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Rose has seen his playing time dwindle to 13.
Source: Larry Brown Sports

5 billion in 2016, Snapdeal has seen its popularity dwindle over the years as competition increased.
Source: Reuters India

He’s long been a solid third baseman, but his defensive grades have begun to dwindle in his late 30s, and the Dodgers used him at designated hitter in about half of his 128 games in 2022.
Source: MLB Trade Rumors

That's because getting in and out of the bathtub requires balance, strength and flexibility, which are skills that can dwindle as we get older if we don't take care of our bodies, says Bonnie Strati, yoga instructor and lead flexologist with StretchLab.
Source: Livestrong

In contrast to Camden, neighbouring Rockland – just the other side of the peninsula – has a year-round population that doesn’t dwindle so much in the quiet months due to its busy port and fishing industry.
Source: Wanderlust

So, yep, the Mavs played terribly throughout the first half, but rather than pack on points to enjoy some breathing room, the Knicks allowed a 15-point lead to dwindle to low single digits in the second quarter.
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Cycling Time Trials, the independent body that oversees time trials on British roads and has no affiliation to British Cycling, is in a financial crisis; in the past two decades it has seen the number of riders competing dwindle from 80,000 to 30,000.
Source: CyclingWeekly

QA: Were there any other factors at play in your mind?TG: With the events of 2020 and the whole conversation around Black America, there’s a need for corporations to really build their pipeline and know the statistics that, for example, only 7% of managers are Black people, and that number continues to dwindle as you move up in an organization.
Source: Quality Assurance & Food Safety

However, after the decline of Death Row Records and possible involvement in the deaths of 2Pac and Biggie, Knight’s reputation started to dwindle as well, making him not welcome in many of the circles he had once been in.
Source: The Source Magazine

Reaching into darker territory as of late, from Ingrid Goes West to Black Bear, her latest film, Emily the Criminal, takes things to a logical next step, placing the actress in strictly thriller territory as her character’s job prospects dwindle and she’s faced with getting into a dangerous, underground world of illegal activity.
Source: The Film Stage

Now, with a growing sense of sorrow, if not anger, the Pomo Indian tribes of Clear Lake are watching the symbol of abundance and security they call chi dwindle into extinction.
Source: The Columbian

Mobley also noted that investors could start to value Qualcomm (QCOM) based on its earnings per share power, excluding its modem and its RF front-end shipments to Apple (AAPL), as shipments are believed to continue to dwindle over time.
Source: Seeking Alpha

As Sagittarians grow older, their desire to learn and their eagerness to discover new things doesn't dwindle away.
Source: Glam

Meanwhile, the supply of available homes began to dwindle at a time when mortgage rates began falling to record lows.

Rebecca Szkutak 2 days Startup funding continues to dwindle and layoffs keep making headlines as 2023 nears.
Source: TechCrunch

First, vaccine-induced immunity weakens over time: Antibody levels dwindle and SARS-CoV-2 may get better at eluding the protections that remain.
Source: The Atlantic

If opportunities continue to dwindle for those who aspire to make grown-up films, we may well see greater numbers of directors making the leap to the page.
Source: The Drift Magazine

Ashish Jha, the White House Covid coordinator, said in October that the failure of Congress to pass additional Covid funding means treatments will dwindle as new variants render them ineffective.
Source: CNBC

ETF holdings dwindle in November Published: 7 December, 2022 Highlights Global gold ETF net outflows slowed in November to 34t (US$1.
Source: World Gold Council

Now, with a growing sense of sorrow, if not anger, the Pomo Indian tribes of Clear Lake are watching the symbol of abundance and security they call chi dwindle into extinction.
Source: Mankato Free Press

The National WWII Museum in New Orleans -- which also tracks that veteran population -- estimates that number will dwindle to around 1,000 by 2034.

But did you know some of the settings that you have enabled on your device can also be causing your phone battery to dwindle more than necessary? This is the one setting you should always have turned off to save your iPhone’s battery.
Source: Yahoo Life

But he says he can’t stand back and watch the paper dwindle any longer.
Source: Hawaii News Now

Even as COVID cases dwindle and normal life rebounds, families have remained frustratingly selective about what they’re willing to leave the house to see.
Source: Variety

Both players once drew strong defensive marks at the hot corner but have seen them dwindle in recent seasons.
Source: Sempre Milan

Arm: 70 After missing out on Jose Abreu in free agency (and seeing their chances at one of the impact-bat free agent shortstops dwindle by the day), the Cubs are going to rely on Mervis to make an impact offensively pretty much right away.

Grant could be tasked with shouldering a little more on the defensive end as Lillard returns, seeing his points production dwindle slightly.
Source: How Sustainable is Jaylen Brown's Play? RotoWire

The deepening paralysis has caused supplies of fuel, water and other basic goods to dwindle amid a cholera outbreak that has killed several people and sickened dozens of others, with health officials warning that the situation could worsen amid a lack of potable water and cramped living conditions.
Source: Voice of America VOA News

Now, with a growing sense of sorrow, if not anger, the Pomo Indian tribes of Clear Lake are watching the symbol of abundance and security they call chi dwindle into extinction.
Source: Los Angeles Times

After a hugely successful first season the show's viewing figures began to dwindle and was eventually cancelled in 2010 after season four.
Source: Daily Mail

Between those disappointing reactions and the various delays due to her schedule, excitement for Rogue Squadron began to dwindle over the months, especially when Lucasfilm revealed that new films were on the way from Kevin Feige and from Taika Waititi.

With the father’s whereabouts a mystery, the family’s resources dwindle and Mother tells the children that they’re moving to White River Junction, into a modest country house she had inherited from a distant aunt.
Source: Valley News

The council picked four, but that number could dwindle before Dunleavy’s final choice.
Source: Anchorage Daily News

“They gave us a good length of time to dwindle down our stock, cans, labels and boxes,” Ward said.
Source: Huddle Today

 For this reason, an alarmingly number of pros dwindle away their career earnings and are forced to live a relatively normal life post-retirement.
Source: Basketball Network

This is largely accurate, but the issue is there are plenty of variables that may cause it to dwindle faster.
Source: Laptop Mag

And, in doing so, you will help to boost your immunity, enable you to sleep better, or ensure your gut is in good health without the stress of seeing your bank balance dwindle too much.

On top of the stress of a defective rig, the women are seeing fish stocks dwindle due to the effects of climate change and overfishing.
Source: CNN

 Even as COVID cases dwindle and normal life rebounds, the movie theater business hasn’t been able to regain its footing.
Source: Variety

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