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Whether the Court should reconsider the doctrine of qualified immunity.
Source: Foundation for Individual Rights in Education

His swift ascent seemed to personify the military strategy that came to be known as the Powell doctrine: Establish precise goals, exhaust all diplomatic options, amass support from allies and the public, then defeat the adversary with overwhelming force.
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I think the second thing that’s probably causing that not to happen is, I don’t know, maybe I haven’t specifically said, “Hey, kind of doctrine of completed staff work style.
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What we tend to do instead is skip right to consideration, leaping into discussions of doctrine or rules that are way too much too soon.
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This remains true even though the Supreme Court has arguably narrowed the scope of one of the main non-justiciability doctrines invoked in earlier war powers cases, the political question doctrine, by suggesting that the political question doctrine should not apply where the president acts contrary to a statute enacted by Congress.
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Scholars and election law experts have warned that a ruling for this fringe doctrine would be an offramp from democracy.
Source: Mother Jones

The Supreme Court has a 6-3 conservative majority, and its most conservative justices including Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch appeared willing to embrace the "independent state legislature" doctrine presented by the Republican legislators.
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Billionaire bootlickers preach the doctrine of the constant hustle; that in order to be successful, you have to squeeze every last drop of productivity out of the day, which generally includes waking up at 4 a.
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The case involves the so-called Feres doctrine, after Feres v.
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Due to China's military-civil fusion doctrine that forces tech companies to share their advanced technologies with the Chinese military, Alibaba is required to help the state with its expertise.
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The Supreme Court bolstered that effort in June by relying on the "major questions doctrine" to decide a high-profile climate change case.

’”18 The Sheckler decision limits the application of the implied co-insured doctrine in Illinois.
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Early Mormon history is replete with stories of divinely sanctioned violence, the argument goes, so any Latter-day Saint who truly buys into the doctrine of “personal revelation”—that is, that God can speak to them through spiritual impressions and promptings—must be uniquely vulnerable to the lure of extremism.
Source: The Atlantic

Tipton’s decision is ridiculous Under a doctrine known as “prosecutorial discretion,” law enforcement agencies and their leaders have broad authority to decide when not to enforce a particular law.

Customary international law — doctrine that is considered binding even if not written down — holds that immunity from prosecution in foreign jurisdictions applies to serving heads of state and government, as well as foreign ministers.
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It also secured the support of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which issued the following statement last month:The doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints related to marriage between a man and a woman is well known and will remain unchanged.
Source: Salt Lake Tribune

Trump’s banishment from the platform for using it to attempt to overturn the 2020 election lent further urgency to the search for a legal doctrine that might justify a conservative right to post, part of a broader Trump-era ideological project of restricting rights to those who conservatives believe should have them.
Source: The Atlantic

“It is a whole other ballgame for the state to instruct children on religious doctrine and teach it as truth,” said Derek Black, education and civil rights professor at the University of South Carolina School of Law, in an interview.

“Although executive privilege is an important tool in preserving the independence of each branch of government pursuant to the doctrine of separation of powers, it is not limited to that purpose as the government contends,” their brief said.
Source: The New York Times

“The battle for the minds of Americans who don’t know the details of arcane constitutional doctrine will be much harder to win if those who attempt to overturn the 2024 election can point to their political opponents’ uninformed hyperventilating from just two years prior and say: See, you already said we have this power,” Seligman wrote.
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'You have to take care of yourself and if you succeed, you succeed'Why, then, is this the de-facto doctrine in the U.
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It directs the DOD to incorporate civilian harm guidance into strategy, doctrine, plans, and training; address the risk of misidentification and cognitive bias in targeting; improves and standardizes investigations into civilian harm; establishes a comprehensive framework for responding to allegations of civilian harm; addresses civilian harm risks in partnered operations and security cooperation; and creates dedicated positions for civilian harm mitigation and response across the DOD.
Source: Just Security

Call it the doctrine of sustained success; the belief that championship windows don’t have to swing from completely open to all the way closed, but can rather be pried open permanently through shrewd top-to-bottom organizational execution.
Source: Los Angeles Times

  The district court is also set to decide whether the de minimis doctrine applies in this case.
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Commission, joined cases C-885/19 P and C-898/19 P (CJEU 2022), issued in early November, sets things right over the interplay between state aid doctrine and transfer pricing.
Source: Forbes

Kristen Waggoner, who's both president and chief counsel of Alliance Defending Freedom was making the primary case for the website designer before the Supreme Court and she made very clear that the key issue here is what is known as the compelled speech doctrine.

“Disney has infringed and continues to infringe (literally and/or under the doctrine of equivalents), directly, indirectly, and/or through subsidiaries, agents, representatives or intermediaries, one or more claims of the [patent] by making, using, testing, supplying, causing to be supplied, selling and/or offering for sale in the United States the Disney Genie system, including the Disney Genie App,” alleges the lawsuit.
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In practice, Hammer told me, common good originalism would shift conservatives’ focus away from the sort of bloodless economic issues that still garner a lot of attention in Federalist Society circles — things like shrinking the administrative state, rolling back government regulation and preserving the doctrine of Chevron deference — and redirecting those energies toward the “civilizational” (i.

