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Most probably, a very rapid formation of the triplet state on βCar in [βCar-1O2]* occurs vertically, that is, on the S0 or near-S0 manifold of this molecule.

Both of the methods are the cousins of the so-called manifold deformation method, in which one deforms the manifold of integration in the path integral to the complex plane, aiming for a milder sign problem.
Source: Yukari Yamauchi, Ph.D.; University of Washington | Physics and Astronomy | The University of Iowa The University of Iowa

We chose the first 20 Harmony-corrected dimensions for uniform manifold approximation and projection embedding (UMAP) embeddings, and clustered cells by Seurat’s Louvain algorithm-based FindClusters function.

The engine manifold and direct-injection system are radically evolved over the 812’s F140, and the four valves per cylinder open and close using sliding-finger followers developed in Ferrari’s F1 power unit.
Source: Road & Track

This article offers a testable hypothesis that seeks to accommodate the manifold theories, clinical symptoms, somatic comorbidities, neuropsychological features, and treatment outcomes of IBS by describing the syndrome in relation to a principal force of human evolution: gravity.
Source: LWW Journals

The returns will be manifold if you stay true to your audience and yourself.
Source: G2

  All in all, the possibility of manifold non-Russian nationalist movements arising, demanding and seizing independence is anything but far-fetched — especially as the Russian economy, regime and battlefield performance continue to degrade.
Source: The Hill

Photos by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University “The observatory enables a wide range of research concerning the Internet, including examination of the state of the information ecosystem, analysis of damaging online behavior of a variety of types, and generally studies of manifold aspects of the online world,” the researchers wrote in their proposal.
Source: Northeastern University

" "Design Miami feels like an extension of SCAD in so many ways: the aesthetic, the climate, the manifold disciplines exuberantly on display, the joy you feel in every environment and every object and everyone you meet," continued Wallace.
Source: Dezeen

UMAP: Uniform manifold approximation and projection for dimension reduction.
Source: Dark Horizons

(Plus, assembling the manifold elements of a stocking—especially a kid’s—was easy to do when confronted with shelves and bins.
Source: The Atlantic

** **“The more we learn about other animals and discover evidence of their manifold capacities, the more we care, and this alters how we treat them,” Mustill writes.
Source: The New Yorker

Heading in one direction were rock bands pulling wildly various styles like trance and New Age into an otherwise unified “rock” sound; and in the other camp were pop artists he classified as “Recombinant Dub,” which “take out the ‘lead’ instrument—the singer, the melody, the lead guitar,” and in its absence offer manifold possibilities for what aspects of a song to emphasize or cut back.
Source: Pitchfork

With new initiatives, investments and financial arrangements, the overall engagement in the region has gone up manifold and is set to rise further.
Source: The Tribune India

The reasons for this are manifold and often incomprehensible to outsiders who are eagerly awaiting their vaccines.
Source: msnNOW

The Ukraine War, high inflation, market volatility and the manifold supply chain and energy industry dislocations call for better and more resilient leaders – and sound business responses.

Intake V8 Engine manifold printed with dissolvable HIPS supports.
Source: 3D Printing Industry

UMAP: Uniform manifold approximation and projection.

John Lewis, the chain that owns Peter Jones, on Sloane Square, to whose haberdashery department the poet John Betjeman famously planned to retreat for the Apocalypse (on the grounds that nothing unpleasant could happen there), is facing manifold unpleasantness, including a first-half loss of £99 million.
Source: The Telegraph

It had what looked like a massively wide intake manifold and just kind of attracted all the attention when you popped the hood.
Source: Jalopnik

Ensure your brand’s visuals account for the manifold experiences people might have: the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Source: Daily

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