38th St.
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