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Unique Markets, Photo Credit: Courtesy of Unique MarketsPhoto Credit: Courtesy of Unique Markets “Online is great — you get to hear a lot of feedback — but nothing beats the in-person nuance of having a long conversation with a customer or a peer,” Pumphrey of P.
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The British duo’s debut full-length doesn’t try to box in the different ideas that overflowed from its 2020 EP Wicked City, but every track here has a little more nuance and polish than before.
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It didn’t have the human nuance that would show like a human suffering with slight ups and downs.
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It involved performance capture, which freed Joyce to write with a little more nuance and less exposition, certainly without the textual callouts from Tales From the Borderlands that reminded players they’d said something an NPC was likely to remember.
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One such nuance that should not be overlooked is remembering to let your coffee bloom.
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Now, if you do decide to draft yourself -- which is half the fun of being in a fantasy league in the first place -- that's not to say there isn't nuance in drafting.
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The nuance of business law makes it important to ensure you're on the right path here is important.
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Hamill’s performance was informed by an understanding of all of these deranged motivations, such that he could play a scene like the one above with different nuance in every single line in the span of less than two minutes.
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 "There may be a number of arguments to nuance this high percentage of desistence," the review read.
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Baseball experience likely influences arm-angle nuance and off-platform throwing power.
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1948-54), collage, 8 7/8 x 7 3/8 inches (courtesy the Estate of Anne Ryan and Washburn Gallery, New York) Just as Ryan’s lyrics in Lost Hills track self-possessed insights and emotional nuance through a sensitized and sharp deployment of early 20th-century American vernaculars, these collages forge nonfigurative alphabets and plaited calligraphy to comparably expressive and restrained ends.
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His interpretation of the prince has nuance and layers — a young man who wants to impress his abusive father and longs to prove his worth as a future king.
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An eye trained by observing faults and erosion, so accustomed to reading the clues and histories hidden in the features of the Earth, can’t help but conceive a new appreciation for how Jordan constructed his fictional setting, weaving so much information, thought, and nuance into every detail.

Thirty-two years, does it seem like all that long ago?In 1990, much of the news media missed the boat on framing Armstrong’s place in history with the nuance he deserved — perhaps reflective of how race and the issues surrounding it have been ignored and shadowed for centuries in America.
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  “From the streets of Seattle to the psychedelic skies of a unicorn-run dystopia, our filmmakers are transporting audiences to new dimensions with stories that explore the nuance of disability, immigration and gender,” said Festival Manager Lily Yasuda in a press release.
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“It’s important for me that my photographs, and my artwork in general, add nuance to these conversations about what it means to be American.
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Ad Ad – content continues below Additionally, Spielberg and screenwriter Tony Kushner made a genuine attempt to represent the Puerto Rican culture in mid-20th century America with a sense of authenticity and nuance never even considered by the creators of the original West Side Story show and movie, all while bringing a sense of acute awareness and hindsight to the racial dynamics and tensions that were omnipresent in the ‘50s, from NYC to Spielberg’s own youth out west.
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The film probes at the inherent tragedy and history of the character with a level of nuance and depth that few subsequent incarnations (live-action or otherwise) have successfully attempted since, conjuring a portrait of loss and heartbreak whose resonance endures to this day.
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Any nuance or conflict that Hardy injects into Shinzon is steamrolled by the relentless plot.
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This study’s results show more nuance in the cause of the cavities, including thermal and non-thermal sources.
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  Unlike the face replacement technology that some studios such as Laika employ to achieve nuance in the performances of the stop-motion puppets, del Toro and co-director Mark Gustafson, who honed his skills with Claymation master Will Vinton, utilized figures with mechanical visages that require delicate manipulation from the animators for a slightly less immaculate result in movement, but one that makes the hand of the artists known.
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We had spent tens of millions of dollars with them improving the capture pipeline so that what the actors did, every nuance of their emotional performance, was manifested in the final character, and you can feel it in the movie.
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Here is the opinion of someone actually trained in the subject, with all the necessary nuance and complexity.
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The complete lack of nuance makes the film pretty useless as a contribution to the conversation, however.
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Detail levels are sky-high across the frequency range – but because everyone’s so used to bog-standard subwoofers that just thump along with the rest of the soundtrack, the nuance and expression the Theatre teases out of bass sounds is almost startling.
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However, it is not just the likely factual inaccuracies and complete lack of consideration or nuance that McShay and Kanell approached the story with (which is becoming increasingly emblematic of how they and their colleagues across the sports media landscape operate), but what is even more frustrating and damaging is the obvious biases and venom that they directed at a player who tried to come back from this injury twice before very clearly being unable to even walk without pain.
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The only significant ones I recall is Joker ordering Nina to "kneel" in front of him changed to "stand" (a nuance implicarion), the options for sneaking Bow out of HomeTown replaced Adult Mag with Comic Book, and maybe one other.
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SBF, Elizabeth Holmes and Elon Musk should probably not be used in the same sentence Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines.
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Shows advanced nuance in route subtleties and after-the-catch creativity.
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Smith said Ridder's growth has been more mental than physical in terms of understanding the nuance of the playbook, the playcalls and what goes into being an NFL quarterback even though he has yet to take an NFL snap.
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Smith said he "spent the last three months replaying an understanding the nuance and complexity of what happened in that moment.
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Both of these beers nail that character, with the Single Barrel being especially incredible, the richness from the new recipe not diminishing the nuance from the Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels.
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"Every single one of them has a nuance that would make them different.
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The second issue is the AI’s apparent lack of nuance in treating the faces of people of color, as well as the oversexualized nature of many images uploaded by women.
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It didn’t have the human nuance that would show like a human suffering with slight ups and downs.
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Ricard, of course, is the brand most associated with the anise liqueur, but there are a number of artisan brands now on the market, each of which makes a compelling case for the nuance captured within the category.
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  Kristal Maimo ’26, a student in González’s English course, said learning about the nuance and historical significance of Cabaret has been valuable.
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Still, the baddy group's presence adds a sense of danger to the central quartet's journey across the two worlds, and Córdava offers us plenty of nuance in the political drama.
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Phobophilic's Enveloping Absurdity is great because it speaks to those modern sensibilities while also operating with a level of nuance and craftsmanship that longtime death-metal heads can appreciate.
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There is some nuance to the stark difference in production that can be noted (the final four teams Zach Wilson started against were the Broncos, Bills and Patriots twice -- all excellent defenses), but the bottom line is that the offense has operated at a much fantasy-friendlier level with Zach Wilson off the field this season.
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Manguso adds nuance to her story by investigating how substitution and silence can be misguided acts of love, not just symptoms of damage: she knows how loving something so much that you are afraid to love it at all is not the same as not loving it.
Source: The New Yorker

