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,” even those who never saw one of his films – or indeed knew much about this showbiz family beyond the armored heroics – might just miss him a little bit, too.
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In any case, what truly matters is the software, right? If you're an artist and you've seen Samsung's marketing for this tablet, you'll know that the company seems to really want you to try out the Clip Studio app, and indeed – it looks promising, like a PC app, with PC-like menus and all.
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The brake pedal does indeed feel firm, with very short travel to maximum power.
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The dedication of the Sew for a Cause volunteers is indeed remarkable.

"We could not be sure that the measured signal did indeed come from hydrogen in the early Universe.
Source: EurekAlert

Flying into London recently for the Jefferies Conference, Novavax’s EVP, chief commercial officer, and chief business officer John Trizzino, together with the company’s chief medical officer Filip Dubovsky, took time out of very packed schedules indeed to speak with pharmaphorum Web editor Nicole Raleigh in a small (though not always necessarily quiet) corner of the One Aldwych Hotel on the Strand.
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The results have a painterly effect and indeed many filters are inspired by artists such as Salvador Dali and Picasso.
Source: Collider

You are allowed to dispute any fraudulent information on those credit reports, which the bureaus are required to investigate and amend your report if it's indeed fraudulent.
Source: Business Insider

While this segment starts out with Palmer duping Thompson into appearing with her in her preferred reboot, “Kenan & Kelly” (where she takes over Mitchell’s roles), the real Mitchell does indeed show up in Rigby’s convenience store, stretches out his arms in a gesture of affection — and runs to a refrigerator to hug a bottle of orange soda.
Source: The New York Times

That the intellectuals of the 1940s were overwhelmingly bourgeois no more matters than the fact that the men and women at the top of the arts are overwhelmingly white (and indeed bourgeois).
Source: The Spectator

Music-industry mogul Clive Davis, who signed Whitney to her first record deal at Arista Records in 1983, said Marshall’s book “captures all the beauty, promise and love of life that was indeed Whitney when I first met her.
Source: Detroit News

If nothing else, the attack on Chappelle highlights the possibility that comedians indeed face increased risk at shows, especially if they like to joke about sensitive or controversial topics.
Source: The Mercury News

In June of this year—during a Sony State of Play—the Resident Evil 4 remake was revealed, confirming after years of rumors and speculation that it is indeed a real thing that will soon exist.
Source: Kotaku

99 LEGO Avatar It’s been rumoured on and off for a little while, and at one point was said to arrive in April, but the latest reports suggest that James Cameron’s Avatar is indeed the licence currently codenamed Coconut.
Source: Brick Fanatics

Our homes are indeed becoming smarter every day.
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(2017) suggested that Aurornis xui is most likely not a valid taxon and indeed just a synonym of Anchiornis huxleyi.
Source: AccessWire

This was indeed a very unique global experience for me with lessons that I will forever remember and cherish.
Source: Armenian Weekly

Well, if you're indeed a true crime lover, you'll be delighted to know that there's a much easier way to find what you're looking for.
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"Thankfully, I had already been warned by a friend who received a distorted image of himself with two heads, so I was primed for some odd results (which I did indeed receive, but more on that later).
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com/iJnyMUVZWb — Shib (@Shibtoken) August 2, 2022 The post shows the chosen logo and the name with a trademark symbol, a clear indication that they had indeed took steps to trademark the name.
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Per Variety Intelligence Platform, Smith’s Q Score, the one-time industry standard method for measuring Hollywood stars’ appeal and popularity, indeed took a nosedive after he took to the stage and slapped comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars ceremony on March 27.
Source: Vanity Fair

There is indeed righteous and well-earned outrage for Trump’s most recent unhinged antics.
Source: Pennsylvania Capital-Star

Airfare has indeed risen significantly over the past two years.
Source: TravelAwaits

Morissette proved there was indeed an audience for explosive female voices, be it women who’d felt the dagger of a love gone sour or young girls, like Saha, who’d yet to even experience their first kiss.
Source: The Kit

The ratings showed that indeed across the four scenes participants felt the vibrotactile stimulations to be more plausible in the scenarios experimentally defined to be of high plausibility (mean ratings ranged from 59.

“It is indeed extraordinary for a warrant to be executed at the home of a former president – but not in a way that affects our legal analysis or otherwise gives the judiciary license to interfere in an ongoing investigation,” the court said.
Source: CNN

The website videocardz compared the specs with existing consoles from the latest generation – showing that it does indeed match up well based on the specs available: As we previously reported, Tesla has a team of software engineers working on video games in Seattle, and it more recently started building a similar team in Austin.
Source: Electrek

Additional leaks hint at Destiny 2 Season 19 title, theme, weapons, story, and much more 1) Seasonal title and story Hive gods (Image via Destiny 2) As revealed by multiple leakers and Bungie themselves in the past, it seems that Season 19 will indeed revolve around Rasputin.
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The timing of the moves does indicate Hoyer is not blowing smoke about Bellinger and Taillon being early targets for the Cubs, and it is indeed good to hit on those guys, though we know they did miss on one in Jose Abreu.

If there is indeed something original about my novels, I think it springs from the principle of freedom.
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Stowers power is indeed a real thing.