The doctrine known as “constitutional standing” holds that the courts may decide only cases that are actual, real-life controversies between parties who have been concretely harmed and are seeking judicial redress.
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Besides addressing the root cause by cooperating to reduce regional tensions, nuclear experts and US-Russia military-to-military dialogues have emphasized a series of measures to help prevent escalation and eventual nuclear use: (1) maintain communication lines; (2) hold consultations on military operations and doctrine (to include provisions that would prevent escalation and rule out the first nuclear strike); (3) increase regular contacts between the two militaries (expanded to mid-level and regional commanders), including detailed notifications about intentions, threat perceptions, and potentially ambiguous exercises and operations; and (4) observe each other’s military exercises (Woolf 2021; Chalikyan 2021).
Source: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Source: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

was the first model for a successful doctrine of the Trinity: a father and son together, united by the circle of inherent value that flows throughout the nation like blood, materializing: “a monetary empire with omnipresent impartial money… As long as the coin was in circulation, one could indeed obtain everything with it” (Bubbles 180).
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Read the review | Buy from local booksellers | Buy from Amazon | Buy from Apple Books | Buy from Barnes & Noble ImageUnder the Skin: The Hidden Toll of Racism on American Lives and on the Health of Our Nation, by Linda VillarosaThrough case histories as well as independent reporting, Villarosa’s remarkable third book elegantly traces the effects of the legacy of slavery — and the doctrine of anti-Blackness that sprang up to philosophically justify it — on Black health: reproductive, environmental, mental and more.
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Though he had been impressed by the Hindu spirituality which he had gleaned from his time with the Maharishi, he was eager to commit himself to a specific doctrine and a specific deity.
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Robin will … acknowledge that he has been in error on the subject of the doctrine of spontaneous generation, which he continues to affirm, without adducing any direct proofs in support of it,” Pasteur remarked.
Source: Science News Magazine

Mr Putin’s actions have consigned the doctrine of Wandel durch Handel (change through trade) to history.
Source: The Guardian

Supporters of former President Donald Trump relied on versions of the so-called independent state legislature doctrine during the efforts to overturn the 2020 election.
Source: CNN

The current doctrine of defense of the space domain in low and near-Earth orbit is woefully inadequate.
Source: C4ISRNet

The Republican legislators are asking the Supreme Court to embrace a once-marginal legal theory, which has gained favour among some conservatives, called the “independent state legislature” doctrine.
Source: Al Jazeera English

Ferguson had affirmed the doctrine of “separate but equal,” enshrining Jim Crow in American law.
Source: The Atlantic

Despite these concerns, the researchers conclude with the following: “…this study showed the potential of short mindfulness in cultivating the propensity to provide help when exposed to a stranger in distress and supports the Buddhist doctrine that meditation practice cultivates compassion.
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As one conservative law professor succinctly put it, "The doctrine of stare decisis cannot properly be understood or applied in such fashion as to permit the justices deliberately to render a decision contrary to the correct reading of the Constitution.

If this should come to pass, the SCOTUS conservatives will no doubt rely upon the so-called “originalist” doctrine as a fig-leaf to hide their real motivation.
Source: The Daily Beast

Those who are elected and assume power are not exempt from Lord Acton’s doctrine that “Power tends to corrupt.

Due to the fact that parent companies control the majority of a subsidiary’s commercial activities, they need to be held accountable for the offenses committed by the subsidiary under the doctrine of “piercing or lifting of the corporate veil.
Source: Down To Earth Magazine

“Cultural whims may shift, but the compelled speech doctrine should not,” Waggoner said.
Source: The Washington Post

And it was only in the aftermath of World War II and the creation of the Hutchins Commission that any principles of fair and comprehensive coverage of news events even began to be promulgated widely or that the FCC’s fairness doctrine began to be implemented.
Source: Democracy Now!

 Moore has been working on a research paper about the public trust doctrine and how it can be applied to climate change.
Source: The Alestle

The last two decades of Russian military doctrine have also witnessed a growing emphasis on the importance of software, hardware, and cognitive control in modern conflict.
Source: Atlantic Council

The doctrine known as constitutional standing holds that the courts may only decide cases that are actual, real-life controversies between parties who have been concretely harmed and are seeking judicial redress.
Source: The Washington Post

In a statement, the Utah-based church said that its doctrine would continue to consider same-sex relationships to be against God’s commandments, but that it would support rights for same-sex couples as long as they did not infringe upon religious groups’ rights to believe as they choose.
Source: Al Jazeera English

