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While most of us leverage where we come from as armor, Bad Bunny wields it like a sword for forging new traditions — revolutionizing life's greatest pains as fuel for global unity.
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These are less common for startups to leverage for newsworthiness, although celebrity investors such as football players, such as Luka Modric, or actors are helping many startups get more coverage.
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Today’s digitally native brands need to have the capabilities to build their own infrastructure to understand their customers and leverage that understanding to orchestrate personalised commerce experiences.
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The nonprofit will use the money to "leverage and improve existing family programs and fill in identified gaps," CEO Dawn Gilman said.

Having played professionally for some seven years and maintaining close friendships with a host of top-tier players, he is a natural fit for the role of on-course reporter, where the most skilled commentators are able to leverage their relationships to convey real-time information to the viewers at home.

04), demonstrating significant leverage with every unit sold.
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"With our leadership in green sciences, we can leverage cutting-edge processes like biotechnology, green chemistry, and extraction to reveal new dimensions of product performance and reduce our environmental footprint, compared to traditional methods.
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 Platforms’ ability to collect and control data stems from their profit model — rather than selling a tangible product, tech companies make money by aggregating data and selling it to leverage insights for revenue generation like targeted ad placements.
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It isn’t known if Judge is necessarily prioritizing contract length or a record-setting average annual value, but the reigning MVP might very well have the leverage for both.
Source: MLB Trade Rumors

officials can leverage strong climate action on both sides of the Atlantic to carry out a recent agreement to restrict steel and aluminum imports, notably from China, that do not meet certain emission standards and work together to create preferential trade terms for countries that do meet such standards or impose a carbon fee on imports that don’t.
Source: The New York Times

“Hurry” in this context means using leverage to supercharge returns and both investors regularly warn against it.
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It was the Sony-Namco partnership, though, that was a harbinger of the future: it behooved console makers to have similar hardware and software stacks to their competitors, so that developers would target them; developers, meanwhile, were devoting an increasing share of their budget to developing assets, particularly when the PS3/Xbox 360 generation targeted high definition, which increased their motivation to be on multiple platforms to better leverage their investments.
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Despite micro-influencers having a smaller audience, companies feel they can leverage financial benefits and expand their reach by working with creators who fall under the micro-influencer umbrella.

A brand can leverage personalized content by understanding its different audience segments and targeting them with content relevant to them.
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If a probe of this kind was placed at the heliopause, the tumultuous boundary to the heliosphere, it could leverage these mixed wind flows to accelerate to speeds of around 3,720 miles per second in a matter of years.
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Content marketing According to Neil Patel, a renowned expert in digital marketing, a well-thought-out content marketing strategy can turn on your circle of leverage and generate targeted leads of high quality.
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Past the eye test, the best way to get an idea of how good a goaltender is is to leverage advanced statistics and piece them together for a macro view.

– Nikki Leonard, Vice President, Head of US Enterprise Marketing Technology News: MarTech Interview with Laura Goldberg, CMO at Constant Contact PR Newswire, a Cision company, is the premier global provider of multimedia platforms and distribution that marketers, corporate communicators, sustainability officers, public affairs and investor relations officers leverage to engage key audiences.
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That’s particularly true of shops that continue to misbehave at this stage in the game, as they only give the EPA more leverage to continue investigating.
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The advantages are that you get your price and then leverage it down.
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Many entanglement-based quantum networks across the world, including networks extending into space, are being developed to leverage the spooky phenomena of quantum teleportation, quantum repeaters and networks, and other practical aspects of quantum entanglement.
Source: Big Think

I talk about how we failed to use leverage to improve human rights, democracy benchmarks, and a positive platform to support democracy in Iran.
Source: PEN America

Now there’s enough handlebar leverage, and enough less weight on the riders’ hands, to allow flinging the Lightning into corners like yesterday’s boxer shorts.

