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The property is located in Malibu’s celebrity-laden Carbon Beach.
Source: New York Post

Quench your thirst while soaking up the sun (or rain) with our fruit laden favourites.

A Christmas Carol: Annual, spectacle-laden production of the Scrooge story; on stage through Dec.
Source: Loveland Reporter-Herald

Being a rental I didn’t have access to the Tesla app for proximity-based locking, and there’s no button-laden keyfob to lock and unlock at will.
Source: Tom's Guide

Seven years on, fishery scientists and ecologists are still working to document and understand the long-term impacts of heat-laden waters on important and productive marine ecosystems and develop strategies to provide early-warning alerts and forecasts and to develop effective habitat restoration.
Source: The Hill

The Yellowstone supervolcano, centered in northwestern Wyoming, has plenty stored beneath its geyser-laden surface.
Source: The New York Times

Salted caramel ginger sandwiches, cookies ‘n cream mud bars and many other recipes for sweet desserts fill the calorie-laden pages.

It’s during a heated discussion about their interpretations of Alice Munro’s story “Power,” from her 2004 collection Runaway (the book that Noah reads by the pool), that their initial attraction becomes most evident, even if it’s laden with tension and snap judgments, reminiscent of the initially thorny dynamic between Austen’s Elizabeth Bennet and Mr.
Source: Literary Hub

Her distinctive theatrical voice has roughened to an even more theatrical froglike croak; on her preposterous, reverb-laden cover of Merle Travis’s workers’ anthem “16 Tons” (whose video features a series of fabulously diverse queer-coded lip-synchers wearing variations of Hagen’s famously flamboyant makeup), she sounds like she’s gargling at the bottom of a mine shaft.
Source: Chicago Reader

Look for him at Paris-Roubaix and a time trial-laden Giro.
Source: 2023 Team Preview Cyclingnews

In this commercial from the Haberman agency, Cameron fan Lily watches as a companion marvels at the Starbucks-style concoction he’s just prepared—laden with whipped cream, syrup and powdered seasoning.
Source: MediaPost Communications

Even if a visit to a boutique gas station, lunch with economically oblivious Minnetonka moms, and a THC-laden jaunt around Southdale don’t work as well as they could, the show’s second half rewards your patience.
Source: St. Paul Pioneer Press

Accusations of cheating, a $100 million dollar law suit and profanity-laden tirades are just the tip of the iceberg in this case that has caught the attention of the wider public.
Source: WYPR

1 of 13A graffiti-laden portal through a wall at the Chatsworth Wagon Works.
Source: Derbyshire Live

The celeb-laden series of ads consists of sharp-witted comedy sketches which are set in a rehearsal room, as the talent is tasked with improvising various ways to bring the UK’s “freshest streaming service” to life.
Source: Creative Review

The White Orchard section of the game takes less than two hours (more quickly, for others), but it is absolutely laden with information about the world and the goals of its characters, big and small.
Source: Polygon

  Her home-based studio is laden with handmade Christmas ornaments, bowls, plates, and figurines.
Source: WDAF FOX4 Kansas City

The filmmakers stopped by Screen Gab to deep-dive into the film, up for the John Cassavetes Award at the 2023 Spirit Awards, and share some of their favorite mystique-laden corners of L.
Source: Los Angeles Times

Taylor Swift's "It's Nice to Have a Friend" plays over the trailer, but its synth-laden production morphs into a dark, twisted anthem for "M3GAN.
Source: /Film

Colu Henry’s recipe for Greek baked pasta, which is made with a spice- and herb-laden tomato and meat sauce that’s topped with a layer of creamy béchamel, is my go-to party pleaser.
Source: The New York Times

Undeniably catchy and fun, ‘Bulletproof’ bathes in a cross-appeal bolstered by singer Elly Jackson’s swagger-laden vocals and 1980s pop-synth muscle.
Source: Time Out

Although ticket sales remain strong, investors fear travel demand could slip, making it harder for a debt-laden industry to repair its balance sheet.
Source: Reuters

Marmol led the Cardinals to 93 wins and an NL Central crown in his first season as skipper, but in his eyes the season was somewhat of a disappointment because of how the veteran-laden team collapsed in the playoffs.

They can grow in full sun to partial shade and are heat tolerant, but will need some kind of support for those bud-laden tendrils, in addition to rich, moist soil and occasional pruning.
Source: Bob Vila

Henry-inspired story about two men who accidentally swap their Tiffany’s gift bags and end up giving their partners unintended gifts laden with meaning, and upend their lives in the process.
Source: The Daily Nonpareil

In the video-clip-laden presentation, Cassidy goes in-depth on every aspect of the power play including showing off a few drills to run in practice.

