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  A wondrously affecting work, "Pinocchio" becomes a magnum opus for del Toro that channels his interests and beliefs long present in his oeuvre but spun with a luminous new gravitas.
Source: Roger Ebert

What’s left is only a luminous fog, the ghost of a pulse strobing at its gaseous core.
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 If you’d prefer your look to mimic the season’s latest makeup trends, Machhausen echos that skin is in! “It’s all about luminous skin in a hyper-natural way—less product, but more strategically placed,” he says, noting a departure from stylized and perfected makeup wear of years past.
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With large-area mosaics such as COSMOS-Web and PANORAMIC, the latter of which takes advantage of pure parallel observing, upcoming, we should not only shatter the cosmic record for most distant galaxy, but should learn about what the earliest luminous objects in the Universe looked like.
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As Van Dyk to Universe Today via email, the only way to be sure is to wait for the supernova to dim, then confirm that the progenitor star has disappeared: “Since the supernova explosion is so luminous, we have to wait a number of years until it has faded enough that it is less luminous than was the progenitor.
Source: Universe Today

$70$50Fenty BeautyOne of the best lip glosses out there, the Gloss Bomb has a non-sticky, luminous finish.
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)$39$20Fenty BeautyOne of the best lip glosses out there, the Gloss Bomb has a non-sticky, luminous finish.
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One, ‘A very luminous jet from the disruption of a star by a massive black hole’, is published in Nature; the other, ‘The Birth of a Relativistic Jet Following the Disruption of a Star by a Cosmological Black Hole’, is published in Nature Astronomy.
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How to use Lensa AI selfie generator? Magic avatars feature explained It’s quite simple to use the Lensa AI selfie generator app; just follow the instructions listed below: Launch the Lensa app; Create an account; Tap the luminous emoji symbol labeled “Magic Avatars” in the top-left corner of the home screen; Click “Continue” after selecting “Try now”; Tick the box next to “I accept the terms of usage”; Choose ten to twenty selfies that you want to edit; Choose your gender from the available options after the photographs have been imported.
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Cambridge, MA – Short gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) are some of the most powerful and luminous cosmic explosions since the Big Bang.
Source: Harvard CfA

Designed to glimpse the faint infrared glow of the universe’s earliest luminous objects, JWST’s vision reaches back into the first few hundred million years after the big bang, allowing it to obtain more and better data about newborn galaxies than any other facility yet built.
Source: Scientific American

Chosen has the full-bodied production, glitzy effects and puke-inducing breakdowns to hang with their peers, but the luminous guitar playing is really what makes this such a fulfilling listen.
Source: Revolver Magazine

The research team has also revealed the luminous regions ionized by bright stars and the diffuse ionized gas of unknown origin.
Source: China Daily

com Since reintroducing the skin refiner’s glow-inducing glory back into my routine, my complexion is noticeably more luminous and even-toned.
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NGC 6441 is one of the most luminous and massive globular clusters in the Milky Way.
Source: Universe Today

How? The luminous painting’s full if rarely used title is “The Happy Chances of the Swing,” because the extraordinary picture shows a young lady’s suggestively pink dress blowing up in the breeze as she rides a velvet swing in a sumptuously enclosed garden.
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'As the very first population of stars that formed in the universe were more massive, more luminous and hotter than modern stars, then its properties could be explained more easily if we assume the stars produced in HD1 are these first, or Population III, stars.
Source: The Natural History Museum

It shows the TDE’s luminous x-ray emissions.
Source: Universe Today

In fact, the luminous flash from the event is among the brightest ever observed.
Source: ScienceAlert

Look for the luminous blue neon in the shape of the country of El Salvador, and you’ll know that you are in the right place.
Source: LAist

A population of massive, luminous galaxies hosting heavily dust-obscured gamma-ray bursts: implications for the use of GRBs as tracers of cosmic star formation.

Upgraded ArcSoft®Night Mode: Clearer and Highly-detailed Night Scene BV5200 pro gives a near-realistic shot of night scenes with luminous objects and bright buildings in the distance clearly visible in the photo.

