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The caption read, “The Defense Forces of Ukraine stand in defense not only of our State, they stand in defense of the entire civilized world, it is a shield that protects the Western world from the horde that leaves behind only chaos and destruction! But this protection is very expensive for the sons of Ukraine, so it must be understood and remembered!” The fighter pilot often posts photos and videos shot from inside the cockpit of his fighter jet on Instagram.
Source: The Indian Express

“Only in VR can players truly feel what it’s like to cause chaos with the proton wand while working together with teammates to avoid pesky Mini-Pufts, blast frightful ghosts, and save the city.
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Based on Hannah’s revelation in the season-ending cliffhanger, we need a second season! Just imagine the chaos this secret will cause in the store.
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First came the chaos of F1's first trips to Las Vegas, where it took over 75 acres of Caesars Palace’s parking lot to host a race.
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Here’s how the chaos erupted and what it means for Apple’s latest smartphones.
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Instead, there has been chaos and conservative experiments.
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But conspiracy-minded politics, the ceaseless chaos of social media, and a rising skepticism toward expertise make it harder than ever for anyone to establish themselves as a trustworthy source of information.
Source: The Atlantic

At first glance the results, which were posted on the MCU Twitter (opens in new tab), are actually kind of fun, we get 1940s era Captain America, a version of Thanos who seems more concerned with office work than galactic chaos and a Cold War era Ant-Man.
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Through their lenses, across the moments and months, the presence of chaos can seem more encircling than ever.
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But sensing industry chaos ahead, Soble pivoted.
Source: Chicago Tribune

Dave was reliving old times at the hockey barn, watching the chaos with Binnington and the Penguins.
Source: Pittsburgh Hockey Now

""Not only has the chaos at Twitter undermined investor confidence in Tesla, but the financial ties within Musk’s empire became even clearer when the billionaire sold approximately $4 billion of Tesla stock in early November.
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As mentioned before, a pass rush is a good ingredient to creating chaos and opportunities for turnovers.
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While an event with this many participants might be anxiety-inducing for some, Suntha says he’s been going over every detail about this event in his mind for years, and he’s used to the chaos.
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  Given a general aversion to our own history in the United States (borne out by myths of history's dryness as a school topic, an aversion to date memorization in schools, and a fear that American history is inappropriate for young kids), we tend to fall back on Great Man myths, and cathartic, movie script-like turning points to wrap our heads around the grand chaos of the past.
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Streaming? Streaming, where a few weeks ago, Disney surpassed Netflix in number of subscribers (while still far behind in monetizing those subscribers), is also pinioned between its own form of chaos and catastrophe.
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ADVERTISEMENTArticle continues below this adNew Twitter policies are chaos for video gamesThe blue tick was a way to prove the authenticity of an account.
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Boylan was the first person who abandoned ship, jumping directly from the wheelhouse into the water amid the chaos that ensued after another crew member spotted the fire.
Source: The New York Times

If you’re not yet done shopping for presents, here’s your chance to finish your purchases before the chaos of the holiday season kicks in.
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The mesmerizing result shows the chaos of newborn days (and nights) gradually turning into a somewhat steady sleep and nap schedule.
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But even before 2020, stressors such as political chaos and the allure of our phones made it harder and harder to find the time and focus to get lost in a book.
Source: The Atlantic

There is chaos and confusion,” said Tahmina Watson, an immigration lawyer in Seattle who has been barraged with queries from laid-off foreign workers.
Source: The New York Times

