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This song sounds as though it could be a future single from IN THIS MOMENT, with Steva‘s vocals again hugely reminiscent of Maria Brink in the chorus.
Source: Deathless Legacy Distorted Sound Magazine Distorted Sound Magazine -

 A launch module is being considered that is visually and functionally reminiscent of Windows quick access.
Source: Research Snipers

Bare shelves in some stores may seem reminiscent of this year’s baby formula shortage, but the situations aren’t quite the same.
Source: CNN

[DOWNLOAD: Free Action News Jax app for alerts as news breaks]Twin Peaks says on its website it welcomes guests with “an environment reminiscent of a comfortable cabin in the mountains.

On the one hand, it’s reminiscent of Eartha Kitt and the like, as on the opening “’Zat You, Santa Claus?” Other tracks, like “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas,” incorporate the sumptuous sound of studio orchestras.

He characterises the investigations as politically motivated “witch hunts” reminiscent of the Russian collusion “hoax”.
Source: The Guardian US

The incident is reminiscent of another anecdote in a book by Trump's former trade advisor Peter Navarro, in which Trump supposedly backed a plot to oust Kushner from leading his campaign and replace him with Steve Bannon.
Source: Kansas City Business Journal The Business Journals

Unsatisfied with the existing non-dairy yogurts, Assad began playing with ingredients and processes in her kitchen – eventually discovering that “a very long fermentation time”​ of 18 or more hours was the key to creating a deep flavor reminiscent of dairy yogurt with the same probiotic benefits.

On the other hand, Noah Cyrus and her songwriting partner PJ Harding might outdo them on their funereal new ballad Snow in LA (****) which they describe with these heartwarming words: “It’s reminiscent of traditional Christmas carols (with all their reverence and hope) but contrasted by images of catastrophic climate change and looming fascism that represent so many of our fears for the future.
Source: Evening Standard

Americans have grappled with record gasoline prices and soaring food costs this year in a cost-of-living crisis that is reminiscent of the inflationary 1980s.
Source: Fortune

With sets reminiscent of soundstages, energetic choreography, and room for comedy and levity (Garber’s dynamic with Whoopi Goldberg is wonderful), the musical takes its time with the characters but doesn’t feel overstuffed.
Source: Consequence

Larkin's sound is inspired by the Irish traditional melodies she was raised with, and her songs are reminiscent of Celtic folk tales.
Source: Blue Mountains Gazette

Julebukking is the height of holiday spirit during Christmas week in “Little Norway” and a bit reminiscent of Halloween wassailing.
Source: TravelAwaits

The believable performances overcome clunky aspects and stilted execution that, at times, is reminiscent of a low-budget stab at David Fincher's "The Game.
Source: Newnan Times-Herald

Friends first – a novel geostrategic environment, reminiscent of the early 1900s.

It's been 11 years since Casey Anthony was acquitted of murdering her daughter in a court case that garnered international attention reminiscent of the media frenzy that surrounded the O.

Mia Shi/University of Waterloo Scientists at the University of Waterloo have determined the optimal design for a splash-free urinal: a tall, slender porcelain structure with curves reminiscent of a nautilus shell, playfully dubbed the "Nauti-loo.
Source: Ars Technica

“This is reminiscent of short term-synaptic plasticity,” says Aalto’s Distinguished Professor Olli Ikkala.
Source: SciTechDaily

The final effect is highly reminiscent of the early 3D worlds that graced the PSX, particularly early horror titles like Resident Evil and Silent Hill.

