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Moreover, belonging to the dPCC, these clusters share a functional–anatomic correlate with the spDMN.

Meanwhile, when we look at:the acoustic peaks in the cosmic microwave background’s imperfections,the way that galaxies cluster and correlate across space and time,the speed of individual galaxies within galaxy groups and clusters,the gravitational lensing effects of massive cosmic objects,and much more, we find that an additional amount of mass that adds up to about five times the total amount of normal matter must be present to explain those effects.
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34 V) and correlate that to our DFT-calculated −IpCOHP for R-IrO2 (3.

Demand-side analysis always helps to correlate consumer preferences with innovation.
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She also pointed to another finding: Brain concentrations of vitamin D did not correlate with any of the Alzheimer's-related brain abnormalities that the researchers assessed -- including the protein clumps known as "plaques.
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The oscillatory response in the mu and beta frequency range with an estimated source in the sensorimotor cortex contralateral to the responding hand was used as correlate of motor preparation.
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(2020), and Wu & Lambert (2022) showed that thousands of new genes, far from being unnecessary for new body plans, strongly correlate with each of the animal phyla and other major transitions in the history of life.
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  Geologists measured the detailed chemistry of the rocks, their mineralogy, their ages, and even their magnetic properties to be able to correlate the rock units across the 90–100 km (55-60 mi) wide SRP and to determine their point of origin.
Source: United States Geological Survey (.gov)

We decided the way to approach this season was to go back to the early ‘70s, when the abortion debate was still up in the air and your party affiliation didn’t correlate with your views on the issue.
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Guiding the study of brain dynamics by using first-person data: synchrony patterns correlate with ongoing conscious states during a simple visual task.

Neural correlate of subjective sensory experience gradually builds up across cortical areas.

JAS1 also enhances in vitro growth of wheat seedlingsTo correlate with the PGP effects of JAS1 in tray trials (discussed above), we also attempted it’s in vitro co-cultivation with surface sterile wheat seeds, established for a month on MSA in PTC jam jars (Fig.

25 best Spotify tips and tricks: genius ways to fine-tune Spotify Spotify already has a few quality tiers, and they correlate with how much you’re prepared to pay for the streaming service.
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The researchers found that higher taxes did not correlate with fewer films.
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They compared these groups to sediment records from Lake Pallcacocha in Ecuador, which correlate with moderate-to-extreme El Niño events, though their reliability has been debated.
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But I'm curious over the long term to see if these deviations correlate with when I'm feeling under the weather, which could be a sign that I need some extra rest.
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Identify who you really compete with within the marketplace, with Market Share Analysis correlate your market position, % Market Share, and Segmented Revenue.
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“It was very good for me, because I will do a lot of simulator work with Sauber next year, with Alfa Romeo, so it’s important to know how the car behaves in reality, how it works in reality, so I can correlate a lot on the simulator, which is good to help the team because there is a good gain of performance there.
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But our results do not correlate with previous hypertension researches.
Source: BMC Medicine BMC Medicine

, exposure to environmental factors such as lead and ambient particulate matter may correlate to increased cardiovascular death, according to a 30-year analysis of mortality data.
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The occurrence of in-channel bedrock exposures and the activity of short-lived 7Be in within-channel sediments also correlate with downstream Ω gradients, demonstrating a link, over both short and long time scales, between within-channel processes and floodplain-forming processes.
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For those who held Bitcoin mined during the bull run, selling it now will fetch a quarter of its all-time high, while mining rigs, whose prices strongly correlate with Bitcoin’s own price, have collapsed in value.
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UK) READ MORE Man, 52, experiences two months of hell due to B12 deficiency Caffeine drinking has been shown in several studies to correlate with markedly lower circulating B-vitamin concentrations.
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Thus, it is likely that the positive fecal samples identified in our study reflect chimpanzees that harbor elevated parasitemia, which is a correlate of both morbidity45,46,47 and transmission potential48,49, at least in humans.

