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 The Three Lions have in fact already played at the stadium, although they will hope for a better result than the goalless stalemate with Gregg Berhalter's USA team.
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Calvin was in fact the beneficiary of the new asymmetric top cut rules introduced in this World Championships as the ninth seed after the second day of Swiss rounds, but was ultimately overcome in a nail-biting three-game set against Otavio Gouveia in a Palkia VSTAR mirror match.

"Due to circumstances outside of the control of the Fosshost volunteers, we are now in a situation where we cannot guarantee our servers will stay online, and in fact expect them to go offline shortly.
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What makes me laugh is that not only did the people behind the message board ignore this genre name being handed to them on a plate but they made what I consider to be an ironically dumb mistake in assuming that the most important bit of the compilation title was “Intelligence” when in fact is was “Art”.
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The Twitter user claims they've been able to verify that the image seen below of a house is in fact from the forthcoming GTA 6, which Rockstar finally confirmed was in active development earlier this year in February.
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For all the justified love for Aaron Judge this offseason, you could make an argument that, when you account for position, ability and the likelihood of aging gracefully, it was in fact Trea Turner who was the best free agent on the market.
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In most cases the answers sounded plausible but were in fact BS.
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The term in fact describes the ability to move through endless connected virtual worlds to do all of the things we currently do separately—meet via Zoom, buy things, scroll Instagram, play games.
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) Two months prior, though, Morissette was inducted — by Rodrigo, in fact — into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame along with the likes of David Foster, Bryan Adams, Jim Vallance and francophone legend Daniel Lavoie.
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The Eagles gave up one more score but held on—in fact they seemed to seal the game with a try as time expired but Still was too emphatic with his touch-down and lost control of the ball.

9-inch iPad Pro – a quarter pound lighter, in fact (or 115 grams).
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It said the High Court vide the impugned interim orders has stayed the operation of Section 5 of the Act of 2003, which is in fact "an enabling provision enabling a person" to get converted from one religion to another religion on his own volition.
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If the segments selected by the team are in fact able to regulate genes (i.
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6 million); in fact in May musk himself even raised this as a possibility .
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Moreover, throughout its interactions with Diffusion, LifeSci has obfuscated and misled Diffusion regarding on whose behalf it was acting, repeatedly insinuating that LifeSci was acting on behalf of “client-stockholder” when in fact it was LifeSci itself who was acquiring our stock.
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But the hospital worker had no idea that what she had idly dismissed as sour milk was in fact poison.
Source: I blamed odd taste in tea on sour milk' The Mirror

However, look a little closer and it seems much more likely this 1994 single is in fact a joke at Oasis’ expense, an attack on the booze cruises, unused phrasebooks, and red-faced fanaticism that defined the image of ‘Brits abroad’ in the 1990s.
Source: Far Out Magazine

On the seventh anniversary of Steve Jobs' death, we give you 7 times he served humanity and acted as an example to others READ MORE Bids at the time of writing stood at $241,577, but the auctioneers expect to sell the item for $375,000 and up, with an earlier prototype that was very much not clean and unused – it was in fact pretty grotty and sported a massive crack across the circuit board – being sold for well over half a million dollars earlier this year.
Source: The Register

3Diagnosing urolithsOnce a suspicion of urolithiasis is formed based on signalment, history, clinical signs, and physical examination, diagnostics should be undertaken to determine if stones are in fact present.
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Trouba is in fact signed for another three seasons after this one (with no-trade clauses), so he will stay New York’s captain barring a monumental meltdown and subsequent coup.
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Smith-Njigba would be the only opt-out on a qualifier this season – if in fact that’s what he’s doing.

Initially, it was thought that the deepfake would be trickiest to achieve, but in fact that distinction belonged to the CG crowd shots.
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OpenAI knows how dangerous it is to rely on their bot for a factual search, and raises this as the first point in the "limitations" of the model: "ChatGPT sometimes writes answers that sound reasonable, but in fact they are incorrect or nonsense.
Source: CTech

Both of these small builds aren’t all too detailed, but do in fact accurately recreate the source material – at least for the scale.
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Running a cinema as mainstream as the Imax, which has shown everything from The Dark Knight Rises to Skyfall, would not have been acceptable a decade ago; in fact the BFI has only just taken control of its programming from Odeon, who had been in charge of bookings since 2012.
Source: The Guardian

“We are exploring options to mitigate any potential impacts on the International Space Station beyond 2024 if in fact Russia withdraws,” John Kirby, the National Security Council spokesman, said.
Source: The Washington Post

Bethesda’s Todd Howard recently confirmed that Fallout 5 will in fact be published after Elder Scrolls VI, but that it will be quite some time before the game will be available.
Source: Hot Hardware

Though it’s wrapped in the guise of a flashy video game, Rocksmith+ is in fact a subscription-based service that proves a handy educational tool designed to teach users how to play guitar or bass.