Much of the best makeup, hair and nail inspiration we’ve been seeing in recent months is reminiscent of the beauty looks that lined the carpet and the catwalk in the ‘90s and early 2000s.
Source: PEOPLE

The incidents are reminiscent of another strange, isolated attack on the California power grid in 2015, when a sniper fired on an electrical substation and triggered a blackout to parts of Silicon Valley along with $15 million in damage.
Source: WIRED

From the Gervais cidery: “We finished a batch of our Authentic Cider in the can, resulting in a pét nat with lively bubbles, tart green apple notes, and a little bit of funk reminiscent of a Spanish Sidra.
Source: OregonLive

It’s unlike anything else on this list and is reminiscent of the beloved Ka-Bar (the real one, not the one that got appropriated by the Space Force).
Source: Task & Purpose

Royal Palace – Feel like a Disney princess (or prince) at dinner here, with a four-course meal of French and continental fare served in a dining room reminiscent of classic Disney films, including Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and the Beast.
Source: Pirates & Princesses

Its display is the same size as the Galaxy S10's, but its flat edges are reminiscent of the smaller Galaxy S10E's.
Source: CNET

LIVE: Lil Nas X in Amsterdam LIL NAS X’s wild, energetic show was reminiscent of a psychedelic fairytale as he took to the stage for his Long Live Montero Tour.
Source: The Irish Sun

Lettuce At the end of the growing season, lettuce will bolt, or send up a flower stalk that will develop seed heads reminiscent of dandelion puffs.
Source: Journal Gazette / Times-Courier

The interior and exterior finishes have a strong focus on tactile movement, with a color palette reminiscent of the waterfront.
Source: Real Estate Weekly

Similarly, Cooper tosses a coin in Season 2 (in an audio-visual sequence reminiscent of Red’s coin toss in Part 6) that just so happens to land on a picture of Dead Dog Farm which, sure enough, becomes a lead in the case.
Source: CBR Comic Book Resources

For Hogg, the making of this film was a “very powerful space to be in, because it was so reminiscent of somewhere that I knew, and was so faithfully recreated.
Source: The Gazette

The modus-operandi of the murder is reminiscent of the recent Shraddha Walkar murder case, however, the brutality is not shown but heard, but the splashes of blood on Mishra’s face is enough for us to squirm with discomfort.
Source: Entertainment News , Firstpost Firstpost

Designed like a space rocket suspended in mid-air, this levitating pen uses not magic but the science of magnets to keep the pen afloat in the middle of a stand that is reminiscent of a space station.
Source: Yanko Design

This movie bar offers nostalgia vibes reminiscent of the Blockbuster days.
Source: ABC Action News Tampa Bay

The Kalita plan is also reminiscent of the firm’s 2019 expansion of New York’s Museum of Modern Art, which brought architectural logic to a complex site with a challenging accretion of legacy buildings.
Source: The Dallas Morning News

As such, the final piece carries a painterly effect that’s somewhat reminiscent of abstract expressionist paintings reinterpreted in a digital language, maybe an updated take on 1990s explorations like those of Jeff Elrod.
Source: The Architect's Newspaper

But the rejection of any remedial rationale for the policy is chillingly reminiscent of post–Civil War arguments and assumptions about how we might as a nation overcome the impact of centuries of slavery and racial oppression.
Source: The Atlantic

This is reminiscent of the days when the new hotness was dragging a Linux box out of a home router, and just as those were quickly eclipsed by inexpensive boards such as the Raspberry Pi, so might these TV boards meet the same fate.
Source: Hackaday

Brittany Chang/Insider When I visited the new Starbucks Reserve in the iconic Empire State Building on opening day, I expected to see the same moody interior as the Seattle location … Brittany Chang/Insider … and a long line out the door reminiscent of the one I frequently see at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in the Meatpacking District about 1.
Source: Business Insider

Elmer’s “real world” is reminiscent of Recession-era America.

