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Joyce Byers (Cancer)As a rule, Cancerians are very caring and heartfelt people, always willing to empathize with and provide emotional support to their friends and family.
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“He wanted to make a movie where you could empathize with the characters.
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We watch her become victimized, we can see things aren’t right, and we can empathize with what’s happening to her, but nothing more is being said or mediated.
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“I’ve said this to a few friends recently that, you know, back at the beginning of this whole conservatorship, when everything happened about 13 years ago, I could kind of empathize at that moment, maybe with her family, with how things transpired, but for it to go on this long, I think is absolutely asinine.
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As an HBCU grad myself, I empathize with the Jackson State alumni and fans who feel like they were manipulated and discarded by the Sanders regime.
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We are all operating within a society that prioritizes a gender binary, and despite the mountains of scientific and medical resources affirming the nonbinary gender identities of millions of people, it can be hard to fully empathize with something we don’t understand.
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There is no one here to empathize with, to beg for our cheers, no one to applaud and root for.

I also know that parenting, especially those early years, comes with unique stresses and challenges, and I especially empathize with families with young children who have been more isolated and unable to rely on their family, friends, and communities to help support them because of the pandemic.
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Her two brothers are supportive during her mental health crisis but are unable to completely empathize with her situation, being your standard college-aged men.
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The widespread feeling that the system is rigged, and that this intentionally tilted playing field has caused a once-privileged group to lose status (a feeling particularly strong among white Christian males), has opened a window for antidemocrats to empathize and offer explanations that boost their power.
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Hope this helps her have a happier holiday! -- A New SiteDear Annie: I can empathize with “Allergic to Thanksgiving.
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  “I empathize with seniors who solely rely on Social Security in retirement, as monthly expenses increase with inflation,” said Fahrenholz, adding that “higher costs for our senior clients have certainly had an impact on fixed incomes.
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'Shelley's Shadow' is simply wonderful storytelling, and I wish every world premiere play could be as good as this!" Andrew Andrews, Opplaud SEXUAL MISCONDUCT OF THE MIDDLE CLASSES by Hannah Moscovitch (US Premiere) "A triumph for all involved, compelling you to empathize with flawed characters behaving badly and blessing you with the grace of superb artistry .
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The actor's appearance on "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" is a masterstroke in image management, in which he asks the audience to empathize with him, and others, by reminding them that they have no idea what strangers are going through.
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Shouldn’t an actor, then, be able to recognize the value of additional perspectives? Shouldn’t they look at a script, find the motivation for their character, and wonder why this person is doing what they’re doing? Isn’t this how we come to better understand people? To empathize with them? To wrestle with life’s complexity? Certainly a documentarian can see the value in these questions.
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Hemsworth said that, as an actor, it was his job to find ways to empathize with the character.
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On the other hand, the work of the often excellent Williams (“Blue Valentine,” “Manchester by the Sea”) is a bit much here; we empathize with Mitzi as she struggles while trying to be a good mother to her children, but not as much as we’d hope.
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If, generally speaking, you can empathize and you see someone else, or some other being as less than other, then suddenly, you’re more connected than you were before and your sphere of care expands.
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It's a campaign where the audience can empathize with both the Democratic candidate, Matt Santos (Jimmy Smits), and the Republican candidate, Arnold Vinick (Alan Alda).
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Marketers need to pay attention to buyers, empathize with their problems or opportunities, speak their language, understand the underlying business or technical needs to be addressed and articulate how their solutions provide value to the purchasing organizations.
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Throughout his career Lynch has been pulled to bear witness to evil and let his camera empathize with those struggling.
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We intend to continue to steer in that direction and expand to include more concepts that everyone can empathize with," he said.
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Mental health and wellbeing of employees is declining, and leaders must support, empathize and boost people even as they may be struggling themselves—requiring emotional labor.
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Image © DisneyWalt Disney had a human-centered approach to both his films and construction projects and was able to empathize with the people’s needs.
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  Wimmer's own personal experiences with service industry jobs allow her to inhabit her characters and helps readers empathize with them.
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They also suggest people who are already depressed may choose the diet plan because they find it easier to empathize with animals, or want to try a different diet to see whether it eases their depression.
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His goal is to teach his officers to empathize with them and to develop a rapport that helps keeps everyone safe.
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Our brain has mirror neurons that allow us to empathize and take the perspective of others.

"Sam is a really troubling, intriguing character who every now and again you empathize with," Domhnall says.
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Her warmth as a performer makes it easy to empathize when she shares her heartbreaks and the struggles she faces to redefine herself in the face of damaging comments that minimize her identity.
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A plethora of bodybuilding icons can empathize with Gabriel, who has also struggled with life at some point.
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They haven’t connected since Voracek was hurt early last month, but Nash can empathize with what Voracek is going through.

   The takeaway of its metaphor, that there’s always someone out there who can empathize with one’s plight, applies to any of the reasons we may feel ostracized, desperate to leave home, or profoundly alone.
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Yes, it is a Disney show, but you really do empathize with Mrs.
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Individuals with high agreeableness traits may be able to easily make friends, gain the trust of others, empathize and understand the behavior and problems of other people).
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The game will be full of impressive plots and characters that players can deeply empathize with.

The two-and-a-half-hour play does contain some questionable choices and hackneyed devices, but is often compelling as it attempts to empathize with deeply troubled individuals and question society’s extensive legal punishment for certain crimes without ignoring the gravity of those crimes and the mental and emotional anguish experienced by victims and their families.
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Although the storyline is straightforward, there are a few elements that make you want to empathize with the protagonists.
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This was the genius for enigmatic parable that separated Hopper’s art from magazine illustration; we empathize with his people, but what we are empathizing with is left unsure.
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