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For example, each scenario retains the conscience of Firaxis Game’s mainstay X-COM, and even resembles fragments of Fire Emblem.
Source: The Illuminerdi

It’s my goal to give the movie away, as I can’t in good conscience try to profit from what is essentially a labour of love and activism.
Source: Flux Magazine

The State Department has called human trafficking “a grave crime and a human rights abuse,” and President Biden has said it is “a stain on our society’s conscience and an affront to the ideals that form the basis of our national strength.
Source: Human Rights First

“I can’t in good conscience try to profit from what is essentially a labor of love and activism,” Moby said in a statement through Slamdance.
Source: Salt Lake Tribune

But the assigned chaplain, a Catholic priest, said he could not in good conscience minister to someone committed to dying by their own doing.
Source: The Washington Post

A jolly baker with a clearish conscience is going to have a better bake, and produce tawnier and juicier baguettes, than his chafing, pissed-off colleague.
Source: The Atlantic

The puppet (Gregory Mann), brought to life by a magical blue fairy, is faced with the challenge of navigating a strange and uncertain world with only his conscience — a cricket named Sebastian (Ewan McGregor) — to guide him.
Source: Polygon

The result could be failure to come to a consensus, with everyone voting their conscience — and that would likely mean no one is elected to the Hall of Fame on Sunday.
Source: FiveThirtyEight

AdvertisementI can’t in good conscience recommend you buy a product you expect to use for years when there’s something so fundamentally flawed about it, especially when there’s another affordable option that will serve you much better.
Source: Lifehacker

And she said that an amendment to the bill already included strong religious and conscience protections.
Source: The New York Times

"I can’t in good conscience vote for a bill that doesn’t give rail workers the paid leave they deserve," Representative Jamaal Bowman, a Democrat, said on Twitter.
Source: Reuters

But feel free to go ahead and boo Deshaun Watson if your moral compass and conscience are more important to you than football, or winning.
Source: New York Post

Pinocchio’s Cricket conscience in this film isn’t the carnival barker that he was as portrayed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Zemeckis’ movie, but a Paul Theroux-style writer immersed in writing his memoirs after adventuring across the world.
Source: The Indian Express

The defendants, arrested more than three months ago, face the possibility of long jail sentences for the crime of exercising freedom of conscience against the atrocities of the regime—their moral responsibility.
Source: WSJ The Wall Street Journal

Not only may the state not prevent you as an American citizen from exercising the freedom of speech, it also means that the state cannot compel you to make speech, to make a statement, to affirm something that violates your own conscience and your own convictions.

Rants and laughs Sixty years on, the conscience of several generations, and companion through countless long dark tea times of the soul, Dylan continues to bewitch and bedazzle with his liquid, live-wire prose.
Source: The Hindu

That photo of Till's mutilated body also shocked the American conscience and revealed the enduring legacy of racism in the United States.
Source: BBC

Our condition is based on two universal but opposite tenets: consciousness and conscience.
Source: Iowa Capital Dispatch

In an 1816 letter to Thomas Jefferson, John Adams expressed that “human reason, and human conscience … are not a match for human passions, human imaginations, and human enthusiasm.
Source: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Even if this particular variant doesn’t spread through our species, our collective conscience should be heavy.
Source: Mother Jones

Will Evan finally come clean about the deceitful construct he has created? Will introspection offered by Connor, who reappears throughout the show as a kind of conscience from beyond, give Evan mindful guidance? Will Evan’s alienated mother, Heidi (Coleen Sexton), find rapprochement with her son?Most of all: Is any of this forgivable?“Dear Evan Hansen” gives us no grand finale, no foot-stomping musical crescendo to resolve its questions about friendship and friendlessness in the digital age.
Source: Richmond Times-Dispatch

The Woman King has more drama than action because it tries to bring social conscience into the conversation.
Source: Viola Davis's The Woman King Delivers A Braveheart-Level Action Epic Movie Talkies

 However, his actions belie his words as he admitted in the same interview: “I eat fish, and chicken, and my conscience does trouble me.
Source: Totally Vegan Buzz

Compelled speech crushes the speaker’s conscience and it is the tool of authoritarianism which is why this court has never allowed it.
Source: The New York Times

In a phone interview Friday, Wilkinson said that although she wasn’t familiar with the particulars of the Metzger situation, “my feeling about the role of privately owned businesses following their moral conscience has not changed,” and she did not regret her decision to refuse service to Sanders, who was elected Arkansas’ first woman governor in November.
Source: Virginia Business Magazine

I would call it a guilty conscience if these Dem handmaidens actually had a conscience, but that went overboard with all their standards the minute Trump came down the escalator.
Source: New York Post

Cooper got all the conscience of the third eye, Mrs.