In the trailer for the upcoming special, host Sukanya Krishnan asks Kody if Robyn is indeed his favorite wife.
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It is indeed commendable to object and resist.
Source: Foreign Policy

Physical exercise can modulate many proteins in the serum, and we have not proven that the beneficial effect of exercise was indeed due to irisin.

We do indeed complete the half-hour trek relatively unmuddied, finally breaking through a ring of broken trees and mangled brush into a swath of bulldozed mud.
Source: WIRED

So given that Take-Two is a successful developer on the console scale, but could always be doing better, getting someone like Zynga to elevate them to a new level is indeed a wise move.
Source: Gameranx

This is indeed the case with all production boards with onboard memory, and they do so by utilizing a number of resistor "straps" on the board.
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If the picture is indeed genuine, then this is the first leaked photo taken by the handset.
Source: TechRadar

' The actor who was also a winner of the marathi version of Bigg Boss, has indeed emerged as one of the strongest contestant in this season of the show.
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A lot of people say to pay no attention to them, and they’re usually right (see: Syracuse losing to D-II Le Moyne in 2009 and then going 30–5), but sometimes they can indeed be a warning sign.
Source: Sports Illustrated

Retirements have indeed exceeded the numbers that would have been expected from population aging alone.
Source: The Washington Post

We’ve selected six books as our recommended reading for the prime minister – or indeed all Australians with an interest in policy – over the summer break.
Source: The Guardian

Does she think things are changing for women behind the camera? After all, you can’t talk about the film, or indeed any industry really, without wondering if some of the room at the top is finally being wrestled away from the men.
Source: Hunger TV

It's indeed a challenging time for people thinking about starting small businesses, says Rob Cordasco, a Savannah, Georgia-based certified public accountant who specializes in entrepreneurs.
Source: NerdWallet

It would indeed require extraordinary judiciousness to ensure such a flowchart maintains valuable perspective from inception to publishing.
Source: Screen Rant

As long as these issues remain limited in scope and localized, they do not spell anything major and may indeed be benign.
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“If you consider crime a sin, then we are indeed a more sinful society than many.
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Unfortunately, Larson does indeed fit that bill for reasons we simply don’t have the time to explain, but we doubt she’ll be too embarrassed by her misplaced excitement.
Source: We Got This Covered

  The tumbling pace of ‘Behind the Wheel’ creates a sense of urgency and angst appropriate for losing one’s bearings, or indeed marbles, at the wheel.
Source: Far Out Magazine

And Bruce is indeed sinking into the quicksand of the past, wondering where it all went wrong, wondering why radical punks didn’t change the world … and wondering what to do next.
Source: FilmInk

  Bloom publicly said several times that the Red Sox did indeed want to retain Bogaerts, and reiterated that stance even in the aftermath of the shortstop’s deal with the Padres.
Source: MLB Trade Rumors

“I want to stay away from the specificities of trying to nail down what an (affordable) percentage may be now and actually allow that community conversation to happen, and then a council can decide if indeed it is significant enough,” Peralez said.
Source: San José Spotlight San José Spotlight

The impulse to do a lot of good and to be rigorous about it is a virtuous one and should indeed be encouraged.
Source: MSNBC

The Windsor art would be the first Banksy piece in Sonoma County, and if indeed created by the legendary artist, it found an appropriate home next to Lynch’s winery.
Source: The Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Another approach to attracting attention of simulators, “assuming that simulation is being monitored, then it might be a very interesting turn of events indeed if we decided to build a monument commemorating our realization of this.
Source: IAI

In the 90s, the wider Black diaspora was represented by Geoffrey, a Jeeves to Will’s Wooster, played – very properly indeed – by the Saint Lucia-born, Surrey-residing Joseph Marcell.
Source: The Guardian

Dr Siddhant Bhargava, fitness and nutritional scientist and the co-founder of Food Darzee highlighted that contrary to what people may believe palak-paneer is indeed not as healthy a meal.
Source: The Indian Express

However, Le Fay remembers nothing about making it and during our chat had to look at the game code (which is still in his possession) to confirm that he did indeed code it in.
Source: PCGamesN

Turns out Spaulding was indeed wanted.
Source: CNN 5 Things Podcast on CNN Audio CNN

And if it’s happy to let that piece go, should we be bracing for other shortcuts across any future LEGO The Lord of the Rings sets? Time will tell, and indeed we don’t yet have any confirmation on further sets anyway, so don’t put too much stock in reports of a $500 direct-to-consumer set just yet.
Source: Brick Fanatics

No word yet on what Hanwha, if it is indeed the buyer, intends to do with its new slice behind the Meadowood gate.
Source: San Francisco Chronicle

If urbanization does indeed drive behavior, then urban development and gray infrastructure may be fueling a self-serving feedback loop that could damage ecosystems and community resilience.
Source: SciTechDaily

The times have changed It is indeed a busy time for Canadian gaming.
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If only! Instead, the weekend turns into an overlong, undercooked comedy of manners about how, yes, indeed the rich are different; although mostly this is about how Lindsay needs to shake up her life, revitalize her dreary marriage and, you know, find herself.
Source: The New York Times

