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A certain George Fields wrote about the downsides of the rule of thirds in 1845, saying how the use of the rule would produce boring and monotonous images.
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 They decided to take a break from their monotonous routine lives and create something of their own.
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In other words, it can act as an icebreaker for an otherwise monotonous home page layout.
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Nearly 80 per cent of walkers said they would take a more challenging route over a monotonous one.
Source: why walks with obstacles are more popular The Telegraph

What started off as a hilarious venture into a world full of unbelievable characters devolved into a monotonous and frustrating chore.
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Freddy Movie Review: Star Performance Kartik Aaryan has always been receiving the flak for getting monotonous with his performances but if you see on a broader scale, he has been doing films like Akash Vaani, Dhamaka & now Freddy to balance the perception.
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Wait, no it isn’t… Chest Toupee It’s a lot more monotonous than the first game in the series, which wasn’t all that varied, to begin with.
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It turns the monotonous grind of an 18-game, four-month season into an exciting roller coaster ride.
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Humans are, well, only human: Humans overlook details, misremember what they saw, and, especially when the job is repetitive and monotonous, may not put the energy and focus into the tasks they’re hired to carry out.
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In case you were wondering, bagging ice is just as dull and monotonous as it sounds.
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Stan reckoned that it's “such an adventure to find out what's around the next corner and once you get going, no matter the fear of ghosts, rotten upper story floors, authorities… you just can't stop!”  Urbex offers students a reprieve from the monotonous grind, allowing them to feel truly alive if only for a short moment.
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Many vehicles have dull, monotonous carpets that do not give the vehicle a cozy feel.
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 With that said, don’t expect things to be that monotonous.
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Streaming companies are raising prices, cracking down on shared accounts and subjecting more customers to monotonous ads after hemorrhaging money on content in recent years.
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Post-interval sequences are monotonous and tedious.
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The constantly changing urban fabric of the post-World War Two years had seen the embrace of monotonous uniform suburbia in Britain.
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New-build homes in Toronto have a tendency to look alike, as many homebuilders go for traditional architectural styles that often give neighbourhoods a sense of monotonous ultra-cohesion.
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The conversation around automation in manufacturers continues to be about making sure that human workers are in jobs that need a human, and that robots or automated systems are handling the jobs that are more monotonous or dangerous.
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The Immaculate Room starts off as a monotonous endurance test devoid of stimulation, but things get complicated when weapons and another female participant are added into the mix.
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From grocery delivery to meal prep to laundry services, there are many companies that aim to help with the monotonous day to day tasks that have to get done.
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Fiennes also makes an incredible pro-gone-rogue as the angular and harsh look of his face matches the fiery eye-twitches and stoic, monotonous tone of his character, the Chef.
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Not only will you escape the boredom of a monotonous routine, you’ll get more out of it overall with long-term strength and mobility gains.

However, a recent National Institute of Standards and Technology [NIST] research study on facial recognition technology found beyond improvements in statistical accuracy, AI also eliminates potential distractions present in the monotonous manual review of repetitive tasks.
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Workouts need not be synonymous with being monotonous and boring.
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The rise and dominance of the MCU has played a huge role in accelerating the reduction of popular entertainment to a state of risk-averse monotonous stagnancy.
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But that’s unlikely to work either: trivial storylines such as Will trying out for the basketball team jar with the show’s monotonous intensity, which demands that everything everyone says is a self-aggrandising speech or a vicious telling-off.
Source: The Guardian

The result was everything that led to reaching the North Pole, a neutral and visually monotonous environment, which Morris captured with the Muslim chaplain, a French biologist, a Qatari princess, and eight other women from the Arab World and the West.
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“Generating clinical study reports (CSRs) is a monotonous step before submitting new drugs for approval and often can take weeks or months to produce.

Python Development Trends in AutomationPython is widely used to make life super easy as it has the ability to automate various tasks like automating the test cases in the areas of software development, scraping off a website in order to collect data, and also automating monotonous office tasks.
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For example, some of the participants in EXE found the 30 min session on the stationary bike (the first part of the 1-hour session in the original setup) to be monotonous and bland.
Source: BMC Public Health BMC Public Health

Yes, you read that right! It would never cross your mind to pick Excel and its monotonous spreadsheets as an esport but the genius lies in it.
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The Galaxy Z foldables break that monotonous cycle spectacularly.
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Throughout the film, we hear snatches of the title song, which I always found to be a monotonous and preachy latter-day Clash anthem, with Joe Strummer singing about how “A lot of people won’t get no justice tonight.
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“He sang the same monotonous crap every week.

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