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Following the ticket-buying debacle for the superstar's North American 'Eras' tour, which saw Ticketmaster cancel the general sale due to high demand and insufficient ticket inventory, a number of fans are now suing the company.

Whether the problem is down to human error — which, at this point, is what I believe is happening with the whole Eufy debacle — or to nefarious behavior, the end result is still the same.
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For the Haces and others, the Rivian rollercoaster has included multiple delays, as well as a public relations debacle in March when the company said it would hike the prices of preordered vehicles, only to backtrack a few days later after an intense reaction on fan forums and Facebook groups.
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The professional cycling transfer window rumbles on as teams complete their roster for 2023 but sadly the B&B Hotels-KTM debacle means Mark Cavendish has to confirm if and where he will race in 2023.
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Ticketmaster apologized to Swift and her fans who were unable to secure tickets and blamed the debacle on its “Verified Fans” system, a mechanism aimed at eliminating bots that gives presale codes to individuals.
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There is, of course, the whole debacle around ketchup.
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Fink said a lot of the blame for the FTX debacle lies with the venture capitalists who funded it, on a much bigger scale than his own firm did.
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You probably won’t have a lot of competition for this group now, but they were the eighth-highest scoring defense in fantasy before the debacle against Dallas because of a league-high 22 takeaways.
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7511 Total views 41 Total shares Own this piece of crypto history Collect this article as NFTThe negative effects caused by the FTX debacle have placed the crypto space in an unfavorable light.
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Long said regulators' response to the FTX debacle would be "pacy".
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That moment would come in 2013, after the critical and commercial debacle of the M.
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The largest cryptocurrency had failed to show convincing signs of recovery after losing more than 25% the week prior thanks to the debacle around exchange FTX.
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“We don’t know who to hold accountable for the debacle in Afghanistan.
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— Joe RexrodeTennessee: AIt was an A+ before the 63-38 debacle at South Carolina, but this team is way ahead of schedule in Josh Heupel’s second year, giving new life to a program that has been mired in turmoil for most of the past two decades.
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There was enough grass on this wicket to suggest lessons had been learned from the debacle nine months ago, when this venue had accumulated 1,177 runs and one demerit point.
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ARK Investment Management founder and CEO Cathie Wood said the recent FTX debacle would benefit one crypto sector.
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Laws Must Ensure That Cheating Is Not IncentivizedThe seeds of Enron’s debacle were planted through new wealth-maximization incentives proposed by accounting services in the 1990s.
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In a recent piece for the Wall Street Journal, economist Scott Hodge described how the whole debacle began as a result of his floating the idea of a child tax credit in 1993.
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A group of Taylor Swift fans filed a lawsuit against Ticketmaster and its parent company, Live Nation, following the debacle that unfolded last month when the company put concert tickets for Swift's upcoming tour on sale.
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Read More: 12 Games Killed In 2021 That Prove Preservation Is VitalThe entire debacle recalls Anthem, another ill-fated attempt by an otherwise excellent studio to try to capture a slice of the burgeoning games-as-a-service market.
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What appeared at times as the technology’s sure march toward mainstream acceptance became a debacle as “stablecoins” proved unstable and entire exchanges went bust.
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Freezing your credit reports to avoid fraudOne benefit of the Equifax debacle is that it led to the ability to freeze and unfreeze your credit report for free.
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Johnson, who is the Scarlet Knights’ radio broadcast analyst, said Thursday’s officiating debacle at the end of Rutgers-Ohio State was even more of a gut-punch than his 2011 experience, as a player, of officials Jim Burr and Tim Higgins walking off the floor before the end of Rutgers’ Big East Tournament robbery against St.
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(Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for The New York Times)Getty Images for The New York Times The FTX debacle turned investors onto decentralized exchanges (DEX), where crypto investors have more control over their coin.
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In particular, last month's FTX debacle may have inspired national and global lawmakers to take urgent action on regulating the crypto industry.
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UL was a ground up rebuild after the Bobby Petrino debacle and Brohm was just getting out of that phase at Purdue.
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Warner expressed unbridled anger at what he said was a determination to rake back over the still smouldering coals of the debacle in South Africa.
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Florence Pugh puts that Don't Worry Darling debacle behind.
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Photograph: Caspar BensonFour years on from the dumbumvirate debacle of its coverage in Russia, Fox is back, and worse than ever.
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With only a few rare exceptions — the San Jose game in late October, the Pittsburgh Black Friday debacle — it’s abundantly clear that these Flyers players this year are trying.
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0 24IOIWed 3rd Aug 2022 Strong position after not having a single release this year other than their annual entries and after the debacle of Battlefield 2042? Sure, such a strong position…They asked for a premium price that no one was willing to pay, but I do think that eventually when the Activision deal is closed Microsoft will at least attempt to acquire EA, in fact, if the Activision scandals didn’t drop their share price significantly Microsoft would’ve acquired EA instead.
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The debacle around Whalen’s Lions Not Sheep deception was a perfect storm of these two problems: how small business owners could manipulate the platform, and how Etsy’s culture was creating a cutthroat ecosystem where buyers might have no idea what they’re investing in.
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If the Republican midterm debacle was the final nail in Donald Trump's political coffin, Tuesday night's loss in Georgia is just heaping on the dirt.
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After the debacle surrounding Diablo Immortal, many players are likely leery of a free-to-play title involving former Blizzard devs, but the folks at Frost Giant seem to primarily have been artists and developers, not the business arm of Blizzard.
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For Saxon that led to the whole 'Get Your Act Together With Harvey Goldsmith' debacle with the nadir being the world record attempt for mass air guitaring.
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For the Haces and others, the Rivian rollercoaster has included multiple delays, as well as a public relations debacle in March when the company said it would hike the prices of preordered vehicles, only to backtrack a few days later after an intense reaction on fan forums and Facebook groups.
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House of Representatives lawmakers launched an investigation of Ticketmaster's "potential unfair or deceptive practices" following the Taylor Swift ticket sale debacle in November.
Source: The Denver Gazette

