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Even worse is his “La Traviata,” which drowns in garish theme-park-princess crinolines even talented artists like the full-voiced soprano Nadine Sierra earlier this season.
Source: The New York Times

Most noticeable would be Hudson’s Birdie Jay, who is consistently dressed in bright, bold fashion statements that always had the right amount of garish attitude and drama.

“It’s a nice Joe Bradley,” said someone with garish man highlights à la 2002.
Source: Artforum

When it doesn’t, it can seem like a garish mess.
Source: Awards Radar

Just watch out for the slightly shallow keyboard compared to the Ezel 3 Pro, and the quite garish and dim orange backlight.
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Available in four stylish colours plus a garish pink, it has a 15-hour battery life for go-anywhere convenience, as well as Spotify Connect built in, so you don’t have to rely on your smartphone for streaming.

Milky white rivers wind through garish rust-red forests, basins leak neon pink into branching waterways, and washes of blueberry purple stain the shores.
Source: Pitchfork

Dre and Puff Daddy also rightly understood that there were glaringly obvious old hits to be mined, and mine they did, occasionally in spectacularly garish fashion, like on “Come With Me,” the Puff Daddy song from the “Godzilla” soundtrack that features Jimmy Page recreating the monster riff from Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir.
Source: The New York Times

They can’t even say how many car journeys their plans would generate, so we don’t know the climate or traffic impacts of this garish and damaging proposal.
Source: Daily Record

Universal’s prestige Weinstein investigation drama She Said, Billy Eichner’s landmark gay romcom Bros, the acclaimed Cate Blanchett-led drama Tár, David O Russell’s starry caper Amsterdam, period whodunnit See How They Run, George Miller’s garish fantasy Three Thousand Years of Longing and even Dwayne Johnson’s DC outing Black Adam all underperformed on different levels.
Source: The Guardian

"The trans sex workers you can encounter, with their garish makeup and prominent penis bulges, seem calculated to be ridiculous and repulsive to players who bring their pre-existing transphobia to the game with them.
Source: Ars Technica

I’m being completely honest,” confessed Toronto-via-Siberia-via-Kazakhstan-via-Israel painter Dina Roudman, who painted a garish whorl of colour in response to “Tired As F---.
Source: Toronto Star

Nevertheless, it’s difficult to ignore the garish color grading that looks like day-for-night photography gone horribly awry, the unseemly digital blood splatter that permeates every kill scene, or the ludicrous editing choices that seem to actively fight against visual continuity.
Source: IndieWire

It helped me manage my anxiety and also taught me that in case of a garish jigsaw, the artwork gets in the way of the game’s meditative qualities,” she shares.

"Emancipation" is a hollow piece of genre filmmaking that rarely answers, "Why this story and why now?"  Set in 1863, in the wake of Abraham Lincoln signing the Emancipation Proclamation, the true story begins with a series of drone tracking shots that make their way through the wooded swamp, stretching over a cotton plantation whereby enslaved African Americans, who appear placed in by garish VFX, toil in the soil.
Source: Roger Ebert

The latest film in this massive franchise sails a fine line, its story beats familiar enough for the newcomers, with details as bizarre and garish as a "One Piece" story could possibly get.
Source: IndieWire

The garish daytime scenes flirt dangerously close to Zack Snyder territory, while the spectral nighttime scenes are kissed with a noirish luminescence that suggests a bad fever dream.
Source: IndieWire

For such a garish aroma, War on Christmas drinks surprisingly lean and even refreshing, threading the flavor into a beer that is gaudy, well-done fun.
Source: Chicago Tribune

It’s hard to look effortlessly chic in Miami, amidst the noise of undoubtedly one of the most garish art fair shows in the world, but Lori pulls it off in, duh, a giant pair of jeans worn as a strapless jumpsuit and fastened with a leather belt.
Source: Stuff

 Forget the garish red sneakers, the Tony Shhnow of 2022 is more accustomed to having the world at his feet.
Source: Okayplayer

In contrast to the cheap, gaudy allusions to real world political violence that haunt the recent Modern Warfare campaigns, Cruelty Squad’s garish “Doordash says UberEats drivers are to be shot on sight” style shows how unpleasant, hostile art can thrive, even in the oppressively commercial realm of shooter games.
Source: PC Gamer

"Things like rounded furniture allow for a different, bold style without looking garish or unsightly.
Source: Insider

It is, in fact (and in honor of our interfaith union), an ugly Chrismukkah sweater, one knit from particularly garish shades of acrylic and featuring Rudolph with a menorah instead of antlers.
Source: The New York Times

Meanwhile, I would question whoever told Peter MacNicol he could do a garish Southern accent.
Source: The Nerdy

Nonetheless, by century's end a change in international tastes prompted a slump in Satsuma exports as collectors turned to less garish designs.
Source: premium pottery from the south of Japan Desert Sun

The enigmatic UK bass duo broke through with a series of white-label 12"s that were hard, heavy, and above all, playful, breathing new life into the last decade’s post-dubstep austerity with blinding synths, garish breakbeats, and massive, head-turning samples.
Source: Pitchfork

Where a few hours ago players leisurely explored the new introductory questline (opens in new tab), taking in the sights and scenery so lovingly crafted by the developers, now a garish wave of blues and purples and whites and golds races through it with one unifying thought in their minds.
Source: PC Gamer

It takes a little while to get over the fact that all those classy British and Irish voices — Olivia Colman, Luke Evans, Jessie Buckley, Jonathan Pryce — are paired with some of the most garish animation in recent memory.
Source: The New York Times

 Founder Rolf Munding said: “Gone are the days of dragging out that dusty old bottle at the back of granny’s cocktail cabinet once a year, and memories of garish neon glittery shots slammed back in the student union.
Source: Drinks International

Blonde, laid out in shifting aspect ratios and film stock, distorted lenses, switching from color to black & white, is a garish expressionistic illustration of what was already in Oates’ novel: claptrap Freudianism, victimization feminism, and the moral shock over the squalidness of Hollywood that, whether it’s being sold via scandal sheets or novels with a literary pedigree, never fails to attract people who want to indulge their own sanctimonious voyeurism.
Source: Esquire

Saturated in garish green light, the artist stands with bloated cheeks and oversized shirt and pants.
Source: Brooklyn Magazine

And our IT guy wore the kind of garish multi-colored denim snap shirt that would have made ‘90s Garth Brooks swoon.
Source: Billings Gazette

From my own visits to Horizon Worlds, the 3D motion and audio were fine but the graphics were basic, often garish and textureless: a good two decades behind today’s best video games.
Source: The Irish Times

From my own visits to Horizon Worlds, the 3D motion and audio were fine but the graphics were basic, often garish and textureless: a good two decades behind today’s best video games.
Source: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

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