Olivia Attwood breaks down in tears as she is left shaken after being called 'that f****ng crazy b**ch from the telly' during a dog walkLatest news and updates on all of your favourite Love Island contestantsBy Kenzi Devine For Mailonline Published: 06:47 EST, 1 December 2022 | Updated: 07:27 EST, 1 December 2022 Olivia Attwood was left in floods of tears on Thursday morning after enduring an expletive laden exchange with a stranger during a dog walk.
Source: Daily Mail

1 Kelvin Sampson's veteran-laden squad received 37 first-place votes to take the top spot in the AP's Week 5 poll, but that could change this week following the unexpected home loss to Alabama.
Source: 247Sports

HELENS — Middle-school girls shouted over one another as they compared plastic jugs filled with the sediment-laden water — and smattering of insects — they had collected from an outlet of Coldwater Lake.
Source: The Columbian

3 per 100K adults) The award-laden Goose Island Brewery is the longest-standing brewery in Illinois, having opened its first brewpub location in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood in 1988.
Source: Triad City Beat

It even has a rotating license plate like the super spy's gadget-laden car.
Source: Motor1

The star further showed off her bronzed pins as she seductively posed up by a car laden with Christmas gifts  Looking good: The reality star, 38  displayed her honed legs in a tiny leather mini skirt, paired with a skintight black top which also emphasized her trim waist and ample cleavage Leggy: The star added an edgy twist to the look by donning a black leather blazer, teamed with matching gloves Glow: Her caramel locks were styled in soft waves and she sported a smoky eyeshadow, heavy contour and a glossy peach lip Pose: Khloe exuded confidence as she posed in her ensemble Festive: The star supported sister Kendall's tequila brand as she posedKhloe and ex Tristan Thompson share four-year-old daughter True, as well as a still unnamed son who was conceived via surrogate in November 2021 and arrived in July 2022.
Source: Daily Mail

Amidst the glittery plant prints, warped lettering, inside-out seams, "pearl"-laden drawstrings, and exaggerated branding, Advisory Board Crystals purports to be "bringing awareness and reframing the narrative around cannabis" with this collection, "as the laws at the federal level are at a tipping point.
Source: Highsnobiety

That symbolism wasn’t missed, seven miles off what was known at the time as Cape Kennedy, where a cruise ship laden with space-age-era luminaries — the writers Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein and Norman Mailer, alongside scientists like Carl Sagan, Frank Drake and Marvin Minsky — had assembled as a focus group on the future of space exploration.
Source: The New York Times

NASA opened a naming contest for a "moonikin" (a manikin bound for the moon, laden with two radiation sensors).

But people buy a Céline Dion record for the ballads, and predictably, songs that could be described as the musical equivalents of Hallmark greeting cards laden the collection.
Source: Surf News

This is rationally obvious but emotionally confounding, and almost impossible if you get sucked into the vortex of doom-laden headlines that accompany every downturn.
Source: Bitcoin Magazine

The first, only minutes after the assault when he accepted the Oscar for best actor, was a tearful and excuse-laden ramble in which he cast himself as a flawed guardian angel who was simply trying to do the work that God had chosen him to do.
Source: The Washington Post

Environmentalism is often perceived as an obstacle-laden with legislative red tape and burdensome disclosures.
Source: SMT 007

12:24 AM ETJeff PassanESPN CloseESPN MLB insider Author of "The Arm: Inside the Billion-Dollar Mystery of the Most Valuable Commodity in Sports"SAN DIEGO -- Shortstop Xander Bogaerts and the Padres agreed to an 11-year, $280 million contract late Wednesday, sources confirmed to ESPN, a monumental move that brings the longtime Boston Red Sox luminary to a team already laden with star talent.
Source: IGN

Henry-inspired story about two men who accidentally swap their Tiffany’s gift bags and end up giving their partners unintended gifts laden with meaning, and upend their lives in the process.
Source: Star 99.9

The country has a political system that is laden with corrupt roadblocks to progress, including political gridlock in the Parliament and a dysfunctional civil service as well as a legal system where the rule of law is still an ambition rather than a reality.
Source: Foreign Policy

Lyons’s garland-laden fireplace frames a cluster of candles (she’s Team Real Flame, in case you’re wondering), but the real twinkle comes from a set of glittery mushroom figurines flanking each side of the hearth.
Source: Domino

Although ticket sales remain strong, investors fear travel demand could slip, making it harder for a debt-laden industry to repair its balance sheet.
Source: Daily Mail