As far as I’m concerned, Daphne’s conscience is clear.
Source: Vulture

“It’s my goal to give the movie away, as I can’t in good conscience try to profit from what is essentially a labor of love and activism,” he adds.
Source: New Noise Magazine

What is that, and why is that so important? Bealer: I think one of the aspects that make our Medical Student Section so wonderful is we are really called the social conscience of the house.
Source: American Medical Association

Respect for the rules is a basic element in the game of golf which, almost always based on self-control and the free conscience of the players, often sees distorted results, sometimes consciously, but often unconsciously or lightly, due to non-compliance by many players of the game rules.
Source: Tennis World USA

Will the climbing salt costs lead to layoffs? Are the roads safe? Maiworm is the conscience of the play, ready to defend her incremental, effortful, impossible work, even when she’s challenged on it.
Source: The New Yorker

This Court had held that fraudulent or induced conversion impinges upon the right to freedom of conscience of an individual apart from hampering public order and, therefore, the State was well within its power to regulate/restrict the same.
Source: NDTV

Advertisement Smith had not yet expanded her business to include website design, but feared the state of Colorado would apply its state anti-discrimination law to prevent her from exercising her conscience rights.
Source: The American Conservative

Even when the end of their use comes, your conscience remains as clear as the paper this pad once held.
Source: Yanko Design

Krishna was not just Arjun’s friend, philosopher and guide but also his cousin, his charioteer and his conscience, navigating him through the battlefield that is life itself.
Source: The Wire

I don't do this to have a better conscience or tell myself that I'm going to sleep better at night.
Source: Puget Sound Business Journal The Business Journals

This one choice gives Nemik a voice that literally and figuratively echoes all the way to the end of the season, becoming the conscience urging Cassian forward.
Source: IndieWire

MAN ON FIRE was released during the height of the Iraq War, when the United States was forced to examine its conscience in light of reports about the horrible torture methods government officials used to extract information from our perceived enemies in the war on terror.
Source: Indie Film Hustle

It kind of rides on my conscience because I don’t want to take from people.
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I asked when he intended to begin shooting and he informed me that they were planning to start in five or six weeks!  I told David that while I would’ve loved to work on the film, I couldn’t in good conscience trade one editing job for another after I’d already accepted another offer.
Source: Filmmaker Magazine

In fact, the film’s premise could very easily be summarized as “What if The Ring was also It Follows?” and though I can’t in good conscience say it’s as good as either of those two movies, it makes up for that by being very nearly as effective as those movies and maybe even a little bit scarier, depending on where you set that particular goalpost.
Source: Awards Radar

Its characters, types but also identifiable people – filmmaker and narrator Mark (Lake Wilburn), burned-out rock star Roger (Daniel Lopez), disillusioned scholar Collins (AJ Lockhart), would-be real estate mogul Benny (Jordan Young), a lawyer with a conscience Joanne (Amanda Lee), bon vivant and entertainer-of-all-trades Angel (J’Quay Gibbs), dancer Mimi (Lisa Glover), and performance artist Maureen (Sydney Freihofer) – continue to resonate in spite of some of the time-specific details growing dated.
Source: Columbus Underground

"Everyone of good conscience must stand together to reject hate and to embrace empathy; it is the only path towards systemic change.
Source: NPR

"I am nothing but grateful to Red Storm and Ubisoft for the opportunities to learn and grow they have afforded me over the years, but this was an opportunity I could not in good conscience refuse.
Source: Game Developer

Is it her guilty conscience or something more sinister? As a cellist, I’m always a bit skeptical when watching a film set in the world of classical music, but I must say, Field and co.
Source: Baltimore Magazine

39-ounce denim, there’s a reason these have a cult following amongst fashion conscience men.
Source: The Stylish Man Man of Many

Photo: Wilson Webb/Netflix © 2022 There’s a veritable blizzard of new movies descending into theaters this week, from a stellar adaptation of a supposedly unadaptable book to a masterful documentary about the conscience of an artist to a surprisingly moving gay love story.
Source: Oregon ArtsWatch

