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We should be wary of incongruous links sent from friends’ accounts.
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Because search plays such a role in discoverability, it seems incongruous to have a partnership with Fiba where you’re helping fans find what they want to find but then not be able to watch it on broadcast.
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"So you really can't get more incongruous than that but then you might find they have more in common than just the actor playing them.
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There might not have been much bidding from the trade in the room and sales were bolstered by some incongruous later 19th-century paintings, like Lord Leighton’s Old Damascus at £2.
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But for me, Beck peaked around the turn of the millennium with that incongruous pairing of Midnite Vultures and Sea Change.
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(Photo by Camryn Long) Maybe the most overt yet unexpected presence is actor RJ Navarra Balde II in an incongruous turn as the least-likely pro wrestler ever, Vigneshwar Paduar.
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But Michael and Catherine are young and in love, all else be damned! After the ceremony, the two newlyweds hop in their car and head off to somewhere while a wildly incongruous rock song plays on the soundtrack.
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In 2022, here we are again, with a book written by the incongruous team of comedian and host Amber Ruffin and Matthew López of famously hilarious The Inheritance and music and lyrics by the Hairspray/Catch Me If You Can/Smash duo of Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman.
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With refresh rates climbing, faster display connections are required AMD and Intel's support for fast transmission modes in DP and HDMI is the sort of thing you'd expect from brand-new architectures, so it's somewhat incongruous that Nvidia chose not to do so with Ada Lovelace.
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The idea that ecological civilisation could be anti-environment and anti-civilisation – if one defines civilisation as including human rights – seems incongruous until one considers the wider nature of Chinese governance.
Source: Hong Kong Free Press

Together, these episodes point up an incongruous recent development: the Catholic Church’s assertive presence in public life even as Catholic faith and practice recede in families, schools, and neighborhoods in America and across Europe.
Source: The Atlantic

Glee’s Dot-Marie Jones is definitely the kind of incongruous casting Weird is going for.
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It seems incongruous but just seeing those familiar club names on the screen makes me know where my real loyalty to football is and it’s not in a sportswashing project in an oppressive autocratic state.
Source: part three: Getting annoyed by Talksport and Messi Football365

Those glittering blue eyes of his seem incongruous with the shabbiness and blight of the movie’s high-risk, low-rent pool hall scene.
Source: The New York Times

Moving up a bit, there’s a seemingly incongruous vacuum tube overdrive along with a power amp and speaker in an acrylic enclosure.
Source: Hackaday

The musical’s decision to save it up till the end provides one of its more emotional moments – and, one can’t help suspecting, explains the casting of the fine-voiced but otherwise incongruous Jacoby as the elder Diamond – but an earlier disclosure might surely have been preferable.
Source: Deadline

It is one of the settings where Charlotte James and Clémentine Schneidermann oversee an incongruous cohort of eight to fourteen-year-old children, with whom they collaborate.
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The din of delight and mock outrage, mixing with the general hubbub and thrum of music from the neighbouring tables and workstations, feels incongruous given the bleak landscape and everything these refugees confront daily.
Source: The Athletic

I suspect some may question the potentially incongruous moods that battle within, but Ikeda successfully ties two decades of ideas together through the prism of his singular, and unrelenting compositional approach.
Source: The Quietus

 Specifically: The elevation of China as our top national security concern seems incongruous with the reality that Russia is waging a hot war and making nuclear threats on the other side of the planet.
Source: Brookings Institution

Yet leaked pricing information last week showed figures ranging from about $850 to over $1,100 – something that would give the Pro-light product an incongruous Pro-Plus cost.
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It would seem incongruous for EA to promote its FIFA game at the match.
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ArrowRightThe campus, slightly incongruous here, would fit seamlessly in Silicon Valley.
Source: The Washington Post

The key is its broad appeal: he’s not concentrating on current hits, he’s throwing classic rock hits, new wave and, yes, polka numbers together, providing such gloriously incongruous pairings as Berlin’s icy “Sex (I’m A…)“ giving way to “Hey Jude.
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