Using "tactful" in a sentence

Bob Newby (Libra)Libra is the most tactful sign that often remains passive to avoid conflicts and enjoy peace and harmony instead.
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Being tactful isn’t condescending or patronizing to the other person, but it’s a way to be considerate of their feelings.
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Remember to be tactful and you’ll be able to use this energy to great effect.
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“I like the company… It’s the social side, it’s the tactful side, it’s the creative side,” said Janet Welsch, a Midland Quilters Guild member.
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The meat has a surprisingly tactful flavor that bounces around between savory, sweet and nutty.

In hiring one of their own who had taken a year to hone his skills, the Ravens hope to infuse youthful energy and tactful aggression, along with some reigned in ideas on how to use it; classic philosophy, new methodology: “So, let’s say all of your split-safety coverages are named after shoe companies, and then let’s say your two-man is named after music artists and your three-deep is named after phone companies,” said Stephen Adegoke, former Michigan quality control coach, in Nguyen’s article.
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Libras want to find justice in the world and are clever and tactful peacemakers.
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He can be incredibly diplomatic and tactful and is sometimes described as having a sixth sense of what people desire or feel.
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The detail heavy existing vernacular is respected with a tactful approach to material selection and textural play.

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