Using "stupor" in a sentence

Before the roasted bean made its way to the rest of the world, people lived in a drunken stupor under the thumb of unenlightened despots.
Source: Inlander

Grief-stricken still years later, with Mussolini now in power, Geppetto carves a puppet from the pine tree near Carlo's tombstone in a drunken stupor that plays out with the uncanniness of a "Frankenstein" movie.
Source: Roger Ebert

Quentin’s “nephew” Jack (Leo Woodall), who is definitely not his nephew, pretty much confirmed in his drunken stupor that some sort of plan was afoot.
Source: The A.V. Club

" As a means to oblige the actor's desires, the writers had Ray drink himself to a stupor following a spat with Neela at Luka and Abby's wedding in the episode "I Don't," and get hit by a truck walking home.
Source: Looper

Signs of a vitamin D overdoes can include drowsiness, confusion, lethargy and depression, and in more severe cases it can lead to stupor and coma.
Source: CNN

Halfway through Last Days, we see the Cobain character, in a black dress and combat boots, curling in on himself in a smacked-out stupor as Boyz II Men’s “On Bended Knee” plays on the soundtrack.
Source: Stereogum

Of those that are more likely to put you in stupor on the couch, try to determine the few that you really like, which you can’t imagine the holidays without.
Source: InsideHook

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