Air pollution particles were first detected in placentas in 2018 and by then dirty air was known to strongly correlate with increased miscarriages, premature births, low birth weights and disturbed brain development.
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  SWOT Analysis of Global Electronic Medical Records Market In addition to market share analysis of companies, in-depth profile, product/service, and business overview, the study focuses on revenue analysis, as well as SWOT analysis, to better correlate market competitiveness.
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In addition to periodic changes in Ti concentration that correlate with image contrast changes seen in Figure 1, the map uncovers the SiOx region as an interlayer at the Si/STO interface.
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 “We identified 10 major canine lineages and behavioral traits that correlate with these lineages.
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Prior to pace-tracking, those of us looking for better training insights tended to correlate heart-rate with intervals.
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Next, the team tried to identify factors that correlate with and could potentially explain what steers people toward either kind of model.
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As you’ve probably discovered by now, age doesn’t always correlate with maturity.
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By examining archaeological ceramics, we can correlate their attributes to specific ceramic traditions and subsequently to production patterns1,4,5.

d, 14 Z-stack images of gametocytes (stages III and IV) stained with DAPI and anti-HA antibodies were used to quantify the r coefficient for correlation of the nuclear and Md1 signals, showing that the two signals do not correlate and that Md1 is not present in the nucleus.

Because scientists have identified cold-adapted and warm-adapted ecotypes of the crab that correlate with variation in their mitochondrial genome, Lynch looked at whether their mitochondrial genome could be influencing the crabs' temperature tolerance.
Source: Bowdoin College

168 Antiestablishmentism does not necessarily correlate to more left-right partisanship in common academic data sets used to measure polarization such as DW Nominate scores; it is better seen as connected to vertical polarization between elites and populists, which is not being well captured in current metrics.
Source: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

➙ Discover competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and correlate their profiles, geographical footprints, and market penetration rate.
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For each plate reader, excitation, emission and gain setting, we found a linear conversion factor that was used to correlate arbitrary fluorescence values to MEF (Supplementary Fig.

For those who held Bitcoin mined during the bull run, selling it now will fetch a quarter of its all-time high, while mining rigs, whose prices strongly correlate with Bitcoin’s own price, have collapsed in value.
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However, multiple weak interactions within the downstream 150-kb region around the Med26 gene still occur without apparent cohesin residency at their anchors (purple arched lines and circles), and these contacts sharply correlate with nascent transcription signals at promoters and enhancers.

To correlate predictions between various cameras and timestamps, this program compares the Re-ID vectors to fresh vectors.
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It also allows scientists to see in the same individual how the parameters correlate to one another.
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, Siemens Healthineers, and Sysmex Europe GmbH SWOT Analysis of Global Hemoglobinopathy Market: In addition to market share analysis of companies, in-depth profile, product/service, and business overview, the study focuses on revenue analysis, as well as SWOT analysis, to better correlate market competitiveness.
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Interestingly, the relative magnitude of the effect of integrating the stop codon did not correlate with published gene phenotype scores (Extended Data Fig.
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NFL DFS Values & Punts Defenses & Kickers: These options are always in play in the single-game format, but make sure to correlate the rest of your lineup around them.
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While a meta-analysis like this is helpful in comparing results across a large number of people, the different approaches and factors in each individual study make it more difficult to draw broad conclusions – even though a lot of work is done to correlate information across the studies as a whole.
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Strength Tensile strength, sometimes called yield strength, can be a great metric to correlate to a women’s bar’s overall strength and long-term durability.
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DALL-E leverages a two-stage model, first internally generating a “CLIP” image that matches with text based on deep-machine learning that has taught it to identify and correlate text with images, and then using a “decoder” that generates an image to meet the described conditions.
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Available Light Theatre’s ‘Witch’ – Photo by Matt Slaybaugh Adapting a play from the 1600s, Silverman sets Witch in a specific time and place that just doesn’t exactly correlate to anywhere in the real world.
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But if you just had that one tool to make things a little bit easier, a little bit better, and a little bit more efficient, that is how I correlate the Mako robot to my practice.
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Jorgewich-Cohen: We try to also make footage of the animals while we're recording the sounds so we could try to correlate any type of behavior to the sound that they were making and try to understand how they use the sounds or what ideas they convey.
Source: Scientific American

