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The experience of making the dresses was essentially one long experiment for everyone involved, including Steinwachs.
Source: Drexel University

In a slightly deceptive move, the S7 is essentially the same chip as the S6, just remodeled to fit in the new case.
Source: TechRadar

Yet even with a considerably quicker 60-mph estimate of three seconds, the new C63 can't escape the physics of carrying around what are essentially two distinct powertrains.
Source: Car and Driver

On paper, you would think that it makes sense to have essentially three tiers, priced at $60, $120, and $180 per year.
Source: Neowin

The three lowest chakras are considered the chakras closest to our base desires, physically they are related to security, sex, and food, which is essentially “animal life.

Then I had the other films which were essentially split into three parts each, two trilogies.
Source: Den of Geek

It is in the planning stages for creating an on-site industrial water reclamation plant that would reportedly allow the plants to achieve "near zero liquid discharge," meaning that the plants' water supply would essentially be a closed loop, and would only need a minimal water supply from cities to run.
Source: KPNX

Also essentially unchanged, other than the Gorilla Glass Victus Plus upgrade, is the Cover Screen.
Source: Android Authority

As ESPN reported in February, the agreement essentially gave Snyder veto power over the release of any documents or information related to the Wilkinson investigation.
Source: ESPN

FTX failed last month in what was essentially a cryptocurrency version of a bank run.
Source: Al Jazeera English

For 17 of his 20 years as a hockey and sports reporter, Murph covered the Bruins on essentially a daily basis covering their victorious 2011 Stanley Cup run and their 2013 run to the Final as well.

Appropriations will recommend — and essentially determine — the contours and priorities of the state budget for the next two years.
Source: Longview News-Journal

This essentially locks the Volunteers into the Orange Bowl vs.
Source: Rocky Top Talk

Luckily for Auburn, the depth chart is so thin that the players can almost essentially be guaranteed starting spots.
Source: 247Sports

Clemens is essentially the pitching version of Bonds.
Source: CBS Sports

The line after this (“In this way, our new basic policy is to create an environment in which it is easy to obtain additional characters simply by purchasing the product version”) implies that they essentially find this suitable, and may be keeping the current EXP gain rates for the pass.
Source: My Nintendo News

“Podcast” now is its own genre of entertainment, essentially a modern version of talk shows.
Source: How-To Geek

To transfer data this past year, the county essentially built an interface between the assessor and the Board of Review, said Kaegi spokesman Scott Smith.
Source: Chicago Tribune

It’s essentially the same as last year’s Series 7.
Source: Don't Fix What Isn't Broken – Pokde.Net Pokde.Net

James, the co-founder of Bodyweight BootKAMP and part-time DJ, napping enthusiast, and fitness fanatic, told us: “It is critical to develop a strong, healthy back simply because your back is essentially the most important part of your skeleton — next to your skull, perhaps.
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So can you see how these thoughts that come from female social conditioning are so insidious? They are essentially putting gasoline on the fire of burnout.
Source: Kevin MD

  The new order essentially replaces a previous authorization from the FCC permitting SpaceX to deploy a group of over 7,500 satellites using the V-band.
Source: CNET

“It’s essentially a giant back porch,” says Kevin Daly, referring to that classic southern domestic social space.
Source: The Guardian

“We essentially have all the state and local stakeholders in a room to make these decisions, which is pretty helpful,” said Kara Kopach, the executive director of the new planning group, the Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority.
Source: The New York Times

I rarely let windows overlap and almost never manually resize them by dragging them from the bottom-right corner; instead, I rely on a combination of hotkeys and snap-style multitasking gestures to create ‘split views’ of different sizes that are essentially grids of app windows that do not overlap with each other.
Source: MacStories

Photo: Brad Kaminski Jetboil (2004) By Amelia Arvesen The original Jetboil debuted in 2004 and featured a neoprene-insulated pot, corrugated metal burner, and an adjustment valve—essentially a mug that connected to a gas canister and boiled water.
Source: Backpacker Magazine

This all is happening just as an ancient enemy of the dragons, the intimidatingly-named Raszageth the Storm Eater, looks to forge a new path for dragonkind by essentially destroying everything the Dragon Aspects (and by extension the Titans, who gifted the Dragon Aspects their power) stand for.
Source: Who Says You Can't Go Home? GameSpot

They essentially put a dollar amount on deaths that are prevented by cleaning up the air.
Source: The Verge

It's one of dozens of programs and actions rightly aimed at deterring and catching those drivers at minimal economic outlay in order to combat the city's rising traffic fatalities — a trend accentuated by the declining number of police, which has essentially brought traffic enforcement in the city to a halt.
Source: Star Tribune

This essentially means the film feels rushed at times with the plot in a hurry to reach its conclusion.
Source: Jordan Ruimy

Tesla is essentially splitting this UI into two pieces.
Source: Not a Tesla App

"The setup for 2023 is essentially a race between easing inflation and financial conditions versus the coming hit to growth and earnings," he said in a note to clients.
Source: CNBC

