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In her research, Ross has said that the collapse of the ecosystem and exposure of vast areas of lake bed — including sediment loaded with organic matter from decomposed aquatic life — would likely lead to a major increase in emissions of carbon dioxide and methane.
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That is the bottom line estimate for the economy and what does matter most.
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But the matter of fact is that this is not open for sale.
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We do whatever we want, go wherever we want Love however we want, it don’t matter (True) You do whatever I want, get whatever I want Get whatever I need, it’s about For his verse, Scott provides the guy’s perspective.
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No matter how preposterous the idea may sound.
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Instead the policy now says that all minor children, no matter their age, must be supervised at all times.
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Google says it doesn't really compete in the synthetic benchmarks and is instead focusing on improving AI performance and machine learning tasks with the Tensor, but those synthetic benchmarks matter nonetheless and it's the Snapdragon that is ahead there.
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Since it was lower and theoretically easy, we always went there with little time, poorly acclimatized…but an 8,000’er is an 8,000’er, no matter what.
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“I will push to change the law if necessary but tolerating these agreements is an administrative matter and should be stopped by the Department of Defense,” said Blumenthal.
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This mutable fire sign is always aiming to look at the big picture, no matter how terrifying or confusing it might be.

We can get the job done no matter what, whether we were smoking or not.
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But no matter which Pencil you have, it charges quickly.
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I’ve never been a big believer in design by committee, but I guess it doesn’t really matter for a sunsetting game that isn’t receiving any new expansions.
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Starts With A Bang — December 5, 2022 It's not only the gravity from galaxies in a cluster that reveal dark matter, but the ejected, intracluster stars actually trace it out.
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  “Even the most technically capable automation platforms can’t achieve these goals without intimate knowledge of the domain (problem area) and the subject matter expertise to develop playbooks that produce gains over the non-automated approach.
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“The tones have changed, but it’s a matter of nuances and camouflage value,” Ignazi said.
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comFuschia, which is more accurately spelled Fuchsia for the botanist who named this beautiful flower, is a pretty hummer magnet no matter the spelling.
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With all this uncertainty, it’s useful to have subject matter experts who can help navigate all the various facets of the cryptoverse.
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But do you know what we are not far away from? As we discovered when COVID put us all at home and suddenly, within a matter of days in some cases, our employers discovered that we didn’t really need offices anymore and that the job could be done very, very well from home.
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But training your dog is more than a matter of getting them to perform fun party tricks: teaching your dog certain commands could keep them out of potentially life-endangering situations.
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No matter the conversation topic I would inevitably turn it to running.
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Faith is not a matter of feeling, but a matter of will.
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But no matter what name your new hood goes by, you’ll find yourself warm and fashionable every time you rock it.
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  BOSH! Read more 18 Serena Williams backs vegan menopause brand  While Serena Williams has had a lucrative tennis career, the athlete is also a major investor in brands that matter to her.
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Home How-to (Image credit: Future) Does your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro seem a little long in the tooth? Is there an issue you can’t seem to solve no matter how you try? Or do you want to sell your MacBook without a trace of personal data on it? Here's our guide on how to reset a MacBook — or any Mac computer — to solve any of those issues.
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The electrons, protons and neutrons that make up atoms, from which all matter is comprised, are fairly well understood.
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AdvertisementSagittariusNovember 22-December 21No matter how well you can handle yourself, you could still benefit from an extra pair of hands.
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As a matter of fact, many YouTube creators are learning that less-produced, more-raw shorts do exponentially better than well-lit, highly-produced content does.
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“It doesn’t matter what gender you are, anyone has the right to drive these cars if they have the talent,” Morris says.
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Its implementation is designed to facilitate the management of incidents no matter the complexity, both in an emergency and for planned events such as parades, officials said.

