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The Vikings are another team that has struggled defensively this season, and the Jets’ offense looked competent for the first time in ages with Mike White at quarterback last week.
Source: Fantasy Labs

To provide patients with competent treatment, the AMA and WisMed urged the court to acknowledge the standard of care for the treatment of COVID-19 does not require physicians to administer ivermectin.
Source: American Medical Association

And anyway, as stated earlier, I am hilariously not competent in building/fixing computers.
Source: John Scalzi's Whatever

Speaking in a luxury complex in the Bahamas, the former billionaire denies fraud but says he was "not nearly as competent as I thought I was".
Source: BBC

"This really is a period in which you need to receive good competent care, particularly if you are sorthing through issues of sexual and gender identity," Rudd said.

Final Fantasy XVFinal Fantasy XVTo be fair, it’s commendable that director Hajime Tabata and company were able to salvage and repurpose the misguided mess of Final Fantasy Versus XIII into the competent video game Final Fantasy XV ultimately is.
Source: GameSpot

“Maybe I was lucky the Republicans were less competent than they should have been.

Price adjudicationIf applicable, what is the competent body for decisions regarding the pricing and reimbursability of medicinal products?Policy decisions regarding the pricing and reimbursability of medicinal products are undertaken annually by the MOH, based on the recommendations of the Public Committee.
Source: Lexology

None of the Ukrainian boat’s underlying technologies would be out of reach for a small military power or a reasonably competent non-state group.
Source: The Economist

Straw Man ArmySOS Merch for this release: Vinyl LP One of punk’s best impulses is to capture the uniquely fucked contemporary culture around it—I would rather a thousand bands that attempt this poorly than a thousand competent retro worshippers.

The Fifth Risk—another Larry Kramer recommendation—is Michael Lewis’s account of the value of competent government and people who want to serve the public interest (bureaucrats), through the lens of the Trump transition.
Source: Stanford Law School

The cloud-based software application demonstrates sophistication and competent functionality.
Source: GlobeNewswire

Animation/HBO Max)Batman might be world-famous as a hyper-competent superhero, but in Matt Reeves’ The Batman he’s yet to earn that reputation.
Source: The A.V. Club

Why? The USNWR ranking system is in direct opposition to medical schools’ goal of educating a well-trained, diverse, and culturally competent medical workforce.
Source: STAT

When starting a venture fund, you should expect to barely have an understanding of whether you’re competent at the role within 3 to 4 years.
Source: TechCrunch

XF 150-600mm, 600mm, f/8, 1/160-second, ISO 320, Acros (Credit: Jim Fisher) The X-H2 is more than competent in the field.
Source: PCMag

Amplicons were gel extracted (Himedia, Mumbai, India) and ligated to pGEM-T easy vector (Promega, New Delhi, India) which was then transformed to DH5-α competent bacteria following the heat-shock protocol.

Health care organizations should serve their patients with care teams that are trained in disability-competent care.
Source: Worcester Telegram

And in order not to conduct mediocre experiments, it is worth listening to the recommendations verified by experts regarding the competent design of pop-up windows.
Source: GineersNow

After all, what is a cover letter? Its primary purpose isn’t to communicate “I already know how to do this job” (because of course I don’t) but rather “I am competent and trustworthy and can clearly express to you why I would be a good candidate for this job.
Source: The Atlantic

Even with some issues, the game by Team Ninja is an extremely competent action role-playing game, as highlighted by Kai in his review.
Source: Wccftech

Ocular- and neuro-tropism of infectious SARS-CoV-2-mCherry in miceThe incorporation of a fluorescent reporter gene into a replication-competent virus has advanced our ability to trace viral infection and tropism in vivo.

Emile Weaver is afforded a new hearing after a trial court’s denial of a post-conviction petition was “unreasonable and arbitrary and not based on competent and credible evidence,” Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor said in the 4-3 majority opinion.
Source: Ohio Capital Journal

The difference in this came down to Duke’s tough defense and BC’s lack of competent height.
Source: Duke Basketball Report

This is a terrific time to deal with business negotiations or any heavy matters, because you'll be in a great place to impress people with how competent and assured you are.
Source: The Morning Call

This is a terrific time to deal with business negotiations or any heavy matters, because you'll be in a great place to impress people with how competent and assured you are.
Source: The Virginian-Pilot

Bankman-Fried is putting himself in greater jeopardy and acting contrary to what competent counsel would advise a client,” said Jacob Frenkel, a former Justice Department prosecutor at Dickinson Wright.
Source: Macau Business

"All the appeals made by the Algerian Football Federation to the competent Jurisdictions have been rejected.
Source: ESPN

Although iridium photocatalysts were competent en route to cross-coupling product 3a (entry 10), the use of photocatalyst 4-CzIPN constituted a bonus from an accessibility standpoint58.

