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Nor is the cohesion he had with his backcourt mates a couple weeks ago.
Source: Lansing State Journal

68% of business decision makers say that ensuring cohesion and social connections within teams has been a moderate/major challenge due to the shift to hybrid work.
Source: Microsoft

Soldiers share their knowledge and experience to reinforce mission readiness to show cohesion with our NATO allies.
Source: United States Army

Plus, the front end is festooned with polished black trim that brings a bit of cohesion to the design.
Source: Jalopnik

For the truth is that England have never since reached the heights they ascended to during that World Cup campaign in Japan, even if it was not quite enough to return as champions, and the turnover in Jones’s staff and lack of coaching cohesion has increased dramatically since Borthwick’s departure, key factors in the worst set of results this year since 2008.
Source: The Telegraph

5 billion in EU cohesion funds earmarked for Hungary.
Source: Euronews

Regardless, that cohesion is a credit to the creative forces behind the film, and a welcome change from the wild inconsistencies of horror anthologies like the ABCs Of Death series.
Source: Boing Boing

There is a cohesion and energy about the United States that should inspire belief.
Source: The Washington Post

He looks at the work of Konrad Adenauer, who helped Germans take stock of their actions after WWII, Charles de Gaulle, who restored confidence to France during the same period, Richard Nixon, who, in Kissinger’s telling, understood how to balance the delicate scales of world order, Anwar Sadat, the Egyptian leader who signed the first regional peace treaty with Israel, Lee Kuan Yew, who brought national cohesion to Singapore and Margaret Thatcher, who navigated the U.
Source: TIME

Catholic traditionalists gained cohesion from their unwavering opposition to abortion, a cause that gathered momentum after Roe, aided by the unstinting support of American bishops, who joined fundraising dinners and blessed rallies such as the annual March for Life in Washington.
Source: The Atlantic

“But when I finally started making it myself, it brought about a sense of cohesion I had never experienced before.
Source: INDY Week

China’s wealth, military capacity, and cohesion do.
Source: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

That desire to create cohesion out of many parts is reflected in Indigo’s collaborations.
Source: The Atlantic

Eric July Twitter He further elaborated on his thoughts on YouTube saying, “These guys don’t know what they’re doing with some of these characters that get introduced because I do think that there is no true cohesion with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it hasn’t been for a long time.
Source: Bounding Into Comics

But beyond any individual confrontation is the risk these laws pose to greater social cohesion.
Source: Streetsblog

The issue has led the European to withhold billions of euros in pandemic recovery and cohesion funds from Poland, while it has also created confusion within the Polish legal system.
Source: Notes From Poland

There is a cohesion and energy about the United States that should inspire belief.
Source: The Washington Post

Having preexisting cohesion takes a little bit of pressure off of first-year head coach Joe Mazzulla, as he only needs to focus on helping the team maintain its championship-level on-court product.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint was released in 2019 but failed to gain traction and garnered bad reviews, many citing the lack of cohesion in the gameplay as a major source of disappointment.
Source: eXputer

Team cohesion is introduced as a mechanic that affects story beats, but by the time I’d failed my first behind-the-scenes dice roll, resulting in the death of a cute, doglike character (OK, dog-ish), I struggled to see when and where I’d gone wrong with my interactions in the short amount of time I’d been given.
Source: Polygon

The Missouri Valley Conference regular-season and tournament champions have lost once since mid-September and played with extreme cohesion in front of a small but rowdy section of fans who made the trip from Cedar Falls, Iowa.
Source: Star Tribune

Another another trait for a CX leader you talk about is facilitating cohesion.
Source: CMSWire

  In addition to HHC's 82 active green building certifications including ENERGY STAR and LEED, the new HHCommunities Report highlights the company's extensive efforts driving social cohesion and integration throughout its regions.
Source: PR Newswire

" Burrow also pointed to the cohesion he has with his wideouts.
Source: Screen Rant

There is a cohesion and energy about the United States that should inspire belief.
Source: The Washington Post

 Hungary's total cohesion envelope for the 2021-2027 period is €22.
Source: Euronews

These crises give extra urgency to the unique mission of the CEB of promoting social cohesion through the financing of social investment that serves vulnerable people.
Source: Council of Europe

It didn’t matter that the words were sometimes gnomic, almost private; the production, directed by Lee Sunday Evans, highlighted thematic cohesion and theatricality even without a traditional story, taking risks to get as close to spirituality as a contemporary theater piece dares.
Source: The New York Times

As a prequel to one of the most beloved video game stories of all time, It’s important that Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII - Reunion tell its own prequel story without disrupting the thematic cohesion of the story that spawned it.
Source: Final Fantasy VII Reunion: The Kotaku Review Kotaku

It didn’t matter that the words were sometimes gnomic, almost private; the production, directed by Lee Sunday Evans, highlighted thematic cohesion and theatricality even without a traditional story, taking risks to get as close to spirituality as a contemporary theater piece dares.
Source: The New York Times

You want cohesion in preferred routes.
Source: Yahoo Sports

Nevertheless, the fact that Kongo Type C pottery shares techno-functionally significant features (quartz-tempering and absence of calcareous materials) on an inter-site scale implies the transmission of knowledge from one production centre to the other and points to some level of cohesion of pottery-making traditions across the kingdom.

