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In 2010, a prospective cohort study was conducted on 5,995 community-dwelling men (65 years and older) from March 2000 to April 2002.
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In warning against viewing our lives as narratives and dwelling on success vs.
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Even where he demanded rigorous continuity and integrity, as with wood in the Walstrom House and concrete at Marbrisa … he never allowed that to undermine the sense of structure and always took into account the need for a certain structural logic … He was happy to bring together wood and concrete … as he did in the Desert Hot Springs Motel … to have cables meet concrete and plastic, as in the Tolstoy House, to carry a wooden roof on steel supports, as in the Garcia House, or, so evident in the Chemosphere, to allow three radically different materials to work with each other – a structure of laminated lumber to enclose the dwelling area, metal struts to carry it, those struts bolted onto the vertical concrete column that anchors the unit to the hill.
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But following disappointing results, party insiders are dwelling on missed opportunities, and a party shake-up is underway.
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“The proposed changes are generally neutral to the availability of safe and affordable housing, with both the C1-R15 and C1-Auto districts allowing a base residential density of 15 dwelling units per acre.

“There are more species within 100 kilometres of my dwelling in a national park in northwestern Costa Rica than in all of Europe.
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Find out more about The Radio Tower and Hotel › Photo is by Milos MartinovicCosmic ADU, San Francisco, California, by Cosmic  Built by San Francisco-based Cosmic – a startup founded by entrepreneur and architect Sasha Jokic – this small structure is an accessible dwelling unit (ADU) that can be built quickly with onsite and prefabricated elements that can be transported on a flatpack.
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The dwelling mind and heart are oriented to the solid sureties of hill and rock, river and tree, but so, too, to flicker and flutter, the form and sweep of fleeting flight, the arc of song.
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 Famed character designer Tetsuya Nomura defended his continued dwelling on zippers and belts.
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The favorable effects of a high-intensity resistance training on sarcopenia in older community-dwelling men with osteosarcopenia: the randomized controlled FrOST study.

It dives into a life instead of dwelling on a heated, inexcusable moment.

The innovative turbine is designed and built by Natel Energy to protect river-dwelling fish species, including eels, while also efficiently generating renewable power.
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billcollinsi)2,5,7,9,13,14,15, which are primarily transmitted by forest-dwelling Anopheles mosquitoes (An.

The most recent 2021 cohort study examined 3299 community-dwelling older adults (1216 PPI users, 2083 non-PPI users) and the protective role of fortified foods on vitamin B12 levels [15].
Source: Cureus

So begins a strange, double-barreled odyssey, one in which Jake and Neytiri’s family must leave behind their high-flying forest dwellings to seek refuge among the reef-dwelling Metkayina clan while Colonel Miles and his crew pursue them across Pandora’s vast unknowns.
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“There are more species within 100 kilometres of my dwelling in a national park in northwestern Costa Rica than in all of Europe.

One of the deepest dwelling creatures found to date was a giant amphipod more than 8cm (3in) long that was discovered living more than five miles (8km) beneath the surface in the deepest part of the Peru-Chile Trench known as Richards Deep.
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Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag is "looking to the future" rather than dwelling on the past after drawing a line under the Cristiano Ronaldo saga.
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action Since I'm not going to get very far dwelling on any of that, let us for now set aside the cannibalism - and again, "let us set aside the cannibalism" is just not a phrase one likes to trot out in a postive review - and attend to the things that work very well.
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The impact of fire on soil-dwelling biota: a review.
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Our new findings from VITAL are in line with previous results that do not suggest a role of vitamin D3 or omega-3 supplements for most healthy, community dwelling older adults.
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In any case, exploring how Indigenous-led conservation expresses itself across the globe—from the Arctic to the tropics, from rural reservations to urban-dwelling Indigenous peoples—is something worth investigating in future symposia and research.
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Palaeontologists disagree about the details, but all modern birds (Neoaves) evolved from ground-dwelling ancestors just after the mass extinction that wiped out the other dinosaurs.
Source: The Conversation Indonesia

3 million pays about $2,800 in quarterly property taxes while a Cobble Hill dwelling valued at about $3.