We essentially look at how sell-side analysts covering the stock are revising their earnings estimates to reflect the impact of the latest business trends.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Sarah Chaney / Review Geek The door anchor is essentially a strap with a cushion on the end that you place on the other side of the door before closing it.
Source: Review Geek

Skydio highlights the X2D’s autonomous overwatch capability as well, which is when the drone essentially orbits a target of interest while transmitting reconnaissance info down to the operator in real time.
Source: The War Zone

The one shown here is the larger EDV700, but the EDV500 is essentially the same van with one less modular body panel.
Source: Car and Driver

Inspired by an attack on Alabanza on Waterloo Bridge in London — a hamburger was thrown at them while someone shouted a transphobic slur, and more than 100 onlookers did nothing — “Burgerz” became an exploration of anti-trans violence and the wider societal indifference that essentially gives permission for that violence.
Source: Screen International

The result is a beautifully designed image essentially displaying your dream festival line-up.
Source: HITC Football, Gaming, Movies, TV, Music

At 15 microns tall, each robot brain – essentially also the robot’s body – was a “mountain” compared to the electronics that normally fit on a flat wafer, Reynolds said.
Source: Cornell Chronicle

By taking away the ability to make new installations, digital games on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5 are essentially rendered useless.
Source: Men's Lacrosse's Jordan Galloway University of Maryland, Baltimore County UMBC Athletics

A visa, in the context of immigration, is essentially a permit to enter the country, issued to those looking to work and live in the United States.
Source: Visual Capitalist

(Xuyang Meng), Author provided We were able to successfully measure the oxygen fugacity of the original Archean magma — which is essentially the amount of free oxygen in it — using a specialized technique called X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structure Spectroscopy (S-XANES) at the Advanced Photon Source synchrotron at Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois.
Source: EastMojo

When estate agents use Giraffe360, this essentially removes photographers from the process.
Source: TechCrunch

The question is, what form should the new architecture take and how do we move towards realizing it?Our current two-tier, client-server architecture is one that is essentially data bound.
Source: All Things Distributed

So, why is it that the Volunteers are still ranked behind Alabama? The committee has essentially determined the loss of QB Hendon Hooker requires downgrading the Volunteers entirely.
Source: ESPN

By decade’s end, they essentially invented techno pop by working as an electronic duo with Eurodisco producer Giorgio Moroder, again scoring European hits with singles such as the title track to their No.
Source: Alternative Press

Rates of influenza and other respiratory viruses essentially flattened during the 2020 and 2021 winter seasons, which was largely attributed to the protections the country took to prevent the spread of Covid-19.
Source: The New York Times

Best of all, they still lost and essentially secured the No.
Source: Sportsnaut

He is essentially publicly making fun of the one who did the mistake, even anonymously that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
Source: Nintendo Life

An aerodynamics freeze for 2021 essentially kept the competitive order of the previous season preserved in aspic, with the over-dragged Nissan GT-R clearly lagging behind.

McBain, meanwhile, is essentially learning how to play in the NHL on the fly.

Chemical inventories were essentially unchanged (off by 0.
Source: American Chemistry Council

His market could take time to unfold now that he's essentially in a tier by himself.
Source: Bleacher Report

  Since the Athletics are firmly in rebuild mode, Murphy has been one of the top trade targets in all of baseball, with essentially every catching-needy team (i.
Source: MLB Trade Rumors

Yes, it was essentially a preview of what would eventually become the first-generation SRX.
Source: Jalopnik

That was really the moment and the scene that created the drive that Ripley’s character has toward not betraying another child, her essentially surrogate daughter, Newt.
Source: The Ringer

Nor did he note that a 2018 effort to amend the State Constitution, essentially taking the authority to fill judicial vacancies away from the governor and requiring the nominees come from the legislature.
Source: WRAL News

They found that some of the variants they created had major impacts on the expression of nearby genes, and could ultimately cause cancer, but that most had essentially no impact.
Source: News-Medical.Net

We’ve essentially split our line-up into four, enabling us to increase the number of releases across the different strands to connect with different audiences.
Source: Deadline

What could be more PC than a 27-inch 1440p monitor? Actually, the spec of a 27-inch 1440p panel is essentially the same as a 42-inch 4K screen when it comes to pixel density.
Source: PC Gamer

'They're essentially thinking whether there is any merit to it,' he explained.
Source: Daily Mail

When ABC forced the hands of Lynch and Frost in the middle of season 2 to reveal the murderer, it was essentially the end of the first incarnation of Twin Peaks, but it was also a strange gift, because it gave the series a context it could wrap itself around going forward or backward.
Source: WWMT-TV

This one essentially doubles the new oak: The spirit is first aged for four years in new American white oak, after which it’s transferred to a second new American white oak barrel for an additional year of finishing.
Source: TheGamer