The Texans should be better than many think; Davis Mills is a competent second-year quarterback, and the offensive line should at least be average — perhaps better than average.
Source: Yahoo Sports

The subject is related to Article 195 of the Constitution (read with entry 38 of the State List given in the Seventh Schedule) and as such, the state legislature is competent to enact the proposed legislation.
Source: The Tribune India

Had you kept patience, they would not have washed off their hands on the damage of ECU while the bike was with them unless your local mechanic was not competent and is the reason for the ECU going kaput.
Source: Team-BHP

Or it could be the case that Tesla’s Autopilot as deployed is in fact less competent and more dangerous than rival ADAS technologies.
Source: TechCrunch

Mr Moll also said there should be "clear, consistent safety advice" so the public know which businesses are competent to deliver training, tours and expeditions.
Source: North Wales Live

)But they would always be united by their time together on “Weird” and the unique opportunity that Radcliffe had to learn the accordion from Yankovic — at least enough to make him look like a competent musician in a movie.
Source: The New York Times

As a joint Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Shanghai Institutes for International Studies project recommended in 2021, Assessment and control procedures should operate at five levels: domestic and foreign policy oversight by competent national authority; technical oversight to assess the intended effects and potential unintended consequences of cyber operations; operational oversight to verify positive control within an authorized chain of command; intelligence oversight to assess the consequences of exposure and potential loss of intelligence sources and methods, as well as how the insights will be affected if the cyber operation or capability is discovered or revealed; [and] legal oversight to assess both the capability and the operation as it applies to applicable domestic and international laws and agreements.
Source: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

It is a digital cookbook and cooking guide alike, available on all platforms, that helps home cooks of every level discover, save and organize the world’s best recipes, while also helping them become better, more competent cooks.
Source: The New York Times

Credit must go to that stiff frame and to some highly competent suspension calibration.

2-inch iPad into a competent mini laptop.
Source: Tom's Guide

I was certainly not nearly as competent as I thought I was.
Source: CNN

“In Europe, there’s a very different approach where there’s a separation of these bodies that are linked to competent authorities, where conflicts of interest are much more avoided.

Price adjudicationIf applicable, what is the competent body for decisions regarding the pricing and reimbursability of medicinal products?The competent body is the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.
Source: Lexology

What do they do better or different than someone else? PA:Solid understanding of the business model: what is the problem and what is their solution?Who is the target market?Who is the competitor and why is their solution better than what’s already in the market?Details of their current project: what is the total cost, how they will use the grant, where is the balance coming from?Why are they a competent entrepreneur worth investing in?7.
Source: freshwatercleveland

It's a more authored experience than seeing your grandma get punched in the face by a psi zombie in your customised XCOM squad, sure, but I think it’s okay to put your story in someone else’s hands when they’re as competent as this.
Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

Though supported by a highly competent troupe of backing musicians, it proved a veritable one-man show as he cycled seamlessly through signature classics like "Rising Force," "Far Beyond The Sun" and "Blackstar," alongside some select offerings from his latest album Parabellum.
Source: Metal Injection

I don’t know about you, but when I was 16-17, I wasn’t quite as competent to do that.
Source: The Times of Israel

In the chase vehicle, I had a full tool set, spare tubes and parts, and a competent mechanic who could fix just about anything I had managed to break.
Source: TheGamer

“The district court’s decision that both Duane and Phyllis failed to prove they changed their domicile from Nebraska to Florida for any of the tax years within the audit period conforms to the law, is supported by competent evidence, and is neither arbitrary, capricious, nor unreasonable,” the high court said.
Source: Lincoln Journal Star

31 Recent research has also reviewed global health activities through an ethical lens connecting IRs to the social contract, an implicit agreement between medical schools and society that grants physicians autonomy, self-regulation, and status in return for competent and responsive service to society.
Source: Dove Medical Press

As a former student of Nevermore and a member of the Nightshades, Morticia would be the most competent person to take over.
Source: What's on Netflix

It’s like a less competent Crash, and that lack of competency is what stops it from veering into being fully offensive and instead keeps it firmly in “LMAO” territory.
Source: Vulture

He played in bands, becoming competent on several instruments, including the drums.
Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal

Once she gets past her fears of getting caught, Emily turns out to be competent at credit-card fraud.
Source: Polygon

For instance, with no great painting by Pieter Brueghel the Elder ever likely to come on the market, buyers have to content themselves with the best works by his competent descendants.
Source: Art Newspaper

There are many challenges rural and urban American Indian veterans face in accessing culturally competent VA health care, including mental and behavioral health care, and in utilizing the VA benefits they have earned, including VA’s home loan program, burial and employment programs.
Source: FortScott.Biz

If he does not go, the pass catchers take a minor hit, but CJ Beathard is still competent against a defense that is easy to throw against.
Source: The Fantasy Footballers

Preparation and storage of competent Escherichia coli cells.