Something could feel off or rocky, but this uncertainty is not worth you dwelling on.

But My Father and Other Animals is just the opposite: a book about how a millennial, city-dwelling writer is drawn home to become his father’s farmhand.
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‘The Essex Serpent’Starts streaming: May 13Based on the 2016 Sarah Perry novel, the mini-series “The Essex Serpent” stars Claire Danes as a late 19th century English widow whose scientific curiosity leads her to the countryside to investigate rumors of a lake-dwelling monster she thinks might actually be a dinosaur.
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Sourial and colleagues collected data from the health research corporation ICES on yearly cohorts of community-dwelling adults aged 65 years and older.
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A dwelling overlooking a Scottish loch like a modern-day castle and a tiny home in Switzerland converted from a rustic wood store are among Dezeen's Houses of the month for November.
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If a reviewer said "I'm sick of playing as a protagonist with white skin in video games" and someone responded negatively to the focus on race, I wouldn't automatically think the person who responded was a "basement dwelling incel who supported Donald Trump.
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(The company has long kept workers from dwelling on it by encouraging staff caught checking it too often to treat their team to Timbits.
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4 In compliance with the lease, McIntosh obtained an insurance policy from Auto-Owners, which included first-party dwelling coverage and third-party landlord liability coverage.
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David Hone, a paleontologist and professor at Queen Mary University of London, told CNN it is difficult to say exactly where Natovenator falls on the spectrum of totally land-dwelling to totally aquatic.
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  He lives in a broken-down, uninsulated dwelling in the woods that’s prone to frequent electrical failure.
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 The cozy 2,000-square-foot single-floor dwelling was initially erected in 1941 but was completely rebuilt this year by designer Rob Diaz.
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I was not dwelling on that.
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After validating the model with an assist from forest-dwelling antelope in Africa, the researchers say it could be applied to a variety of other animals that meet certain criteria.
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The building will contain 34 dwelling units with a total of 54 beds and a gym located in the basement.
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You don’t waste time dwelling on the negative.
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“White-nose syndrome is decimating cave-dwelling bat species like the northern long-eared bat at unprecedented rates.
Source: US Fish and Wildlife Service

Ground-dwelling ants are most abundant in tropical and subtropical regions, according to the research team, but they can be found nearly everywhere except the coldest parts of the planet.
Source: The Washington Post

A state law prohibiting firearms from being discharged within 500 feet of a dwelling has made culling impossible in many parts of the city.

This was later semi-retconned into him being the king of the Gerudos, a race of desert-dwelling thieves.
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Since then, the Flyers have won three games of 16 and sit one notch above the Metropolitan basement-dwelling Blue Jackets.
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It is claimed that de-extincting mammoths and other large tundra-dwelling mammals would not only enable us to encounter fantastic beasts but would also help mitigate some of the effects of climate change – as these creatures trampled and disturbed the ground, they would supposedly allow the winter frost to penetrate deeper, keeping carbon trapped for longer.
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Priorities for the administration include: Prohibiting exclusionary zoning practices and encouraging appropriate density near jobs and public transit; Legalizing existing basement apartment units and allowing homeowners to create other accessory dwelling units; Providing New York City the ability to allow additional residential density in high-density neighborhoods; Allowing the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) to finance and preserve more affordable housing, secure longer affordability, encourage affordable homeownership, and enable affordable housing to include critical resources like child care and senior centers; Facilitating the conversion of obsolete office buildings into housing; Creating a tax benefit that enables multifamily rental development while requiring affordable housing; Establishing an incentive to preserve housing quality and ensure healthy, safe living conditions for tenants; and Streamlining approval processes and environmental review as outlined in the "Get Stuff Built" plan.