Howard responded with an expletive-laden screed about the lack support for Facebook marketing clients.
Source: The Washington Post

A future test will use an ice-laden cryogenic capsule to help understand fusion physics.
Source: Engadget

As many as 1,200 cartons of apples were stolen by villagers and passersby after the fruit-laden truck overturned on the Delhi-Amritsar highway in Fatehgarh Sahib district on Saturday.
Source: The Tribune India

Whether you were raised on savory, schmaltz-laden potato kugel or sour cream-slathered noodle kugel dotted with raisins, there’s very little crossover where kugel is concerned.
Source: The New York Times

The follow-up, “The Power Of Love,” was a musical about-turn for the group, a string-laden ballad with a music video featuring the Nativity that was timed for its pre-Christmas release.
Source: Yahoo Entertainment

Authorities determined the drugs had fallen from a plane owned by smuggler Andrew Carter Thornton II some time after he set it to autopilot and attempted to parachute out of it laden with cash, weapons, and more cocaine.
Source: Outside

I lose weight more consistently when I count calories because it provides a better sense of just how calorie-dense and carb-laden some foods are.
Source: TidBITS

Like Memphis, the Billikens are laden with seniors and have one of the most efficient point guards in the country in 6-0 junior Yuri Collins, who had an astounding 27 assists and five turnovers in his first two games.
Source: The Athletic

These are natural and completely plant based products as these are laden with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects.
Source: Collider

Elysian is an edgy Seattle brand born from the grunge-fueled, flannel-laden cultural scene of mid-'90s Seattle, and the Chucky brand fits in perfectly with that aesthetic.
Source: Muse by Clio

But that’s okay, because where these plugs work best is on sandy, trough-laden beaches where stripers feed right in the wash.
Source: Field & Stream

The iX is incredibly hushed, despite its frameless glass; 65 decibels while cruising at 70 mph shames the R1S's wind-noise-laden 68-decibel result.
Source: Car and Driver

The three short, emotion-laden pieces—Zart und mit Ausdruck (Tender and with Expression); Lebhaft, Leicht (Lively, Light) and Rasch und mit Feuer (Quick and with Fire)— can move us to tears, especially with this cellist.
Source: The Boston Musical Intelligencer

But it doesn’t mean it’s always been easy for the veteran-laden title contenders, as there is something to be said for exuberance and young legs.
Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (George Roy Hill, 1969)An Oscar-laden buddy movie trading on the wonderful chemistry between Paul Newman and Robert Redford.
Source: The Independent

Environmentalism is often perceived as an obstacle-laden with legislative red tape and burdensome disclosures.
Source: IDTechEx

However, it is the first of the Craig Bonds to feel like one of the old-fashioned 007 adventures– Bond’s struggle throughout the previous three films to establish himself as the secret agent we all know and love makes the return of beloved Bond institutions (like M’s mahogany office, the gadget-laden Aston Martin, or the classic gun-barrel opening) feel earned.
Source: Indie Film Hustle

Oakmont is very Victorian London despite being the 1920s, so you can enjoy the bleak cobblestone streets and fog-laden horizon.
Source: Gameranx

Disruptions are more common on some popular and technology-laden attractions, including” Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure” and the “Indiana Jones” ride.
Source: Deadline

While their first meeting in many years is laden with exposition about the pain and awkwardness of their time apart, the two eventually settle into an interesting, prickly rapport.
Source: Roger Ebert

The grand dystopia simulator BioShockVille? The literary tactics game Words With Aliens? Somehow more ways to add microtransactions to NBA 2K? Whatever shakes out, including the potential for even more microtransaction-laden games, consolidation has a way of sucking for everyone but the consolidators.
Source: Kotaku

Read this next: Fireboy DML's top 5 tips for making an afrobeat hitFollowing the upright lead track, 'Badman Lighter' is groove-laden with electric piano and horns overlaying a swinging afrobear bass line, before final cut 'Ku Ku Kee Mee' is opened with a blistering verse from Black Thought, embodying the project through opening line 'We are our ancestors' wildest dreams' before pivoting between the exploration of past hardships and future hopes of liberation.
Source: Mixmag

Prefer something a little darker? There’s an equally tasty Charcoal model, whose black frame comes adorned with a walnut-laden front panel plus brass feet, and both colour schemes arrive with a touch of tempered glass or mesh side panel.
Source: Club386

Welcome to Miami, Bienvenidos a Miami! Miami Basel, the renowned counterpart to Art Basel, has become synonymous with celebrity-laden parties, loud music, and scandalous outfits.

