Using "sonorous" in a sentence

In his deep and sonorous resonating voice he spins a tale in a straightforward, engaging, honest and animated way about events of his youth still so important.
Source: The Independent

Yet her sonorous voice carries the weight of a hundred years of solitude.
Source: Los Angeles Times

Her sonorous voice was laced with a Southern accent.
Source: The New York Times

The New World players were in top form, the playing accurate and sonorous across all sections.
Source: South Florida Classical Review

We know bitterns best by the eerie, sonorous booming of male bitterns that ‘bombleth in the myre’, as Geoffrey Chaucer describes it in ‘The Wife of Bath’s Tale’.
Source: Aeon

Some sources indicated that before he became a restaurateur Olivier was called Nikolai, and he took the sonorous French name for "public relations purposes," we would say today.
Source: The Moscow Times

The record ranges from disparate valleys of chilled indie rock to sonorous walls of guitar noise, but every sound works toward emotional peaks that feel carefully built up.
Source: Riverfront Times

The sonorous rumble of the twin-turbo 4.
Source: Jalopnik

Baritone Timothy Murray gave a tender, sonorous account of “Billy in the Darbies” from Britten’s “Billy Budd,” the title character’s meditation before being executed.
Source: SF Chronicle Datebook

Dusk is less emotionally stirring than 2020’s Swirlings, the previous Pulse Emitter album on Hausu Mountain, and only “Chrome Sky” comes close to duplicating the deep longing and sadness of Home Again and its sonorous title track.
Source: Pitchfork

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