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The former Flat jockey, who now events at novice level and is a familiar figure on ITV and Sky Sports Racing, told H&H she hoped sharing her story would help other people.
Source: Horse & Hound Horse & Hound

Manufacturers are also introducing smaller wine bottles to encourage novice drinkers to try out their brands or labels,” said Verghese, the GlobalData analyst.
Source: The Star Online

If you are a novice to Excel, that might all sound a little complicated, so let's show you an example to put things into perspective.
Source: Interesting Engineering

Thigh-high black stockings began the show, part schoolgirl, part-nunnery novice — a tongue-in-cheek theme continued in interesting plays on a black triangular shaped habit worn with aplomb by model of the moment Bella Hadid.
Source: The Associated Press en Español

" Keep it informal, for participants to join in throughout the day and to encourage them, make a few pages in advance to put in the album as examples, so any novice crafters have an idea to follow.
Source: tips from the experts Prima

Best of all? The vessel is equipped with lined indicators on the side that let the bartender — or novice — know how much they’ve poured from the bottle, removing the need for bartending tools like jiggers or measuring glasses.
Source: VinePair

Even novice outdoor enthusiasts know it's unsafe to try to pick up or handle reptiles like potentially venomous snakes they may come across on the trail or in their yards.
Source: Yahoo Life

The following three types of weightlifting straps are commonly available in the market: 1) Lasso Lifting Straps These are by far the most commonly used lifting straps, especially among novice and intermediate lifters.
Source: Sportskeeda

Later, BMW's engineers excitedly explain their vision for using technology developed in the M Mixed Reality prototype to teach novice drivers performance techniques or to allow casual enthusiasts to test the real-world limits of a car like the M2 without the fear of putting it into a wall or wrapping it around a pole.
Source: CNET

Now she’s always ready to take novice birders out, and introduce them to the pleasures of listening: the waka-waka of the acorn woodpecker, or the mimicry of the mockingbird, with a witchity-witchity-witchity here and tschick-a-dee-dee there.
Source: Bay Nature

(Submitted photo) McCune, 70, is busy as the proverbial worker bee while overseeing his business of bee-related products, teaching and mentoring novice beekeepers and also serving the community as an Auburn Township trustee.
Source: The News-Herald

Patrice Gordon believes there are huge benefits to having the novice teach the master.
Source: NPR

A machine learning system may direct the salesperson and make it simpler for them to carry out their duties efficiently, whereas a novice salesperson may need months to comprehend and offer a product properly.
Source: Dataconomy

But the simulations also help novice adjusters learn emotional intelligence skills, such as active listening, empathy and keeping their cool when customers get angry.
Source: TechTarget

For novice birdwatchers, Merlin is an especially useful app.
Source: WBEZ Chicago

Indeed, when taking such an approach, one becomes both the expert and the novice — a mixture that creates tension, but a remarkable tension at that.

Changing the business structure or putting a novice in charge of marketing will only see your result being pushed even further behind.
Source: Little Black Book LBBonline

The following three types of weightlifting straps are commonly available in the market: 1) Lasso Lifting Straps These are by far the most commonly used lifting straps, especially among novice and intermediate lifters.
Source: Sportskeeda

A host of national and local Internet service providers (ISPs) are mimicking AOL's features and going after its core group of novice users.
Source: Money

PAUL Hartnett (East Cork AC) and Fiona Everard (Bandon AC) stormed to their respective national novice cross-country titles at the 123.

A major miscalculation in the premiere then sends the novice time travelers to 2042 (oops!), where they discover that a “butt-pocalypse” has left the world in shambles.
Source: TVLine

$10 a month is a lot for a series of fancy templates and assets, and it’s hard to recommend to the apparent target market of novice social media users.
Source: MUO MakeUseOf

Whether you travel in a glitzy motorhome coach or a tiny teardrop trailer, as long as you pack a little food, adequate water, and your favorite creature comforts, even the most novice RVers have everything needed for a successful visit.
Source: National Parks Traveler

Players can be anywhere from kids, novice recreational weekend players and competitive club members.
Source: WKRG News 5

Janome MC6650 Sewing and Quilting Machine Buy on Amazon Heureux Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine This machine by Heureux was designed with the novice in mind with its handy guides and ease of use.
Source: Small Business Trends

There are a number of reasons why anyone would wish to upgrade to Windows 11, but, for Mac users, this isn’t a simple process and isn’t recommended for novice users, nor those using a managed device with heavy restrictions.