No matter the form — or the critical responses — Cunningham feels like he is bearing witness to a resurrection each time he experiences another version of his story.
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0, and the related developments on the matter under the Status column.
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Never one to stay in her lane, Cotton advises aspiring singer-songwriters to find their own voice and to stay the course no matter what disappointments they face, and what stumbling blocks are put in their path.
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You guys always make us feel at home no matter where we end up and wherever we land.
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Seuss): No matter how many movies have been made about the Grinch, nothing compares to the original book from 1957.
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I never want to resent my business, no matter the challenges thrown my way!’ The young business woman has grown her business substantially in the past few years (pictured) No business owner will experience linear growth, and Niki has had her fair share of obstacles.
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Fewer than two years ago, Young couldn’t get a tee time on the Korn Ferry Tour — or any tour, for that matter.
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But then when you come downstream, and I'm not a subject matter expert, but from the reporting that we've seen, is in a case like Newark’s, there’s a lot going on, but maybe they aren't getting the collaboration from the surrounding cities.
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View gallery Image Credit: JOHN G MABANGLO/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade always looks fabulous no matter what she wears or does and that’s exactly what she did in her latest Instagram post.
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Was I away, or was everyone away from me? I'll give you the answer: It doesn't matter.
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Ski Team speed center venue or at the Woodward Copper training facility, it was only a matter of decades before Copper became a go-to spot athletes to train for their upcoming seasons.
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But no matter where they go, how much they age or what trouble they get into, they remain the same at their core.
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In fact, numerous studies seem to suggest that when it comes to the psychological benefits of reading, just doing it might matter as much or more than the content.

’ No matter what, to her I’m just the Antichrist.
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The Iranians play a 4-1-4-1, but it’s so compact it almost doesn’t even matter how you want to write the formation out, because they will always always always have numbers around the ball.

Patriots Kevin Harris and Pierre Strong might matter in fantasy now.
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In just a matter of seconds, Kelly deftly took Molchanova’s back and threatened a submission before the sambo player could mount a single offensive move.
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Buying new equipment is great, and whilst most of us don’t ‘need’ to upgrade our weapons, there’s always plenty of justification for doing so … Perhaps, that new driver has just gone on sale? Or you’ve got some winnings on your pro shop account? Maybe you’ve found a model from a bygone era that you want to have a go with again?! No matter why you choose to go down this route, we’re sure you don’t need us to come up with a reason!  After all, the pros are always upgrading their equipment aren’t they? And if it’s good enough for them … Here’s the thing, the pros are also custom-fitted by some of the best technicians in the game.
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ConclusionThe iPhone can be unlocked (no matter if you remember the password) using any of the methods just listed.
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“This opportunity I think will give our students, as well as our community, the chance to see that it doesn’t matter where you come from — your dreams can be achieved if you continue to work hard and to dream them,” said Patrice Wilson, principal at Bensley Elementary.
Source: The Washington Post

Whether you wanna document your romantic meal at a dimly-lit restaurant or snap a pic with your mates after an evening hangout, you need a phone that can be camera-ready both indoors and outdoors – no matter the lighting conditions.
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It’s their longtime concert closer (with “Family Reunion”) and the inspiration behind a 25-year-old graduation cap slogan: “Well, I guess this is growing up” remains a definitive symbol for every generation of goofballs terrified of getting older, no matter their age.
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Her work often returns to a few key themes: environmental apocalypse, the enduring legacy of racism, and the power of organized communities to survive no matter what the conditions.
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“I will not comment on this matter again except to say I have a job.
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  Exactly how many Palestinians died during the events of 1948 and how is a matter of furious historical debate.
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The US is planning to deploy up to six nuclear-capable B-52 bombers to an air base in northern Australia, a source familiar with the matter said in October.
Source: CNN

I know we’re doing a comedy, but it doesn’t matter what the tone of the show is.
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Howard offered further insight, saying, "No matter what story we write, the one the players tell themselves is the one that they think about and love the most.
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Microsoft regretted missing out on "Genshin Impact", two people familiar with the matter said.
Source: Reuters

com/ul3A4sT47k — Sam Curry (@samwcyo) November 30, 2022 Curry said it did not appear to matter whether the vehicle owner’s Sirius XM subscription was active.
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“As hard as you work, no matter what you do to try to simulate game reps is really impossible,” he said.

This is a good point to provide my back story on how this matter came to light.
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That was before the Crypto Winter of May when several cryptocurrencies and lenders failed, and that turned out to just be a prelude to last month’s shocking collapse of FTX, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, in a matter of just 48 hours.
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The stupid Joe-Bob brand shave-ice maker broke after three or four ice cubes went through it and the syrup tasted like baby aspirin no matter what color it was.
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But that shouldn’t matter according to Jones.

