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While the first trickles of a dollar CBDC may have started in the Bahamas, the monsoon of coming regulation and contagion of the Second Great Stablecoin War is far from over.
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 Then, in the middle of June, the annual monsoon rains thankfully arrived to douse the fires.
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Volcanic ash mixed with monsoon rain was falling on nearby villages and 1,969 people, including children and seniors, had been evacuated, the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) said.
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That storm turned into a full-blown monsoon by 1983 as desperate parents shoved, scratched, grabbed, elbowed, and punched their way down the toy aisle in hopes of snagging the popular doll before Christmas.
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Photo: Anirban Dutta / Nature inFocus Photography Awards 2022During the monsoon season, termites emerge and flap around in swarms to breed.
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One week, heavy monsoon rains, thunder and lightning interrupted their fieldwork and forced them to huddle in their tents.
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IOD on the way out but La Niña hanging onThe negative Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD), which has been supplying moisture from the north-west over the past few months, is currently in the process of exiting stage left on cue as the monsoon moves down.
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With no trees to hold back the mountains, monsoon season sent rivers of sediment coursing through the gulleys, spilling over roads and onto the homes below.
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When the water’s running — usually in the summer monsoon season — vehicles can even get swept away.
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The radar installed in 2010 at the Regional Meteorological Centre in Colaba in South Mumbai has seen frequent breakdowns in the last four years and has remained defunct since July, the start of the monsoon season this year.
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The Associated Press reported on Sunday that monsoon rains contributed to the erosion and collapse of a lava dome at the top of Mount Semeru, which at its highest peak is 12,060 feet above sea level.
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“At the moment they are not running in full wet conditions because of the visibility, so to be honest to have a monsoon tyre is not useful because they will never use it.
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Instead, he did exactly what Fitzcarraldo did and lugged a whole ass ship up a mountain in Peru in monsoon season using 1900s technology.
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 Then, in the middle of June, the annual monsoon rains thankfully arrived to douse the fires.
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1/618209/Mobilization-of-tin-during-continental-subduction Dominant precessional forcing of the East Asian summer monsoon since 260 kaBenhong Guo; Junsheng Nie; Thomas Stevens; Jan-Pieter Buylaert; Tingjiang Peng …Abstract: One of the most perplexing problems in paleoclimate research is how orbital cyclicities force East Asian summer monsoon (EASM) precipitation variation over the middle to late Quaternary.
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Think Dudhiware Khind between Pawna and Lonavla during monsoon if you've been through there, for example, which was an absolute nightmare to do on a Jupiter in Monsoon.
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Geologists blame monsoon rains that eroded the volcano's lava dome for causing the eruption.
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Every year, around June 1, Thiruvananthapuram or Trivandrum welcomes the world’s most prominent monsoon systems to India.
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It has a subtropical monsoon climate, with annual mean precipitation and temperature of 1100–1300 mm and 15.

Sponge cities proved a viable solution to urban floodingIn 1997, Yu Kongjian, a young landscape architect and Harvard graduate returned to his native China and proposed what was then seen as a radical notion: that China’s monsoon climate is incompatible with the country's adoption of Western urbanisation models.
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Along with the Sonoyta River, which flows near the playas, summer and winter monsoon rains have long served to support riparian environments key to the survival of life in the desert.
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Even here in northern Spain, it’s more humid than it is in monsoon season in Colorado — which lasts about three hours — so that chilly, wet, and damp factor has turned me into an outright wimp.
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Every monsoon the sediments are washed away, turning the sea a bright red.
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As with Shishapangpa, spring seems a little too early to hope for, but post-monsoon opportunities seem likely.
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The first episode, for example, will look at polar bears on Svalbard’s frozen sea-ice, while later episodes are promised to feature giant pandas in monsoon season in China and king penguins in Marion Island.
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The peril isn’t that far-fetched; volcanic eruptions have affected the timing and the position of the monsoon on the South Asian subcontinent.
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I think the monsoon didn’t finish in the first week of September like normal, and that is what created problems.
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368ZEgan Bernal posts training clip in monsoon conditions and has a message for those finding winter riding toughFor all of us in the Northern Hemisphere who are looking out the window as we get set for a ride and bemoaning the passing of summer, Egan Bernal has a message: "Fight it!"He posted a clip of himself on social media training behind his father on a motorbike in true monsoon conditions.
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His research spans many areas of meteorology, including the Indian monsoon and global warming, and he was a contributor to the Stern Review and the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report.
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Romanian Orthodox monk Father Mikhail departs after mass at the Church in Putna monastery, Putna, Romania on 8 March Liz Truss during a visit to the maritime engineering company in Belfast harbour during her campaign to be leader of the Conservative party and the next prime minister in August Fida Hussein Flooded residential areas after heavy monsoon rains in the Jaffarabad district of Balochistan province, 31 August Photojournalist Fida Hussein is based in Mubai, India and his remarkable coverage of the disastrous flooding in Pakistan stood out.
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REUTERS/Isabel Infantes Close 18 / 78 Flood victims gather to receive food handout in a camp, following rains and floods during the monsoon season in Sehwan, Pakistan, September 14.
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I think the monsoon didn’t finish in the first week of September like normal, and that is what created problems.
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"This reclamation done before, during the monsoon it means a lot more sand is coming onto one side, and we are seeing much higher waves.
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This piece represents everything Susan loves about Tucson, Arizona: the monsoon storms, the mountains, cacti, flowers, and birds.
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But the current monsoon has been unkind to Miongo.
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Material and methodsStudy areaTaizhou City, a coastal city in the central part of Zhejiang Province, belongs to the mid-subtropical monsoon area and experiences four distinct seasons (Supplementary Figure S1).
Source: BMC Public Health BMC Public Health

The report comes even as north, central and western India reel under an onslaught of pre-monsoon heat waves, with temperatures in March breaching century-old records.
Source: The Hindu

“The earthquake has caused extremely panic among people amid monsoon downpour,” he said, adding that his administration had alerted hospitals, health centers and ambulances to be ready to treat possible victims.
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19, 2022, in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, we were able to create the most precise chronology yet of the summer Indian monsoon over the past millennium.
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The pre-monsoon period was exceptionally hot in India and Pakistan.
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The common sense of nutrition discourse dictates that the peak should be in monsoon when diarrhoea takes over, or in winter when hypothermia is the devil for children.
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Pakistan recently experienced severe flooding caused by heavy monsoon rains, which washed away villages and left millions in need of immediate life-saving assistance, as well as an increased risk of infections and drowning, Daraz said.
Source: Pakistan Today

“I learned a lot about pop-ups during Second Saturdays,” Arevalo-Trujillo remembered, “especially during the monsoon season.
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"This reclamation done before, during the monsoon it means a lot more sand is coming onto one side, and we are seeing much higher waves.
Source: BBC

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