Alternatively, applying the reproductive number of each pathogen as a correlate for the age of greatest prevalence made no significant prediction.
Source: Thomas Flight

My research really focuses on precision genetics, and so really digging into large amounts of sequencing data from individuals to identify genetic variants that we can correlate with phenotypes and disease states in the hopes of identifying therapeutics, diagnostics and prognostics.
Source: American Medical Association

Artificial intelligence allows us to take advantage of what computers do best: to compute a vast amount of data, process it and correlate this data with others to become more accurate in the forecast of results over time.
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With the obvious caveat that trailer views don’t correlate 1-to-1 to eventual box office any more than does advance-ticket sales (recall that “Solo: A Star Wars Story” had better first-day ticket sales than “Black Panther”), this massive viewership sprint does show that there’s at least some casual curiosity in this newest attempt to expand what was once Paramount’s biggest franchise.
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Temperature sensing is still new, but I like the idea of being able to see how changes in my baseline temperature may correlate with how I'm feeling that day.
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However, the model does assign a different weight to the areas depending on the degree to which they correlate to overall effectiveness.
Source: WSJ The Wall Street Journal

Morphological evolution and the correlations to climate and geological eventsMorphological traits, like hypsodonty or appendage characters, have been shown to correlate to environmental changes21.

Based these data, we correlate the size classes to the following ontogenetic stages: size class I = late-stage juvenile; size class II = sub-adult; size class III = adult; size class IV = skeletally mature adult.

Rountree said the daughter wasn’t particularly impressed until she and her dad realized that they could turn it into something of a scavenger hunt, finding the pieces in the hotel that correlate with the individual ornaments.
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Google could also correlate a device's source IP and connection times to establish a connection between identity and tunneled VPN traffic.
Source: ZDNet

Generic ballot polling provides a look at the overall political environment, but since members of Congress are elected from individual districts, a party’s share of support in such a national poll may not directly correlate to the number of seats they win in the U.
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Moreover, the CGM allows individuals to correlate changes to their blood glucose with their felt experiences within their bodies.
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"These movements directly correlate to tennis and best positioning myself on the court to hit the most powerful shot and run down balls," she adds.
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5)What to watch for: The Giants have lost three of four and their lack of success can correlate directly to their running game.
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AdvertisementEven now, as I write these words, I am confident that the next time I use an online search engine or show up at a certain shopping website that sounds suspiciously like a South American rainforest, I will be presented with gift ideas that correlate with the word “privacy” such as a fake beard or a hotel peephole cover.
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It has been postulated that the high rate of invasive disease due to serotype 3 in adults may correlate with high antibody levels in children, which then wane26.

Indeed, the expression of PIP aquaporins has been shown to strongly correlate with cell expansion and tissue growth in several plant species59,60,61.

26% 0% Source: FactSet A high dividend yield may be important if you are looking to generate current income, but it doesn’t necessarily correlate with strong long-term total returns.
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However, ecological considerations may not correlate well with economic realities.
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The study, “Lasting increases in trait mindfulness after psilocybin correlate positively with the mystical-type experience in healthy individuals”, was authored by Anna Søndergaard, Martin Korsbak Madsen, Brice Ozenne, Sophia Armand, Gitte Moos Knudsen, Patrick McDonald Fisher, and Dea Siggaard Stenbæk.
Source: in Metal News Metal Underground

I enjoy having an extra source of data, and how its results correlate to how I’m feeling.
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Either look for the model number on the back of your iPad at the bottom and then correlate it with Apple's website to work out which iPad it is.
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They found that more light pollution did correlate with higher levels of airborne toxic chemicals.
Source: Cornell Chronicle

First, the UX designer must correlate desk and field studies to understand the target audience comprehensively.
Source: Spiceworks News and Insights

Moreover, levels correlate with the severity and mortality of sepsis, as it was shown that patients with higher presepsin levels have higher mortality rates [35].
Source: Cureus

These effects correlate at the level of individual genes within 16p, which further suggests that the rare CNVs and common polygenic variants in 16p might have similar functional consequences.
Source: Spectrum Autism Research News

Mining Minster, Sir Ano Pala said there has been a notable decline in exploration activities in PNG and that may correlate with the absence of scientific gathering in PNG such as this for the last 25 years.

