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And every year, he gives us the proverbial finger on his way to another productive scoring year.

  Forearms, Wrists, and Hands  Although they don’t do much of the proverbial — or literal — heavy lifting, the various muscles that run from your elbows to your fingertips bear enormous tension throughout both lifts.
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There’s so much data that finding any anomalies are a bit like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.
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CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19) Goplus 2-in-1 Under-Desk Treadmill, $360, original price: $500 Amazon Capricorn is the striver of the zodiac, ever trying to climb the proverbial mountain.
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The Illini defense dominated the Wildcats, but Love was well on his way to being the proverbial player of the game when he entered for Brown.
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Tesla avoided the worst-case scenario and weathered the proverbial storm, but like all good telenovelas .
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The BJP has risen in Gujarat from the proverbial scratch.
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Years of experiencing defenses throwing everything at him — including the proverbial kitchen sink — have sharpened Curry’s ability to pick them apart.
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One of these is from the Crew Quarters about the giant proverbial elephant in the room: they want an explanation for what happened to Earth.
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"Starting a business takes time, money, and lots of proverbial elbow grease.
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the proverbial “team no one wants to face” late in the season as it lit up Tennessee and at least late – Clemson.
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Home Features By Andrew Daly published 5 December 2022 The former Stories axeman recalls his friendship with Randy Rhoads, dodgy dealings with Kiss's management and explains why he thinks Ernie Ball Music Mans are the best guitars around (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab) (Image credit: Trudi Knight) As a proverbial bridge-builder between the '70s and '80s, Starz's Stratocaster-wielding axe-slinger Richie Ranno proved pivotal to the trajectory of hard rock and heavy metal.
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It notes that the name could still change but that Max is "the likely choice" and that boots are on the proverbial ground trying to make it a reality.
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Enzo Fernandez has been shining along with Messi, while Nicolas Otamendi has turned back the proverbial clock at center back in a tour de force for the CONMEBOL powers.
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Similar to the Dunkirk evacuation, large numbers of private, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have responded to the dire needs of Ukrainians, using proverbial rescue boats to deliver precision-guided humanitarian and medical aid.
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And after being dragged through the proverbial wringer by the HD Spikers, Cheng and the rest of the Angels know that they cannot take it easy, even with Game 2 slated on Tuesday.

Conroy, as you well know, voiced Batman in Rocksteady’s genre-redefining Arkham series of games, which introduced a new generation of kids to the most perfect voice ever to don the proverbial cowl.
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If the Fed ultimately keeps rates higher and for longer than the market expects, that will keep the proverbial foot on the throat of the global economy (and risk assets), driving spreads on corporate bonds wider and equity values lower.
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With visiting Hofstra already facing tough odds to make the game competitive, the proverbial writing was on the proverbial wall early on in this one after Hofstra declared star senior guard Aaron Estrada as out for the game.
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If you have ever had to battle your thoughts, to the point where you wanted to shut everything out; felt the walls closing in on you, claustrophobic, without a way out, no light at the end of that proverbial tunnel.
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So when he was recently asked about Will Smith, and his proverbial Oscars slap of Chris Rock, Hart said the public should let it go.
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We might even need to walk a proverbial mile in their shoes before addressing conflicts.
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Plus, the proverbial genie is out of the bottle with Michigan’s passing attack.
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Still, in a week that featured owners acting like the proverbial sailors on shore leave that this Navy town is known for, Krall and the Reds were the teetotalers on the sideline.
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“It’s like a proverbial needle in a haystack, and you ain’t got a magnet,” Miller said.
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Virgo(August 23 - September 22)Related Stories From YourTango:Normally, you jump at the chance to settle down, but time and experience have shown you the proverbial ropes; you have learned that going all the way into a fully committed relationship isn't always the best strategy.
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In 2022, the Astros seemed to finally drop Valdez’s proverbial leash and let him pitch.

While the folks at the Arizona Animal Welfare League are nice people, Dina, a 7-year-old Labrador mix- is ready to find her proverbial “fur-ever” home.
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Then you have the proverbial unique selling proposition (USP).
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The Cubs are known to be ready to make a big splash as they look to turn the proverbial corner.
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Almost before Gilbert finished speaking, Danielle Cohen Higgins threw Rodriguez’s name into the proverbial hat.
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There, in a narrows less than 800 feet wide, New England’s longest river is trapped between a proverbial rock and a hard place.
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Twitter has no more time for its employees to recline with a good book, so whoever ends up with these can think about the few employees working in proverbial social media mines.
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Declaring “We believe we have to scare the shit out of the elites,” Prakash and the Sunrise campaigners put their proverbial money where their mouths are and are seen marching in the halls of Congress on November 13, 2018, then occupying the office of Nancy Pelosi, the then-incoming Speaker of the House who was riding an electoral wave wherein Democrats had just won a majority of seats in the House of Representatives in the midterms.