“Such a doctrine would be antithetical to the Framers’ intent, and to the text, fundamental design, and architecture of the Constitution,” wrote Luttig, who recently signed on as co-counsel for litigants opposing the theory.
Source: The Guardian US

The case involves the so-called Feres doctrine, after Feres v.
Source: SCOTUSblog

Cultural winds may shift, but the compelled speech doctrine may not.
Source: The New York Times

It was time, in McGreevy’s words, “for Catholics and the church to take on the world’s problems as their own,” living their faith (as Pope John had proposed) “in such a way as to attract others less by doctrine than ‘by good example.
Source: The Atlantic

“As with all new technology, especially technology that hasn’t existed before, concept development and experimentation are needed to see how it fits into the doctrine before large quantities will be deployed,” he said.
Source: Coda Story

But, of course, judges are expected to actually familiarize themselves with controlling Supreme Court precedents before they hand down a decision — including the ones saying that the doctrine of prosecutorial discretion overcomes statutes with seemingly mandatory language.

Influential cyberwarfare: Following the 2021 development of a doctrine in this area, 2022 is a key year to provide the armed forces with the means to monitor, track and identify adversarial maneuvers in the information field.
Source: C4ISRNet

He wrote back that these summaries seem to go well beyond “fair use,” referring to the legal doctrine that allows people to quote short excerpts of copyrighted material without permission.
Source: The Atlantic

On the battlefield, Starlink has become the ultimate symbol of network-centric warfare: the doctrine that the awareness and agility achieved through mobile and wireless communications can create an informational—and military—advantage.
Source: Foreign Policy

While his monastery was one of many in Southern China, and his doctrine was generally in line with existing theory, Mazu answered an important practical question facing Zen in the 8th century and set a standard many abbots have striven to reach.
Source: Big Think

Commentators worry that future applications of the major questions doctrine will limit agencies from taking significant action in regulating major sectors of the economy when Congress has not given the agency explicit authority to regulate those sectors.
Source: The Regulatory Review

She holds to her Christian doctrine in believing marriage is the union of one man and woman, and says her custom websites would celebrate marriage, within her faith's traditional views.
Source: ESPN

Clarify state and federal laws and doctrine against violence to make them easier to adjudicate or to enable greater deterrence.
Source: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Unlike Russia’s nuclear arms and the military doctrine for their use, Moscow after the Cold War never ran chemical war games and field exercises.
Source: The New York Times

The most infamous was the “liberty of contract” doctrine, which was not written anywhere in the Constitution but was invoked to strike down laws on maximum hours, minimum wages, and the right to form a union without employer intimidation.
Source: Jacobin magazine

The case involves the awkwardly named “independent state legislature doctrine” (ISLD), a theory that the Supreme Court rejected many times over the course of more than a century.

“Disney has infringed and continues to infringe (literally and/or under the doctrine of equivalents), directly, indirectly, and/or through subsidiaries, agents, representatives or intermediaries, one or more claims of the [patent] by making, using, testing, supplying, causing to be supplied, selling and/or offering for sale in the United States the Disney Genie system, including the Disney Genie App,” reads the lawsuit.
Source: WDW News Today

Trump's lawyers have asked Dearie to find that some documents are protected by executive privilege, a legal doctrine that permits presidents to keep certain communications secret, or meet the definition of "personal" papers that should be kept private.
Source: Economic Times

Vladimir Putin said Russia could amend its military doctrine by introducing the possibility of a pre-emptive strike to disarm an enemy, in an apparent reference to a nuclear attack.
Source: The Guardian

  While some expressed the opinion that the doctrine was never strongly constraining, others observed signs that the doctrine is becoming more flexibly interpreted or marginalized in Chinese discussions of use-of-force scenarios.
Source: Foreign Policy Research Institute

"We see that the doctrine of human rights is used to destroy the sovereignty of states, to justify Western political, financial, economic and ideological domination," he added.
Source: Barron's

In the case of administrative agencies, this means a new, extra-constitutional test — the “major questions” doctrine — that “seems to be designed to allow the court to reject significant agency actions that are within their grant of power but that the agency implements in ways the court doesn’t like,” such as, Lemley notes, in West Virginia v.
Source: The New York Times

In July, the Financial Stability Board (FSB) called for crypto assets and markets to be subject to effective regulation and supervision commensurate with the risks they pose - along the doctrine of "same risk, same regulation".

The 6-3 conservative Supreme Court has made clear that its roots are often in “originalism” – the judicial doctrine that says that the Constitution should be interpreted based on its original public understanding.
Source: CNN

  To address these gaps, the Department of Defense should begin incorporating its counter-drone research and strategy into new doctrine and professional military education.
Source: War on the Rocks

and its main adversaries’ doctrine.
Source: United States Army

REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez/File Photo Mennonites trace their roots to a group of Christian radicals in 16th century Germany and surrounding areas that emerged in opposition to both Roman Catholic doctrine and mainstream Protestant faiths during the Reformation.
Source: Reuters Canada

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