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The story would not be complete without the “much less cowardly” Lion, and the smug but sophisticated Woggle Bug.
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How to transfer photos from an iPhone to a computer: WindowsWe've all seen the smug face Apple users pull when they seamlessly AirDrop files from their iPhone onto a nearby Mac or iPad.
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Stephen Yang for NY Post Hunter Biden was feeling smug as he cozied up to The Post at a Manhattan gallery Thursday night and showed off his pricey artwork.
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When we shove the blame on someone else, we give ourselves permission to feel smug and self-righteous.
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The point of UHF is that the weirdos triumph over people who are smug and cruel.

On the upside, come the zombie apocalypse, we anxious people will already be in hiding, leaving all you smug normies to have your brains eaten.
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The Batman: The Animated Series Joker 1:6 Scale Action Figure includes: A regular portrait, A smug portrait, A laughing portrait, A sad portrait, 2 Smiling fish, 12 interchangeable hands, A Joker bomb, A Joker dynamite stack, A Joker card, An ice pick, A figure stand.
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Along the way, they meet some eccentric characters, including the Scarecrow, who is now the ruler of Oz; the Tin Man, who now rules Winkie Country; and a rebel all-girl army, led by Jinjur, on its way to take over Oz! The story would not be complete without the “much-less-cowardly” Lion and the smug but sophisticated Woggle-Bug.
Source: The News-Herald

) How guilty is he? I think he knew that Albie was getting scammed and just wanted to play the magnanimous dad and force his son to lose that smug moral-superiority thing he’s had going this whole trip.
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“The Warden” and its sequels in the “Chronicles of Barsetshire” series tell the story of a modest gentle man, trying to do the right thing in a toxic atmosphere of snobbery and smug church hierarchy.
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In a 2020 interview with Access Hollywood, she was asked if she felt smug going back to school knowing she befriended a heartthrob.
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I may have said something smug like “I told you so” but I can’t be sure.

God, what a smug little creature he must be, to write as though perfectly assured about his own future prestige.
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Located mere steps from Swanston Street, you'll be high above the bustle, surrounded by soothing terrazzo and stone surfaces, curved iron furniture and pastel tones, which together add to the smug feeling that rooftop bars seem to magically bestow.
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The Pokémon TCG McDonalds Happy Meals come in boxes featuring that creep Pikachu’s smug little face, and naturally the iconic yellow mouse is one of the cards you can now get at Maccy Ds.
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They have a way of introducing solutions to problems that seem so sensible that you wonder why you didn't think of it, but they do it in a way that's not smug or self-satisfied.
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That was a long time ago, but it doesn’t seem to matter; in the film’s striking opening scene, the camera lingers on Plaza’s face at a job interview, anger boiling inside her as a smug hiring manager catches her in a lie about the red flag on her background check.
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We met Mary, Neave and their two boys, Manu and Rohan, feeling very smug about the day ahead.
Source: The Guardian

Articles in the Conversation Read the companion article to this episode of Don’t Call Me Resilient: To resolve youth violence, Canada must move beyond policing and prison Read more: Canada shouldn't be smug about gun violence — it's a growing problem here, too Read more: Gun violence can be reduced with a strategy focused on deterrence Read more: Canada once sold the idea that guns turned boys into men Read more: ‘Thugs’ is a race-code word that fuels anti-Black racism Read more: Toronto mass shooting: How the city is coping a month later Read more: Calls for stronger handgun laws in Canada have deep roots Read more: Proposed Canadian gun bill will create U.
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Enchanted invites its audience to remember the childhood wonder associated with Disney movies — but also feel a little smug about being older, wiser, and capable of appreciating the irony of Giselle hypnotizing woodland creatures into performing manual labor.
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 When I was doing an interview a while ago, I was talking about how you get, in the first issue of Immortal X-Men, he's very, very smug and then Destiny just throws a wrench in his plans and he's got crap.

Like GC said, I fear this will be the future of marketing when it comes online games but if I was Blizzard I wouldn’t be so smug about your record-breaking figures.

Misleading labels What if you only snaffle those smug little bars and balls that are plant-based, or protein-powered? In the 1990s, a sweet snack meant a Mars Bar.
Source: The Telegraph

Now that we’ve lost that, I think using a GIF can come off as smug and silly.
Source: The Atlantic

She is unpleasantly strident and smug about her beliefs, including an unwavering conviction that she’s always right.
Source: Omaha World-Herald

Johnny Rotten and John Lydon responded to Grundy’s naff questions with sarcasm and disdain, revealing Grundy to be a smug and slimy character - especially towards the end of the interview when Steve Jones called him a “dirty old man”, “dirty f**ker” and “f**king rotter”, in response to Grundy’s offer directed at Siouxsie Sioux to “meet up later”.
Source: Euronews

Bernstein’s in-your-face look at hypocrisy, first as Nahkman who rejects the play out of hand in a salon reading, and then with the ferocious sermon of Rabbi Joseph Silverman and the smug tossing weight around of Officer Bailie, gives nuance to these heavies and made me ache as Nahkman pleads for the consulate; placing the ugly banality of his short-sightedness against the towering power and ugliness of greater evils and death, I’m not sure I have enough superlatives for Zelkowicz’s Lemml.
Source: Columbus Underground

Listen as the camera pans to smug tourists observing an intimate moment between the bear and a tree trunk.
Source: The Atlantic

"When he hit Chris and I saw that smug look on his face, where he looked like a thug, I lost my fear [about sharing my story].
Source: The US Sun

A huge sigh of relief for Jamie, who is finally up and running, while Jon and Oliver have their best Jeremy Clarkson smug faces on as they keep their 100% records intact.
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Have you ever shopped around online to find the best possible deal, clicked the checkout button, walked away smug at your sleuthing – only to find someone else got the same thing from the same place for an even cheaper price?This is the result of personalised pricing: also known as “dynamic pricing” or “price discrimination”, depending on who you ask.
Source: The Guardian

But at the moment I am feeling relatively smug that I got most of what I wanted out of a new computer, not for thousands of dollars, but for $99 (the cost of the 6-month GeForce Now subscription) and a couple of hours on a Sunday, clearing out unused programs.
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On the upside, come the zombie apocalypse, we anxious people will already be in hiding, leaving all you smug normies to have your brains eaten.
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While this character has his flaws and can act smug or even rude at times, Billy Hargrove is also capable of noble deeds — we know that, in season three, Billy sacrificed his own life to save Eleven.
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) — based on real-life anti-colonialist revolutionaries — against an army of smug British colonizers.
Source: Hollywood Reporter

Combined with a whiny tone and a smug attitude, Norton masterfully portrays a character who is simultaneously threatening and pathetic.

As a smug bureaucrat / double agent for Spectre, Scott’s character (patronizingly referred to by Craig as “C”) makes for a formidable adversary to Fienne’s M by being his antithesis.
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