Using "conformist" in a sentence

Roll your eyes and do a round of applause — our favorite deadpan, sarcastic, and non-conformist BFF Daria Morgendorffer is returning to the small screen.
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It takes place in the 1950′s American Southwest, which seems like a mythical place of conformist utopia, where husbands go to work on a mysterious “project” while the women stay home and keep house.
Source: WWNY

Because socks are mainly out of sight, they are a way to express personal choice without being too obvious, so some people go for the unexpected – even deliberately odd socks, to express the fact that they are a wild non-conformist at heart, even if they do have to wear a shirt and tie or a suit to the office.
Source: The Tablet

screw this oppressive conformist era , im human first .
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Yet holiday music can also be the most unforgivingly conformist side of the industry, in which old songs and styles dominate the market and anything new or unorthodox risks being buried under decades of tinsel.
Source: The New York Times

Despite his revolutionary spirit in pursuing science, in political and social matters, he was conformist and deferential to authority.
Source: Science News Magazine

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