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Its story of an elderly farmer who travels by tractor on a multi-state odyssey to reconnect with his dying brother shares with several Lynch-pins with the series, namely a love of the road, western America’s scenic beauty and Harry Dean Stanton.
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The Waterford man continues his African odyssey when he joins Tom McKibbin and John Murphy in the field for this week’s Alfred Dunhill Championship at Leopard Creek.
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It’s been a deliberately paced small production odyssey of regeneratively farmed organic wines, aged in barrels, along with some gin, stylishly packaged and promoted, featuring the flavors of the moment in enticing pale pink hues and beautiful bottles.
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It becomes a musical odyssey and gets into the psychology of what you just said.
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With bladders empty and beer cups refilled, fans slowly took to their seats as drummer Danny Carey pummeled his kit as a preface to the band’s peculiar synth odyssey “Chocolate Chip Trip,” which was followed by “Culling Voices,” a performance that saw the band intimately joined together, front and center, all the while confetti magically trickled from the arena’s roof.
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Whoops, I was definitely about to fall asleep and still had not managed to sneak a peep at the awesome and terrible abyss of consciousness revealed when overhearing the odyssey of one’s own blood.
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Image: UbisoftUbisoft’s ongoing NFT odyssey continues to bewilder and demoralize not just longtime fans but also its own developers.
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| Credit: HBO Max It seems like a relatively small job, but things take a turn, thrusting Joel and Ellie on an odyssey across what's left of America.
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The latter aversion is a particular shame, as hers is one of several superb turns by French actresses this year: Anaïs Demoustier and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, captivating as unlikely lovers in the breathless rom-com Anaïs in Love; Lucie Zhang, bracing in her bluntness and affecting in her vulnerability as a French-Chinese woman navigating work, family, real estate and heartbreak in Jacques Audiard’s Paris, 13th District; Anamaria Vartolomei, the no-nonsense lead of the blistering abortion odyssey Happening; and Return to Seoul’s Park Ji-Min, whose performance as a mercurial French adoptee exploring her Korean roots builds to one of the year’s most unexpected crescendos of feeling.
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Fifty years ago this month, mission managers at the US space agency Nasa gave the final go-ahead for what would turn out to be humanity’s most recent odyssey to the moon.
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She also covered Elvis Presley’s Summer Kisses, Winter Tears on the soundtrack of Wim Wenders’ sci-fi odyssey Until the End of the World and released her second album, The Voice of Love, in 1993.
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Crystal Dynamics’ late 90s action-adventure odyssey focused on the titular Akuji, a voodoo priest whose heart is quite literally torn out on the day of his wedding and who must now wander the Underworld searching for a way back home.
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> Science > Space When the universe has seemed a vast, lonely place, people have taken comfort in Earth's steadfast companion — the moon — ever-marching through space with this planet on an odyssey around the sun.
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Her odyssey becomes a test of the commonplace idea that, as one character puts it, “the language of a native speaker is perfectly fused with her soul.
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Every summer, the mammals travel to the warm swallow waters of the Gulf of Guinea and Madagascar to mate and give birth, before restarting their odyssey back to the Antarctic with their offspring.
Source: Whale watching in Gabon: Where humpbacks go to give birth FRANCE 24 English

From retrieving a ball from a neighbor's yard that becomes an epic odyssey like "Lawrence of Arabia," to going to see Reptar on Ice, the show tracked their adventures, their creative problem-solving methods, and their bonds of friendship.
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And Lex Liang’s minimalist scenic design proves a fine complement for an open-hearted odyssey about finding love and a place in the world.
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The story weaves through an odyssey of local corruption, loss, and echoes of the spiritual.
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] Follow Rowdy Geirsson on Twitter and check out his new book, The Scandinavian Aggressors, an offbeat odyssey into the freezing heart of the modern Northlands that features delightful and illuminating episodes about enslaved leprechauns, beheaded mermaids, elite warrior sisterhoods, deranged Swedish fishermen, craft-beer-brewing zombies, dysfunctional Finnish metal bands, and perverted trolls.
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Schartel, a husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather, told Fox News Digital in a phone interview that his health odyssey began when he was first diagnosed in 2017 with osteoarthritis (OA) in his hands.
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Setting off on an odyssey to retrieve the instrument, Jack encounters the kinds of characters who once dominated the Lower East Side.
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The sheer grandeur of the world of Midden and the peaceful reflection you'll uncover while traveling through it makes for a fascinating and personal odyssey in Sable.
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But if modern plastics and ridiculously overpowered engines aren’t your thing, why not look for a vintage Honda instead? The Difference Between Antique, Vintage, & Retro Before we take you on an odyssey through our favorite vintage Honda motorcycles, let’s define what “vintage” actually means.
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From the tragedy that befalls David Bradley’s Geppetto in the film’s Up-rivalling opening minutes, to cricket narrator Sebastian’s (Ewan McGregor) simply spoken closing words – “What happens happens, and then we’re gone” – del Toro takes us on the kind of darkly wonderful odyssey only the great Mexican fabulist could’ve helmed (there’s a reason his name’s in the title).
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For example, his widely-acclaimed “Signs Preceding the End of the World” follows a young woman who embarks on an odyssey that resembles a migrant’s journey across the Southern U.
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While I might be confined physically to this shoebox-cell, I can own my voice and raise it not in anger or rage, but to be of benefit to others, especially to those troubled teens who are on that dangerous pipeline from the cradle to prison, the odyssey I was on that landed me in San Quentin.
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Joseph Okpako / WireImage SOS is a 23-track odyssey through heartbreak melodies and vengeful bops with tracks like "Seek & Destroy" and "Smoking on my Ex Pack.
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The Motown odyssey includes such hits as “Natural Woman,” “Think,” “Chain of Fools” and “Respect.
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) And this quartet of just-concluded classics is a good microcosm of what was best in the most recent generation of TV: a dream odyssey through hip-hop celebrity and modern Black life; a motor-mouthed antihero’s journey to get his life right; a single mom’s idiosyncratic observations of family and the universe; and a razor-sharp legal fantasia of life in the Trump era and after.
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Schartel, a husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather, told Fox News Digital in a phone interview that his health odyssey began when he was first diagnosed in 2017 with osteoarthritis (OA) in his hands.
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