"As requested by the Chinese authorities, we had indeed provided a pre-recorded message which was ultimately not shown.
Source: Reuters

The Union Jack was re-appropriated: Friday night TV was worth watching; Trainspotting displayed a pioneering method of filmmaking and indeed novel writing; Girl Power, with The Spice Girls at the helm, was in the ascendent; Blair’s New Labour entered 10 Downing Street; a proliferation of music magazines flooded the market; Sky Sports and Nick Hornby were making football cool again; and the economy was on the up.
Source: "In 1994, Blur released Parklife, Oasis released debut single ‘Supersonic’ and the pendulum swung"

This was indeed an awesome way to kick off Monday’s episode, but I do worry that going first, on a night crammed with a dozen musical numbers, could hurt Justin’s chance of making the top five.
Source: Yahoo Entertainment

Last Friday, during a defiant news conference, he insisted that he did indeed serve in Afghanistan, though he declined to offer specifics because he said the details were “classified.
Source: The Associated Press en Español

If someone does indeed laser in on that, they likely aren't doing it just to make you feel incompetent.
Source: Daily Press

While the loss of the previous model's thunderous V-8 acoustics is indeed sad, the raspy thrum of this new M139l four-banger does sound fierce at its 6750-rpm power peak, even when you choose to amplify it through the speakers inside and outside the car.
Source: Car and Driver

As mentioned, in the year since its launch, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition has received multiple updates, and while the game is currently in a much better state than it was at launch, the remastered package could certainly do with further improvements and so hopefully this is indeed the case.
Source: KitGuru

Whether or not it’s the Kardashian curse, the fact remains that Paul has indeed got to burden more responsibility onto his shoulder if he’s on such a lucrative contract.
Source: Medical Xpress

The risk of large scale effects from NASA’s mission is likely very low - indeed unlikely it returns life at all but it’s not demonstrably zero.
Source: Best They Can Do Is Start Again Science 2.0

A few weeks ago, Rockstar confirmed that it is indeed working on the next GTA game.
Source: Xfire

A 700 dollar increase is indeed a lot.
Source: MacRumors

Though it may seem counterintuitive, studies have proven that slightly diluting the liquid indeed enhances its flavor — but one lingering question remains: What type of water should be used? To find out more about this subject, VinePair spoke with Nick Farrell, spirits director and owner of Show of Hands, a whiskey bar in Washington, D.
Source: study The Jerusalem Post

After all, there’s hope indeed for StarCraft 3, or whatever it’ll be titled.
Source: TheTealMango

And indeed she did better; she created a standard that bears her name to this day.
Source: INDY Week

Inspired by the idea “less is more”, artists from “Loooop” created something look simple but indeed a challenge.
Source: Design Swan

“I have absolutely no sense of my life as a narrative with form, or indeed as a narrative without form,” Strawson writes.
Source: Nautilus Magazine

The changes are indeed incredible.
Source: The New York Times

Moreover, how is it different from its physical counterpart? Complex yet creative A common thread among those involved with large-scale metaverse events is that it is indeed complex.
Source: Cointelegraph

Later in the thread, Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier stopped by to confirm that Hevy008 had indeed worked at Bethesda.
Source: Wccftech

You can find it in the ‌Photos‌ sidebar, just note that the album only appears if you do indeed have duplicate images in your library.
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Should that message encourage US$ holders to try and diversify away from the Greenback, the question becomes what substitute could, if not replace, at least complement the dollar? Gold is the existing candidate: Gold indeed is nobody else’s liability: it is already a traditional central bank reserve asset.
Source: Seeking Alpha

It is noted that there are indeed a broadening and a slight decrease in intensity of the (100) peaks of QL-COF-2 in Fig.

 If all Eurozone sovereign debt was indeed equal, then 10-year yields in Italy and Germany would be the same.
Source: Mish Talk

  The trends indeed suggest the Under as well.
Source: Covers

For it indeed hits the right notes at all the key points in this musical “CliffsNotes” version of an expansive tome.
Source: St. Paul Pioneer Press

To pretend otherwise is to jeopardize people’s health and indeed their lives.
Source: The Hill

NFL Network Insider Tom Pelissero reported Sunday afternoon that Samuel was believed to have avoided a major injury and that is indeed the case.

It remains to be seen if we will indeed see Venus Williams in action next year.
Source: Tennis World USA

Jamming your hand into the cup can indeed cause damage.

For a quick glance, here’s how some of the complainants word the problem: why’s spotify down again, wtf am I meant to do now source why’s spotify down again, wtf am I meant to do now source @Spotify Service Down in Cyprus? Getting a 504 Gateway error source Down detector – a popular service that gives information about live outages – also conveys that Spotify is indeed going through an outage in some regions of the UK as can be seen in the image below: Any official word on the matter? Negative, as yet.
Source: PiunikaWeb

Meta-analyses have indeed shown some benefit but clinical factors, such as feeding type and the probiotic strains selected, introduce variability in success rates3,4.

co/LLprTtP2jM While the image indeed resembles the former WWE Universal Champion, the "Mr.
Source: Sportskeeda

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