MccGwire summed it all up eloquently: “This body of work was inspired by the ever-changing forces of nature that influence the forms and energy that embody my sculptures, but also the luminous amber of the water that flows through the Highlands, an intrinsic and essential part of the whisky making process.
Source: artnet News

Sweep onto the high points of the face to add a luminous touch.
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“The luminous jet of material was launched almost at the speed of light, and the jet was pointing in our direction,” Igor Andreoni, an astronomer at the University of Maryland and a co-author of the Nature paper, tells The Daily Beast’s Tony Ho Tran.
Source: Smithsonian Magazine

While Bullock's interpretation falls somewhere between the girlish Dawn Upshaw and the more formal Barbara Hendricks, you can hear her searching for larger truths and a more luminous tone.
Source: WSIU

(The relaxed editing is by Marion Monnier, the luminous cinematography by Denis Lenoir.
Source: Los Angeles Times

Wilma VritraGrotto Merch for this release: Vinyl LP, Compact Disc (CD) The illustrated cover art to Grotto depicts a curious but wary-looking red train venturing along railroad tracks that wind through a strangely luminous blue-tinted cavern.

Building to a relentless chug towards clarity, a mushroom-tinged techno pulse reveals itself slowly, the bright glow of a luminous planet swimming into focus on the event horizon.
Source: FACT

At night, the result is a floating Latin Cross of light, celebrating the area’s embedded faith and introducing a new luminous monument in mountains for the villagers who will view it from afar.
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Today, it has in it Piero della Francesca’s masterpiece of the 1480s, The Nativity: peaceful, luminous and — a big drum roll, please — freshly restored.
Source: The Times

Alonzo KingIn “Single Eye,” King’s luminous premiere for American Ballet Theater, this San Francisco-based choreographer instilled his dance, set to a jazz score by Jason Moran, with all the delicacy and power of the natural world.
Source: The New York Times

Here, 100 luminous fantasies are conjured with pastels on small sheets of cheap paper: giants and angels, dark forests, fallen cities, immense seas and magic lakes that draw on music, folklore and pre-Christian beliefs.
Source: The Guardian

Stella Maris shares themes and its central character with The Passenger, but it offers a new angle on her strange, luminous mind.
Source: The Daily Beast

Carpaccio’s life and work straddles two better-known chapters of Venetian art history: the earlier, luminous and hieratic work of Giovanni and Gentile Bellini (the artist may have studied with one or the other of the brothers) and the high drama of Tintoretto, Titian and Veronese.
Source: Android Police

There's a ghost in the machine that reconnects the late composer Jóhann Jóhannsson to his own luminous Drone Mass, while his fellow Icelander, pianist Víkingur Ólafsson, makes a life-altering connection to a nonagenarian composer, resulting in the introspective From Afar.
Source: NPR

Functioning as luminous artworks, such as a floor lamp, table lamps, a wall light, a ceiling lamp, and a mobile will be displayed.
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The incredibly luminous but rapidly fading burst of light of a long-GRB afterglow often portends a supernova,  a powerful explosion triggered when a massive star dies.

image © Katherine Marks Photography | @kmarksphotoinside the bespoke apartments of selene new yorkWithin the luminous tower of Foster + Partners‘ Selene tower, the Sky Collection homes range from one-bedrooms to a duplex full-floor penthouse.
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FROSCH The stellar cast of Women Talking is also crucial to that film’s effectiveness — though to my surprise, Rooney Mara’s quietly luminous turn was my favorite (I tend not to be a Rooney Mara person) and Ben Whishaw’s tremulous take on the role of the women’s sole male ally was the one I found least persuasive (I usually love him).
Source: Hollywood Reporter

As the audience arrived each and everyone were greeted with a luminous green vegan cocktail which certainly got the crowd in the mood for a hedonistic evening.
Source: Lime Bar Salford Launch & Interview Louder Than War

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