’” As the pair supports one another through what they say is “essentially co-parenting,” Their podcast has also laid the foundation for their listeners to support one another by way of the instant messaging app Discord, where they can give advice, set up meet and greets ups, or simply share personal nudes to spread body positivity and build confidence.
Source: Rolling Stone

 CLICK TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPPaul Collins, a legal studies and political science professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, told Newsweek, "There is essentially no chance Justice Barrett will recuse herself from the case based on the calls from former People of Praise members to do so.
Source: Fox News

However, the gap between it and the 2nd ranked team has essentially evaporated, meaning it will take a lot for the USWNT to hang on to the top ranking in the world in 2023.
Source: Stars and Stripes FC

Buying season tickets is the best option because you essentially get five plays for the price of four, and they have some great shows in 2023, including the Broadway hit Head Over Heels.
Source: Cobb County Courier

Berhalter’s switch to a 4-4-2 bedeviled England and allowed Adams and Musah to essentially erase Jude Bellingham and Mason Mount from their Group B showdown, while his decision to swap Musah and McKennie against Iran helped set the stage for Pulisic’s iconic game winner.
Source: Sports Illustrated

Summer also causes them to go essentially dormant for several months (especially this hot, dry summer), so this fall bloom was prompted by the return to good growing conditions.
Source: Waco Tribune-Herald

He often chauffeurs three kids, their friends, sporting equipment and the family dog, in what’s essentially a mid-size pickup on par with a Toyota Tacoma or Ford Ranger.
Source: CNN

 These buttons have just the right amount of bite to themAnd if it’s older-school systems - the aforementioned, plus OG Game Boy and Game Boy Color, Master System and Game Gear, MSX and PC Engine, SNES and NES, Neo Geo Pocket and PS1, N64 and Wonderswan, plus DS of course (all out the box, as standard) - that you’re here for, the RG353P is essentially an ‘ultimate Game Boy’, giving you all of that plus any classic ‘80s or ‘90s coin-op you’d care to mention (personally that’s a big draw to me, having games I only ever saw in arcades in the palms of my hands).
Source: GAMINGbible

The containers hold these computers that essentially use energy to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies," said Feldman.
Source: Wisconsin Public Radio

“‘You feel unsafe with me — it’s essentially calling me the angry Black women.
Source: The New York Times

This process, which is essentially the citric acid cycle running backward, is used by some bacteria to make complex carbon compounds out of carbon dioxide and water.
Source: National Geographic

“We’re essentially a rusting country.
Source: The Indian Express

The “multipurpose” building — essentially an event space that could be rented out to support the costs of maintaining the complex — would sit between the tower and the Kalita, replacing the obsolete and dilapidated Heldt building, which would be demolished.
Source: The Dallas Morning News

In 2020, Billboard‘s staff revealed its picks for the greatest pop star of every year dating back to 1981 (the first year of MTV, essentially the birth of the modern pop era), with essays making the case for each as the biggest, brightest and most important star in their solar system that calendar year.
Source: Billboard

The cars also come with a driver assistance system called Driver+, which is essentially self-driving mode.
Source: Green Matters

That’s because they must be aware of the material risks and opportunities in their given industry, which is essentially what a careful ESG strategy provides.
Source: Daily

  Disruptor was a narrative-driven sci-fi FPS highlighted by a clever “Psionics” system that essentially gave players RPG-like magical abilities.
Source: Den of Geek

You will need to give Parental Consent – which essentially requires you to attach the security code for the card associated with your account.
Source: Macworld

In a split 2-1 decision, the panel of the Ninth Circuit held that shareholders in a direct listing have standing to sue under Sections 11 and 12 because the public sale of shares (whether registered or unregistered) “cannot occur without the only operative registration in existence,” noting that a contrary interpretation “in a direct listing context would essentially eliminate [Securities Act] liability for misleading or false statements made in a registration statement in a direct listing for both registered and unregistered shares.
Source: JD Supra

Google Trends“ADD is essentially synonymous with ADHD, inattentive type,” said Los Angeles-based therapist Rachael Bloom.
Source: HuffPost

You'll hear the term "laser" thrown around too, which is essentially a laser beam that is extremely difficult to pick up unless it's already pointed at your vehicle.
Source: Car and Driver

By then, the lagoon would be closed essentially year-round.
Source: The Washington Post

He is officially listed as questionable, but you have to wonder if the team would risk starting their golden boy in what is essentially a meaningless game for Jacksonville.
Source: Toronto Sun

What is ChatGPT?ChatGPT is essentially a variant of OpenAI's popular GPT-3.
Source: CNBC

Obviously, there is an inherent humor to the premise of a slasher movie that is essentially sacrilegious to the eponymous Christmas classic, and the movie makes for a pretty joyeux Noel when it goes completely unhinged.
Source: disappointment media

These bits can be configured into larger, more complex units, essentially long strings of 0s and 1s encoded with data commands that tell the computer what to do: display a video; show a Facebook post; play an mp3; let you type an email, and so on.
Source: Euronews

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