Using "please note" in a sentence

Sailors who wish to take advantage of our payment plan, please note that we have updated and amended our Payment Schedule for 70000 Tons Of Metal 2023.

Not to worry1 BTC = 1 BTC127,000 BTC = 127,000 BTC (unless they have been counted multiple times)Meanwhile please note Global Squabbles Erupt Around the World Over the Remaining Crypto Assets of FTXThis post originated on MishTalk.
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Far from exposing himself as a racist editor dressing down a black scholar, as Roberts claims, Fiedler comes off as a fusty and naive European academic trying to navigate a complicated and inadvisably structured editorial project:  Just as an explanation of the somewhat non-professional exchange we are having, please note that I am on a mini-biking tour with my wife through the Bavarian pre-alps.
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However, please note these are low-resolution due to the nature of the trailer.
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