It has a reddish copper color that is reminiscent of Santa’s coat.
Source: SC Times

With animation reminiscent of the recent Mickey Mouse Shorts, the platformer will launch exclusively for Switch sometime in 2023.
Source: The Business Journals

Tansy: This Day Like a leisurely afternoon stroll through city park, Tansy’s This Day brings bright strings and warm R&B-tinged vocals to create neo-soul reminiscent of Nao or Mahalia.
Source: Fox Business

Dedra locates Andor’s family on his home planet and sets up an interrogation center there reminiscent of a War on Terror blacksite.
Source: The Bulwark

area returns for a concert presented as a pay-what-you-can, off-campus offering part of Strathmore’s Bloom at Good Hope Concert Series (10/8, Good Hope Neighborhood Recreation Center, Silver Spring)  Ray LaMontagne w/Lily Meola — The Monovision Tour featuring the reflective indie-folk singer-songwriter and his trio (10/25, Music Center) Musical Theater Trio With Inès Nassara — Although now a fledgling New York City resident, this Maryland-born singer-songwriter and Helen Hayes Award-winning theater artist, a 2017 Strathmore AIR alum, returns to the area for a pay-what-you-can concert presented as part of the Bloom at Good Hope series (11/12, Good Hope) Soweto Gospel Choir — The three-time Grammy-winning ensemble from South Africa perform Hope: It’s Been A Long Time Coming, a concert commemorating their homeland’s Freedom Movement and the songs that inspired the Rainbow Nation while also paying tribute to the American Civil Rights movement and American jazz and soul legends (12/6, Music Center) Ryan Adams — Metropolitan Entertainment and The Birchmere Present this rock songwriter known for a powerful life show (12/8, Music Center) Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox: A Very Postmodern Christmas — A special seasonal edition of a popular live act spinning modern pop hits into retro-sounding vintage tunes (12/13, Music Center) A Holiday Evening with Integriti Reeves — A Strathmore AIR alum, this jazz vocalist with a timeless “Modern Vintage” style and dulcet tone reminiscent of Ella Fitzgerald offers her take on holiday fare at this pay-what-you-can Bloom at Good Hope concert (12/17, Good Hope) The Hip Hop Nutcracker w/Guest MC Kurtis Blow — This remixed and reimagined hip-hop version of Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet and score, featuring contemporary and hip-hop dancers, a DJ, and a violinist, is an annual tradition at Strathmore, with this year’s concert featuring Blow, one of hip-hop’s founding fathers, as Guest MC and also opening act (12/19-22, Music Center) THE CLARICE SMITH PERFORMING ARTS CENTER University of Maryland College Park, Md.
Source: Metro Weekly

"The model projects that a deoxygenation of the atmosphere, with atmospheric O2 dropping sharply to levels reminiscent of the Archaean Earth, will most probably be triggered before the inception of moist greenhouse conditions in Earth's climate system and before the extensive loss of surface water from the atmosphere," the researchers explained in their paper.
Source: ScienceAlert

It’s reminiscent of one that you’d typically find on a PC, and works much in the same vein, serving as a shortcut manager, allowing users to quickly switch between apps and activities.
Source: PhoneArena

The stone bar and tapas grill is canopied by a raffia roof reminiscent of ship sails.
Source: Urbanize

Photo: Happy_food_photo (Shutterstock)Something about making a dessert reminiscent of shareable slices of salty meat really works for the holiday season.
Source: Axios

The installation is a series of massive, whimsical capsules that rock back and forth when users activate and feature vibrant colors reminiscent of Carnival’s feathered costumes and the city’s water-friendly lifestyle.
Source: ArchDaily

The photo depicts a thin strip of LEDs that seemingly stretches across the entire rear end, and the basic silhouette is vaguely reminiscent of the Giulia TZ (Tubolare Zagato) and TZ2 coupes built in very limited numbers during the 1960s.
Source: Autoblog

The video became an instant piece of pop-culture history as the band donned its trademark red energy domes and cofounder Mark Mothersbaugh snapped women’s clothes off with a whip in a land reminiscent of the group’s native Ohio.
Source: Time Out

Some Minecraft mods out there can add entirely new aspects to the sandbox game that have it feeling more reminiscent of other genres or games.
Source: PCGamesN

This game is reminiscent of old Sonic the Hedgehog titles, with some Metal Slug thrown in for good measure.
Source: Gameranx

