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The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (Mass Moca) has embarked on a major conservation project to rejuvenate wall drawings in its long-term retrospective devoted to the late conceptual artist Sol LeWitt.
Source: Art Newspaper

So, where have we seen great examples of this? Byron Burgers recently approached Taxi Studio to rejuvenate its positioning and identity system, creating a simple yet expressive brand that taps into Byron's "eclecticism, eccentricity, and verve".
Source: Creative Boom

Having provided second-round fantasy value last season, Williams’ return to basketball could completely rejuvenate a fantasy team (and an NBA team).

The government has a different agenda, pushing people to have three children to rejuvenate one of the fastest-aging populations in the world.
Source: The New York Times

Designers can rejuvenate these spaces to promote relaxation and tranquility, allowing residents to age gracefully in place.
Source: McKnight's Long-Term Care News

“But we’re going to get a good chunk of time where us as coaches are on the road and the guys are away from football a little bit to be able to rejuvenate and recharge a little bit, to come back and have a couple of good weeks of preparation that I know our guys will be excited about a heck of a challenge to play an awesome program like Alabama.

"I highlight in the book I did a lot of unconventional things and helped Nintendo really rejuvenate its fortunes and move forward.

He hopes his films provide a few hours for people to just forget their daily troubles and rejuvenate themselves, and then go back to their lives.
Source: Business Wire

Making time for your hobbies can be a great way to recharge and rejuvenate your productivity.
Source: Entrepreneur

“Any town that takes the time and energy to rejuvenate that part of town goes a long way,” he said.
Source: Daily Herald

Recently, we kept running into dads, finding a way to nap and rejuvenate along the way.
Source: The DIS

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Criticisms of being unprofessional with poor execution skills met Cassavetes; however, he continued to contribute to indie filmmaking to rejuvenate it to what it is today.
Source: Far Out Magazine

Indeed, the German cast seems to rejuvenate the 7-year-old show, whose haunting lighting by Howell Binkley, frequently stage rotations and energetic, near-constant dancing (Andy Blankenbuehler’s Tony Award-winning choreography) mirror the torrid flow of language.
Source: The New York Times

As such, it becomes extremely important to rejuvenate the body and mind and try to keep stress at bay.
Source: The Indian Express

Beekeepers descended on Winter Haven Friday, picking up barrels of pollen substitute and syrup to rejuvenate their hives.
Source: FOX 13 Tampa

’THE WHY? With travel retail continuing to rejuvenate following COVID-19, ELC’s leadership shake-up comes at a time when the industry HR merry-go round goes into full swing ahead of the new year.
Source: Harry Melling Is Edgar Allan Poe in Netflix's Gothic Murder-Mystery Bloody Disgusting

U Beauty, the brand created by beauty expert Tina Craig and known for its internet-loved Resurfacing Compound, has also formulated a product to rejuvenate the lips.
Source: InStyle

Now, with both parties seeming to be interested in a reunion, will Kentucky pull it off and make the hire to rejuvenate the football fan base? A decision could be made within the coming days, whether it’s Coen or not, so we need to know what you all think; Does UK land the Prodigal Son Liam Coen? A Sea of Blue comes loaded with the best Kentucky Wildcats links, news, analysis, and some other fun stuff, so be sure to go ‘like’ our Facebook page and then go follow us on Twitter.
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Does it feel constricting or spacious to be you? Do you own and utilise your natural gifts as a space holder, as a deeply instinctual being, as a natural deep diver? Do the people around you hold space for you? Do you have people in your life that see you as deeply as you see them? What sanctuary and rituals have you created in your life to rejuvenate and re-stock yourself?  Mars will retrograde in Gemini, through your eighth house from 31 October 2022 to 13 January 2023 which will be a primo time to look at what thoughts you take action from and why, specifically in the areas of intimacy with self and others.
Source: RUSSH

“Treatment with niacin could rejuvenate .
Source: The Scientist

To rejuvenate the body, guests can book one of the many spa treatments designed for ultimate relaxation.
Source: PR Newswire

Both Mayer and Shannon went looking for a spot to rejuvenate their careers, and they should get the chance to be the 1-2 options for the Illini, which needed to get more athletic and dynamic on the wing.
Source: The Athletic

As the health of coral reefs continues to decline under the stress of climate change, researchers aim to rejuvenate failing reefs by transplanting healthy coral.
Source: USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences

A well-targeted paid social campaign that incentivizes email sign-ups can rejuvenate your distribution lists and pick performance back up.
Source: Sprout Social

According to some historical tales, bruschetta arose from individuals attempting to rejuvenate stale bread by bathing it in olive oil.
Source: Slurrp

Guys that are trying to rejuvenate their careers, guys that maybe are looking for a change of scenery.
Source: 247Sports

I can’t go to moss for peace and solitude, or to rejuvenate myself in nature’s lap, perhaps not even to ruminate on the nature and limitations of language.
Source: Aeon

Annie Gonzalez shares at-home scalp care remediesHair experts recommend using cucumber water instead of Cardi B’s ‘onion juice’What is a lower LVL lash lift? Eyelash expert explains how this trend makes your eye appear largerThe Root Of It is a hydrating scalp serum that combines pea peptides, Amla, and a combination of plant extracts to revitalize and rejuvenate hair, leaving strands fuller, stronger, and shiner.
Source: HOLA! USA

When Mercury forms a trine with Uranus on December 17, you’ll have an opportunity to take a step back from your engagements and give yourself time to rejuvenate your energy.

For instance, instead of using a facial roller, you may opt for a crystal charged night cream to wear as a facial mask as you sleep or a back-to-basics avocado mask with a little CBD oil to tighten up and rejuvenate your skin.
Source: Yahoo Life

Saul Villeda, a neuroscientist at the University of California, San Francisco, who studies how factors in the blood rejuvenate the brain, agrees.
Source: National Geographic

Take time to rejuvenate your energy.
Source: Chicago Sun-Times

Too much exhaustive exercise can wear you out, so clearly if this is the case you need to get plenty of relaxation and sleep to rejuvenate your body.

 There’s even an in-house sauna in which you can rejuvenate after a taxing day on the cold Colorado slopes.
Source: Yahoo Life

But his message also acknowledges the importance of controlled burning and the long history of Native Americans using fire to reshape and rejuvenate the landscape.
Source: Citizen Times

The ‘super silky formula’ aims to hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate the skin while you sleep.
Source: Wales Online

Vitamin C serum is a popular skincare product that is known for its ability to brighten and rejuvenate the skin.
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Aslı KuzuThe Çal Bağ Yolu is one of Turkey's newest wine routes, established in 2021 to form an alliance among the area's four vineyards and help rejuvenate Çal's historic viticulture.
Source: CNN

Its clients experience the luxury of a seamlessly upgraded home, so they can continue to enjoy, rejuvenate, and live life to the fullest each and every day.
Source: Collider

There are face creams that use electro-stimulation to create low-level micro-currents that rejuvenate the skin.
Source: News24

The Kerala High Court verdict on November 14 on the proposed sewage treatment plant (STP) at Kothi on the banks of the Kallai river in Kozhikode has sparked a debate, with the court conclusively stating that the plant would help rejuvenate the dying river.
Source: The Hindu

These signature products are made with centuries-old healing oils and extracts that rejuvenate hair follicles for glossier, more youthful-looking locks.

This OHLPRO Universal car mount will rejuvenate the dashboard of your old Megane.
Source: NextPit International

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