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A fellow speedrunner who uses the pseudonym pannenkoek2012 and who offered $1,000 (£900) to anyone who could explain why Mario teleported suddenly in the 2013 incident tells BBC Future, "I lean towards hardware malfunction" – rather than cosmic rays as the culprit.
Source: BBC

And I put out another record, under a different pseudonym The Silicon Teens, which Depeche (pictured, inset, in 1984) were big fans of, so that probably helped.
Source: Music Business Worldwide

The caption says “No entry!”One interviewee living in Yunnan province, who asked to be quoted under the pseudonym Dou Lao for fear of retribution by the authorities, was among the netizens who posted the list of six demands.
Source: The Diplomat

BoydThis poised and playful debut by three writers sharing a pseudonym is a sly satire on foodie culture and the modern hype machine.
Source: The New York Times

“At least a half dozen of the contributors to HIDDEN (the most recent book, 2020) use a pseudonym and never, in any way, reveal who they are,” states McArthur.
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 Black women were a particular early target of online trolls on social media (Credit: Aimee Dilger/Getty Images)They might also have the option of using a pseudonym on their accounts.
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What books should I bring along with me?Flann O’Brien’s “At Swim-Two-Birds,” a meta-novel (written under a pseudonym by Brian O’Nolan) about a Dublin student who spends his time lazing around, drinking and writing — except his characters won’t do what they’re told, and his stories keep getting mixed up with each other.
Source: The New York Times

  When he’s not writing as Terrell, he’s writing under his pseudonym Tavion Scott, creating scripts for his audio drama podcasts.
Source: What To Watch

Writing under the pseudonym Mencius Moldbug, he produced a prodigious corpus of political philosophy.
Source: The Conversation

26, 2022, under the pseudonym of OneSignature.
Source: Cointelegraph

She also unofficially appears in Apex Legends under the pseudonym Horizon.
Source: PC Gamer

Franks points to a first-person account of virtual-world harassment written in 2016 by a person using the pseudonym Jordan Belamire.
Source: Grid

Paul McCartney: Percy Thrillington Updated Nov 24, 2022 The Beatles legend went under the pseudonym Percy ‘Thrills’ Thrillington to release an instrumental version of RAM in 1977 which was written six years before hand.
Source: NewsGraphic

During this time, he often worked under the pseudonym Andy Badale.
Source: CNN

(Photos: Pornprom Satrabhaya) The first time street artist Patcharapol Tangruen sprayed his pseudonym Alex Face on an old car in 2002, he did not know that in the coming decades his graffiti, paintings, sculptures and other art pieces would be well-received by art enthusiasts and the public.
Source: Bangkok Post

My choice for the pseudonym "Junius" has been inspired by an 18th century British political writer who wrote a series of letters promoting individual freedom and liberty, and whose identity has been a source of mystery ever since.
Source: Seeking Alpha

Boyd, a pseudonym created by authors Alessandra Lusardi, Kevin Alexander and Joe Keohane.

She also unofficially appears in Apex Legends under the pseudonym Horizon.
Source: PC Gamer

In the 1960s he gained fame as a vocalist, at first using a pseudonym to avoid dishonoring his family.
Source: Deadline

Besides his Backstreet Boys earnings, McLean had a brief solo career working with One Republic's Ryan Tedder and NSync's JC Chasez under the pseudonym Johnny No Name, putting his fortune at $30 million.
Source: Bangkok Post

The article’s writer is listed merely as “Daily Mail Reporter” and the choice of carols seemed to me to be so inexplicable that I genuinely wonder if this is a pseudonym for a robot – a little algorithm that generates basic reportage.
Source: The Guardian

Curious to learn why Esther is so anxious to get online, Elio ingeniously (and surreptitiously) inserts himself into her world by creating a pseudonym and logging into the online chatroom she participates in.
Source: Moment Magazine

Shibetoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym of Billy Markus, co-creator of meme coin Dogecoin (DOGE), told Musk in a Dec.
Source: Cointelegraph

Andy Ross, left, with Dave Henderson, members of the band Disco Zombies, formed in Leicester in the 1970sHe wrote under the pseudonym Andy Hurt and joined me in the mid-80s at Sounds magazine, where he excelled in punning and later invented the phrase “shoegazing” to describe bands who stared at their feet rather than the audience.
Source: The Guardian

Today, friends of Svetlana Timofeeva, one of Russia’s most famous urban explorers, who goes by the pseudonym Lana Sator, confirmed to RFE/RL that she is among the three people who were arrested, and remains in custody.
Source: Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

(In this report, the mother will be referred to by the pseudonym Diane Perry to protect the identity of her underage daughter.
Source: Houston Chronicle

The Korchynas requested a pseudonym be used for their last name.
Source: Kyiv Post

After touring and recording with Vai, Townsend became discouraged by what he found in the music industry and went on to produce several solo albums under the pseudonym STRAPPING YOUNG LAD.

  When he’s not writing as Terrell, he’s writing under his pseudonym Tavion Scott, creating scripts for his audio drama podcasts.
Source: What To Watch

Anna Serikova, Finiko’s executive director better known under the pseudonym Tiffany, was also detained.
Source: Bitcoin News

Still, it does give fans something of a re-introduction to the mysterious and wise mage, Solas, also known by his pseudonym of Fen’Harel — The Dreadwolf.
Source: Destructoid

Brian Johnson - better known by his online pseudonym 'Liver King' - admitted in a six-minute-long video on Friday that he has done steroids in the past and is continuing to receive 0.
Source: Business Wire

She is also a published author, writing under the pseudonym Mbinguni.
Source: Black Girl Nerds

  The account, which appears under the pseudonym Li Laoshi, or Teacher Li, has more than 800,000 followers, and is followed by many journalists, academics, and China watchers who are trying to keep up with the latest developments about the protests.
Source: DW (English)

Back at the House of Beavers (a pseudonym for the DNC), Evergreen and her brain trust are trying to figure out what to do next and it is determined that Tucker and Ralph are to deliver a proposal to Dr.
Source: The Epoch Times

  When he’s not writing as Terrell, he’s writing under his pseudonym Tavion Scott, creating scripts for his audio drama podcasts.
Source: What To Watch

Babbacombe’s, Susan Scarlett (1941) Another Noel Streatfeild romance potboiler written under a pseudonym during WWII but set in the Thirties.

She also wrote a few tracks with Alwyn, who used the pseudonym "William Bowery.
Source: KUTV 2News

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