Linsky believes it’s only a matter of time before we see the hits again.
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 Any and every individual journalist and source is important because, no matter where they fall on the political spectrum, when their rights are violated, all our rights are violated, and we are all in danger.
Source: Chicago Sun-Times

No matter who you are in that moment, it’s you and I, and that’s it.
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No matter how you look at it, either watch will likely outlast the competition.
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The biggest ding against this cam that we can see is that it unfortunately can only handle a 32GB SD card, but thanks to the loop recording, that makes the storage capacity of the SD card matter less than ever.
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, this brain nugget is “the most precious piece of matter in the universe.
Source: Neuroscience News

But, it wasn’t simply a matter of coming up with clean words for genitalia.
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 (Image credit: Tri-Star Pictures)"Here's Johnny" (Polka Party!)This Polka Party song’s subject matter technically plays more into the TV side of things, given that it’s a tribute to The Tonight Show announcer Ed McMahon and his iconic “Here’s Johnny” introduction for host Johnny Carson.
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Ectomorphs cannot gain weight no matter what they do.
Source: MedicineNet

"But what I remind him is that no matter what you want to be when you grow up, it’s your character that matters most.
Source: Town & Country

Because local and global injustices matter to me, and I will always be transparent about what I support.
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But if the title is simply a matter of semantics, then altcoins have an opportunity to prove that the name doesn’t matter.
Source: Cointelegraph

No matter how much some people have, someone else will always have more, he noted.
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But the statement from York County officials left little doubt they felt the matter was resolved.
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Then there’s the matter of controls.
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But no matter what comes of that effort, she said, "MPS needs to face the reality of declining enrollment and make a plan to best serve students with the funding the district will actually have over the long run.
Source: Star Tribune

Naka said he hired a lawyer to help him negotiate the ability to give comments to the developers up until the game released since "improving a game up until the very last minute is what a game creator is," but as Square Enix rejected his requests, he decided to take the matter to court.
Source: Anime News Network

It’s a matter of the cost.
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I'm happy with the way my legs feel and the way my body's working, so now it's just a matter of figuring it all out.
Source: Buffalo News

While nice to have (and a definite performance hike) I’ll spring for that at some later date, as it’s a fairly routine matter to fit that retrospectively once you have the Mac back up and running after its drive upgrade.
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No matter the game, unless he’s injured, he should be considered as an option for MVP/Captain.
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“Well, then why does it matter whether I spend it or save it?”‘We’re Not Alone’Online, more than 600 HLS students and alumni have gathered in a Facebook group called “Living on LIPP” dedicated to sharing information about the program.
Source: Harvard Crimson

The editorial board is not going to delete the report in question, or any other news related to the war in Ukraine and will continue to cover it no matter what any Russian entity responsible for military censorship thinks about it," the statement said.
Source: Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

As a matter of fact, studies have shown that human beings use two strategies to figure out and anticipate the conduct of others: mind reading and behavior reading.
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The real question I have now is: How will Dreamlight Valley evolve and grow moving forward? Considering the massive library of content Disney owns, this could end up being a very big game in the future and one which will consume Disney fans completely no matter what platform they play on.
Source: Kotaku

"It's our goal to allow our customers to recognize baristas no matter what payment method they use, and we're excited to bring this new enhancement to stores.
Source: Fox Business

It’s a matter of choice as an athlete.
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 However, as to why the team believes there aren't just two stars at play here but rather three, four – maybe more – that's because of how a series of spiral structures seem to be moving out from the center, generating arches, and how a 3D view of the nebula's data points to irregular jets of matter shooting from the phenomenon's center.
Source: CNET

In October, Austin released a memo saying senior leaders needed to “ensure that our service members and their families can access reproductive health care” no matter where they are stationed.
Source: Defense News

  When they fail – and evidence suggests they do fail as a matter of routine – those people are harmed.
Source: IAI

Because the year's biggest shopping day is technically still a way off, there's a very good chance this killer early holiday promotion will go away in a matter of hours and return at some point next week.
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VulcanForms is currently producing parts for companies in the medical, defense, semiconductor, and aerospace industries, turning designs into finished parts in a matter of days.
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Cowboys 31, Commanders 15- Chicago Bears at New York Giants (-3): No matter who wins, the victorious team will be the league’s most improbable 3-1 team.
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It doesn’t matter if you’re still using Windows 7 or upgraded to Windows 11, Windows search has never been speedy.
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