Meanwhile, Batgirl, officer Harvey Bullock, and officer Renee Montoya are forced to deal with Clayface’s chaos in the middle of Gotham City’s shopping mall.
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Not to mention the wealth of content on offer for a game of that time period whether that be guns, levels, and various enemies, or just the sheer amount of chaos that you can get into with the game’s multiplayer.
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co/dRyFpK2BPh— Bloomberg (@business) December 12, 2022 Royal Mail competitor DPD has blamed postal worker strikes for disrupting its services as demand for alternatives has shot up, ITV’s Joel Hills reports:New: one UK’s biggest parcel operators, DPD, has suspended deliveries from today to several hundred postcodes in 40 counties due to chaos caused by the Royal Mail strike.
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Given the state of chaos that the side was in when he joined, Schmidt will be praised if they win but won’t cop all the blame if they lose.
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Here is an overview of the game, via Sony Interactive Entertainment: AboutBreak the cycle of chaos on an always-changing alien planet.
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He witnessed a lot of the chaos and dysfunction swirling around the organization, but now he feels like those days are in the rearview mirror.
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There is simply too much to hear and absorb, and one way to sort through the chaos is to establish a limited core of classics.
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Tony Vaccaro, courtesy of Monroe Gallery Vaccaro caught the frenzy chaos of a fitting with superstar Eartha Kitt at Givenchy’s Paris showroom.
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The TVA was introduced in Loki as the bureaucratic organization that watched over every timeline in the Multiverse, although the group encountered an unexpected round of chaos thanks to a Kang the Conqueror Variant at the end of Season 1.
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A perfect example of this, as I point out, is the moment when she peers out onto the streets from her balcony to see the chaos all around her, just to return inside and pick up a yellow eyeliner to emphasize her wing.
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Metascore: 85 | Read our Crusader Kings 3 reviewTotal War: Warhammer 3Imagine the chaos of Warhammer's grim fantasy realm playing out across cooperative campaigns and head-to-head battles to see who has the best brain for strategy.
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When you have kids everything has to be somewhat organized because otherwise it's just pure chaos.
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5 points)Matchup must-reads: Saints would throw NFC South into chaos with win at Buccaneers .
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I got to jump in and do bits, and when you’re doing that kind of stuff and it’s chaos and you’re against the clock but it’s going really well, that’s really, really exciting.
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For those who only know Chumbawamba for Tubthumping and its upbeat tale about boozing, chaos and defeating adversity, Fitzwilliam couldn’t be more different.
Source: Wakefield Express

As Wayfinders, lights amidst the darkness in a world consumed by Gloom, players must control the chaos and reconnect a fractured world as they choose a unique path through an online world of endless action and adventure.
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Also known as El Presidente, players must topple his regime by causing chaos in typical Far Cry fashion across the islands.
Source: Sportskeeda

The fight to protect our country and our rights, to build an economy that works for everyone, and to end the chaos and extremism that so many of us are tired of goes on.
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What happens when you combine the most competitive campaign ever with the best week of games this season? Utter and absolute chaos that should span about seven hours Sunday.
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Then the information un-spreads, Preskill said, “like chaos run backward,” and refocuses at the site of a single particle on the right — the entangled partner of the left-hand particle that was swapped out.
Source: Quanta Magazine

water tower) and waste no time in causing chaos as they run loose through the studio trying to catch up on everything they're missed -- including the internet and social media.
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“In 2020, as COVID rages, protests sweep the country, and a monumental election looms, Callaghan captures the chaos in the streets and a wide spectrum of views — with just a camera and a microphone,” reads an HBO press release.
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In a fantasy world like The Witcher’s, those bounds are what set it apart; we need to know that chaos magic comes at an extreme cost.
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Credit: vganbootyThe Perth-raised woman — who recently celebrated five years and nine months being vegan — is known for her confronting and shocking protests, with her latest stunt causing chaos at Ascot Racecourse on Melbourne Cup Day.
Source: PerthNow

And with all the chaos of the world today, from high gas prices to inflation and the general news cycle, it's important to find effective ways to feel more at-peace.
Source: CNET

Filming the simmering domestic chaos in order to escape it, Sammy unintentionally captures a romantic interaction between his mother and his dad’s best friend, Benny (Seth Rogen).
Source: Hollywood Reporter

By refusing to play the hagiographic game, Winterbottom and his collaborators recaptured that moment cinematically, made something fun, beautiful and formally inventive, and created a chaos of tones that doesn’t feel disjointed.
Source: The Quietus

“In the past 12 months, we’ve seen the market reach a record high and suddenly take a sharp downturn, resulting in chaos at origin.
Source: Daily Coffee News

"[Players] loved the chaos," said McArthur.
Source: PC Gamer

While many may be annoyed by the ridiculous nature of this location, it’s the randomised chaos of Marvel Snap that enables its dynamic and complex gameplay to shine, constantly keeping players on their toes.
Source: GamesHub