He has not had spectacular numbers, but is looking more like at least a competent to good QB.
Source: Blogging The Boys

How to Draw on a Word Document with the Microsoft Word Drawing Tool The Microsoft Word drawing tool uses the Microsoft Ink engine for a very competent drawing and annotation experience.
Source: WinBuzzer

While it has a competent A14 Bionic processor from the iPhone 12 generation, a webcam on its long side for easier landscape-orientation video calls, and USB-C (yay), it also doesn’t have a headphone jack (boo).
Source: The Verge

In Florida, a will must be witnessed by two competent individuals, among other stipulations.
Source: MarketWatch

What about the Russian navy – how do they figure in this? To assault Kinburn, Ukraine has to cross 4km of water, and even in the absence of large ground forces, a reasonably competent navy should easily be able to prevent a crossing.
Source: The Conversation United Kingdom

Because there is no way that any competent defense lawyer would allow you to go to a conference like that, subject yourself to an interview like that, and give those kinds of answers.
Source: The New York Times

But after becoming competent by practicing on perfboard, LEDs and other cheap components, you can solder header pins onto your Raspberry Pi if it doesn’t have them already.
Source: Make Tech Easier

A few days later, Paige posts the video, and it's impossible to not look at the still image of him and Brown, both in a steepling pose, and think it is indeed a highly competent thumbnail.
Source: ESPN

Fighter’s History is comedically derivative and lacking in originality but entirely competent.
Source: Den of Geek

“As an alien-attack thriller, ‘Prey’ is competent and well-paced, though with little in the way of surprise,” Variety film critic Owen Gleiberman wrote in his review.
Source: Variety

Her strong and technically competent voice have earned her acclaim.
Source: TheTealMango

Our ability to look at abstract symbols and map them onto sounds is one of the key skills for becoming a competent reader.
Source: Business Wire

Which is why the importance of having a competent release valve with Curry on the floor is ever present.
Source: SB Nation

Yet even competent defense would be a major boost for a San Francisco team whose outfielders rated 22 runs below average in 2022 in Statcast’s estimation.
Source: MLB Trade Rumors

In any case, in today’s modern society, it’s almost mandatory for workers holding down white-collar jobs where appearance is important — such as with courtroom lawyers, high-ranking government officials, Wall Street traders, among otherwise more or less high-tier SES professionals — in maintaining a professional appearance, so as to thereby exhibit a highly competent image in the workplace.
Source: The Union

Aside from his apparent distaste for it, he presents no actual reason a mentally competent adult should not have the right to end her own life, let alone a person who is living with intractable suffering.
Source: Star Tribune

Read here to learn more about OceanSound Partners leaders and executives and how they successfully manage a starting but competent control equity company.
Source: ExecutiveBiz

"Costa asked, "So, what needs to be done?""First and foremost, we have to value ourselves and the ability to learn that we can be confident and competent to do for ourselves.
Source: CBS News

This favourable battlefield geometry allowed Ukraine to create a killing area in which its artillery could inflict heavy casualties on Russia’s most motivated and competent units.
Source: The Guardian

On paper, Russia had a highly competent air force composed of hundreds of fourth-generation fighter jets as well as attack and transport helicopters.
Source: CBR Comic Book Resources

We know you pandas are smart enough to not have any trouble following directions, but sometimes it’s hard to know just how competent other people are.
Source: Bored Panda

“While training students in accordance with American Academy of Underwater Sciences standards and preparing them to be competent divers, we teach how to conduct science underwater and participate in the stewardship of datasets extending back to the 1970s,” said Elahi, who currently leads the course.
Source: Stanford Report Stanford University News

 Since CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing was first described in 2012, scientists have grown increasingly competent at editing, inserting, or deleting specific stretches of an organism’s DNA.
Source: openPR

The latest competent intelligence report published by Coherent Market Insights with the title “An increase in demand and Opportunities for Global Vitamins Market 2023” provides a sorted image of the Vitamins industry by analysis of research and information collected from various sources that have the ability to help the decision-makers in the worldwide market to play a significant role in making a gradual impact on the global economy.
Source: Digital Journal

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