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It permits a degree of self-education that was inconceivable relatively few years ago.
Source: TIME

It seems inconceivable that the same actress played the glamazon slinking around the operating tables of David Cronenberg’s Crimes of the Future.
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HOW WOULD MUSK MAKE A SMARTPHONE?It’s not totally inconceivable that Musk develops a smartphone.
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An event like Soundstorm was inconceivable in the country just six years ago, when the notorious religious police would roam the streets and censure Saudis for mixing with the opposite sex or flouting social norms.
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So far, Russian oil exports continue to flow but at a price that might have seemed inconceivable in the early months of the war in Ukraine, when Brent reached $110 a barrel.
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But as you think about the moral revolution that is reshaped to the United States, just consider this, a matter of a generation ago, it would have been inconceivable that you would have an openly LGBTQ individual as a governor of a state, even like Colorado, and it would've been even more inconceivable that that man could have been declared to have been married to another man.

Round 2 (Pick 13 in 10-team, Pick 17 in 12-team): Speaking of Kelce, it's not inconceivable -- and in fact, it's pretty likely -- that he'd last until this pick in 10-team leagues, something to tuck away.
Source: The best picks for each slot in Rounds 1 and 2

At the same time, though, there’s a belief—at least on the Americans’ side—that it won’t be a flip-the-switch sort of retreat, since that would be “disastrous” and leave the country open to being retaken by the Taliban, which seems inconceivable in light of the thousands of lives lost throughout the course of this two-decade mission.
Source: The Daily Beast

My parents believed that it was literally inconceivable for [home] prices to go down,” Glen Kelman recently told Fortune.
Source: Fortune

It’s inconceivable that a new ownership group would move forward without making Alfredsson a significant piece of their puzzle.
Source: Forbes

It seems inconceivable that the same actress played the glamazon slinking around the operating tables of David Cronenberg’s Crimes of the Future.
Source: Hollywood Reporter

An inconceivable offsides penalty by former first-round pick Clelin Ferrell on a fourth-and-three punt kept a Rams drive going.
Source: Yahoo Sports

Over time, these additions will make Diablo Immortal’s story a little richer, and it’s not at all inconceivable that the Diablo 4 writers would choose to incorporate some of them.
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The result was inconceivable at the time—vegan food that was worthy of a white tablecloth experience.
Source: VegNews

In 2012, under the leadership of Ben Sherwood, Good Morning America broke the Today show’s 17-year winning streak and became America’s top-rated morning show, a once-inconceivable feat that led to immense shame and soul-searching at NBC (not to mention the defenestration of Ann Curry).
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It was an almost inconceivable turn of events with Weghorst, who struggled to make an impact at Burnley and is currently loaned out to Besiktas, temporarily putting a halt to Messi’s seemingly inevitable march towards a World Cup title.
Source: CNN

"It's inconceivable that if Finland and Sweden were attacked or came under some kind of pressure from Russia, that NATO would not react.
Source: CNBC

It is simply inconceivable that anyone would want to hold Russia’s bedraggled soldiers responsible for Putin’s war.
Source: Foreign Policy

Now, it’s not inconceivable that Sekiryo realized, perhaps through the unexpected unearthing of some old document or in a conversation with his now 68-year-old father-in-law, that Fusajiro had founded the company when he was 21 rather than 24.
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“It is inconceivable that the founding generation would have understood the Elections Clause to forbid state legislatures from authorizing state courts to enforce the state constitution and remedy proven violations,” Verrilli argued.
Source: CNN

But while Franz Tost reckons George Russell will be the driver flying the flag for Mercedes, it seems inconceivable that Hamilton won’t be up there.
Source: Planet F1

It seems inconceivable that water, an element of frost, might prevent its very production.
Source: Winterizing your garden | Corning Observer Appeal-Democrat

It is not inconceivable that EPA will take regulatory action significantly restricting, or even eliminating, the practice of land spreading of biosolids.
Source: Android Police

The notion of having a pingpong table in the middle of the locker room would have been inconceivable under head coach Brian Flores, who was all business.
Source: Palm Beach Post

“It’s not inconceivable that contamination could still be there, but give people the concern that it’s not safe because you can still smell something,” he added.
Source: Hawaii News Now

That being said, it isn't inconceivable that Gatland will retain the 45-year-old given he worked with him at the 2019 Rugby World Cup.
Source: The Kitchn

That’s why rapport-building has now become inconceivable without knowing behavioral sciences.
Source: Qrius

I draw a related distinction between instrumental and epistemological technologies: those, on the one hand, whose primary social impact is how they mechanically transform the world as tools, and those, on the other, that impact society more fundamentally, by revealing something otherwise inconceivable about how the universe works.
Source: Noema Magazine

As someone who may lead the league in plate appearances while also growing at the plate, it’s not inconceivable to think that he hits for power and provides a good batting average.

It’s inspired by the frankly inconceivable trials and tribulations of an escaped slave best known to history as “Whipped Peter.
Source: Vanity Fair

Equally inconceivable was the barrage of intimidating and hateful messages from strangers that have persisted for months, which included credible threats of violence that prompted the U.
Source: Washington Blade

Look at how quickly Smith is on stage after the joke's conclusion! It's inconceivable that she'd have the time to say anything persuasive enough to get him to confront Rock.
Source: SFGATE

It’s inspired by the frankly inconceivable trials and tribulations of an escaped slave best known to history as “Whipped Peter.
Source: Vanity Fair

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