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The tone is witty and self-deprecating, with pithy quotes from Shakespeare and Sophocles and chapter titles like “Ten Pounds in a Five-Pound Sack” and “Hatching a Catastrophe.
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Tick ended with a pithy phrase: “Be more physical and human and less digital.
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Indexes could be weaponized, their pithy entries suitable for an attack on an adversary or the propagation of a conspiracy theory.
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Of course, not every final line has to be grandiose or pithy to be noteworthy.
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This wonderful book has been a firm favourite of mine since its publication, and I'm still pinching myself to believe I've been permitted anywhere near it as a playwright!" Notes From A Small Island contains a wealth of wry observations and pithy insights - albeit recorded almost 30 years ago - that will resonate with a contemporary audience, particularly as Britons reassess their national identity in a post-Brexit, politically turbulent, and technology-driven world.
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Bricusse and Wildhorn’s book and score express a legion of pithy themes and social commentary, ranging from the duality of the human psyche to a distrust of science and scientists who, too often, fail to stop and ask themselves whether the dangers posed by their discoveries outweigh the good they may provide.
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Georgia’s Republican lieutenant governor was pithy in assessing Walker’s political career: “one of the worst candidates in our party’s history.
Source: The Washington Post

What We Owe the Future By William MacAskill   Was it really ten years ago that Douglass Rushkoff first offered his pithy diagnosis of the prime pathology of our age, “Present Shock,” a state of anxiety caused by the ever-increasing speed and immediacy of time? It was.
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It’s a pithy comment that brings up questions about rep ranges (how many times, or repetitions, a weight gets lifted within a set).
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The writer has fun creating confronting, clever dialogue and pithy comment.
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In the past week, hundreds of children have joined the protestors ranks and the cries of “Women, Life, Freedom,” have inspired potential sanctions from the European Union — demonstrating that even with the organization’s pithy comments about pop stars, international support and the voices of hundreds of thousand of Iranian protestors continue to ring out louder.
Source: Rolling Stone

49) showing off its wonderful pithy citrus cut and thrust and brightness coupled with fleshy white peach.
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That target has a pithy name: “30 by 30.
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 ‘Range Life’ by PavementStephen Malkmus’ navel-gaze stream-of-consciousness diatribe pissed Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan off to no end thanks to a pithy back-handed reference, but ‘Range Life’ is more than a stoned-out diss track.
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)Scientific dating fell out of fashion in the years that followed, as dating migrated from complex desktop websites to mobile apps, where users presented themselves with little more than a set of photos and a pithy tagline.
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Though it might take a while for the film’s aims to become clear, those who are willing to patiently wait out through some of the gags and pithy one-liners will find a story that engages deeply with what it means to be alive.
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At the same time, its output is indistinguishable from original content: ChatGPT is remarkableChatGPT The only artistic edit to this pithy verse might be changing that last bit from “now belongs to a machine” to “now belongs to me.
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Rather, we’ve tried to offer you a sample of the best compliance podcast options, from detailed technical compliance podcasts to human interest stories and pithy news updates.

Press’s “Essential Knowledge” series of pithy monographs.
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Compared to the pithy digital watch of only a few years ago, the fitness tracker is a wonder.

Beyond the punchy flow and pithy allusions, this album has a lot to say about struggle and survival, an ever-shifting burden.
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Indexes could be weaponized, their pithy entries suitable for an attack on an adversary or the propagation of a conspiracy theory.
Source: The New York Times

Del Toro and McHale feature multiple pithy refrains like these, which avoid repeating fairytale platitudes based on impossible rectitude.
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(Sherman Smith/Kansas Reflector) Okay, so it might not be producing pithy full-length commentary right away.
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When I saw 100 gecs perform it in 2019, there was palpable catharsis as a sold-out crowd shouted “oh my god, what the fuck” in unison, bolstered by other pithy one-liners embodying current malaise (“Feel like I’m not good enough” and “I might go and throw my phone into the lake” were two other howlers).
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