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Critic’s notebookJenna Ortega’s dance for her Addams Family character is a viral sensation, but why? It is disarming and defiant: the dance of a nonconformist.
Source: The New York Times

The main body of the song consists of a list of all the people, philosophies, and practices that he wishes to discard: ‘Don’t believe in … ‘Magic … I-Ching … Bible … Tarot … Hitler … Jesus … Buddha … Gita … Mantra’ – culminating in the defiant declaration that he doesn’t even believe in the Beatles.
Source: PopMatters

Wielding her mic with precision, drawing it nearer or further from her tremendous voice, she squeezed every ounce of emotion possible from the slacker anthem Hand in My Pocket, the defiant You Learn, and the tough-love lesson Not the Doctor.
Source: Vancouver Sun

And that, of course, was the Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft contract award by the US Army to Bell for the V-280 Valor, which means that they did not select, the Lockheed Martin Sikorsky/Boeing defiant coaxial rotor pusher prop helicopter for that contract.
Source: Aviation Week

By John Heinis/Hudson County View Kimberly Wilson, 32, of Jersey City, was charged with defiant trespassing and disorderly conduct, according to Police Capt.
Source: Hudson County View

Resultantly, Khan put up a defiant stance while congratulating the new army chief on his promotion by him reminding of ‘Quaid-i-Azam’ Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s famous words – “Do not forget that the armed forces are the servants of the people and you do not make national policy; it is we, the civilians, who decide these issues and it is your duty to carry out these tasks with which you are entrusted.
Source: EurAsian Times

ties, and has been defiant in the face of U.
Source: Reuters

New crusades spawned by two decades of a so-called War on Terror found a defiant rebuttal upon the unlikely stage of a football field.
Source: CNN

With a thrilling, stress-inducing season finale, impeccable musical score and lovable goofiness (defiant jazz and “coveted as fuck” deviled eggs forever!) “Severance” is a true standout.
Source: HuffPost

Or, to put it another way: as the Argentina goalkeeper, Emiliano Martínez, departed the pitch, he did it with a defiant look in a Dutch direction, shouting his expletive-rich message in English to make sure it wasn’t lost.
Source: The Guardian

On the other hand, it was a defiant statement of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and Colin Kaepernick.
Source: WTOP

Sanders is a defiant extrovert who has long intentionally avoided humility and sought to be the center of attention.
Source: TheThings

Sadat’s countenance, and demeanor, encapsulates this historical turning point, shifting from staunch and defiant to forlorn and lost.
Source: The Daily Beast

Cano wanted to capture his majestic and defiant look against the dark background and lowered her camera to get an eye-level portrait.
Source: Forbes

Marina wanted to capture his majestic and defiant look against the dark background and lowered her camera out of her vehicle to get an eye-level portrait.
Source: My Modern Met

At two hours, “Robinson’s Garden” is patient and mood-driven, with a late and defiant pilgrimage back to bustling Tokyo on a stolen bicycle playing out in an unsparingly extended sequence that reminded me of that Isabelle Adjani freak-out scene from 1981’s “Possession.
Source: Press Herald

Sullivan in particular packs histories of hurt into her performance, and watching Ani’s defiant pride slowly give in to Eddie’s earnest advances is frighteningly recognizable.
Source: Vulture

Jagged Little Pill was a dialogue between grunge-lite, riot grrrl and sensitive singer-songwriter workshops, from the woman-scorned yowl of ‘You Oughta Know’ to the defiant ‘Hand In My Pocket’ to ‘Ironic’, a song so ubiquitous it became a shop-worn standard target in stand-up comedy clubs (comedians having observed that the lyrics weren’t, in the least, ironic).

However, the defiant simplicity of everything is so controlled that Siactro must surely be doing it consciously.
Source: Nintendo Life

This latest stripped-down work from the world’s most quietly defiant cineaste has already (deservedly) picked up the special jury prize at Venice and the award for cinematic bravery at the Chicago international film festival.
Source: The Guardian

Members of her family, however, have decried the film’s portrayal of the Dion clan as looking “like a gang of Bougons,” not to mention slamming the film for its defiant lack of Québécois accents.
Source: The Globe and Mail

This might be especially true for queer GenXers, who found inspiration during their formative years in the defiant spirit that resonated through many of the duo’s songs.
Source: Los Angeles Blade