, Burnaby), you can enjoy a salted chocolate porter — and if this description from BC Ale Trail doesn't tempt your holiday taste buds, it's hard to know what would: Salted Chocolate Porter (6% ABV | 16 IBU): With generous additions of vanilla and local sea salt, the toast and intense chocolate of the dark malts makes this brew reminiscent of a salt-finished chocolate tart.
Source: Burnaby Now

The actress, who rose to fame playing Joey on Dawson's Creek in the '90s and early '00s, recently channeled a look reminiscent of the style from the latter era.
Source: E! NEWS

Their protests were reminiscent of the late 1980s, when bottles of hydrochloric acid were planted and snakes were released in South Korean theaters to protest against the direct distribution of U.
Source: Foreign Policy

Even Markle’s white Louis Vuitton dress conjured memories of the Sussexes’ wedding with its sharp tailoring and off-the-shoulder neckline, which was reminiscent of the bateau style by then-Givenchy designer Clare Waight Keller she wore to walk down the aisle.
Source: Page Six

Much of the first half of “Four Samosas” introduces Vinny’s eclectic accomplices and enemies in quirky little vignettes, shot in pastel colors with precise framing — highly reminiscent of Wes Anderson.
Source: AOL

Dungeons in the GBA port onwards are more comfortably paced and reminiscent of modern dungeon design: get in, track down treasure/the next key item/the boss, and get out.
Source: Goomba Stomp

It isn’t until the second verse when he raps “I know you’re looking down on me, proud of your Grandson”, that we realise this is a reminiscent song as he brings up all the nostalgic memories that he has at “Grandma House”.
Source: CelebMix

  Georgia’s defense is a unit that plays with a ferocity that is reminiscent of brass knuckles.
Source: FiveThirtyEight

   Unexpected in the most marvelous of manners, "Leonor Will Never Die" is reminiscent of the waking dream qualities of Apichatpong Weerasethakul's oeuvre, Spike Jonze's "Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind," and the Japanese horror-comedy "One Cut of the Dead.
Source: Roger Ebert

In fact, some of the pivotal plot points in the film were reminiscent of Vishal films like Sandakozhi or Thimiru.
Source: cinemaexpress

From our review: Ford’s color palette for this film — an industrial composite of gunmetal grays and navy blues that recall glass-paneled skyscrapers on a cloudy day — is reminiscent of Michael Mann’s crime classic Heat.
Source: Polygon

, in a look so reminiscent of her leopard-print outfit from her "That Don't Impress Me Much" music video.
Source: Yahoo Entertainment

Some backlash has followed, reminiscent of what Disney has faced from conservatives for including gay characters in recent movies.
Source: DPReview TV

“The assumption has always been … that the ancestral condition for all modern birds was this fused-up condition typified by ostriches and their relatives just because it seems simpler and more reminiscent of non-bird reptiles,” Field added.
Source: The Guardian

They're disappointingly reminiscent of some sub-$300 Android phones that I've reviewed.
Source: ZDNet

He used typical clays with characteristic earthy qualities and special glazes with ambiguous colors, reminiscent of the classic Japanese tiles.
Source: Designboom

Some, like the Charge 5 above, are thin, discreet bands, while others like the Sense have larger, square-shaped clock faces more reminiscent of the Apple Watch.

The world is full of details and locations reminiscent of all kinds of timelines and games.
Source: AS USA

He notes that a song called "Strength Through Sex" is reminiscent of "Gee, Officer Krupke" from West Side Story, for which Sondheim would write lyrics nine years later.
Source: Interlochen

His skill set is reminiscent of a Nerlens Noel-type — a long, skinny, mobile center who can block shots at an elite level and slam home alley-oops on the other end.
Source: KSR

The smooth ceramic mug shows off metallic details reminiscent of cactus spines—without the ouch factor.
Source: Parade Magazine

The dialogue selections (and the option to choose light or dark conversation responses) is most reminiscent of BioWare games like Dragon Age or Knights of the Old Republic and can sometimes come across as overly simplistic.
Source: XDA Developers