Engage with the internet’s mortal enemy – nuance – however, and Malkmus was being rather more magnanimous than it first appeared.
Source: is Pavement's Stephen Malkmus right about reunion albums? NME

Fold 2 The Galaxy Z Fold 4 adds all of the nuance and refinement that the Fold 3 needed.
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Over the years, “Around the Horn” has evolved from a barrage of bombastic debate into a smarter show where banter and nuance can coexist, and Reali has developed from a facilitator, a pass-first point guard, into a host whose voice and vulnerability have made a glorified game show into a refreshingly genuine space.
Source: The Athletic

My reading year has been dominated by non-fiction, and I’ve felt myself particularly drawn to books which examine complex and difficult subjects with nuance and depth.
Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Implanting arrays into brain regions that have different roles can add nuance to movement in other ways.

It aims to preserve the detail and nuance in the music at the cost of not reducing the filesize as much.
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We approach it in that way, applying the same level of depth and nuance to all the characters.
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The coffee nuance is otherwise expectedly buried in our (off-character-for-us) huckleberry white chocolate mocha (“half sweet, please!” and “no whip for you!” reads my receipt, playfully, true to my order).
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'" Never kid a kid who hasn't had his recess Disney Disney's "Recess" was part of a wave of shows like "Pepper Ann" and "Doug" that captured a specific time in a kid's life with nuance and care, this one centered around fourth graders and what they do during recess.
Source: /Film

Being sensitive to the nuance of the source and situation can make a difference in a quote's quotability.
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Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines.
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There is plenty of nuance in the efforts to legitimately balance the scales.