Look for more than 100 island-dwelling makers and artisans at the various events, held both indoors and outdoors around campus.
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This is the fourth consecutive season that Tsitsipas has ended inside the top six and the Monaco resident is not dwelling too much on the fact he missed out on a top-three finish.
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The interior of a yurt, the traditional dwelling of nomadic tribes, is shown at Seoul Museum of History.
Source: The Korea Herald

A spiral staircase and a two-leaf door were added to access the dwelling.
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She lived several houses to the north of the surf break that bears her name, in a dwelling in back of her mother’s beach home.
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Ambitious theatrical stagingThe Belgian collective FC Bergman’s show “300 el x 50 el x 30 el” was incredibly intricate: A camera on a circular rail tracked what happened inside each dwelling of a small village that had been painstakingly built on the stage of the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Harvey Theater.
Source: The New York Times

In April 2021, the Irish National Parks and Wildlife Service confirmed that a single specimen had been found, ‘alive but dying’ in a private dwelling in Dublin, marking the first Irish record of this species.
Source: EurekAlert

By dwelling on the senselessness of such conflicts, Tsikurishvili thought, perhaps Synetic could play some small part in stifling them.
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 First, the jet's black hole dwelling is likely to be devouring a nearby star, thereby releasing a substantial amount of energy and emitting a ton of light during its feast.
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He says a machine like this could manufacture bricks or other shapes and either assemble a dwelling from scratch or augment one brought from Earth.

However, in this international study of nearly 25,000 community dwelling adults over the age of 65 including the United States, Australia, Europe, Brazil and the Republic of the Congo, it was consistently shown that abstaining from alcohol was associated with a higher risk of dementia.
Source: Neuroscience News

With its great battery life, feature-rich roster of features and utilities, and intuitive interface, this one shines extremely brightly and should at least be considered by anyone on the hunt for a new smartwatch, especially those dwelling in the vast Apple ecosystem.
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Swimming slowly and dwelling near shore, the species may have gotten its name since it was the “right” one to harpoon.
Source: The Washington Post

Instead of dwelling on the Oscars encounter — or the insensitive hair remark that provoked it — the hosts of “Red Table Talk” focused Wednesday on their celebrity guest, Monáe, who opened up about her fears and family history of drug addiction.
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December 7, 2022 13:31 0:58 min Ten Hag 'looking to the future' after drawing line under Ronaldo saga Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag is "looking to the future" rather than dwelling on the past after drawing a line under the Cristiano Ronaldo saga.
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Ariela Orkaby, the study's corresponding author and associate epidemiologist at Brigham and Women's Division of Aging, said the new findings are in line with previous results that don't suggest a role for vitamin D3 or omega-3 supplements in most healthy, community-dwelling older adults.
Source: UPI News

For example, you could access information about a person’s date of birth, dwelling information or demographic data.
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The result is a luxuriously casual dwelling with an “up in the trees” feeling that evokes a treehouse.
Source: Sonoma Magazine

The listing shows the home is being marketed as a six-bedroom dwelling with seven full bathrooms and a powder room.
Source: New York Post

“White-nose syndrome is decimating cave-dwelling bat species like the northern long-eared bat at unprecedented rates,” said Martha Williams, director of the U.
Source: The Associated Press en Español

For all its dwelling on beauty and ugliness, the film never completes its argument on physical appearances at all.
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Past winners also include a dwelling in Edinburgh with secret hatches and a residence in Kent that references the hop-drying towers.
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Many fans and media members have been dwelling on the lousy hitting of Cleveland’s catchers last season.

Dinosaurs, muck-dwelling mollusks and megalodons patrolled the humid wetland in areas where busy congressional staffers now line up for lunch at food trucks.
Source: NPR

“Beyond The Stars” works to help remedy all loss, giving hope for a reunification someday in the future in the eternal dwelling of the cosmos.
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The city-dwelling female protagonist (me) is forced into a small town (my childhood home in the Midwest backwoods) due to an unforeseen catastrophe (coronavirus) when she meets a man who will change her life.
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To comments suggesting that people who have chronic conditions or are hospitalized be included in the recommendation, the USPSTF responded by clarifying that its recommendations apply to community-dwelling individuals without known underlying health conditions.
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Why?Busboom Kelly — while using her past to inform her present and guide her future — isn’t simply dwelling on the good ole days.
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Instead of blaming herself for his death or dwelling on what caused his pain, she’s redirected her energy to be a positive influence on other people.
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Petersburg, complete with a stop sign, faux trees and a metal-roofed dwelling with a front door guarded by weathered burglar bars.

