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In fact, dictation typing works well on the Mac.
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Voice dictation works impressively well on both Android and iOS, and Google’s Live View in Maps is already a pretty good augmented-reality navigation tool.
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Texting on the watch is easy enough thanks to the dictation option and the full QWERTY keyboard with support for swipes and machine learning-powered word predictions.
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Other than that, there’s no real dictation of form.
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I wish Apple could have found a way to make this work, too, but you can still send messages through dictation or by scribbling letters.
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There was no dictation from outside changing something.
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  A quick distinction: we’ve talked about setting up voice dictation in the past, but this isn’t that.
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The dictation of a specific style, says Cullina, the U.
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There was no dictation from outside changing something.

And as they continue to improve, we could soon see a day where tasks from silent-movie processing and silent dictation in public to biometric identification are handled by AI systems.
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Emoji support for dictation requires an Apple silicon Mac.
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In this guide we'll show you two different ways to enable voice dictation on your Mac: from the menu bar at the top of your screen and with a keyboard shortcut of your choice.
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“He was in high school and a teacher punished him for trying to cheat on a test by forcing him to stand in front of the entire class and read a poem out loud, because the teacher knew he stuttered, which is one of the meanest things I’ve ever heard in my life… And he went to Auburn and what happened is he started working with theater teachers, about annunciation and dictation and taking your time.
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Only the following Macs are compatible with the new operating system: 2022 Mac Studio 2019 Mac Pro and later 2018 Mac mini and later 2018 MacBook Air and later 2017 iMac Pro and later 2017 iMac and later 2017 MacBook and later 2017 MacBook Pro and later What’s more, some features introduced in macOS Ventura are only supported by Apple Silicon Macs, including Live Captions, the new voice dictation mode, and the option to use the M1-equipped iPad Pro as a standalone wireless reference monitor.
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FacebookTwitterPinterestLinkedinReddIt Talk to text, also known as dictation, is a handy feature available on all iOS devices.
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LikeSnappy performanceBetter fit and more durable than the Galaxy Watch 4Wide range of Google and third-party appsText input, keyboard and dictation work really well Don't LikeNo more rotating bezelBattery life only improved slightly on 40mm modelTemperature sensor not yet active This is the best Android watch for now, but with the Pixel Watch on the horizon and a wave of Wear OS watches including the $1,290 Montblanc Summit 3, it faces some new competition.
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They also can’t match M1-specific optimizations like the ProRes video accelerators and 32-core Neural Engine, which helps tackle AI and machine learning tasks (like offline dictation in macOS Monterey).
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Emoji support for DictationLast but not least, macOS Ventura omits support for a new voice dictation mode enabling Apple silicon Mac users with the ability to auto-punctuate text and add emojis while speaking.

The relation to Siri and machine learning is evidenced by when you dig into the ~/Library/trial/ folder you will find a lot of references to Siri, dictation, text to speech, Siri Find My, and more.
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The dictation requires physical interaction to stop though, unlike Android Wear, which stops recording for you.
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