Using "laud" in a sentence

The time to celebrate and laud that has come and gone.
Source: Yahoo Sports

Eagles coaches laud Hurts’ checks at the line of scrimmage, his use of feet and eyes to manipulate defenders, and his increasingly sudden grasp of varied NFL defensive looks.
Source: Yahoo Sports

And you can’t help but laud Bratton for putting himself out there and exposing a part of his life on screen.
Source: InSession Film

Henry never wanted his son to fight in the war, and I think we can laud both Charley’s willingness to serve and Henry’s desire to protect his son.
Source: Plugged In

On June 29, the day before the ruling, he emailed a staff member that “if it’s positive (confidential: I have good reason to believe it will be),” she should publicly laud Justice Alito as a “reliable defender” of religious freedom.
Source: The New York Times

com Christian Gooden Dignitaries laud opening of St.
Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Each look was unique and made her stand out from the crowd — quite literally as she took to the stage at the Royal Albert Hall to laud fashion's biggest names.
Source: PEOPLE

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