Mays plays 40 characters in the special-effects-laden play, which will open in previews Nov.
Source: The San Diego Union-Tribune

It's been a long time since Yorke and Greenwood rocked out like they do on "You Will Never Work in Television Again" and "Thin Thing"; "Free in the Knowledge" is a welcome return to swooning, string-laden spacerock balladry; and the funky, Afrobeat inspired "The Smoke" finds them in mostly uncharted territory.
Source: Brooklyn Vegan

, ESPN: Of these two issue-laden teams, New England is perhaps in worse shape, with offensive players dropping hints criticizing Matt Patricia’s play-calling.
Source: The Washington Post

The Celtics have a strong championship-laden history with some great head coaches.
Source: Andscape

That’s why she and Ali Ebrahimi, another postdoc in Cordero’s lab, started measuring the growth of the luminescent marine bacterium Vibrio splendidus in flasks of warm broth laden with alginate.
Source: Quanta Magazine

These gluten- and refined sugar-free cookies are more wholesome than the original butter-and-egg-laden recipe, but they’ve retained their deliciousness to make Maxine proud.
Source: HotCars

A Christmas Carol: Annual, spectacle-laden production of the Scrooge story; on stage through Dec.
Source: Boulder Daily Camera

“A nucleus, something that feels laden with potential, and I wait and see what threads I can pull from it, see if it’s got some meat to it.
Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Nature lovers, hikers, and campers shouldering packs laden with granola and dog treats generally enjoy the peace and silence of getting Out There.
Source: The Verge

   Health care news is similarly laden with the negative impacts of private equity investments in health care.

SUMMER HULL/THE POINTS GUYMelanie's breakfast, the Colorado frittata, was less sugar-laden but equally tasty.
Source: The Points Guy

Cameron, now 68 years old, said that he has changed as he has gotten older as his “F-bomb-laden shouting matches with executives is behind him,” the publication said.
Source: The Daily Wire

But there are few catchers who can boast having caught a veteran-laden staff during a World Series run as a rookie.
Source: The Athletic

The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner has enjoyed a trophy-laden career at club level, and his fans around the world are hoping he can finally help deliver a World Cup for his country this time around.
Source: The Indian Express

About 47 million light-years from where you're sitting, the center of a black-hole-laden galaxy named NGC 1068 spits out streams of enigmatic particles.
Source: CNET

‘The Lost Patient’ is laden with clichés, obviously, but it is nevertheless, not an entire failure, at least as far as TV production standards go.
Source: Movie Review: What Seemed Promising Is Lost in the Process Martin Cid Magazine

Image source, NASAImage caption, There are no humans aboard, only some sensor-laden manikins and a Snoopy mascot (orange)The Esa module delivered two key engine burns last week to get Orion into a big loop around the Moon known as a Distant Retrograde Orbit.
Source: WZTV

Unauthorized by the Legislature, the makeshift Minneapolis program was laden with pragmatic and Constitutional defects, including: Low bidder apparatus yielding poor quality blurry pictures of the drivers.
Source: Star Tribune

 This applies to your Christmas tablescape too, try not to laden every slither of space with decor, and keep things pared back.
Source: LivingEtc

Steffen still has a little time to get his career back on track after an injury-laden period of late, too, and while players such as Sean Johnson (37 at the time of the next World Cup) are likely aging out of the pool, it doesn't appear that the US lacks in exciting young options.
Source: ESPN

Much of the last third of “A Wounded Fawn” is a surreal nightmare, laden with metaphor, which may put off those who are enjoying the movie’s more tightly controlled middle section, which consists of Bruce and Meredith’s increasingly testy dinner date.
Source: AOL

Swaths of the region come to a standstill for the kickoff of the star-laden movies.
Source: The Wall Street Journal

We recline amid them clutching 'welcome' glasses of Veuve Clicquot – a bottle of which had been placed in the room in an ice bucket filled with ice and actual snow – and gaze out at the snow-laden fairytale scene before us.
Source: Daily Mail

"This rich, malty, hop-laced, alcohol-laden Stout is a roasty elixir with a robust palate.
Source: Courier Journal

Framing I Get Knocked Down as a debate between Bruce and the grotesque masked alter-ego featured in the record’s marketing campaign, the film is laden with wry humor and thoughtful musings about what happens when outsider musicians accidentally stumble into the belly of the beast.
Source: Berkeleyside

It is built to the highest polar spec, allowing it to sail ice-laden Arctic and Antarctic waters.
Source: Travel Daily News International

The Artist & ExperimenterDodiya’s use of materials, and her engagement with objects from her childhood that are laden with personal memories, caught the attention of Experimenter founders Priyanka and Prateek Raja.
Source: Architectural Digest India

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