It’s a meal so important, that novice chefs often turn to the experts for help to cook their turkey.
Source: Arizona's Family

3 poundsBest for: A novice artist or young person getting started.
Source: Forbes

The Key Areas Before lifting weights, the developing player, or novice adults, should undergo a foundational training program as outlined here: Once this has been followed and the athlete can move well, then they can start to do more specific work with weights.
Source: stack STACK

Stewart won the Adirondack AAU Golden Gloves Tournament in the novice heavyweight class in 1969, 1970 and 1971; other victories included the National AAU Junior Boxing Championship, the Western Massachusetts Golden Gloves Tournament and New England Golden Gloves Tournament.
Source: Times Union

They  overwhelmingly elected him twice, making a relative political novice into an electoral juggernaut.
Source: Pennsylvania Capital-Star

Plus, there were dozens of professional physiologists, biomechanists, running coaches and athletes assailing the poor design of early 2000s shoes as a leading contributor to extraordinarily high injury rates among both novice and avid runners.
Source: Outside

Tulsa's Southwood Nursery garden staff also suggests "Keep your garden simple, if you're a novice gardener.
Source: Muskogee Daily Phoenix

— Once a year, novice and expert beekeepers have a chance to pick up new hives at Nixa Hardware.
Source: KOLR

  We learn all about Darwin’s rise to fame, including the turning point from when he went from a novice content creator to a full-blown trail celebrity, his advice to aspiring YouTube trail personalities, and why he ultimately fell out of love with the platform.
Source: The Trek

Greenberg also said birding can be intimidating to the novice who does not have the knowledge or equipment – the high-powered spotting scopes and long-lens cameras – that seasoned birders do.
Source: WHYY

To a 23-year-old novice just out of graduate school, the sight was unnerving.
Source: Quillette

On Sunday, Ritz joined about a dozen beekeepers ranging from the novice to those with experience for a demonstration offered by a couple of the founding members of the recently formed Jackson County Beekeepers of Indiana.
Source: Seymour Tribune

In several games it was clear, even to the most novice of fans, that the Defense was up to the task of competing with the very best of competition.
Source: On the Banks

The prime suspect in this case, even a novice will realise, is the murderer himself.

7 is considered a novice climb.
Source: BYU-I Scroll

And even a novice can create usable business graphics.
Source: Popular Science

A novice beekeeper, he knows enough to interpret the capped brood and larvae as good signs.
Source: Texas Monthly

  Plain and simple, it’s just a fun way to dive deeper into the NFL and I highly recommend it to everyone, especially the novice fan who wants to gain more knowledge about the sport.
Source: Winston-Salem Chronicle

Pamper the Foodie in Your Life Whether they're already a chef or a novice cook, these food delivery subscriptions save time and jumpstart creativity with new flavors and ingredients.
Source: Sarasota

It is a great tool for a novice to learn his favorite song and for an experienced musician to transcribe the details of a song when rare chords are played.
Source: Inventiva

Later, BMW's engineers excitedly explain their vision for using technology developed in the M Mixed Reality prototype to teach novice drivers performance techniques or to allow casual enthusiasts to test the real-world limits of a car like the M2 without the fear of putting it into a wall or wrapping it around a pole.
Source: CNET

 Even if you’re a gingerbread house-making novice and feel more comfortable with a precut kit, this midcentury-modern house from World Market is simple to put together.
Source: Architectural Digest

preached, and Walker, a former University of Georgia football star and political novice who has waged his bid in the mold of former president Donald Trump.
Source: The Times of Israel

The software can be fully utilized by a novice user as well.
Source: Dataconomy

Long-time skier Sarah Kuta lists the 12 mistakes novice skiers make on the slopes.
Source: Insider

Brown recommends novice skiers find local, independent resorts instead.
Source: The Washington Post

Some platforms are now offering tutorials so novice video editors like you can learn how to use both the standard and advanced editing techniques.
Source: TNW

Every novice who comes to the White Tower is put on the same level as every other, regardless if she is of noble or humble birth.

It is a program equipped for advanced editing needs, making it difficult for some novice users.
Source: ZDNet

The model’s overall performance, according to a paper published in Science shared with Gizmodo, corresponds to a “novice programmer” with a few months to a year of training.
Source: Gizmodo

“If I get a novice out there and they can point to a bird, our team leaders can help them ID it.
Source: The Villages Daily Sun

" Today, Mouser is far from a novice fighter.
Source: Shape Magazine

It’s balanced and calmly elegiac busywork for the first few hours, even if Bulwark decides to keep the training wheels on a bit too long as it schools novice administrators in how to stave off the two major threats: mutiny from an increasingly distressed crew and the hull dissipating into nothingness.
Source: PC Gamer

But many novice content marketers skimp out on promotion, which is practically necessary to make sure your work is discoverable.
Source: Entrepreneur

Andrew Crone, Chaddock Furniture Perhaps one of the youngest CEOs in the furniture industry, Andrew Crone is no novice to the field.
Source: Furniture Today

Throughout, Oz — a political novice with no roots in Pennsylvania politics — struggled to connect with Republican voters, with some seeing him as too close to Trump, too liberal or too inauthentic.
Source: The Associated Press en Español

After a hairdresser leaves, Truvy hires novice Annelle, just out of beauty school.
Source: Seven Days

These days, while a novice may still have understandable questions, promotion is a fairly simple rule as chess rules go: Pawn gets to the end and it becomes a queen, rook, bishop, or knight.