Pizzutello also shipped the new sweater to Kevin Connolly, star of the hit HBO show “Entourage” and who directed the documentary “Big Shot,” chronicling the John Spano ownership debacle that happened shortly after the rebranding, in October 1996.
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  EU energy crisis could worsen in 2023, group warns While the European Union (EU) has largely been able to ward off an energy debacle this year, 2023 could prove to be a “sterner test” for the bloc, the International Energy Agency (IEA) warned in a report released Monday.
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Suffice to say, the entire debacle resulted in a massive outcry, as users were baffled at the prospect of paying money to see a wantonly butchered version of the original works.
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The Rangers reached a tipping point in their latest debacle on home ice by losing to the Chicago Blackhawks.
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3 spot, no doubt fueled by the Ticketmaster debacle that left fans shut out of the pop star's "Eras Tour" presale, led to the cancellation of the tour's regular sale and spurred FTC complaints from legal eagles who jam to "Anti-Hero" on the side.

It was like the Cher debacle.
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The MindMovers went home with the P25,000 second prize while the Reel Abron team of Ellan Asuela, Abdul Halil Abdullah and Ronnel Cantonjos, finished third despite a 0-3 debacle at the hands of Toledo Trojan-Xignex (Rommel Ganzon, Bonn Rainauld Tibod and Genesis Apog) in the final round.
Source: The Manila Times

The USMNT have now thoroughly atoned for the debacle of 2017, and even if this team don’t quite yet have the sense of “identity” that Berhalter claimed they do after full-time against the Dutch, there’s at least a clear outline of who their most important players are: Tyler Adams, Pulisic, and Weah.
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Eminem didn’t want to act after ‘8 Mile’ Fortunately, Eminem got another shot at acting after the Lazarus debacle with 8 Mile.
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The Purdue fan base is more than a little raw after the Brohm debacle (having Louisville coaches in the Purdue coaching offices isn’t helping).
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They lost the Asia Cup 2022 after which the T20I side saw debacle in the T20 World Cup 2022 in Australia.
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I doubt Warner was expecting to gain a leadership position in the Australia set-up even with a successful review of the ban he received after the ball-tampering debacle in South Africa in 2018.
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After the debacle of the firm, critics are also pointing out how the movement’s underlining ideals could have triggered SBF’s propensity to risk, and more so provided a shield for the way he was running his company.
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From Macy’s parade to Spotify Wrapped, Bad Bunny is on top of the worldThe ticketing fiasco in Mexico is the latest debacle to roil Ticketmaster.
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But it is also worth considering whether the ongoing debacle points to a major flaw in cryptocurrencies or in its ballooning ecosystem.
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For all the irrepressible talent that Russell has at his disposal, he manages to curb the impact they could have in a dismal debacle of mismanaged priorities.
Source: Russell's royal reenactment is a bigger mess-up than the original political conspiracy TheReviewGeek

