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Their incessant meddling and subterfuge during the production of Fincher’s ALIEN 3(1992) made for a miserable shooting experience, ultimately ruined the film, and nearly caused Fincher to swear off feature filmmaking forever.
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However, the subterfuge is somewhat complex since the people behind t even bothered to create an ‘Investor Relations’ section with actual reports in them and even a Chairman’s letter to investors, but a simple Google of the text shows that whoever is behind this ploy simply lifted the text from Blackstone’s Chairman’s Letter and changed the names.
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But as is the case elsewhere, the assumption of subterfuge tends to fall apart quickly under scrutiny.
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Today’s superfans know what foods the Jonas brothers are allergic to, have lore and inside jokes that only other members of the BTS ARMY will understand, and routinely engage in light subterfuge to game play charts into featuring their favorite stars.
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Screenshot: LucasfilmBefore its destruction at the hands of Palpatine’s subterfuge as a Sith, we are reminded time and time again of the Jedi’s recalcitrance as arbiters of justice and defenders of the common people, of how spiritual leaders like Yoda and the rest of the Jedi council are clouded by clinging to a hypocritical sense of orthodoxy even as it sets the stage for their inevitable ruin.
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  Two years later, Holcomb's family rented and pretended to live in a dilapidated shack in a neighbouring county, a subterfuge that let her to attend classes there and eventually graduate high school as salutatorian.
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That’s because the subterfuge was the point.
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