It’s my goal to give the movie away, as I can’t in good conscience try to profit from what is essentially a labor of love and activism.
Source: Food & Beverage Magazine

Thompson said she also could not in good conscience encourage birders to come to Brevard County during an ongoing mass manatee starvation and a dearth of many birds.
Source: WKMG News 6 & ClickOrlando

Hafenbrack hopes that his research serves as a cautionary tale that even though there are many real, known benefits of focused breathing meditation, people can, even unintentionally, use it to avoid some things that they would be better off facing directly, such as by artificially cleansing their conscience after wrongdoing.
Source: Forbes

It’s because he became the conscience of his sport.
Source: The Washington Post

"But for me, the real problem to me is that my family, to this day, honestly have no conscience whatsoever and really believe in their minds they have done nothing wrong at all.
Source: BuzzFeed

Fassbender will play the role of the titular killer, who develops a conscience during the movie.
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Better Call Saul Bob Odenkirk in Better Call SaulGreg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures In its final season, the Breaking Bad prequel also became a sequel, covering both the questionable decisions that turned the ambulance-chasing lawyer Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) into the mobbed-up attorney Saul Goodman—costing him his wife/conscience Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) along the way—and what happened later after he went into hiding at a Nebraska shopping mall food court.
Source: Chron

It's my goal to give the movie away, as I can't in good conscience try to profit from what is essentially a labor of love and activism.
Source: Music Connection Magazine

It’s my goal to give the movie away, as I can’t in good conscience try to profit from what is essentially a labor of love and activism.

Complicity Island by Nick Jones It's the artist's age-old dilemma: follow your conscience or follow the cash.
Source: Broadway World

  (May 20 - June 20):  What's the point in being pointed if you're going to be cutting? The goal is to prick someone's conscience not stab it through the heart.
Source: SFGATE

Respect for the rules is a basic element in the game of golf which, almost always based on self-control and the free conscience of the players, often sees distorted results, sometimes consciously, but often unconsciously or lightly, due to non-compliance by many players of the game rules.
Source: Tennis World USA

And cheaters might have more than their conscience to contend with if they're caught, he said.
Source: Akron Beacon Journal

I like Asplund a lot as a bottom 6 player generally, and a defensive conscience on a Top 6 line if needed.
Source: Die By The Blade

"It is arbitrary, capricious and shocking to the conscience for the Commission to continue to maintain that Mr.
Source: WDRB

“With your hand on your conscience may each one hear the anguished cry which is raised to the skies from all parts of the earth, from the innocent children to the elderly, from the people of the communities: Peace, peace!” Pope John XXIII famously said in that address.
Source: America: The Jesuit Review

It would accomplish these goals while maintaining, and indeed strengthening, important religious liberty and conscience protections.
Source: The Topeka Capital-Journal

So now you can turn with a clean conscience to the next abomination: the tortures visited on sufganiyot by high-end bakeries for Hanukkah this year.
Source: Haaretz

These are the Tory birds, and seem to have no social conscience – even the pervasive starling acts better for its flock.
Source: The Guardian

Drink your coffee with a clear conscience from a Groningen compostable coffee cupThe Dutch love a cup of coffee from time to time, especially during a lunch break at work.
Source: Innovation Origins

These are some of the matters troubling former Chumbawamba frontman Dunstan Bruce’s mind in “I Get Knocked Down,” wherein the singer takes part as narrator, co-director, primary subject and putative conscience of a swept-aside alt-rock generation.
Source: Variety

By picking all the candidates one likes, you could ensure your vote still counts with a clear conscience because you’re also voting with your heart.
Source: The Hill

There is heart and conscience evident, and the material remains relevant as violence against those in the LBGTQ+ community—currently and especially trans women of color—is on the rise.
Source: MD Theatre Guide

Elon Musk has repeatedly warned about artificial intelligence and technology gaining conscience and making decisions independently from human input.
Source: Wccftech

Honesty creates a good conscience and, thus, a soft pillow of peace.

It’s my goal to give the movie away, as I can’t in good conscience try to profit from what is essentially a labor of love and activism.
Source: Written and Directed By Moby to Have its World Premiere at Slamdance Film Festival Ghost Cult Magazine

So we can’t in good conscience recommend either company’s security cameras to our readers.
Source: Review Geek

To be sure, there have been occasions when the conscience of the world is so stirred by outrage that coalitions form and nations come together to act in concert.
Source: The Washington Post

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