 For now, we’ll just have to wait and see what the next chapter in the discourse surrounding Will Smith/Chris Rock debacle will bring.
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Now, with the internet ablaze, experts in public relations and crisis communications assess how the debacle could hamper Smith’s reputation and commercial prospects — and what he needs to do to recover.
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Pre-sale tickets for “The Eras Tour” frustrated Swift fans across the country in a debacle that stayed in the headlines for weeks.
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But if one pays close attention to the more unsettling ideas behind how effective altruism works, it should become apparent how this whole debacle unfolded.
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com/k2wnlprVJYOctober 2, 2022See moreThe SpaceX NASA logo debacle isn't the only space-themed logo controversy we've seen of late.
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Indianapolis Colts (4-8-1, LW: 25)Everyone couldn't wait to declare the Jeff Saturday experiment a disaster and he has given them an opening the past two weeks, with the clock management fiasco against the Steelers and the fourth-quarter debacle at Dallas on Sunday night.
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The latest debacle by the Museum (of Natural History?), has confounded me.
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Joe Burrow has greatly eliminated turnovers since the Week 1 debacle against the Steelers is probably the biggest.
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In a recent news release addressing the FTX mess, Lane said his institution's exposure to the FTX debacle is nominal, with FTX deposits totaling less than 10% of the bank's almost $12 billion in digital deposits as of Sept.
Source: CNBC

Ticketmaster canceled its general ticket sale shortly following the presale debacle.
Source: Yahoo Finance

But the most notable thing about the whole debacle was that while some found forgiveness for Will Smith in their hearts, Jada Smith seems beyond redemption.
Source: Animated Times

But, he added, “I never thought if you had a debacle like this, they wouldn’t let you withdraw your funds.
Source: The New York Times

Kaushik stepped into a newly created role at Reddit and will be responsible for growing communities, scaling user adoption, and identifying international expansion opportunities […] Posted 6 minutes Ago The results of 2022’s 8th and final GfK Radio Ratings Metro & DAB+ have been released, and Ben Fordham is king!  Getting the obvious out of the way first,  Ben Fordham beat out Kyle & Jackie O and returned to number one! Worth acknowledging that Jackie O has taken time out to concentrate on her […] Posted 9 minutes Ago In this guest post, renowned futurist Sergio Brodsky (pictured below) gives his take on what has been happening with the QMS/City of Sydney debacle – and how they should be looking towards modern design principles to help make choices for signs that are contributing to citizens’ lives, not interrupting them… Strategy is fundamentally about choosing […] As 2022 draws to an end, independent media agencies are forecasting strong growth in 2023, despite prevailing economic headwinds.
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The snafu for the ticketing agency is just the latest issue for Live Nation following Taylor Swift's pre-sale debacle where fans waited for hours online to grab a seat at one of the shows on her upcoming "The Eras Tour," only to miss out on a concert and then be told general sales were completely canceled due to overwhelming demand.
Source: Fox Business

When Will the OnePlus Nord Watch Become Available?It appears that OnePlus would be taking more time as the company wants to leave no stone unturned with the new OnePlus Nord Watch after the disastrous debacle with last year’s smartwatch model.
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Its Diem debacle showed at least the company's interest in digital currency transactions.
Source: The Register

At the time, she had vouched for the inclusion of other certain cryptos, but it appears that crypto winter and the recent FTX debacle may have shifted her opinions slightly.
Source: Cointelegraph

The FTX debacle is an almost unbelievable story of lack of controls — worse than Enron, according to the executive appointed to steward it through bankruptcy.
Source: Daily