With an extensive credits list of the dirty dozen collaborators who contributed to this map, the overall cohesion and thoughtfulness of this map really is admirable.
Source: Official Site (en) Halo Waypoint

This nightly ritual, meant as a gesture of support for health care workers during the pandemic, poignantly confirmed something, for Huberman, about percussion in all its forms: It can mark a protest as well as a celebration, communal cohesion as well as individual dissent.
Source: The New York Times

Haige Wang, as a Chinese representative, vowed to build and consolidate trust and cohesion among members, civil society and other international organizations.
Source: Joplin Globe

The 2018 Hart Trophy recipient sensed an opportunity to establish cohesion with Coyle after the duo struggled to gel during their time together on the second line at the beginning of the 2021-22 campaign.

Profoundly, it shows how the standardization of measurements within a society or across cultures fosters social cohesion and control.
Source: The New York Times

Furay was so pleased by the band’s first-rate musicianship and cohesion as an ensemble that he promptly invited Back to the Garden to perform concerts with him last fall in New York and New Jersey.
Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune

Multiple EPS interactions involved in the cohesion and structure of aerobic granules.

Instead, these musicians, known collectively as the Junction Trio, struck a perfect balance between flair and cohesion in their Celebrity Series recital Saturday night at Jordan Hall.

Despite the lack of sonic cohesion or direction, the record feels loosely tied together through a focus on notions of unity and unashamed proclamations of earnestness during times of disarray.
Source: The Guardian

They have a very strong cohesion at the moment.

5 billion in EU cohesion funds earmarked for Hungary.
Source: Euronews

It’s clear that Berhalter has established (most of) his first-choice team and the cohesion showed in their interplay and pressing against England.
Source: The Athletic

Though “Cookie” – the third lead single off their self-titled debut EP – was overshadowed by controversies around the 14- to 18-year-old members singing suggestive lyrics layered with sexual innuendos, the song stayed true to the sonic cohesion and poise that helped NewJeans brand themselves as the group that kicked off a new generation of K-pop.
Source: Rolling Stone India

Still, it does cover threads and trends that provide some depth and cohesion to our pop music history knowledge.
Source: PopMatters

The lush and tropical environment surrounding the property was given careful consideration in the home’s architecture and design, lending a cohesion and harmony to both the interior and exterior.
Source: Architectural Digest

 Unbound's tonal shift finds cohesion between its presentation and its gameplay, but the handling itself doesn't sing to you like a siren's call dragging you away from the almighty Forza.
Source: PC Gamer

Continuity observed in elements of the complex’s design language maintains a sense of cohesion amid the assortment of disparate structures littered throughout the site.
Source: STIRworld

​To amend this and set the tone for productive, positive cultural change, the panel outlined four potential new structures that would bring together the agency’s food safety and nutrition obligations in different ways – helping to create a sense of cohesion and pull ‘food’ out from the long shadow of ‘drug’ with FDA.

Source: Gearbox Software Which ending you receive will rely on your team’s cohesion, rated out of a number of skateboards (because why not?), based on the dialogue choices you make and your success with the game’s numerous quick-time events.
Source: Shacknews

"There is a deal: Hungary lifts its vetoes on the global minimum corporate tax and the 18 billion euros for Ukraine and the percentage of cohesion funds to be frozen will be reduced to 55% of the total and it will get its recovery plan approved," one EU diplomat said.

Having this sense of “we” is associated with numerous benefits, including life satisfaction, group cohesion, support and exercise confidence.
Source: The Conversation Indonesia

Gold said: “I believe the Eagles can be very successful, but it will need an objective review of the systems and structures because having the group play a total of nine Tests in two years is not conducive to building the cohesion required to climb the world rankings.
Source: The Guardian

The freshmen have brought cohesion to an offense that struggled to find it a season ago.
Source: Sports Illustrated

His expertise comes from a unique experience: traveling the world and learning about leadership and team cohesion as a U.
Source: Advertising Specialty Institute

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