  In fact, if philosophers of mind can be said to have reached any consensus at this time, it would be that it’s important to separate talk of mental states and physical states: to recognize that while mental,  subjective experiences are always correlated with physical, brain states, those two are in fact distinct.
Source: IAI

I’m sure that alliance speakers can persuasively tell audiences why my husband and I shouldn’t be married and in fact imprisoned for being intimate.
Source: The Lawrence Times

However, another theory concludes that Jack is a time-traveller, sent to prevent Rose from committing suicide and ensuring that the ship does in fact sink.
Source: Far Out Magazine

Later that day, after an extensive shopping spree (and one e-mail from my credit card company to see if in fact I was really buying all those items), I decided to analyze my attachment to plants and gardening.
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Early on in your career, in fact even within the first six months to 12 months, there needs to be an opportunity for us to start to help you develop your leadership skills.

Ultimately, it depends on the individual Shutterstock Unfortunately, some recent research has suggested the health benefits of sourdough may in fact depend on the individual, meaning it may not actually be healthier for everyone.
Source: Eat This, Not That

After examining participants throughout the years, researchers found that certain eating behaviors were in fact linked to higher rates of premature death.
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On days when they let their personal grooming fall by the wayside or do not look their best, many of them are in fact subjected to body shaming.

According to the lawsuit, the latter type of case happened when the company sometimes classified cars as stolen that had in fact been rented out to customers, or were sitting on its lots.
Source: The New York Times

“It just goes to show that this is in fact a nonpartisan issue,” McNeill said.
Source: The Hechinger Report

Apple Arcade title comes to consoles by Stephen Tailby Tue 13th Sep 2022 Various Daylife was confirmed today for Nintendo Switch, and is in fact available right now.
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“You would in fact be putting in place individuals that are subservient only to the commissioner and the governor’s office, that could have a fundamentally different direction than the millions of parents and taxpayers and students that HISD currently serves and currently listens to.
Source: Texas Standard

It’s tempting to imagine a fanged shadow prowling the beer halls of Drury Lane, but in fact “wolf” was the name given to a far deadlier killer.
Source: The Guardian

Are the Tar Heels in fact the best team in the land? Are the Huskies top-20 good? We find out this week.
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It's an easy thing to say, as nearly every part has been an upgrade, and all for the better - in fact it's easily one of the best smartwatches out there.
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In surveys, for example, some respondents remember buying a certain brand when in fact they didn’t.
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Just because the neuromorphic computers might be seemingly unpredictable is not ergo a sign that conventional digital computers are in fact predictable.
Source: Forbes

We took it to League and showed J, who confirmed it was in fact an alternate style and gave my kiddo a hard card sleeve to protect it.
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Asked if he won, he answers that he did, which sets off a cascade of conflicting comments from the rest of the band, ranging from outright denial that Bos won this particular physical dispute to the claim that he has a black belt in tae kwon do, to another that he in fact killed the other man and slunk away into the darkness.
Source: Westword

“They can say, ‘hey this is Amazon shopping,’ and I mean most people do a lot of online shopping there, so it’s an easy net to cast, and they can dupe you into going somewhere you shouldn’t by clicking on a link in your email thinking it’s part of your order when in fact it’s not.

"And in fact slightly reduces it, as compared to the total number of satellites SpaceX would potentially have deployed otherwise.
Source: CNET

In the book, it’s shocking to realize that Libby is using Toby’s story to tell both Rachel’s and her own, that this book that is ostensibly about a man is in fact about two women.
Source: Austin Business Journal The Business Journals

Oddly enough, Walmart appears to be underselling this completely unprecedented and possibly unbeatable Galaxy Tab A8 deal, listing the $139 price as marked down from $199 when in fact Samsung and retailers like Best Buy are charging a whopping $230 for a 32GB/3GB model.
Source: PhoneArena

“It should be understood that experiments which by their nature could be reasonably expected to result in domestic or foreign allegations that they might have major or protracted effects on the physical or biological environment or other areas of public or private interest, are to be included under this policy even though the sponsoring agency feels confident that such allegations would in fact prove to be unfounded.
Source: Best They Can Do Is Start Again Science 2.0

The dense minerals wadsleyite and ringwoodite can (unlike the olivine at lesser depths) store large quantities of water- in fact so large that the transition zone would theoretically be able to absorb six times the amount of water in our oceans.
Source: NDTV

The quote also shows how change is in fact necessary for things staying true to their nature.
Source: The Indian Express

To explore the impact of mindfulness in the workplace, the authors conducted a series of field studies in real-world work environments — and they found that while mindfulness can in fact be beneficial in some situations, it can be less effective (or even counterproductive) in others.
Source: Daily

“The work was a long journey, in fact it was 10 years in the making from writing the first ethics application through to recruiting participants, and performing the analyses.
Source: Monash University

The former Planning Commission chief in the UPA era, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, also recently advocated that returning to OPS was not feasible fiscally and in fact remarked that “bringing back the old pension system is one of the biggest revdis (doles) that are now being invented”.
Source: News18

“This does not exclude the possibility that the game is in fact addictive and that its designer and distributor are presumed to know it.
Source: Global News

3% (11th-highest), and in fact his off-target rate in his past four games is 11.
Source: IGN