Under the Azure OpenAI service banner, Microsoft invites companies to leverage large-scale, generative AI models with deep language and code understanding to create cutting-edge applications.
Source: Analytics India Magazine

The 2-day-long correction totaled an 8% downtrend and wiped out $230 million worth of leverage long (buy) futures contracts.
Source: Cointelegraph

With all of the physical assets in one place, PWCC can offer a reliable, fast-moving trading platform, as well as modern financial services that leverage the value of customers' holdings.
Source: ZDNet

Two of the NGOs, Health Tech Without Borders (HTWB) and TeleHelp Ukraine, leverage technological innovations spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic to mobilize world-class clinicians from across the globe to provide free telehealth services to Ukrainians.
Source: The Hill

“This fall, we focused our efforts in three key areas: first, to change the way we sell batteries; second, to meet the customer’s expectations for a modern retail experience; and third, to leverage our partnership with ATD to offer the customer the right tire at the right price across our brands.
Source: Joplin Globe

Second in a miniseries on how businesses can leverage AI writing software in their marketing departments.

The Discovery Accelerator at Cleveland Clinic draws upon a variety of IBM’s latest advancements in high performance computing, including: Generative Toolkit for Scientific Discovery and other generative modelling capabilities that leverage AI to infer knowledge gaps and generate hypotheses, and ultimately aim to speed up the research process in therapeutics and biomarkers discovery; RXN, a cloud-based platform that combines AI models and the ability to directly control robotic labs to enable end-to-end design and synthesis of new chemical compounds; Deep Search, a next-generation AI tool for generating insight from large amounts of structured and unstructured technical literature; and High-Performance Hybrid Cloud Computing technologies that enable researchers to “burst” their workloads into the cloud and access the resources they need at scale.
Source: Cleveland Clinic Newsroom

Being local to these factories provides excellent leverage we can use to the advantage of our customers.
Source: Electronic Products & Technology

The Biden administration, meanwhile, is dissatisfied with the EU’s hesitance to leverage the TTC more aggressively against China.
Source: European Council on Foreign Relations

The looming specter of Judge leaving for San Francisco or San Diego gave him the last bit of leverage he needed to land the highest average annual salary ($40 million) for any position player in history, surpassing Mike Trout's $36 million per year.
Source: ESPN

What you wonder is whether Oakland is setting the bar high with room to budge, or whether they are setting the bar so “sky high” that conversations are going nowhere and Oakland is losing leverage as days pass and teams pivot.
Source: Athletics Nation

The partnership's first engagement is with the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and the United States National Committee for CODATA (USNC/CODATA) to plan a summit with scholars, government, industry and nonprofit research organizations to explore opportunities to work together across disciplines, leverage the strengths of individuals organizations, and move common agendas forward more rapidly.

Senior Republicans, particularly in the House, have repeatedly signaled that they plan to leverage any vote to avoid a default to force President Biden and congressional Democrats to accept a series of fiscal overhauls, deep cuts to federal spending and potentially reductions to Social Security and Medicare.
Source: The New York Times

“DoD’s newly established Office of Strategic Capital will leverage SBA’s expertise and successes aligning and scaling public and private capital through its Small Business Investment Company program to address funding gaps in the innovation ecosystem.
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Now with our GSK collaboration, we are excited to leverage their expertise in genetics to continue building a differentiated oligonucleotide pipeline, with a focus on our best-in-class RNA editing and upregulation capability.
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Continue reading below, or listen: The initiative will also leverage industry leaders, establish coalitions with diverse partners, publish research, and provide recommendations on industry-backed solutions.
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The lawsuit also alleges that entertainment manager Guy Oseary formed a partnership with Yuga Labs to “leverage their vast network of A-list musicians, athletes, and celebrity clients,” with those celebrities discreetly paid for promotional work via the crypto firm MoonPay, which the lawsuit alleges is connected to Oseary’s Sound Ventures capital firm.
Source: Rolling Stone

BENEO plans to leverage its integrated supply chain and scale its plant-based solutions in order to support category development.
Source: WION

Eliminating low-leverage situations (i.
Source: Medical Xpress

The city's commitment to promoting green and low-carbon development is being positively received by global investors, with enterprises saying they are confident about a greener future for the city and keen to leverage their expertise to contribute to its sustainable development.
Source: Yahoo Finance

 For homeowners looking to leverage their home's value to cover a big purchase — such as a home renovation — a home equity line of credit (HELOC) may still be a good option.
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Scientists from Microsoft, ETH Zurich, and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have recently presented a new automated workflow to leverage the scale of Azure to transform R&D processes in quantum chemistry and materials science.

“Now we’re actually on the cusp of having technologies that we can leverage for those things.