The aforementioned Battlefield 2042 debacle hurt EA and DICE significantly, and franchises like FIFA and Madden still come under heavy fire from fans for what they perceive to be predatory microtransaction implementation.
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The debacle — which featured allegations of his abandoned children, terrorized mates, brandished firearms, fictionalized achievements and secret funding of girlfriends’ abortions — ended on Tuesday with Walker’s opponent, Sen.
Source: The Washington Post

Rockstar has not commented on the whole debacle as of now, but it doesn’t seem like the company will change its decision.
Source: The Nerd Stash

He was (deservedly) under fire on all sides after the Dorrell debacle and managed to right the ship, cajole the right people and push for the right changes to land one of the most significant hires in CU history.
Source: Colorado Buffaloes Wire

35:59-38:37—The Twitter debacle and TikTok trends—MikMak’s Twitter traffic declined by 100% after Musk took over.
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Maybe Manoah has a genuine knack for suppressing hard contact, and in that case, we’ll be able to scoff at this debacle down the road.
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Rather than a bizarre aberration, the debacle of Liz Truss’s brief time as prime minister could be a sign of things to come.
Source: The Washington Post

Another conversation about the debacle would probably just cause a repeat of your text conversation.
Source: The Washington Post

After the debacle that was Diablo Immortal, many fans were frustrated and leery, despite Blizzard not actively heading the development of that game.
Source: Sportskeeda

EngadgetAlso, we follow the continued fall of Twitter and the FTX debacle.
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Go back to the infamous Tide Pod debacle of 2018.
Source: Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard

Thanks to the success of Van Aert and then Evenepoel in 2022, the debacle of 2021 has quickly been forgotten.
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  'Shark Tank' investor spoke out about the FTX debacle after saying he would back Sam Bankman-Fried again.
Source: Fox Business

But if one pays close attention to the more unsettling ideas behind how effective altruism works, it should become apparent how this whole debacle unfolded.
Source: MSNBC

The shares declined in recent months after Rivian said it was facing production challenges, then tumbled further in a customer relations debacle over pricing.
Source: The New York Times

The confusion Horner referred to came at Suzuka, where an unintended consequence of rewriting the rules surrounding shortened races after last year’s Spa debacle meant full points were awarded despite only just over half of the full distance being achieved.
Source: Hindustan Times

“big thanx to everyone who came thru!!Despite Smith’s efforts to move forward, Lakers fans are projecting his Oscars debacle onto their hopes for the team.
Source: Los Angeles Times

The subprime mortgage debacle sent banks and businesses into free fall.
Source: Forbes

'It pisses me off':Taylor Swift speaks out after Ticketmaster cancels her tour's general ticket saleMore Ticketmaster drama:How the Taylor Swift debacle with Ticketmaster has ramped up fan and federal concerns“The access issues were a consequence of an unprecedented number of false tickets presented, which caused an extraordinary crowd and an intermittent operation of our system,” the company continued.
Source: Consumer Reports

  Virat Kohli, who used to be brash, aggressive, and a strong-headed person had a rift with head coach Anil Kumble after India's debacle in the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy final against Pakistan.
Source: India TV News

On Saturday, August 20, the Philadelphia native made his return to Social Media after the Oscar debacle as he cowered in fear after spotting a giant spider.
Source: The Blast

Image: HondaThe Takata airbag debacle is still ongoing.
Source: Jalopnik

Related: Will Grayscale be the next FTX?Despite this, FTX is not the biggest catastrophe of the year for crypto, it says, with the Terra LUNA debacle and Three Arrows Capital (3AC) insolvency more pressing.
Source: Cointelegraph

New York CNN  —  Millions of angered Taylor Swift fans didn’t receive tickets to the artist’s latest tour after a widely scrutinized debacle over bungled ticket sales.
Source: CNN

Burrow was sacked just once, and it's worth noting that the Bengals' offensive line has done a far better job of protecting him ever since the debacle against the Browns on Halloween night.
Source: Fantasy Football News The Fantasy Footballers

Now, as SBF faces investigations across the globe and criminal charges, Congress is looking to find out how this debacle happened, and what it means for the volatile crypto industry at a time when lawmakers are debating legislation.
Source: Fortune

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