His daughter, Jane, told the Guardian that after the Goons he became frustrated over rejection by humourless BBC executives: “His favourite word was ‘idiots’ … He had very high standards, which actually got him a bit of a reputation … when, in fact … he was a perfectionist.
Source: The Guardian

Is this a preview for the next NBA Finals? Are we likely to see the Boston Celtics face the Phoenix Suns again in June?And, more importantly, does it make sense to bet on that particular outcome?A solid argument could be made that these two might in fact be the last two standing.
Source: ESPN

  While poker professional Bart Hanson is 50-50 on whether Lew did in fact cheat, he said that computer assistance is a real threat in online poker.
Source: Front Office Sports

The image had resurfaced a number of times in the past and in a fact check done by Snopes, it is clarified that the photographer Scott Methvin himself had in fact made this composite photoshop artwork which he had described as below.
Source: Fact Crescendo Sri Lanka

That’s not how an IPL team works or in fact any team works.
Source: News18

December 5 Frito pie from Back Alley Bread In 99 percent of its preparations, the Frito pie is not in fact a pie but rather a portable taco salad of sorts.
Source: Eater NY

And in fact the complex was awarded the „Safety and Health Award Recognition for Projects“ by the Singapore government.

The so-called “anti-takeover shield” is in fact being developed in two Royal Decrees.
Source: The Corner Economic

As the current exhibition at LA Louver shows, it was in fact here in these prints and drawings where she worked out some of her most personal and provocative ideas about love, sex, occasionally politics, and always the value of a good risqué pun.
Source: LA Weekly

It is in fact hard to find any memorial to him anywhere outside of his gravesite.
Source: Mississippi's Best Community Newspaper | Mississippi's Best Community Newspaper Natchez Democrat

Mashinsky’s rhetoric exemplified the crypto-carpetbagger’s impulse to simply parrot simpleminded slogans, while in fact contradicting one of the space’s fundamental appeals: self-custody.
Source: CoinDesk

She concluded her lengthy post by saying her heart is broken, with the realization that "cruelty does in fact win.
Source: The US Sun

If Mali's military meets the announced deadline of March 2024 -- after months of confrontation with ECOWAS and a severe trade and financial embargo that has now been lifted -- the "transition" will in fact have lasted three and a half years.
Source: TRT World

“Rather than dying earlier in counties with more negative attitudes toward older adults, we found in fact that older adults were living longer in counties with more negative attitudes towards older adults.
Source: Neuroscience News

Monday's motion also stated: "Favre, unlike [MDHS director John] Davis and [Mississippi Community Education Center founder Nancy] New and the other public officials, in fact did not know that any funds he received were TANF funds or were subject to a legal use restriction, had no responsibility or ability to audit or monitor, let alone control, the use of MDHS or MCEC funds, and did nothing wrong in connection with those funds.
Source: ESPN

"The Verstappen era may well be over after just two titles," the former Formula 1 driver in fact revealed to the outlet.
Source: GPblog

in fact you’ll be blown away by how the technology in sewing machines have evolved.
Source: WCPO 9 Cincinnati

Nargeolet swam to the target and discovered that the object in question was in fact a volcanic reef.
Source: New York Post

"I’ve been seeing that very often, in fact I’ve been that more recently than I have in the past couple years, and I like seeing that a lot.

When shopping for someone who has any understanding of the preceding sentence — for what it’s worth, Verstappen is the current world champion, and Abu Dhabi was an infamously messy Grand Prix — “the biggest thing is to make sure the gift is in fact Formula 1 related and not related to IndyCar or NASCAR,” advises Lily Herman, who writes the Formula 1 culture newsletter Engine Failure.
Source: New York Magazine

While it’s a classic science fiction story, and there’s every right to create this, Strange World tries to present itself as something new and original, when in fact it feels like anything but.
Source: InSession Film

They also checked dental isotopes to see if the individuals had grown up drinking the same water and concluded that some were in fact immigrants.
Source: The Times of Israel

They’re in fact amphibians.
Source: Scientific American

Yes, it would be nice to have both these players and Correa or another star, but if they do in fact have to rely on the prospects, we should be excited to see them play with a full opportunity to take the Bronx by storm.
Source: Pinstripe Alley

AdvertisementThe WWE 2K18 – Accelerator pack is still listed on Steam, and it indicates that the delisting was in fact at the request of 2K, as it reads: “At the request of the publisher, WWE 2K18 – Accelerator is no longer available for sale on Steam.
Source: NME

We need to try and monitor those guys, because it's important to understand when they come for India, they need to be a 100%, in fact more than 100%.
Source: ESPNcricinfo

Hyun-jin reveals to her that they both in fact are in love with each other.
Source: High On Films

The description in fact owes its origins to Peter Warlock likening Vaughan Williams’s A Pastoral Symphony to a cow staring over a fence.
Source: Brown University Athletics

These results suggest that AlphaStar’s success against MaNa and TLO was in fact due to superior macro and micro-strategic decision-making, rather than superior click-rate, faster reaction times, or the raw interface.
Source: DeepMind

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