With top notes of coffee and pine needles, this Seattle Candle is reminiscent of a drizzly day in the Pacific Northwest, where the only refuge is a cozy third wave coffee shop with single-origin pour-overs and expertly pulled espresso.
Source: Thrillist

The Apple Watch Series 8 carries the trend forward, featuring aesthetics reminiscent of its previous iterations.
Source: Digital Trends

Full-fat coconut milk creates the same thickness of dairy-based hot chocolate, while fragrant ginger, cinnamon, allspice, and vanilla add flavors reminiscent of the holiday season.
Source: VegNews

“I hear the original owners built it to be reminiscent of a Charles Dickens novel, and that pretty much sums it up,” says Harrington.
Source: House Beautiful

Some online performers have neutralized the threat of cringe through stylized self-embarrassment: comedians riff on their own narcissism; dancers engage in cartoonish slapstick, reminiscent of Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin (as if, on the internet, the history of cinema is replaying itself ), ensuring that they pie themselves in the face before anyone else can.
Source: The Yale Review

Fort Abraham Lincoln North Dakota is filled with remnants of military bases and forts reminiscent of history’s past.
Source: msnNOW

New Merchandise A new papel picado ear headband reminiscent of “Coco” has arrived at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.
Source: WDW News Today

So far I've met a princess struggling to fit in, reminiscent of Final Fantasy 9's Garnet, and hopped into the cockpit of mechs that'd make Xenogears proud.
Source: PC Gamer

On December 19, 2022, James Cameron’s Titanic will approach its 25th anniversary since its debut in 1997, and the Canadian filmmaker is understandably reminiscent of his work which ended up becoming a cinematic masterpiece in no time.
Source: FandomWire

The game is reminiscent of the Borderlands series but also brings its unique flavor to the table of these free-roaming, wild titles.
Source: eXputer

China gets them first, in January, and then the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong will also have a chance to purchase the headgear, whose front piece is reminiscent of a Hannibal Lecter mask.
Source: Gulf News

The shake-up was reminiscent of an Iger move years ago.
Source: Los Angeles Times

 Final Fantasy XVI will also have some unique battles that are reminiscent of pro wrestling and "3D shooters", so players will get some wild variety in their gameplay.

So, when you show up to the Sunken Shrine to rain on the Kraken’s parade, you’ll see it’s reminiscent of a Mako Reactor from Final Fantasy 7.
Source: PlayStation LifeStyle

"The nu-metal icons can be seen decked out in all-white outfits reminiscent of the Backstreet Boys in the “I Want It That Way” video and the cover of their monumental 1999 album Millennium, which has sold a total of 24 million copies worldwide.
Source: Loudwire

The staging and cell phone ban were reminiscent of two years ago, but the setlist was revamped.

The shake-up was reminiscent of another Iger move years ago.
Source: Los Angeles Times

The creature design is somewhat reminiscent of the two belligerent ogres in the 1966 kaiju cult classic film “The War of the Gargantuas,” directed by Ishirō Honda.
Source: Tampa Bay Newspapers

swings in the opposite direction, with laments and fiery motifs much more reminiscent of Keeravani’s later, more operatic work.
Source: IndieWire

Whether dressed in subtly checked suits, safari outfits (reminiscent of those that Robert Rabensteiner, a stylist who may be among the chicest men on the planet, commissions from Charvet in Paris) or dinner jackets with high armholes, softly roped shoulders and nipped waists, the Prince Charles of “The Crown” looks easeful, correct and even commanding.
Source: The New York Times

Very reminiscent of how a Tamilian family navigates a day, it creates a visual link between Venba’s aspirations and her reality.
Source: The Indian Express

As of late, she's been pairing mini-skirts with crisscross halter tops that are reminiscent of Christina Aguilera's early aughts style.
Source: E! NEWS

HD-2D refers to Square Enix’s art style for games such as Triangle Strategy and Octopath Traveller, which both feature HD pixel art and animation, making them reminiscent of the classic titles.
Source: NME

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