Speaking out for the first time since Portugal was eliminated by Morocco, a defiant Ronaldo said he had “fought hard” for his country at the tournament.
Source: Al Jazeera English

If, at the time, it felt like a defiant statement from an artist who had played the system up to that point, it feels even more radical now (and only slightly less shocking, simply because everything we hear has borrowed from it, often with less exciting results).
Source: PopMatters

Before signing off on his post on Saturday, a defiant — and resilient — Pele had one final message for his fans.
Source: Al Jazeera English

Last Friday, during a defiant news conference, he insisted that he did indeed serve in Afghanistan, though he declined to offer specifics because he said the details were “classified.
Source: The Associated Press en Español

Yet Panahi has, ingeniously, continued to find ways to make thoughtful, playful, defiant films that reflect his predicament while slyly capturing the Iranian society around him.
Source: The Associated Press en Español

Pakistan were defiant throughout.
Source: BBC

Two months later, as Trump finished a defiant State of the Union speech, an angry Pelosi stood behind him and ripped apart her copy of his speech.
Source: The Washington Post

Russia-Ukraine WarUkraine leader defiant as drone strikes hit Russia againEU, Western Balkans boost partnership amid Ukraine warTurkey says Finland must end arms embargo to join NATOLatvia revokes license of independent Russian TV channelElectricity provider Ukrenergo said its facilities had been hit, triggering some blackouts, although the prime minister said later that power facilities were damaged in only three areas, not as widespread as in previous attacks.
Source: The Associated Press en Español

This latest stripped-down work from the world’s most quietly defiant cineaste has already (deservedly) picked up the special jury prize at Venice and the award for cinematic bravery at the Chicago international film festival.
Source: The Guardian

Discover a tightly crafted, narrative-driven action-adventure experience that follows the transformation of a defiant young man into a refined Master Assassin.
Source: TweakTown

That gives Pinocchio's mischievous, defiant behavior an extra emotional edge.
Source: Interlochen

  When the loud-mouthed suspect's taunts to protesters became more pronounced and even physical, Catapano quickly came under police scrutiny The officer appears to offer a word of warning to Catapano, who responds by batting off his arms and showing him away   During the interaction, a defiant Catapano can be heard telling the detective 'I don’t give a f**k who you are,' before the officer, seemingly attempting to keep the incident from devolving any further, put his hands on the still mouthy perpetrator, grabbing him by his sweatshirt.
Source: Daily Mail

Lacklustre England fail to mount comeback vs 14-man SpringboksJones defiant after 'watershed' South Africa lossRFU chief accused of 'living in ivory tower'It places Jones' future back in doubt with the review panel to examine "how improvements can be made ahead of the Six Nations" amid an acknowledgement from the RFU that the team have underperformed.
Source: Sky Sports

Humble about her talent yet defiant about her responsibility, Bisa is rethreading Black historical narratives.
Source: Cultured Magazine

But even he could not stamp his authority on the game as Portugal remained stranded outside the box for much of the second half, held in place by a defiant Moroccan defense.
Source: CNN

Take Jonathan Bailey, whose surly “Bridgerton” rake slowly shed his defiant exterior while falling for Kate, his headstrong counterpart played with restrained precision by Simone Ashley.
Source: Variety

“If U Seek Amy”, the defiant third single off her album Circus,  sought to make connections to her musical legacy.
Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet

After a power cut that left parts of the country without electricity for 24 hours in November, on Moldovan social media #bezvas (#withoutyou) became a trending hashtag, borrowing from the Ukrainian president’s defiant riposte to the Kremlin: “Without gas or without you? Without light or without you? Without you!” Even the former pro-Russia Moldovan president Igor Dodon condemned the Russian attacks on Ukraine and said “we should thank Romanians for selling us electricity”.
Source: The Guardian

A dance party with maracas, mood lighting, and “defiant jazz.
Source: The Ringer

Except, truculence doesn’t really amount to “aggressive and hostile thoughts and feelings,” does it? I asked, and the AI agreed, eventually revising its diagnostics accordingly at my further prompting (“A tendency to experience and express defiant or confrontational thoughts and feelings,” and so forth).
Source: The Atlantic

Their track Descending swells with metallic bombast and dazzling guitar work, but it’s Carey’s defiant gong blast that sees it over the peak – emphatically expelling 10 minutes of existential tension.
Source: The Guardian

‘Rehab’ became Winehouse’s signature single, finding the iconic vocalist defiant to the end.
Source: Time Out

“A return to the pre-2005 period requires either banishment, imprisonment or extermination and as long as we are alive there will be no return to that period,” a defiant Bassil pledged.
Source: Naharnet

Before signing off on his post on Saturday, a defiant — and resilient — Pele had one final message for his fans.
Source: Al Jazeera English

New York  — Taking a defiant stand, hundreds of New York Times journalists refused to work Thursday — the largest journalist-led labor action at the nation’s leading newspaper in more than 40 years.
Source: Los Angeles Times

The defiant American stance comes at a time when massive new subsidies for green technologies provided by the Inflation Reduction Act are raising new concerns about the U.

