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Kole said, although that can involve wading through the Chinese bureaucracy.
Source: The New York Times

As Odette attempts to protect her granddaughter, she finds that bureaucracy can dictate harsh consequences for performing innocuous actions without the prescribed permissions.
Source: The New Yorker

“I had found myself in a lot of hassles with the county bureaucracy over group home regulations, and I thought the newspaper could be my bullhorn to make county officials uncomfortable.
Source: Ukiah Daily Journal

There is perhaps a need for greater political will as the bureaucracy in these core ministries seems to have proved unequal to align itself with the prime national goals.
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Almost as quickly as Congress had this new source of government revenue, it began delegating its authority to the rapidly expanding federal bureaucracy.
Source: The Hill

The first season was about the bureaucracy of heaven, the second set in the Middle Ages, and the third in the Old West.
Source: Winter is Coming

Or I could pass on Daniel O’Malley‘s The Rook Files, a supersecret supernatural government bureaucracy (that does bureaucracy brilliantly!) that just wrapped up with Blitz, set partially, in, uh, the Blitz and featuring deep cut cameos from A Little Princess and The Secret Garden.
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A cruel snag of bureaucracy became evident.
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Can US green subsidies work with global trade rules?Once upon a time, these issues might have been worked out at the World Trade Organization, but that bureaucracy is slow, and arguably broken—hence the bilateral talks.
Source: Quartz

It is most interested, I think, in how the Empire works — in the bureaucracy of domination.
Source: The New York Times

The documentary is littered with things that sound bad, yet are treated with levity here, from general heartless corporate bureaucracy to the actual legal difficulties Warner faced.
Source: Hollywood Reporter

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A girl named Madeline, with a vivid imagination and remarkable awareness of how bureaucracy can dash dreams, got her wish when she asked Los Angeles animal control authorities for a license to own a unicorn — if she’s able to find one.
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AdvertisementIt is to Majok’s credit that the central relationship is strong enough that the broader barriers these characters must traverse — of classism, xenophobia, bureaucracy — often read more like accessories than the story’s foundation.
Source: The Washington Post

The German bureaucracy made adjustments, too.
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  Meanwhile, the Space Force is also looking at ways to reduce bureaucracy and “engineer” a culture of innovation that blends things from the other military services.
Source: Breaking Defense

But the South Asian country is also infamous for its bureaucracy and hindering red tape.
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 Where smaller organizations can be more agile and intimate with sharing ideas between fewer stakeholders, larger organizations have a tendency to lose ideas in bureaucracy and already existing processes.
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The startup proclaimed to rebel against the entrenched government bureaucracy and, by extension, the military-industrial complex, in order to advance new technologies.

Elenis, another case involving a conflict between Colorado's civil rights bureaucracy and a religious small business owner adhering to the traditional view of marriage as between one man and one woman.
Source: The American Conservative

or its allies could offer attractive terms to do something similar, “but they would have to include inducements such as favorable terms for exports … investment in infrastructure, and perhaps some diplomatic benefits,” Clark adds, all of which would take time to work through Washington’s bureaucracy.

Ralph Fiennes, as Gareth Mallory, symbolizes the British bureaucracy caught up in the throes of modernization.
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And that’s taxes you pay after making it through the maze of America’s tax bureaucracy.
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Finally, we need to fundamentally reduce the size of the growing federal bureaucracy and drastically simplify our overly complex tax code.
Source: Ames Tribune

A single drug can go for billions of dollars but there is a lot of bureaucracy involved to be able to gain access to these valuable protein sequences.
Source: Forbes

“The simplified environmental package reduces bureaucracy without diminishing protection,” said Costa.
Source: pv magazine International

Under Xi, China's bureaucracy has become less autonomous and more tied to him personally — especially since there are few checks on power, Yuen Yuen Ang, associate professor of political science at the University of Michigan, wrote in the Journal of Democracy in July.
Source: CNBC

My wife and I were visiting for a few hours to take a breath: a moment away from the shock, aftermath and grim bureaucracy of a sudden family death.
Source: BBC

LOS ANGELES -- A girl named Madeline, with a vivid imagination and remarkable awareness of how bureaucracy can dash dreams, got her wish when she asked Los Angeles County animal control authorities for a license to own a unicorn - if she's able to find one.
Source: KABC-TV

Getting the two top military leaders together helped overcome institutional resistance in each military bureaucracy (Gottemoeller 2021, 70).
Source: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

“The bureaucracy was set up in such a way that they were only anticipating maybe a dozen launches a year using traditional methods and the regulations have not kept up with the state of the commercial space industry today,” she explains.
Source: Inverse

A single drug can go for billions of dollars but there is a lot of bureaucracy involved to be able to gain access to these valuable protein sequences.
Source: Forbes

That model is unfolding in Chile today and without the institutional baggage and bureaucracy often found in long-standing space programs.
Source: SpaceNews

“The agency needs more funding and less bureaucracy to effectively protect species that are sliding towards extinction,” she said.