Gordon, and Maleah Webster argued it is time for the K-pop stars to leverage their influence to speak out on human rights.
Source: CNBC Television

He continues, “We want to focus on creating new titles that align with our strategy, including ones that leverage new IP.
Source: Digital Trends

She adds another strategy for managing supply shortages is to leverage limited time seasonal offerings, which consumers love and which lean on ingredients in abundance.

Candice Garcia, associate director of social media at Material, a global strategy, insights, design and technology consulting firm, pointed out that millennials have the most buying power right now so it makes sense for brands across verticals to leverage nostalgia to emotionally connect with this audience demographic.
Source: Digiday

The new lawsuit centers on an alleged partnership between Yuga and music industry bigwig Guy Oseary – longtime manager to Madonna, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers and others – in which they aimed to “leverage their vast network of A-list musicians, athletes, and celebrity client” to promote Bored Ape and other offerings.
Source: Billboard

China likely perceives time to be on its side and is probably waiting until it gains the needed leverage to become a more equal negotiating partner in this area.
Source: Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

The commercial sector is at the forefront of new technologies; we need to leverage this technology rather than trying to duplicate efforts of recreating it.
Source: Defense News

A D V E R T I S I N G | Continue reading below "Regardless of why this happened, the reality is that Republicans and Democrats will leverage this against progressives," Christopher McKnight Nichols, a history professor at Ohio State University, wrote of the race in the HuffPost political website.
Source: Musical chairs for Oregon's congressional delegation in 2023 Portland Tribune

Plainsight and Connection deliver deeply integrated vision AI solutions enabling customers to leverage Google Cloud infrastructure security, privacy, and scalability with unified procurement and administration.

It aims to capitalize on North Carolina’s prominence as a UAS innovation leader by creating a national model ecosystem for advanced air mobility and a testbed for pioneering companies seeking to leverage emerging UAS technologies to grow their companies.
Source: sUAS News

Snowflake Marketplace, powered by Snowflake’s ground-breaking cross-cloud technology, Snowgrid, allows companies to get direct access to raw data products and leverage data, data services and applications quickly, securely, and cost-effectively.
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) But Bellinger’s agent, Scott Boras, also talked up the brief nature of the deal, saying his client did get multi-year offers but wanted to up his numbers this year and then test the free-agent market with more leverage next winter.
Source: Defector

3%) from *outside the paint overall, but it seems that the numbers go out the window when he’s in high-leverage situations (and the Heat have been in a lot of those this season).

In this role, Martin will continue to leverage his extensive knowledge and experience to oversee Ubisoft’s global production strategy and framework.
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“He’s got a lot of leverage he’s put himself in,’’ Cashman said.

Buyers in these housing markets more likely to take FHA and VA loansHome sales in the top 10 metros also tend to leverage more government-backed mortgage products such as VA loans and FHA loans.

The diversity of our Arabic slate reflects the multitude of creativity in MENA’s flourishing film industry, and as the region’s largest exhibitor, we have a great opportunity to leverage our scale and amplify these voices on the big screen.
Source: Celluloid Junkie

For once, however, the supremely self-confident Powell failed to appreciate his leverage with the American public.
Source: The New York Times

Still, it’s clear that Stephen resents her privilege, even as she tries to leverage it to support him.
Source: 'Tell Me Lies' Book vs. TV Show ELLE

That has been accompanied by a shift in attitude: publishers know they can leverage amateurs or non-photographers excited by the idea of their image appearing in a publication to get photos at significantly reduced rates or even for free.
Source: Fstoppers

How does Lowe's plan to afford all those buybacks? It's taking out debt but planning to keep leverage at a safe 2.
Source: Metal Additive Manufacturing magazine

Suzan Haskins, a senior editor at International Living, a publication devoted to moving or retiring abroad, uses her lengthy stays — often several weeks — as leverage to approach vacation homeowners for a discount.
Source: The New York Times

Bruce Irvin particular had a rough day with his leverage being used against him.
Source: Field Gulls

1 Continuity Makes Apple Devices Work Magically Together With Continuity Camera, Mac users can leverage the powerful camera system on iPhone to unleash a groundbreaking webcam experience.
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The public likely views Hopkins as the alpha in terms of targets, so it's a potential leverage spot, but — one more time — with the small sample caveat.
Source: RotoWire

— Ally MacDonald, senior editor Access Rules: Freeing Data From Big Tech for a Better Future Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and Thomas Ramge Exclusive access to information has always been a source of leverage in business, diplomacy, and social interactions.
Source: MIT Sloan Management Review