Florence Pugh does a laudable job of bringing her character “Alice” to life, as she goes down the proverbial rabbit hole –Alice in Wonderland? Harry Styles plays the innocent “Jack” …and the Beanstalk? who’s just trying to create a good life for his wife Alice.
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The film placed the prison and the town of Mansfield on the proverbial map and has provided the prison building with a new lease of life as a tourist attraction and museum, forming part of the Shawshank Trail.
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  Third, the report asserts that “the United States needs to put its own proverbial house in order.
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She made a proverbial killing earlier this year, when her century-old Hollywood Hills farmhouse sold in a bidding war for $335,000 above the asking price, and now iconic actress and comedian Nicole Sullivan has used her windfall to buy a more family-friendly place elsewhere in Los Angeles.
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The Mac existed and was still beloved by the proverbial “crazy ones,” but it was at its nadir in terms of market reach and cultural relevance.
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With a new/old map, a custom games browser, new customization options, and the proverbial more, the game feels more like Halo than it’s felt all year.
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I think that’s the greatest thing about coaching, if you can take somebody that doesn’t get it, all of a sudden, as they say, the proverbial lightbulb goes on.
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“I muted parts of myself, left them at the proverbial door and then picked them back up on the way out,” she recalls.
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Then, he just upped and left when it looked like the Tigers were about to become a dynasty, and your Prime was going to flip those proverbial tables and close the gaps and straighten the crooked.
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The first Lilith Fair lineup seemed to revolve around a certain type, the proverbial white lady with an acoustic guitar playing folk songs in a coffeehouse: McLachlan, Sheryl Crow, Shawn Colvin, Paula Cole, Jewel, Meredith Brooks.
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If he’s the Twins opening day shortstop, the Twins will be fine, but that is the proverbial floor that they have set.
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$23 at AmazonL'Oreal Paris L'Oreal Collagen Face Moisturizer$9$11Save $3If you’re mourning the loss of elasticity in your skin, this collagen cream could be your proverbial fountain of youth.
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The BJP has risen in Gujarat from the proverbial scratch.
Source: The Tribune India

Raise Your Waistlines, We’re Talking Regency Fashion We’re getting to a much bigger piece of the proverbial pie, English regency (1795 to 1837).
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If you stay with the same provider, usually it'll be able to flip the proverbial switch without sending a tech to visit your home.
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She pays tribute to the fact that having started as an assistant, and growing into expanding roles before rising to the level of EVP gave her invaluable ‘hands on’ experience and a developed wisdom for everything that goes into successful brand launches, of which Sony Pictures has been blessed with many during her time at the proverbial wheel.
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GMA3 is a spin-off of the Disney-owned ABC morning show, Good Morning America, which is a proverbial “cash cow” for the company.
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And once they do, the power will be back on, like the proverbial Kong, because Vlad was still crushing balls in 2022 like Donkey crushes Mario.

For many, it felt as if the world had been flipped on its proverbial backside.
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  And perhaps one of the most famous (or infamous?) artists that will throw down his proverbial glove is rapper Eminem.
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Price is the proverbial elephant in the room when reviewing the Beosound Theatre.
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This transcended traditional post-game sportsmanship or the proverbial handshake.
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And when KRS-One was the lead hip-hop artist, he was talking about songs like “My Philosophy,” you know what I mean? “Love’s Gonna Get’cha” is giving us more proverbial inspiration.
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It’s gross, I mean this is uh the proverbial morning sickness.
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20th Century Studios "Barbarian" was one of the biggest surprises of 2022, and not just because of the shocking in the second act that turned audience theories on their proverbial head.
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Stay down!The Buffalo Bills laid some absolute shots on Mike White in their 20-12 win on Sunday, but the New York Jets quarterback refused to lay on the proverbial mat.

And as I mentioned in the subtitle to the book, they do focus intently on creative labor markets, as we’re going to talk about in a minute, as the proverbial canaries in the coal mine.
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Enzo Fernandez has been shining along with Messi, while Nicolas Otamendi has turned back the proverbial clock at center back in a tour de force for the CONMEBOL powers.
Source: NBC Sports

Like the proverbial man searching for his glasses under the streetlight "because that's where the light is," evaluating financial stability shouldn't mean that policymakers should only look for systemic risks in the entities they directly regulate.
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Yet, the Grammy Award-winning artist has made it a habit of extending proverbial flowers to the creatives who’ve helped inform and influence his own style, one of them being rapper and producer Q-Tip, who Tyler spoke glowingly of during a recent interview with Nardwuar the Human Serviette.
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If you’ve made it to this point in this post, and have been wondering about the possible overuse of alliteration—lofty next to lexical, really?—an overreliance on cliché—cinching proverbial belts, cutting proverbial mustard—mixed metaphors—do people file things under banners?—whether certain words were used correctly—comprise?—or if it’s permissible to lard a sentence with more than a pair of em dashes—you’re in the right place.
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You can pick your proverbial poison here.
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When Ashley Turner accepted the offer to reimagine the menu at Hacienda Taproom & Kitchen,  she brought a wealth of experience to the proverbial table.