It will require us to remove unnecessary bureaucracy and long tech-time horizons that are no longer relevant or sustainable—similar to how we ramped and scaled innovation throughout Covid-19.
Source: GovCon Wire

Set in London in 1952, Living follows Mr Williams (Bill Nighy), a civil servant who has become a small cog in the bureaucracy of rebuilding post-WW2 England, as he learns that he has a terminal illness.
Source: News24

Rollins said the bureaucracy of federal government means lack of urgency, whereas she was able to work quicker in her former role as Suffolk County District Attorney.
Source: GBH News

Take Hulu's The First, which spent its one season exploring the bureaucracy that ensued after a rocket to Mars exploded shortly after launch.
Source: CNET

She’s the best psychologist at her hospital, even though she’s a bit of a mess herself, with some unresolved childhood trauma and difficulties navigating the medical bureaucracy embodied by her boss Dr.
Source: Waldo County VillageSoup Republican Journal

Those who manage to break through, face a test in patience and additional shortcomings of bureaucracy to include delayed job notifications.

However, the bureaucracy favored battleships over aircraft carriers as decisive weapons.
Source: Fox News

Meanwhile, SpaceX still has weeks or even months of work ahead of it to prepare a Starship and Super Heavy pair for their first orbital launch attempt, so (for now) there is no risk of the company being forced to sit around and wait for the gears of bureaucracy to turn.

But he’s also a skillful politician who has used the state-run media, a pliant bureaucracy and brutal repression to dominate Russian politics so totally that he appears to have no significant opposition.
Source: The Washington Post

Because Pacific Coast Highway is a state highway, all repairs and maintenance are done by the slow-moving bureaucracy known as Caltrans.
Source: Film Threat

"Star Trek" is a very technical show, and many Trekkies find its rigidity and bureaucracy to be the paramount feature.
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While the city has rolled out grant programs and training to help aspiring business owners navigate the complex bureaucracy of launching an enterprise, that’s no guarantee of longevity.
Source: The San Francisco Standard

Behind its bureaucratic-sounding name lies a clear purpose: all federal ministries and regional governments must now prioritize providing the army with supplies, military equipment, and other resources—in effect, redirecting the civilian bureaucracy to support the military and the war.
Source: Foreign Affairs Magazine

Moreover, building weapons systems today costs a lot more, and takes a lot longer, than during World War II — partly because systems are more sophisticated and partly because bureaucracy is more extensive.
Source: The Washington Post

The hospital at which every scene of the show takes place is not just a place of ancient supernatural forces that might be rising to finally drag it into the earth but it’s also a place of truly mundane idiocy, a building that’s as weighed down by bureaucracy and stupidity as much as it is the evil that could be buried in its foundation.
Source: Roger Ebert

), whose district includes several of the tracts in question, dealt the bill its death blow, calling it “a land-grab promoted by big-city Democrats who aren’t affected by the land-use bureaucracy that they are shoving down rural Colorado’s throat.
Source: HuffPost

What tends to happen at larger companies is bureaucracy sets in and you focus on, “How do we keep doing what we’re doing? How do we protect our revenue streams? How do we protect our margins?” Time and again, companies fail to understand that if you’re not willing to cannibalize yourself, somebody will happily come along and do it for you.
Source: Fortune

, outsourcing much of the bureaucracy to ordinary citizens.
Source: The American Prospect

Though Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard has promised to reduce wait times by streamlining the bureaucracy around the asylum process, he has also acknowledged that the government simply doesn’t have the staffing and resources to meet the explosion in need.

The agency needs more funding and less bureaucracy to effectively protect species that are sliding towards extinction.
Source: Center for Biological Diversity

The film is interested very little in the bureaucracy of teaching, and it never appears as if Bachmann is desperately attempting to mould these children in the image of a monolithic national curriculum.
Source: Simple Flying

, outsourcing much of the bureaucracy to ordinary citizens.
Source: People's Policy Project

Ibrahim said one thing to watch is how younger Cabinet ministers such as Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad (environment, natural resources and climate change), Fahmi Fadzil (digital communications) and Yeoh will work with the bureaucracy and get the message out that they are moving ahead and shaping the new government’s agenda.
Source: theSundaily

Retaining the lawless frontier aspect of its past meant that big wigs looking to make money from movies could make it fast—there was no one to shoulder out of the way or the bureaucracy associated with other big cities.
Source: Far Out Magazine

A year after coming to power in 2013, Xi began to prioritize cybersecurity as a matter of government policy, focusing the bureaucracy, universities and the security services on purposefully cultivating talent and funding cybersecurity research.
Source: CyberScoop

Developers and other potential users are often aware of the tangle of bureaucracy that comes with such sites, “which is why they’re not beating down anybody’s door to fund these big projects,” he added.
Source: The New York Times

As Gabriele threatens to quit the orchestra in favour of taking up capoeira - a real problem given that the band is shortly due to play a key gig - Migle also finds herself caught up in the bizarre bureaucracy of Catholicism after her ex-husband Eimantas (Giedrius Savickas) asks her to help him annul their first marriage in the eyes of the Vatican so that he can marry his new fiancee in church.
Source: EyeForFilm

With Tarn and Zach not wishing to handle the bureaucracy of an actual game studio, part of the publishing deal involved Kitfox recruiting the necessary artists and composers, many of whom were active participants within the Dwarf Fortress community.
Source: The Ledger

Many in the mining industry have said the bureaucracy is too slow and is holding up investment.
Source: Reuters

These zones facilitate investment, cut bureaucracy and make it easier to devise tailored incentives for foreign investors.
Source: DW (English)

Tagge has a pointed rebuttal: “How will the Emperor maintain control without the bureaucracy?” This is possibly the best line of dialogue George Lucas ever wrote.
Source: Inverse

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