Furthermore, and I hope you don’t mind if I indulge, but Cooper is a Tibetan Dream Yogi and in that system, each of the three great states corresponds with a world or realm—so waking, dreaming, and sleeping states correlate with gross, subtle, and causal realms.

Keepers and scientists are working closely together to pinpoint exactly when a female bear is in estrus and correlate that to specific behaviors so they can put bears together for breeding at the optimal time.
Source: Smithsonian's National Zoo and Conservation Biology Institute

However, 393-day delays exist between radio emissions from 1ES 0647+250 and its optical emissions, while slightly longer 398-day delays correlate them to its gamma-ray emissions.
Source: The Debrief

1Notably, the findings also revealed that Black patients had a higher incidence of vitamin D insufficiency, which may correlate with higher incidence of CIPN.

5)What to watch for: The Giants have lost three of four and their lack of success can correlate directly to their running game.
Source: ESPN

Its emphasis on various qualities including strength, flexibility, balance, and stamina directly correlate to the desired attributes for an individual who must perform under the demanding conditions of combat.
Source: We Are The Mighty

I spent some time trying to correlate the FTX collapse with various indicators, from the yields on U.
Source: The Washington Post

The inhibitory effects of vitamin D on the production of autoantibodies correlate with a decrease in the SLEDAI scores, after a decrease in the inflammatory process of SLE [31].
Source: Cureus

He was asked how Lacrosse impact his game by Stanford Athletics, and he stated:“It’s a lot of side-to-side movement, a lot of running… blitzing, being able to make side-to-side quick movements to get around the lineman… hand-eye coordination, a ton of the movements correlate over to football”.
Source: Back to Lacrosse Knup Sports

The parts are supplied in numbered bags that correlate to the various assembly sections, and the instructions are detailed and divided into stages.

The result may be a cheesier and more cliche title– such as Benoit Blanc and the Glass Onion – but the invitation to correlate “Knives Out” to “Glass Onion” is minimalized and, therefore, more effective to the story Johnson has set out to tell.

He notes that in many cases, old school medicine affords him the time to do a detailed history and physical examination and correlate signs and symptoms without the need for extensive laboratory and imaging studies.
Source: Medpage Today

Circulating markers of NADH-reductive stress correlate with mitochondrial disease severity.

The data show that there is significant room to improve diversity on AI teams, and, consistent with other studies, diverse teams correlate with outstanding performance.
Source: McKinsey

To correlate with the anniversary of the 1991 record, which features tracks such as “Brenda’s Got A Baby,” “Trapped,” and “I Don’t Give A Fuck,” Pop In a Box has revealed it will be releasing a 5-inch tall 2Pac figurine on November 28, 2022.
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For communities with both positive and negative interactions, types of local communities correlate with final community diversity.

Finally, Experiment 4 demonstrates that, in neurotypical (NT) participants, difficulties with ToM correlate with Physicalism.
Source: Neuroscience News

This same alluvial dynamic might also have contributed to the very large read counts for Salix, Betula, Populus, Carex and Equisetum in the metagenomic record, implying that neither the proportion of these taxa in the pollen records nor read counts necessarily correlate with their actual abundance in the regional vegetation in terms of biomass or coverage.

There are more one-on-one interactions which correlate to higher performance scores during school-aged years.
Source: Yale School of Medicine

“Fibulin-3 levels in serum and urine correlate with osteoarthritis disease incidence and progression and can be used as biomarkers.
Source: University of Alabama at Birmingham

Brown does not correlate with the Dallas defense, but there are scenarios where he scores modest fantasy points and provides maximal savings.
Source: DraftKings Nation

The ranking of Skyward Sword seems to directly correlate with the age of the article.
Source: Nintendo Life

Source: Pew Research Center discrimination Experts suggest Jamaican society is divided by a "color-based classification of race" in which there are white, brown and black groups, which to some degree correlate with upper, middle and working class.
Source: CNN

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