“But humans are good at grasping items, so we are trying to leverage the strength of both resources — the human workers and the collaborative robots.
Source: Unite.AI

Upon the movie's release, IndieWire compared it unfavorably to "Braveheart" and said it needed "maybe even a smidgen of the smirking charm that allowed Gibson to leverage the First War of Scottish Independence into a vanity project for the ages.
Source: Looper

The OEMs said they will look for ways to leverage shared investments and shared costs, and will “pursue operational synergies to rapidly scale electric van production.
Source: Repairer Driven News

 Joe Kelly has the potential to assume high-leverage innings himself, as does young southpaw Garrett Crochet, who’s working back from April 2022 Tommy John surgery.
Source: MLB Trade Rumors

While 6G technology is still being defined by international standards bodies, research into ways to enhance cybersecurity in 6G has quickly become a priority, including research investigating ways to optimize cybersecurity in the internet of things (IoT), user data security, and ways to better leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to train cybersecurity systems and algorithms.

Marketers can always leverage it to support improvements both to business processes and to marketing campaigns in general.
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“We look forward to working with our partners in the states and our fellow federal agencies to leverage these resources to deliver new mapping capabilities, invest in our science infrastructure, foster a more diverse and inclusive workforce and safeguard our geologic heritage to be of use as our resource requirements continue to change.
Source: United States Geological Survey (.gov)

COP15 is also an ideal moment for the US to leverage its substantial soft power on behalf of global efforts to build a“nature-positive” future in which we have not only halted but also reversed nature loss.
Source: IGN

It is based both on new releases continuously feeding the deep and diversified stream of revenues from our back-catalog and on our capacity to leverage the strength of our brands.
Source: GlobeNewswire

WILL IOWA GET BUMPED: Democrats set to vote on presidential calendarBesides putting Democrats in a better position ahead of the 2024 Senate map, which favors the GOP, Obama alluded to how having a 51-seat majority means less leverage for moderate to more conservative-leaning Democrats.

With Cloud growth slowing as enterprise spending turned more cautious, we believe that Microsoft has significant leverage in the enterprise space instead of consummating its $69B ATVI acquisition.
Source: Seeking Alpha

The beauty of creating a podcast is that you can leverage it to drive impact in multiple areas of the business.
Source: VentureBeat

The other aspect is that we need to leverage some of these experts that are known in this rare disease and allow them to discuss it with the community so that the community is not afraid of these rare disease.
Source: Battling Cystinosis: Perspectives from a Doctor and a Patient Turned Advocate | Insights Holland & Knight

It is expected that a significant percentage of bank and insurance guarantees will leverage digital ledger technologies as part of Italy's National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP).
Source: English USA English PR Newswire

Our game is set in this moment, so we get to leverage the backstory of these characters and the world, we get to hint at plot points still to come but we also get to remain our own standalone experience that new fans can jump straight into.
Source: Trek Central

"With the growing number of applications of Stable Diffusion, ensuring that developers can leverage this technology effectively is important for creating apps that creatives everywhere will be able to use.
Source: NBC News

We leverage these rich data sources to investigate the biotic and abiotic drivers of dog heartworm transmission in the state.
Source: Parasites & Vectors Parasites & Vectors

"Our plan is to incorporate game content into our service and to leverage the development and operational expertise we have amassed in our existing businesses to explore the potential of earnings structures, breadth of play, and NFT ownership experiences in the NFT business.

However, Cook used the leak as leverage to shave $200 million off of the acquisition price.
Source: AppleInsider

Through hands-on projects, you will learn to write and use APIs, create interactive UIs, and leverage cloud services like GitHub and Heroku.
Source: Analytics Insight

Leverage live video “Go back and leverage live video on every single platform,” Lemons-Ryhal advised.
Source: Inman

DVD playback, popular sports games from EA, and better advertising were some of the factors that were at play as the PlayStation 2 quickly gained leverage over the Dreamcast.
Source: SlashGear

Like most other retailers, we leverage a variety of packaging options for product shipping to optimize for strong durability, light weight, and optimal size, including paper-based options, such as boxes and paperboard envelopes—and plastics, such as envelopes and bags.
Source: Psychology Today

"We cannot provide further information on the impact and our mitigation at this time as the actors behind this incident, or others, can leverage any publicly available information.
Source: Newshub

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