“A return to the pre-2005 period requires either banishment, imprisonment or extermination and as long as we are alive there will be no return to that period,” a defiant Bassil pledged.
Source: Naharnet

This leads to a defiant ad-libbed performance of Yankovic’s hilarious “Another One Rides the Bus” that wows everyone.
Source: Jacobin magazine

As the German philosophers (and former lovers) struggle to reconcile — Heidegger remains defiant about his support of the Nazi regime — a pushy, camera-toting tourist (possibly a visitor from the future) pesters them with questions.
Source: The New York Times

He’s currently in a defiant fight with Civil Rights department, a California regulator that is suing Tesla for rampant racial discrimination.
Source: PBS NewsHour

In a first for Anno, the film feels defiant in its sincere optimism, actively confronting the entire history of “Evangelion” and all of the highs and lows that came with it, down to how its climactic scenes challenge how its animation is presented in a fresh way.
Source: IndieWire

—Fi O'Reilly Rosalía, Motomami "Moto" and "mami" don't feel inherently compatible, but experimental pop vocalist, producer and dancer Rosalía turned inward to the seamless integration of heartfelt and fuerte that lives within her and transformed that effortless synergy into a sonic storm of stunningly produced, genre-defiant tracks.
Source: NPR

Meghan Markle signed off her 12th Archetypes podcast with a defiant piece of poetry about survival - but did not reveal if there would be a second series of her $18million Spotify show.
Source: Daily Mail

Board of Education ruling was passed in 1954, this was a highly defiant move by Faubus.
Source: Travel2Next

She now wears the brand herself, but she has also begun to see the influence of Max Mara’s emphasis on defiant untrendiness, or design over fashion, in newer brands like Totême and Khaite.
Source: Harper's BAZAAR

The bus drove them 170 kilometres north to Krivyi Rih, an industrial city known for producing iron ore, steel and the country's defiant President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.
Source: ABC News

 A defiant Ms Peterson remains kneeling and looks up to him.
Source: Daily Mail

His cadences and defiant introspection owed more than a little to Tupac Shakur, just taken to operatic heights.
Source: Billboard

She was both doll-faced and defiant in her 1990 breakout film, Mermaids, which starred Cher and Winona Ryder as members of her star-studded family.
Source: ELLE

Woodward: Jones should be sacked if England lose to ScotlandLacklustre England fail to mount comeback vs 14-man SpringboksJones braced for 'uncomfortable' review after England's dire autumn seriesJones defiant after 'watershed' SA loss: 'I don't care what other people think'The last two Six Nations campaigns in 2021 and 2022, when England finished fifth and third respectively after losing three Tests in each, prompted formal reviews, both of which Jones survived.
Source: Sky Sports

For second day in a row, Ukraine appears to hit targets inside RussiaFire erupted at a Russian airport along the Ukraine border Tuesday after an apparent drone strike, while a similar assault narrowly missed a depot 50 miles from the border as defiant Ukraine appeared intent on bringing the war to Russia.

Sugizo, guitarist for rock band Luna Sea who also plays with X Japan, said he feels the defiant spirit of rock music needs to continue, noting that the members are getting older.
Source: ABC News

In the titular town, members of myriad subgroups, such as farmers, meth cookers, and Native residents of a neighboring reservation, share a defiant outsider sensibility.
Source: The Atlantic

Another house party hit, but also a defiant stand against settling for anything less than you deserve, true pioneers of the 90’s girl power period.
Source: Manchester's Finest

The rift between the defiant couple and the rest of the royals began when Meghan claimed she was not only treated differently for being American, but also for being half-black.
Source: New York Post

Though now considered a little behind the times, when it debuted, it was the first Disney Princess film to feature a rebellious and defiant princess.
Source: WDW Magazine

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