When I’ve spoken to boys about porn more generally, I have found lots of nuance and variation in their perspectives.
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We are keen to make sure the Iraqi public understands the nuance around the case,” Sam Taskar, Fitton’s son-in-law, told the Associated Press.
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  Meanwhile, in their statement, the Jacksons noted, “It is important to understand that Depp and Beck have not denied that the lyrics and nuance of the vocals performed on ‘Sad Motherfuckin’ Parade’ appear to have been duplicated by Depp and Beck, which they have appropriated and credited to themselves.
Source: Rolling Stone

That overall atmosphere is part of what cleverly paved the way for a series that managed to appeal to practically every demographic; it was friendly enough for kids to be excited about while filled with the nuance that longtime fans felt immersed in.
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Video editing, as with the editing of photographs, has a lot of nuance to it.
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Bernstein’s in-your-face look at hypocrisy, first as Nahkman who rejects the play out of hand in a salon reading, and then with the ferocious sermon of Rabbi Joseph Silverman and the smug tossing weight around of Officer Bailie, gives nuance to these heavies and made me ache as Nahkman pleads for the consulate; placing the ugly banality of his short-sightedness against the towering power and ugliness of greater evils and death, I’m not sure I have enough superlatives for Zelkowicz’s Lemml.
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com/nu9hBZVvAn— Daniel Dockery (@dandock) July 25, 2022 Fans are recalling the nuance Warner lent to Ra’s and making note of the fact that he is considered by many to be the greatest personification of him to date despite many others following in his footsteps.
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But the nuance was lost amid the heat of the reaction.
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There are a few more tricks you can learn, too:  brew remove, followed by an app name, can be used to uninstall anything you installed using Homebrewbrew search, followed by an app name, can be used to search the list of available applications, which is handy for finding the exact name you needbrew update will check for new versions of all the software you’ve installed using Homewbrew brew upgrade will install the latest version of every application you’ve installed using Homebrew  There is a lot of nuance and detail I could get into, but I’d like this to remain an accessible beginner’s guide.
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This was sometimes true, but that idea muddies important nuance and neglects that the perspective is so much bigger than legal and financial ownership.
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There’s very little in here that advises how to maintain depth or nuance as one cuts prose to the bone.
Source: The New Republic

Fans of funk will lap up its aromatic profile, with notes of stone fruit and grassy vegetation providing further nuance.
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Rosati says that that nuance helps people to identify limitations or gaps in the literature.

BMI is insensitive to body composition nuance (e.
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“I put anchovies in my salads all the time,” she said, but when hidden in the dressing, they add body and nuance without overpowering any of the other ingredients with which they’re paired.
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Smith is very effective here and in later scenes after Peter escapes, and the actor brings feeling and intensity to a role that is lamentably short of nuance and character insight.
Source: IGN First IGN

There’s just too much variety and nuance to make a specific recommendation, so I’ll defer to Sky and Telescope’s binocular guide.
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There’s a evident lack of subtlety and nuance in articulating these notions, which in some cases comes across as if Dominik thinks the audience is too stupid to understand what’s really going on.
Source: The UCSD Guardian Online

With a natural eye for angles, light and composition and a director-like knack for layering scenes with nuance and context — Yarrow counts Spielberg and Scorsese as influences — some might say it was the path he should have taken in the first place.
Source: InsideHook

That overall atmosphere is part of what cleverly paved the way for a series that managed to appeal to practically every demographic; it was friendly enough for kids to be excited about while filled with the nuance that longtime fans felt immersed in.
Source: Digital Trends

Green is right, but he should also expect continued blowback every time he suggests Jordan's Bulls would be no match for his Warriors despite the nuance of the era discussion.
Source: Bleacher Report

Adams-Smith's Roberta does seem to genuinely want to understand the nuance of showcasing diversity, but she does so with the grace of a hippopotamus.
Source: Seven Days

The 73-day rule is applied not to a theater as a whole but to each screen in a theater regardless of its type—a nuance that creates particular difficulties for special types of screens such as IMAX, 4D, and Dolby Cinema.
Source: Foreign Policy

This is a very big musical with many many numbers and dance routines and a lot of complicated storylines with overlapping characters, nuance and innuendos.
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Also, the nuance is in communication.
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John Woo directs Nicolas Cage on the ‘Face/Off’ set (Paramount/Touchstone/Kobal/Shutterstock)Still, for all the character nuance – balanced out with Cage’s devilish mania – Face/Off was prime action fodder for Woo, a director who likes to turn up the action as he shoots; to throw big explosions against the wall and see what sticks.
Source: The Independent

Chappelle, one of the school’s most famous graduates, told the audience Monday that while he thought the backlash against him lacked nuance and wasn’t about his work, he didn’t want a theater bearing his name to distract from students focusing on the meaning of their art.
Source: The Washington Post

Four years on, the detail and nuance of images produced by the latest AI art generators have grown more impressive exponentially.
Source: The Guardian

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