As the two untangle the larger war they’ve stumbled into, they pull together a band of merry adventurers, including Meldof (Francesca Mills), a dwarf with a hammer and a proverbial ax to grind; Brother Death (Huw Novelli), a warrior with a bloodied past; and Yeoh’s Scían, an unrivaled fighter who wants to retrieve a sword sacred to her people.
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He's a lot like Miss Argentina in "Beetlejuice," except he's the one processing whether or not your soul is going to cross over to a heaven-like eternity, or torturous pain in proverbial Hell.
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“It’s like a proverbial needle in a haystack, and you ain’t got a magnet,” Miller said.
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I’m sure everyone is tired of the proverbial garage manufacturing example, but satellites are now being built in downtown San Francisco and Chicago.
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The 1992 World Cup game between Pakistan and West Indies leads the way: 441 runs for two wickets makes for an RpW value of 220, which makes this match the leader by the proverbial mile.
Source: ESPNcricinfo

It suggests that Rose becomes a different person when she no longer has to put on the proverbial face.
Source: Vulture

It’s clear that there was genuine passion behind this show, despite the fact that it also feels like a cautionary tale of putting the proverbial cart before the horse and making spinoffs while the main series is still finding its footing.
Source: Winter is Coming

Kaia Gerber killed two proverbial birds with one stone on Thursday, heading out for both a dog walk and a juice run.
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It was all Joe in the early going, with the champ throwing Darby around like the proverbial rag doll.
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Now here is the proverbial “but” succeeded by the positive comments.
Source: Netflix film gets too lost in its labyrinth of misdirections TheReviewGeek

A Return to Roots Adding a couple drops of orange bitters looks like the proverbial riff on a classic to most bar patrons, but it’s not — the earliest incarnations of the Martini recipe called for orange bitters, but the popularity of the familiar, stripped-down makeup of gin and vermouth pushed the citrusy ingredient by the wayside.
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RELATED: The Shyest Zodiac Signs In Astrology, RankedSagittarius(November 22 - December 21)Tarot card: Five of SwordsYou have one thing in mind: make the money and put it away for the proverbial rainy day.
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Buy The Book The Tyranny of Talent, by Joe Baker (Photo: Courtesy 3SD Publishing) The pendulum has swung back and forth repeatedly on this topic: Is greatness the result of the proverbial ten thousand hours of practice, or a gift embedded in the genes of a lucky few? Should we zero in on our future specialty as early as possible, or flit lightly from interest to interest until we stumble onto our passion? Baker (whose work I wrote about a few months ago) is one of the world’s leading researchers on talent identification and development, and he pushes back against the too-simple stories that dominate these debates.
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“Each play deals with desperate people at the ends of their proverbial ropes, each faced with choices that pose incredible consequences to their bodies, psyches and spirits," said Augustin J.

Kinoti started her business by becoming the proverbial middleman and aggregator, creating a direct market for farmers and a more affordable connection with consumers.
Source: Forbes

But unless EA makes a move it is increasingly looking like the proverbial odd man out in gaming.
Source: CNN

Both in the proverbial sense, letting his game do the talking, and quite literally not saying a damn thing.
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Related Story Tems And Wizkid Top Billboard's Year-End Afrobeats Charts For 2022 Though “Just Wanna Rock” feels like a proverbial for Lil Uzi Vert, he has not been away for long.
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The idea that we tossed into the ether became the proverbial turd plopped into the punchbowl.
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On that day, Donaldson picked up his proverbial quill.
Source: Tallahassee Democrat

I expect to be an outlier, the proverbial fly in the ointment.
Source: The Big Picture Barry Ritholtz

How does Alanis feel now when she hears her younger self wailing away at the powers-that-be on the Jagged tunes? “I look at that record and that state of wailing against the proverbial machine or whatever as a rite of passage, from having been slightly passive, certainly in my creative environments as a teenager, and encouraged to write about certain subject matters and discouraged to write about others.

From there, the tension and awkwardness only continue to grow — until finally, Kate takes the proverbial reins from her twin girls and steers the interview herself.
Source: In The Know

Willard is the proverbial Man in Black, the hunter dispatched by Erasmus Wilde to find and capture Washington Black.
Source: Variety

emerges, grabs the proverbial brass ring, and runs with it.
Source: All About The Jersey

Max Cressy is a proverbial good guy—reasonable and well-mannered; hence his inclusion on the list.
Source: Sports Illustrated

But sometimes it’s nice to get all the good stuff without doing any actual work—the proverbial "free lunch.
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(‌ “It was the proverbial pulling teeth,” Stengel said.
Source: The New York Times

But there was still more EA could do with Star Wars, even if it doesn’t exclusively hold the keys to the proverbial X-Wing—especially at Respawn, still benefiting from the warm reception to its work on Jedi: Fallen Order.
Source: Gizmodo

Do you have some concerns or observations when looking at the current PairWise? Dan: I’ve been waiting for a few years to see teams reach out for the proverbial brass ring, and this year finally feels like it’s happening.
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Archive or backup You might be thinking I need the space, but I don’t want to delete anything! If you really are the proverbial data squirrel, here are a few simple suggestions: Archive any files you’re unlikely to need regularly.
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