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Gless insists on reciprocity -- if we give you our sightings, we want yours.
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In the formula, she said, "it is immediately intuited that Mary is the prototype of the feminine and Peter is the prototype of the masculine, and it is clear that when the popes use the formula of the 'Marian-Petrine principle,' they want to affirm that everyone, women and men, should feel at home in the church because it is a place where the relationship between masculine and feminine is one of close reciprocity.

In the hopes of reducing the administrative burden between the different socioeconomic programs, the final rule will allow for reciprocity between the 8(a) / economically disadvantaged WOSB / WOSB and the new Veteran Small Business Certification Program.
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He explained that professional relationships and reciprocity should always work to the advantage of these clients, especially when the clients and their family members are multi-jurisdictional.
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And you can arrange it so that it's based on reciprocity that we owe each other, you know, through a gift exchange.
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Kimmerer writes with beauty and reverence toward the world we live in, braiding essays together to paint a picture of a culture where people behave with reciprocity toward the land and toward each other.
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He has produced new philosophical concepts that delve into the nature of democracy, nationalism, and capitalism in an impressive ensemble where the notions of reciprocity and fairness loom large as the unifying links," said Berggruen Jury Prize Chair Antonio Damasio.
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I found myself revisiting Grant’s insights on relationships, success, and reciprocity long after I had finished the book.
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The fund helps us with reciprocity and brings Italian producers to another level internationally.
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He said the DNR had reciprocity with other states, and the curriculum covers universal concepts.

  According to a list of state requirements collected by Paul Mitchell Schools, new Virginia cosmetologists trained under a 1,000-hour curriculum could lose reciprocity in 17 states.
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It was not mutual; there was no reciprocity there,” she added.
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I found myself revisiting Grant’s insights on relationships, success, and reciprocity long after I had finished the book.
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Times Studios) The first film directed by a woman of the Cherokee Nation to be an official Sundance selection, it tells a story of reciprocity within the Cherokee community, with narration by one of the Nation’s elders.
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"That act of reciprocity and generosity all ties us together — between ourselves as humans, but also with our wildlife around us.

The histories (colonial, racial, elitist) of human relationships with the nonhuman may have whitewashed and pigeonholed touch and its potential for radical reciprocity and for reckoning with the past and the present.
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