That could be changing the way appraisers value homes with a more data-driven focus, rooting out predatory lending practices that disproportionately affect low-income families, breaking down barriers for backyard accessory dwelling units, passing 100% affordable housing overlays in more cities across the country and clearing the way for more off-site, modular housing construction.
Source: Deseret News

“There are more species within 100 kilometres of my dwelling in a national park in northwestern Costa Rica than in all of Europe.
Source: Reuters

If you’re looking for a reason to leave your dwelling for some fresh – albeit cold – air, follow Adina Keeling as she accompanies avid birder Jake Cvetas on a quest to find feathered friends by the lakefront.
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He is set to reprise his role in the third Sherlock Holmes film as the Baker Street-dwelling detective, although the film is currently in pre-production.
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Before the trade, Big Poppa was arguably the best player for basement-dwelling HC Sochi and his 14 points is still second on that team.
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Fused ceramic bowls, pelicans from a hotel ashtray, ipe wood, black-oxide plated steel, soldered brassPatron is the dwelling for Alex Chitty’s ecosystem of wall-based sculptures and photographs in “Figs break open of themselves.
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  The Case of the Bat Northern long-eared bats are small, forest-dwelling and nocturnal.
Source: CT Insider

“It gives you focus, it keeps you occupied, it stops you dwelling on things.
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They point out that the population of toothfish — a bottom-dwelling species capable of living up to 50 years — almost collapsed in the days before CCAMLR due to poachers, many from the former Soviet Union, drawn to the high prices paid for the fish, which can weigh over 200 pounds.
Source: The Associated Press en Español

They estimate that oriental turtle doves (Streptopelia orientalis), great spotted woodpeckers (Dendrocopos major), Japanese tits (Parus minor) and other forest-dwelling birds have lost approximately 90 per cent of their populations in Ishikari since the change in land cover, says Kitazawa.
Source: New Scientist

 The California-dwelling couple will have to look to the future after the release of their explosive Netflix docuseries this week, and the Duke of Sussex's memoir release in January, a royal author has claimed.
Source: Daily Mail

“Brain vitamin D forms, cognitive decline, and neuropathology in community-dwelling older adults” by Sarah Booth et al.
Source: Neuroscience News

The “Mask Off” rapper’s future dwelling will offer space for four cars in a 1,500-square-foot garage that connects to the high-tech elevator.
Source: Architectural Digest

"Our new findings from VITAL are in line with previous results that do not suggest a role of vitamin D3 or omega-3 supplements for most healthy, community dwelling older adults," said corresponding author Ariela Orkaby, MD, MPH, from the Division of Aging.
Source: Medical Dialogues

A missed cut in a pandemic-hit 2020 doesn't need dwelling upon as it came during a run of seven in 10 and he didn't do anything of note all year, whereas I like the state of his game right now – and so does he.

Not to keep dwelling upon the mystery of how and why manufacturers continue to get this wrong, I simply mention all of the above for consistency and fairness of other reviews.
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'They had long camped on site for overnight stays, but, over time, they wanted a more permanent dwelling, but one that conserved the landscape.
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Plus, rebates of $200 per dwelling unit for electric water heaters are offered.
Source: The US Sun

Are we really going to ignore the two giga-chads who act like college frat boys on screen, the pervy grandpa, or God forbid, the cheating father trying to win his wife back? Season 2 gives us a veritable smorgasbord of horrible men, and yet TikTok seems to be dwelling on Portia’s fashion sense and taste in men during her fling in Italy.
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The slender, tree-dwelling snakes swiftly multiplied and caused crashes in native bird populations—and sometimes also crashes in the local electric grid when they hung out on wires.
Source: Smithsonian Magazine

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