  Seychelles Seychelles offers exceptional diving opportunities year-round, both for experienced and novice divers, in pristine waters and protected from the elements.
Source: The Financial Express

“I look forward to this every year,” said Lisa DiNardo, who joined the club four years ago as a novice gardener and is now co-chairing the club’s civic garden work.
Source: CTPost

I believe that a novice who connected with the information would likely be enlightened by what they’d learned.
Source: Digital Trends

Being the novice I was, I gave him far too much — about 20 feet’s worth.
Source: BYU-I Scroll

  Big smile on Van Baalen's faceThe chestnut gelding was trained and competed by Mara de Vries from novice to small tour level.
Source: | Eurodressage

The annual event gives novice and returning anglers the opportunity to fish without a license.
Source: Governor Jim Justice

Some beekeepers have been critical of Flow Hive for attracting novice beekeepers with what they argue is the suggestion that backyard honey is as easy as turning on a tap.
Source: The Guardian

It does feature a downward vision system and infrared sensing for stable hovering, which is a big help for novice users.
Source: Engadget

 Guided Photography Tours Led by experienced photographers, this Guided Photography Tour experience offers both novice and professional shutterbugs the opportunity to capture the beauty of The Flower Show ahead of general admission hours.
Source: Garden Center Magazine

Meet Feliks Zemdegs, Australia's Rubik's Cube starThere is a clear chasm between the casual novice cuber and one serious about completing the puzzle in any sort of respectable time.
Source: Axios

The Best: Best novice video editor using WindowsFilmoraThe Basics: Considered the best video editor on a budget, Wondershare’s Filmora offers a pleasing interface; well-designed title and text templates; standard trimming, transitions, and overlays; and a host of effects.
Source: TheThings

Before he knew it, he’d gone from needle novice to skilled knitter.
Source: The Brain Tumour Charity

It’s a comprehensive, instructive book and a fun read for the novice angler or the stream-seasoned veteran.

Use an app like eBird Mobile or MerlinFor novice birdwatchers, Merlin is a useful app, helping identify birds by uploading photos or bird song recordings — or through a series of questions about their location, size, color and behavior.

 Adobe Premiere Pro may feel a bit more overwhelming to novice editors.
Source: TechRadar

While a little daunting to use at first for novice Terminal users, you'll soon have the hang of it and wonder how you got along without it.
Source: AppleInsider

The app — which has been awarded ‘Editor’s Choice’ and ‘App of the Day’ by the Apple App Store curators — gives novice and seasoned plant owners a basket full of digital tools necessary to ensure their plants thrive year-round.
Source: Garden Center Magazine

The minor chord progressions also work “on the borderline of musical confidence and musical nervousness,” he says, where “the picking pattern, the dynamics, the accenting pattern is inconsistent, as if it’s a novice guitar player.
Source: The Ringer

Although a novice baker, I was fairly certain green was not the right color for a pie made with lemons.
Source: Sault Ste. Marie Evening News

This isn’t for novice users, but it is simple enough as it just adds a spacer to your dock so you can separate out your apps based on whether they’re for work, school, or personal.
Source: Digital Trends

The store has offered 5km and half marathon training programs and shop-assisted runs (which includes putting hydration stations on group run courses) for many years, but Searfoss says the store has had its most tangible success with its walk-to-run program from new and novice runners and the foundational education that goes with it.
Source: Outside

Fortunately, data recovery tools make it easy for even novice users to restore their data… But you need to act fast.
Source: Macgasm

The risk of hiring novice writers or troublesome writers is completely eliminated.
Source: Entrepreneur

It is the ideal wine to introduce Port to a novice as it gives a good impression of the incredible aromatics, flavors and complexity that the Douro Valley can express, especially when it comes from top-selected barrels from Graham’s estates, yet there is tons of bright, juicy fruit making it irresistibly delicious.
Source: Forbes

It’s easy enough for a novice cook, and it can be made within an hour of dinnertime.
Source: VegNews

To get started, many mutual fund companies, such as Fidelity and Vanguard, have tutorials and resources for young or novice investors.
Source: KXLY Spokane

B,” recommending she chew more and drink less; Lavar Walker as an old friend, now a pharmacist; Swann Gruen, removing a fish hook from a finger; and Phil Wang as a novice MRI technician who dreams of being a DJ — one might call him scene-stealing if the scene weren’t made to show him off.
Source: Los Angeles Times

AI just makes it way more efficient for even novice threat actors (ahem skids).
Source: BleepingComputer

Michael Manocchio (Officer Larkin) is the naïve and novice white policeman who first encounters the mother.
Source: Evanston RoundTable

ALAULI: For Dayamani Devi, the pain of a tubectomy surgery without anaesthesia as she felt the blades of a novice slice through her body and wailed, will go away.
Source: Times of India

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