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" For decades, more globalization was a no-brainer for Brussels, providing business opportunities and jobs.
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The cooperation responds to the macro policy requirements of the state to support the development of new foreign trade and fits the development needs of PingPong and Walmart to jointly expand their globalization layout.
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The signs are that globalization is changing dramatically, but no one knows for sure how it will play out.

The globalization of maritime trade and transportation, as well as the rising use of sophisticated marine electronics for military purposes, is expected to fuel the growth of the marine electronics market during the forecast period.
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It has been a time of falling and low inflation, of plentiful (and pliant) labor, cheap energy, easy access to capital, globalization and a gradual shift in the world’s wealth from tangible things (energy infrastructure, machines, factories, inventory and the like) to the intangible (patents, data, brand value, etc.
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Voice-overs, styled as news broadcasts, remind us of what life was like at the time: a roller-coaster stock market, globalization and NAFTA, encroaching automation in manufacturing.
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Moris Chang, once again managed to successfully create controversy by sharing his belief that recent geopolitical shifts imply that globalization is a thing of the past, Taiwan's Minister of Economy, Ms.
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The push under the Trump and Biden administrations to build more in America marks a shift against globalization and toward more domestic sourcing and production.

“We see geopolitical cooperation and globalization evolving into a fragmented world with competing blocs.
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In conspiratorial groups, the realities of globalization or demographic change or a worldwide pandemic are reduced to cognitively attractive binaries of good and evil.
Source: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

1–3 Forces of internationalization, globalization, and studies indicating that global experiences can address these deficiencies have contributed to the rise in international medical education experiences.
Source: Dove Medical Press

Rare earths have been a poster child for globalization: a market in which one country could theoretically specialize to the benefit of all.
Source: Foreign Policy

Mass production and globalization are eradicating the small, the wild, and the unique, at a cost to our stomachs and to traditional ways of life.
Source: The New Yorker

Lee rose to fame as part of a wave of transpacific globalization that bridged the nearly 7,000 miles between Hong Kong and California.
Source: Santa Barbara News-Press

As the Official Sponsor of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM, the brand has garnered worldwide attention by making impactful presences in the FIFA World CupTM stadiums, which not only signifies Hisense's expanding footprints in the Middle East market, but also serves as an epitome of Hisense globalization strategy.
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companies and citizens—and secure the free flow of commerce that enabled supply chains to function and globalization to flourish.
Source: The Atlantic

; (b) the incredible performance of our greatest companies; (c) gains in technology, productivity and management techniques; and (d) the benefits of globalization.
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Marking K-pop’s globalization over the past decade, Mnet’s theme for MAMA 2022 is “K-POP World Citizenship”.
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Against all that is a 30-year history of suppressed inflation due to globalization and anchored expectations; it's too early to say that's done or reversing.
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Paul Virilio, 1995Media Theorist Paul Virilio said these prescient words in 1995 in a reaction to the massive changes in telecommunication technologies with the advent of the internet, globalization and the transition to an “informational mode of production.

It also aims to create a leading international digital trade platform featuring professionalism, digitalization, scenarios, globalization and online and offline interactions, to bring together foreign and Chinese professionals, researchers and leading companies in the industry who will actively explore paths to developing digital trade.
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During the wide-ranging interview, Dimon called cryptocurrencies "a complete sideshow" that is rife with criminality and said globalization was in the process of being partly reversed as supply chains are restructured amid heightened geopolitical tensions.
Source: CNBC

It’s without a doubt that K-pop is one of the biggest alternative music genres in the mainstream market, and experts point out that the next step for K-pop in its globalization is to seek sustainability.
Source: The Korea Herald

There have been a series of forces conspiring against them whether that's the globalization of the economy, outsourcing of good paying American jobs, upholding negotiated trade deals, decline in unionization, rise of automation has made it difficult for folks to pursue the American dream.
Source: ABC News

Key drivers for this integration are highlighted, including climate change and its impact on zoonotic reservoirs, globalization and international travel, medical tourism and global food trade.

Secretary-General António Guterres warned in August that current “[t]ax norms need strengthening to address digitalization and globalization in ways that meet the needs and capacities of developing countries.
Source: Foreign Policy

This has resulted in changes in dietary patterns of populations around the world and is part of the nutrition transition, as well as the process of westernization and globalization of diets [4,5,6,7].
Source: Globalization and Health Globalization and Health

With the globalization of the Nigerian fashion industry, and watching how TV and film from Nigeria are gaining global support from platforms like Netflix, Amazon, and Showmax, just to name a few, there’s an increased demand from those in the West, with one of the best ways to secure demand being e-commerce.
Source: Quartz

companies and citizens — and secure the free flow of commerce that enabled supply chains to function and globalization to flourish.
Source: Responsible Statecraft

For 30 years, the basic trends were increasing globalization and increasing specialization, with pieces of value chains dividing into smaller pieces: you go to one place to evaluate products and another place to buy the product and a third place to ship the product.
Source: McKinsey

" "That's a longer-term trend because, in a higher-cost environment, in a hiring-constrained environment, in an environment where companies are trying to find any way possible to be able to increase margins—technology does that, right? That's why we've been in a deflationary environment for 20 years, is due to a combination of globalization and technology.
Source: Investopedia

Two forces have dominated the globe economically and politically for the last 75 years: globalization and trust-based money.
Source: Bitcoin Magazine

"The Middle East is one of our fastest-growing regions globally and serves as a crucial part in Hisense's globalization strategy," said Ou Yang, general manager of Hisense's Middle East and Africa division, while noting that the company's sales achieved a 31.
Source: China Daily

As the Official Sponsor of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM, the brand has garnered worldwide attention by making impactful presences in the FIFA World CupTM stadiums, which not only signifies Hisense's expanding footprints in the Middle East market, but also serves as an epitome of Hisense globalization strategy.
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“We’ve tipped into a new globalization,” French finance minister Bruno Le Maire recently said.
Source: New York Magazine

The geopolitical situation related to de-globalization is also escalating with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which increases the likelihood of supply-side shocks in commodities and further supply-chain disruptions.
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Namely, globalization allowed companies to find the cheapest way to manufacture products through lower wages in developing markets.
Source: Barron's

Increasing growth in the e-commerce industry, globalization of supply chain networks, and the emergence of autonomous mobile robots are the factors propelling the warehouse automation market size.
Source: Fast Company

And then finally, globalization is changing.
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The drawing explores themes around Chinese culture, globalization and automation.
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