He said his work in the chaos of the “Bite Fight” was outstanding.
Source: CNN

It’s full of sheer delight and priceless treasures, though as often accompanied by unexpected tragedy and chaos, and sometimes we need to redesign and plant anew to bring back butterflies and hummingbirds.
Source: Joplin Globe

All due credit to the carefully controlled chaos of Chazelle’s script and Tom Cross’ expertly calibrated editing, but what really holds “Bablyon” together and adds an entirely new dimension of excitement to the piece is composer Justin Hurwitz’s extraordinary score.
Source: IndieWire

As in the chaos of “Crank Dat Killer,” the show always asked those watching to trust it, to feel a little unsafe.
Source: The New York Times

 Amid chaos in crypto markets following FTX's downfall, Taihuttu still championed bitcoin, and told CNBC that they keep 73% of their crypto tokens in cold storage, which is a way of storing cryptocurrency offline away from hackers on the internet.
Source: Markets Insider

The band keeps playing Once the Titanic hit the iceberg an it was clear the ship would sink, chaos reigned, and the air was filled with fear and the screams of passengers scrambling to board lifeboats.
Source: The Indian Express

Heavy snow has always sewn chaos and confusion in Tahoe.
Source: San Francisco Chronicle

Example of a Facebook message Hysom received (Image courtesy of Tim Hysom) Amid the chaos following Greene’s speech, Lowenthal reached out to offer support to his former chief of staff and extended an offer for Hysom to return to his office in the months before the lawmaker’s planned retirement from Congress at the end of this year.
Source: Washington Blade

Rosie Marks for The New York TimesI wanted to capture the slight chaos of Charo at home on her compound.
Source: The New York Times

8Though based on a 2007 Alex Scarrow novel, the thriller miniseries “Last Light” is very much of the moment, with its story of a society thrown into chaos by a sudden drop in the oil supply.
Source: The New York Times

It told the story of a world thrown into chaos when the elemental crystals that keep it in balance are consumed by darkness, and you controlled the four characters trying to bring it back to peace.
Source: TechRadar

"The chaos continues throughout his shifts, with a tired Kay at various points insulting patients, botching procedures, and making poor medical judgements.
Source: BBC

From the apparent chaos of the Republican party’s effort to select a speaker of the House there has emerged an opportunity to achieve a victory for a politics of moderation and constitutionalism.
Source: The Bulwark

With the help of best friend Alex (Rowan Witt), Lauren develops the ‘Spreadsheet’: a database of sex options, customised to ensure her sushi train of sex rolls around with variety and order amidst the chaos of her life.
Source: RadioTimes

Meanwhile, chaos ensues as the rest of the gang searches for a key, leading to a confrontation with some palookas.
Source: Inc.

It has brought chaos and suffering for China’s people, who have been repeatedly locked down, been detained for missing coronavirus tests and lost jobs or businesses.
Source: The New York Times

During the chaos of the pandemic, I delved into my archive of images and used multiple exposures as an expression of my own experience.
Source: Tufts Now

With all of the complexities and chaos running wild among the vacationers and locals, no one is safe.
Source: Inverse

3) maintained her composure despite the chaos of the rapidly passing men, and held off Hiltz (4:27.

Her light and playful manner certainly contrasts the darker, more serious roles that she’s chosen to inhabit, just as it does her traumatic past, marked by both the towering presence of her raging alcoholic father and the chaos of her homeland.
Source: Hollywood Reporter

Maybe our desire to keep up will usher in a wave of chaos across the tech industry, and spin us back to the technological Dark Ages.
Source: Dazed

) Instead, she tracks through Portia how clothes that seems chaotic and inscrutable to anyone older than 28 are perhaps reflecting a sense of chaos and confusion within.
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 Another video [Warning: the linked video contains graphic language] widely shared online captures chaos erupting after one of the winners' fish is sliced open and found to be stuffed with lead weights and other fish filets.
Source: CBS News

Trouba with a huge hit on Athanasiou and chaos ensues 😳 pic.
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Even as the nation struggles with yet another series of mass shootings, courts across the country are rushing to deal with a spate of lawsuits and motions that will create regulatory chaos over firearms.
Source: The Atlantic

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