Using "relent" in a sentence

The two stars' clashing egos seemed to be the principal problem in their he said-she said feud, but neither was willing to relent over the years.
Source: Looper

Bout, he has shown no inclination to relent on United States support for Ukraine.
Source: The New York Times

Only when the US was in dire straits down 2-0 in the Round of 16 against the Netherlands did Berhalter finally relent and send Reyna in.
Source: World Soccer Talk

Bout, he has shown no inclination to relent on United States support for Ukraine.
Source: The New York Times

Sabina Chikere commended the efforts of the teams and urged the players not to relent in their careers.
Source: Nigerian Observer

Explaining the exercise, Secretary of FCT Transportation Secretariat,  Abdullahi Adamu Candido, reiterated that the government will not relent on the reinvigorated effort to rid the city of the menace.
Source: Looper

Our Correspondent Ferozepur, December 2Notwithstanding the High Court orders imposing a Rs 20-crore penalty on the state government for its lackadaisical approach in dealing with the protesters sitting outside the ethanol unit in Zira since July 26 forcing its closure, the protesters are seemingly in no mood to relent and are adamant on continuing their dharna till the plant in Mansurwala village is shut down.
Source: The Tribune India

Experts say the Biden administration has plenty of leverage to wield privately in urging Erdogan to relent in the threatened escalated attack on Syrian Kurds.

Nevertheless, we will not relent in our efforts to bring Paul and all other U.
Source: Fox News

Still, Walter believes Virginia lawmakers will relent someday — in a world wracked by climate change, nuclear energy is the best solution he sees.
Source: Turn to 10

Realizing that they wanted money, Nintendo decided to finally relent and allow Jax to tear off Baraka’s arms.
Source: Den of Geek

‘A Handshake Deal’ MDHS did not relent after Favre’s filing or Pigott’s firing.
Source: Mississippi Free Press

He added that the unit would not relent in its efforts of ensuring that beer consumption becomes history in the state.
Source: Punch Newspapers

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